Lockdown News Roundup Jan 06 2022 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They’ve been building this story up for months – he was one of their original “covidiots” about a year ago. Claiming that Australians are “up in arms” that Djokovic may have been allowed in.
    It’s media BS – can’t believe anything.

  2. Yes its a fight for the whole world so Novax D should never had gone there and stood up for all. Worse could have happened such as he gets targeted to so to give him symptoms & then call it CV via the fraud test. Go home & stay away Novax!

  3. In one clip he gives the ‘devil’s horns’ sign, suspicious.

  4. I chose to trust O’Looney before with a window to be wrong. His association with Mark Sexton (suspect in my mind) and this CV is real statement is most suspect. How can he validate he had cv? PCR fraud test? He can only validate he was sick with some symptoms that has been labelled a V. Yes as I write “the penny is dropping.” Why? they like control all narratives including the dissent voice. Satan will tell you 99 truths to get in the 1 deception. We could be seeing that here!

    • I felt the same, I saw John O’Looney speak along with Gareth Icke (who I also mistrust COMPLETELY! I only went to hear John O’Looney) it didn’t feel right and this latest news of his hospitalisation, well his statement alone was suspish. An oxford vaccine representative visited him to persuade him to take some new medication? …Hmmm He also said at the end of the statement – “that’s all he can say for now.”
      I mistrust everything.

      • Don’t mistrust yourself brother/sister. Exercise caution no doubt even with self; but trust it when you’re calm and at peace.
        Good luck stay free!

  5. It’s difficult to know what to believe anymore! So sad.

    • Indeed. By design. I’ve had yo step away from the truther community as it can get emotionally draining tyring to figure out what’s what.

    • @Sheila Forde Only trust yourself, and then watch what people do rather than listen to what they say and then come to your conclusions. Never get emotionally tied up with any guru.

  6. I have got 2 videos here and a witness, in my opinion he is genuine and was taken in with Asthma and had to have a doctor to get him out.
    I am a pretty good judge of Characters and in my opinion is genune .:)

    • Shane Gilbert@ he sates he was taken in with cv and not asthma. Read here>>
      “I was initially sceptical about Covid but I can confirm it’s validity and it is very nasty.” ~ John O’looney
      Ask how he can validate he had covid? PCR fraud? He can’t but makes it a point in his statement. I don’t know but I am very suspicions. That BBC article?? What re the chances of that?
      This is the end of him as a valid voice as far as I am concerned, unless he publicly corrects that line to remove some doubt.

      • Mark, that’s just written text, is it possible its lies and that its been twisted? If there is video of him saying that then that is another story?

    • I saw that yesterday on telegram they had to go to the hospital and get him out as the were holding him against his will..i think he’s legit..

      • That Daily Mail headline ticks many boxes for them. Association to Corbyn who likes to come across as looney to discredit us, CV is real, antivaxxer hospitalised with cv & scare people from going hospital. Well done John Looney you gave them a field day…and how comes he gets interviewed by BBC to promote the agenda and then has this wild experience that also hits the MSN? Twice in a year? Come on people do smarten up!

  7. Leviticus 18:22 (KJV) Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    1 Kings 14:24 (MCV) And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before The Children of Israel.

    1 Kings 15:11-12 (MCV) And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of The Lord, as did David his father. 12 And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.

    1 Kings 22:46 (MCV) And the remnant of the sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land.

    2 Kings 23:7 (MCV) And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove.

    Romans 1:24 (MCV) Wherefore God also gave them up to filthy uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 

    Romans 1:26-27 (MCV) For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women (dykes) did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men (sodomites and pederasts), leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another man; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet (STDs).

  8. I reckon it’s great news, maybe the sheep will question why one of the worlds greatest sportsman has chosen not to get the jab

  9. I too recall John O’Looney explaining himself as to why he was on MSN, i think that you missed that very important point Hugo and should have made reference to that in your summary.

    • Did he explain how out of the thousands of funeral directors, how did he get chosen by the BBC? Did they just ring him up out of the blue?

  10. Hugo, I’m a CONSERVATIVE gay man and I TOTALLY agree with you about the cake issue. Businesses have the RIGHT to choose their customers, and the type of jobs they want. Lots of people assume that all gay people are liberal. NOT TRUE.

    • If you are “conservative” why don’t you put some clothes on, Thomas?

    • @Tommy,

      i do kinda feel sorry a bit for sodomites because the Muslims will out number us all soon here in the UK as they have lots of children and the soy boys, sodomites, lesbians and transformers that are so many in UK don’t (p.s. men can NOT have babies just incase you believe Google search engine)

      Be fruitful and multiply, don’t be fruity and blow a guy.

      God Bless

  11. I know one thing about John O’looney, he’s a genuine undertaker, my family had cause to give him business a few years ago. Other than that, not a clue. I’m at the point now where there’s only two people on the planet I fully trust & I’m one of them.

    • There’s others out there like you. Not asking you to trust me; but I know I’m good and you know that you are too.
      There’s a lot of us. Good luck brother.

  12. O’Looney said repeatedly in several interviews that the BBC wanted to coach him and do him up in that ridiculous PPE. He felt it was wrong, I think he said he hadn’t been taking such extreme precautions before

    • Uk Column has interviewed him about this. Its on their Web site.

      • @Silky,

        Good point, we know that UK Column are Controlled Opposition,

        Thanks and God bless

    • He is Controlled Op, please see my comments below, God Bless

      • Looks to me Billy that you are infiltrator. By reading your comments, I smell something fishy about you.

      • @odeskalski And with a handle like that would I be right in labelling you a Jew, or are you just a numbskull who has not yet learned the skill of real critical thinking?

      • @Odeskalski,

        I appreciate your comment Bro,

        but before you say anymore could you look at the evidence i provide, i am passionate about revealing truth, i will gladly listen to your views,

        Bit please do not condemn me before investigating what i have said,

        Dont let the bastards divide and conquer us,



  13. I personally feel that your analysis is very good and honest. Though I am often surprised how quickly and up to speed you are onto very pertinent questions.
    John always struck me as very credible even though the last name was odd shall we say.
    If we’re up against what I fear we are, they had almost every base covered for those of us that resist.

    You, John, Malone, so many, could be controlled; the digital world is clearly a trap.
    I still want to believe in humanity though. So I’ll go for trusting people (daft as that seemingly is) until their words betray them or they fail to answer allegations made against them.

    Good luck Hugo. I hope and choose to believe you’re on the side of team humanity.

  14. Hi Hugo, thanks for talking about all that. Djokovich, I feel he is a part of the controlled opposition, because he is number one champion (and we no one -not-part-of-the-game arrives at this level by coincidence (or rarely?), because I have also seen pictures of him in magazine covers with an eye hidden… could it ba a mistake, him ignoring and just obeying to the photograph ? Who knows ? There are always famous people pushed on the scene to serve as a “bad example” so…. I don’t know, doubting always…
    John O’Looney, he had been interviewd by Reiner Fuellmich… I remmeber that… I don’t know if this is there or in another viedo, I remember he said, that at the begining of the “pan”demic, he served the authorities as telling to people what would come would be horrible, then he realized and started to think and changed his mind. This positive test is very strange, I don’t know if it reveals his real position (controled opposition) or if he has been threatened him or his family and would be forced to to that OR if the medias are just lying…
    PS: I have friends aware about this scam, non V, BUT, some of them still do the tests for their jobs (withou even faking it with tap water!! they put this at the entry of their noses… and said they couldn’t watch a video about a doctor who talked about the dangers in these swabs because they were too afraid to discover it…)(I coudn’t stay silenced and so I told them WHY this was so dangerous, hair of the swabs that stay into the body, I even saw the testimony of a woman who developed morgelon disease because she had been harmed by the swab)). This really makes me so angry they refuse the V and in the meantime can’t face a danger for themselves… so all this to say not eveyone has the same degree of “disobediance” ….
    Regarding the gay cake, this is just a diversion article, they still keep in the drawers some polemics to full the empty spaces of infos in the minds of people to loose them more and more, because if not… they would have a “silence” in their heads and though, they would start to think, woudn’t they ?

  15. I genuinely don’t feel that John O Looney is a shill. He did a video prior to the Max Igan interview

    • I don’t think in the beginning he was, but he has a ten year old son. If they have threatened his family, then who knows now. I am only guessing, I felt he was genuine in the beginning, but I had a few niggling questions like how a small undertaker has become such a loud voice against lies after being interviewed by the BBC originally. What he has now said after being in hospital has raised a few more red flags for me. Time will tell, but for now I’m cautious in who and what I trust.

      • @Ruby Very wise and a good summation of events around Mr O’Looney. (((They))) get to them all if they have family, same with David Irving the revisionist historian.

    • Sorry mate,

      max is CO too, remember his rant about flat earth?

      He back tracked on that too, that is IMHO when was got to him and gave him a way out to Mexico,

      Very sad really as he did reveal a lot of truths,

      Remember it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

      God bless

      • @thetruthdoctrine

        Ha, totally going to repost that video everywhere, hilarious!

        Also i was fooled by Ol’ Potato Nose for sometime, only when he flip flopped on Earth not being a globe did i look deeper and figure him out,

        If they never mention the small hats then we know who their masters are, simple really.

        Peace Brother

      • @thetruthdoctrine:

        I not a flat earther, more of a globe denier, i know there is no curvature which i have proven and the whole globe model is silly nonsense, too many 666’’s in the calculations so i know it is a satanic freemason/Jew lie:

        Earth rotates around the sun @ 66,600 mph

        Moon is 2160m in diameter (6x6x60)

        Earth curvature is 0.666ft @ 1 mile squared

        Artic circle is at 66.6 degrees north

        Antarctic circle is at 66.6 degrees south

        Earth tilt is 23.4 degrees or 66.6 degrees

        Lots more but i think you get the point.

        It scares a lot of people to know this, so they have cognitive dissonance, as it proves there is a creator of this realm and the Bible has truth in it, that means their sins are always noted, tallied and catalogued by the creator, i had to do a lot praying for forgiveness, i had led quite a hedonistic and selfish life

        I feel kinda stupid that i never figured it out before, but i had no reason to doubt the world that was presented to me by the Rockefella School curriculum, until i began studying for Uni when i left the Army, shit did not make any sense once you looked into it all closely, the narrative fell apart,

        Wow i was so brainwashed and indoctrinated

        How about you Charles? Spinning ball in a vacuum that water sticks too?

      • @Billy, None of that: Geocentricism is The Truth. The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe – with man upon the earth as the pinnacle and centre of God’s creation. The sun and moon orbit the earth. The Stars move in the aether. Space vacuum is a myth. Gravity is most likely a myth, too, as all there is, is pressure. Einstein’s theory of relativity is plagiarised lying bunk.

        Geocentricism – Did The Sun Stand Still and The Moon Stay or Did The Earth Stop Spinning and Moving – Joshua 10:13

  16. I watch something with him in and he said about that interview cos at the beginning he was like the rest and believe covid and he said even then he was being told what to say and stuff went with the flow for a bit and was being contact by someone to get info on covid numbers and they started trying to influence him saying that it was due to covid thats when he realised things weren’t right I think he real deal

  17. @Hugo- Novak is in the PEEKABOO CLUB, surprised you missed it, plenty of one eye pics out there of him

  18. It is a great pity that the whole tennis circus don’t rally (no pun intended) around and BOYCOTT the Australian open !!! If they don’t then some of them WILL die on the courts from heart failure at some time in the near future, or have to retire prematurely due to heart problems ..

  19. Everyone running around scared to trust anyone lol you don’t need to trust any of them ffs.. all you need to do is observe anyone that’s it. Don’t do anything anyone tells you or don’t take anything anyone say 100% that’s basic life 101. John was talking about the jab at was killing people an new borns an so on. I doubt he’s fake.. coming out with claims to the jab is the opposite of the government. He gains nothing from it. I believe him yet doesn’t effect me in any way shape or form. People get way up tight on life when really it is what it is an that’s that. You know what’s right an wrong.. an for this pandemic.. don’t comply simple.. stop complicating it an hanging on everyone’s words an thoughts. Chill the fuck out.

  20. It’s fucking mad ! Even Hugo could have been pulling our knickers down for the past 2 years. I think he’s genuine but who really knows. I mean YouTube hasn’t done him over yet ? That’s a bit weird! I can only trust myself!

  21. As Hugo has noted, it’s terrible how severely COVID affects young actors. Only today we’ve seen this lady https://www.castingnow.co.uk/ffion-barnett all over the news for being in the hospital for a long time with COVID. At least she’s now vaccinated, much better than any natural immunity she could have acquired.

  22. What you betting he gets vaccinated in the end and sees the errors of his ways? This is attack those that think they are safe with medical exemptions. They want everybody to have it. They don’t give a shit about your health or circumstances. This is about taking your body autonomy away from you. The only last freedom any body really has is what you choose for your body.

    • I with you on that, wish i could actually put a bet on it 👍 see my comments below Dan the Man, God Bless

  23. Judge on actions, not words. As it stands, as far as we can know, Djokovic is a brave and principled man. If it turns out differently, then we react to that as evidence is revealed. I admire Djokovic to be battling such evil and duncery in the manner he seems to be doing. Good luck to him and all of us.

    • I agree, Charlie!!! Everyone just has to realise that Novak is there to win an incredible 10 Aussie opens and become the player with the most Grand-Slams… therefor, there is absolutely no way he would deliberately forfeit this record if he wasn’t standing up for his and our rights and freedoms?

    • I don’t really give a shit what Novak
      Or anyone else does, alls I know is what I’m doing and that is just a firm NO.

      • Well said Tommy, but the masses are falling for it, if you call it out before it happens ie. that he will pretend to take the vax it could wake a few sheep up and prevent them from getting the death jab. God bless and glad you are not falling for the BS

  24. The only thing you can believe is that you can’t believe anything, I’m of the opinion now that you should get on with your life as best you can and keep saying no to it all. If these virtue signalling retards want to now live in a perpetual cycle of testing and jabbing themselves let them carry on I really couldn’t care less about them anymore. Just look after yourself and your family and friends if your still talking to them lol. By the way loads of awake camping and music festivals going on this year so get yourself a tent and give yourself something to look forward too.

    • Hey ginger
      Keep it posted if you can thank you

      That sounds positive stuff having some get together s I know loads people (not sheep)
      who would be interested.

      Cheers have good day now

      • Hi Janie contact Tim Gill ( Cowboy Hat ) on Facebook he organised awake camping events last summer and is planning even more this year, really well organised, bands, food stalls, family events, spiritual tents, it was great. Great atmosphere and everyone wide awake.

      • Hey ginger
        Thank you
        I don’t have F,book but I always get some way finding the information so
        sounds good – nice one,
        I Do love a live band & bit of a grin so cheers for that.

        Have great weekend to you
        Keep strong
        Keep smiling best you can ginger
        Good luck
        & best wishes

  25. Great advice, thank you and also thanks for the heads up on the camping music festivals, peace and love from a fellow ginger 👨‍🦰

  26. I know a number of Lesbians that are sick of it too ,I dont mean the cake as they are fat Lesbians .

  27. Novak = No Vac ?
    I kinda have a laugh at the global homo names for their world stage illuminati actors:

    Bernie Made off with the money
    Jizz lane Maxwell whore
    Tom Cruising for ass

    Wish i could remember more 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Oh oh forgot:

      Sandra Bollocks (tranny)
      Margot ROBBIE (tranny)
      GLEN close (tranny)
      Michael (Michelle Obama)
      IMAN Abudulmajid
      LANA (anal) Wochowski

      Wait till you find out Keanu is a woman 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Never respected tennis after they allowed men who pretend to be women play in the 70’s and Williams ‘Sisters’ really????? Womens tennis is full of trasformers!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        Yep a whole bunch of celebs and sports ‘people’ are sodamites and pedos, trannies and dykes, Tom Hanks is a pure evil pedo allegedly same as Steven Spielberg allegedly David Jason allegedly,

        Keep the faith Bro

      • @thetruthdoctrine;

        Thanks Charles, i have added your blog to my favourites page,

        Psalm 23 is a soldiers Prayer so they told me, and it gives me strength when i begin to lose hope, very fitting for our current times.

        God bless

  28. I completely agree with you, Hugo – on all counts. I feel that the Djokovic thing is just more theatre leading to something already planned. It has led to yet another fraction/faction – both jabbed and unjabbed howling for restrictions for all. It’s diabolical.

    At the same time, I am about to be ‘émerdé (that is, ‘enveloped in shit’, not, ‘pissed off’, as widely reported) by the French regime. I’m making plans to leave.

  29. The undertaker O’Looney – don’t think he is on any side – just wants attention (which TBF he is getting)

  30. I’ve put this on YT but worth saying again, I reckon.
    O’Looney is an interesting one. He gets his face about a lot, which is often a sign of CO. Secondly, I know it’s a normal Irish surname but it’d be just like the cabal to relate a tale about an anti vax O’LOONEY. Thirdly, he admitted on Rise Above Live on YT that he had been a Freemason. HAD been? Fourth, he’s obviously mates with a couple of ex Police and how many of them are Freemasons! Finally, he threw up the devil horns on an interview on Bitchute, think it might have been the Max Igan one. I want to trust him but that, of course, doesn’t mean a thing.

  31. I want to ask an important and what I believe is a valid question. I would appreciate, if as many of you as possible, can shed some LIGHT on this question: Is it just me, are there more of you, struggling with relationships with friends, family and spouses?

    I feel unable to gauge anything anymore and feel I’m losing my grip on everything that was once easy to make sense of …

    • @DC Down on your knees and call out to the ONLY ONE that can help you – The Father God in heaven who loves you more than you will ever know and then thank Him for calling and choosing you.

  32. I know it’s hard to trust anyone these days, but with regards to O’Looney. I presume he’s been called O’Looney his whole life, so for him to be controlled opposition, an agent of the state, they would have had to go out, find a guy who is a funeral director as part of their nefarious scheme, go to one called O’Looney for the comedic effect, convince him to get on board with being a CO agent, etc.

    It makes YOU sound paranoid if you think a little bit about it. He wasn’t John Smith, who suddenly overnight became the funeral director John O’Looney. And if being a Looney is a bad thing, why did the BBC origianally pick him to be PRO covid and etc?

    What does he gain by speaking out? He may well kill his business, he’s going to make no money from doing what he’s doing.

    We all know the jabs are bad, we all know there are side effects and death from them, and we all know the people who are pro jab won’t listen to anyone. If the Queen said she thought the jabs were bad they’d call her a tin foil hatter.

    So a funeral director called O’Looney is simply saying what we already know. He will convince no pro jab people, he’s preaching to the choir regarding vaccine side effects, and all that gives the pro-jabbers is something to make fun of us with – which they do anyway – so it has achieved nothing.

    If he comes out and says “ooh I wish I’d had the jab” and goes and gets it, the anti jab lot (us) won’t suddenly go “ooh I better get it too then” they’ll say – he’s controlled opposition and just ignore him, again resulting in a net gain of zero.

    So in summary he’s saying what we all think, he’s getting nothing out of it and it’s probably costing him money.

    He’s going to convince no one to either get the jab or not get the jab, so what’s the point?

    I think SAGE etc are a bit smarter than that.

    A more likely scenario to change peoples minds (IMHO) is if he’s been infected with some kind of respiratory disease, had croaked in the hospital, then they could say “Lunatic funeral director John O’Looney, the covid denier and anti-vaxxer has died of covid” – THEN it might have turned some of us into jaborons.

  33. Totally agree Hugo, its getting harder to know who to trust, anything the fake stream media put it is 98% all fake and lies. John O’Looney I honestly don’t think he is controlled. As I understand it from the words of John is that it was a bad flu/cold and because he is asthmatic, and was struggling to breath he had no choice but to go to hospital. I trust that he’s genuine.

  34. Morrison twat saying unjabbed can’t go out to work! Or exercise.
    Declaration of war.

  35. I saw O’Looney give a talk in 2020 when he was talking about this. He did say he was took up by the BS at the start and was asked to do a news piece for the TV. He said it was more or less scripted and lf he had known then what was going on he wouldn’t have done it.
    There have been other funeral directors who have spoken up, as well as numerous FOI requests from various cities and towns about the number of deaths over the 5 year period up to and including 2020. There has also been telephone canvasing of funeral homes in the UK and US about numbers. All of them have come to the same conclusion as John O’Looney.

    • Look up Sol Roth channel on Bitchute, you will not regret it, God Bless

      • @Elaine,

        Would you agree it is easier to fool someone than convince them that they have been fooled?

        If so then please have a look at Sol Roth channel on Bitchute.

        I believe 100% that O’Looney is a good freemason and Jew owned CO agent. And would bet my Christian foreskin on it 😎

        God bless and hope you check out the evidence

      • @thetruthdoctrine:

        Hmmm? You know Charles now i ponder on it Solomon Roth, i will ask him, standby Brother, if he is all bets are off, especially my Christian foreskin!

    • @thetruthdoctrine:

      Well i did find out that there is Rabbi Sol Roth a famous Orthodox Jew Rabbi,

      i left the other Sol Roth a message, will let you know,

      I think you are on the money, but he could be a honest Jew, i think i heard once a long time ago there was an honest, good Jew from Nazareth, i forget his name now

      • @thetruthdoctrine,

        Forgive me, I always thought he was, but got to admit my knowledge of theology is limited, only found out God was real 5 years ago, i got some catching up to do,

        Getting there though but seem to be getting to know the tactics of thy enemy Lucifer more than Jesus been decoding the last two big satanic rituals,

        Seattle New Years eve shows at the Space Needle 2021 and 2022

        Decoded most of it i think, and does not look good for a day next month, all my calculations point to something very bad going down on the 15 February 2022

        I was researching Project Blue Beam and wanted to know how far the hologram tech has come,

        it led me to watch the 2021 Seattle new year light show, i noticed they flashed up a satanic geometric symbol at the beginning (unicursive pentagram) and so watched all of it closely and blew my mind, the satanic symbolism is off the charts crazy, just spent all last night decoding the 2022 one, just as demonic

      • @Billy No need to ask for forgiveness, you have committed no sin or trespass against me. You’re where you’re at with your knowledge, and I may know more only because I have been studying for nearly 40 years and that’s all that separates us, which is not really a separation as long as we agree.

        I would steer well clear of theology as theologians are mostly Hellenising philosophers and Bible intellectuals stuffed full of head knowledge, but no HEART KNOWLEDGE.

        Yes the Blue Beam thing I have heard will be used to present a fake return of the fake Jesus. One to watch out for if only for a good laugh.

  36. Hi Hugo Richie Allen did have another funeral director on. He did mention about the amount of babies dying.

  37. Hugo (and others) have said in the past, if it’s in the MSM it’s there because they want it there as part of their agenda, anything that goes against the agenda is blocked, filtered or banned.

  38. The problem Hugo is that you have NOT looked into John O’Looney. You admit to not watching many of his vdeos so you cannot therefore have an opinion, or not one which is worthy of any credit. I have seen his videos on Rumble and have read what his friends are saying on social media. John is 100% genuine, it took an ex policy officer and a lawyer to get him out of hospital before he had any experimental drugs forced on him. John fears for his safety and has almost lost his business as a result of speaking out, and that Hugo is why others won’t speak out, they need to pay the bills. You have this very wrong.

  39. And the VERY Fast spreading/growing Cancers have started 🙁 Talking weeks to dead.

    Jabs stop your body self repairing, so a little bit of cancer that it would keep at bay for 20years, boom you’ve got cancer, same with heart issues and anything else.

    2022 is going to suck especially if your jabbed!!

    Don’t forget if you get a heart attack, ring a taxi, don’t tell them it’s for the hospital, there likely annoyed by all the people dying in the backs of there cabs. 🙁

    World keeps getting madder and madder doesn’t it 🙁

  40. You are way off the mark Hugo & I am saddened to hear what you’ve said about John. (No, I don’t know him and have no connection to him) I’ve seen several interviews by him & he was even part of Reiner Fuelmich interview with other respected people, and he’s part of the many forms of evidence for U.K. & America, being submitted for war crimes to try and save us. He admitted from at the start & for a very short while, he believed what was going on as many did. He’s spoken time and time again the horrors he is seeing which he also told at the Reiner zoom call. Even a year ago videos have shown how people were phoning up funeral parlours and asking how busy they’d been, this happened worldwide. He actually did a video from his hospital bed (clearly a hospital) & said how he kept being asked to trial drugs (not for covid). He was sprung by equally respected & well known people as he feared for his life. So let me assure everybody, before his name gets dragged through the mud for no good reason, that this brave and wonderful person is nothing but genuine. This is from somebody (me) who makes sure they research the actual truth. I thank every single brave warrior risking their lives & the debt of gratitude to those who’ve had their lives cut short for doing so.

    • I agree and I want to add that my husband talks to all sorts of people across the country due to the job he does. he’s spoken to two separate funeral directors who told him exactly the same thing. One said they talk to each other and it’s been the same across the board

    • To think he is also described as a “devout Christian” with cross around his neck all the time!

      • @GinaW Most likely a Roman Catholic or an Orthodox. A cross around the neck of a man is very common amongst Catholics, whereas it’s mostly women in the other demon-inations that wear crosses.

  41. All I know in my heart and soul is I will never take the jab, or tablets or comply. I will go down fighting if needs be So much misinformation fron all sides to confuse us, it’s crazy and confusing by design..Stick with your truth inside you, no matter how hard it becomes on the outside. Thank you Hugo.

  42. Do you remember what happened with “Nick” during Operation Yewtree, the investigation into elite Pedophilia?

    They got someone to make very shocking claims, put them him over the media and then discredited him….

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