Lockdown News Roundup Jan 06 2022 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Well, going by the shift in the media I would bet that they are trying to shut the “recovered from Convid” loophole for good.
    Some scientist already said you would still need to be double jabbed regardless to avoid quarantine!

  2. The whole agenda of the elite is to leave us divided so if you are getting to a point where you trust no one but yourself then they have succeeded. Trust in your heart and you will see the truth ❤️🙏

  3. Maybe they did something to O’Looney to make him get sick. Probably they did it to Kary Mullis too. I remember even Jack Ruby said that the *** doctor was injecting him with cancer cells. So he died in prison and never got to tell the truth that he wanted to tell about the JFK hit.

    I’ve seen many of O’Looney’s vids and agree that if he was acting, he’s a helluva good actor.

  4. Well done Hugo.
    I know after some time your videos can sound a bit repetitive but please continue doing so because people who watch BBC/MSM are very very naive / ultra ignorant.
    Many people who convert to the brighter side / opposition are still naive.

    Very good that you are showing people NOT TO TRUST ANYONE and ANYTHING even if it sounds good or controversial.

    It could be Djokovic is genuine but they are setting him up and since they monitor his profile they know how to spin in in the end to fool and/or ridicule the opposition.

    • I forgot to mention read Miles W. Mathis who is the precursor of the whole movement at least of my generation NOT TO TRUST ANYTHING AND ANYONE because the Elite can afford and crash you with their deceptions.

  5. Poor old Djokovic . Wouldn’t it be nice to see ALL the money grabing tennis lovies actually BACK Him up and NOT compete in the Australian open ? Maybe the Ausi prime minister might shut up then and the silly laws be stopped ! After all the lateral flow is the bee knees NOW. Isn’t it ?

  6. The very fact that O’Looney is apparently claiming to have caught covid would make me sceptical of him as it has been proved that covid doesnt exist except in the warped mind of Hancock

  7. Yet uk has knighted witty and van tamme and blair…
    Now thats criminal…
    Not a tennis player who refuses to take a experimental jab not even past 2/3 clinical trial stages and no longterm data for safety and efficiencey..
    I would say djorkovic has won more friends than enemys…
    I applaud him

    • Ok mate, applaud who you like, im sorry you you are blind to it,

      God bless

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