Meanwhile In Kazakhstan… / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. if you watch videos from the field in Russian, I can assure you that this is not about gas at all! this is against tyranny! And covid circus and all this mask vax rules- brought the people to the boiling point !!!!one President for 30 years!!!!people live in such a poverty!!!!!

  2. Wake the f up jabbed people!
    Those 2 or 3 weeks to flatten the curve ain’t going well is it. Go on line and see how many of your basic human rights they’ve removed while you focused your attention elsewhere!!!!!

    • Thetruth, you’re right again!

      It’s not about fuel but control.
      This is either people rising up against Convid rules or planned to overthrow the current government to replace with a new compliant one.

  3. Lucky Borat is safe
    he is from merchant banking stock and lucky for us, lives very well in the west .
    Very niiiiice.

  4. Isn’t Kazakhstan somehow tied to Rothschild through the old Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews (not real Jews – only converted under pain of death, threatened by the Russians because of their evil ways..)? I believe Robert Sepehr did something about this… certainly Janet Ossebaard in her Fall Cabal series mentions them…

    • @Al The Khazars were Turks that converted to Judaism – religious Jews, not ethnic Jews. Ashkenaz was a son of The Patriarch Japheth who was the Patriarch of all the yellow skinned oriental peoples. Any Jews having inbred with the descendants of Ashkenaz would therefore have produced mongoloid offspring.

  5. Please note as regards Kazakhstan or rather the Kazakhstan psyop.

    This uprising has been engineered and is scripted, there is nothing spontaneous about it. Oil shortages are key to destroying the global economy, personal wealth and creating dependency.

    Kazakhstan is the pipeline hub that feeds both China and the Western economies.

    This has also been alluded to in I pet Goat 2 (I Love Satan As Well) where despite a sea of oil being pumped it’s flow is reduced to but a drip.

    • You forget that a lot of the military is part of the public. They have relatives and friends as part of that unarmed public as well. Once you ask the military to shoot their own people all bets are off. They might obey or they might find a different target.

  6. Good to see people fighting for once hope here soon and government quiting and running away, nice 🙂

    If this new flu turns out not to be bollox like everything these days, then the people on 2 jabs that would of died if not for there magic jabs, are on 3 jabs with a flu maybe rather than a mild cold.

    Loads of country’s posting 2021 deaths data, usa 100k+ extra per month and there blamimg jabs lol 15 ish for our ONS heart attacks up 50% I’d bet.

  7. This is the next phase of the new world series, because it all a game. Rothchilds country with a load of shit to sell disguised as 6uild 6ack 6etter.
    Good luck to them. Xlolx

  8. Or could it be considered another colour revolution , invoked by the US to further destabilise Russian influence on its neighbours, whilst Russia is preoccupied with Ukraine after the US funded that revolution. Similar to all the other unrest around the world.
    But not to worry as Russia is the aggressor putting their country so close to American nuclear weapons and army bases 1000s of mile from US soil.
    Who controls the US , research that and all the other wrongs that have decayed the world.
    I would be surprised if you didn’t join the dot’s and find the same culprits.
    Not that I’m saying any other organised group wouldn’t take advantage of their position, such is human nature.
    Unfortunately they have rigged the system for so many years intrenching that ideology in every aspect of life, no amount of complaint will shift them, if it did it will most likely be another version of themselves installed, as has already happened in several countries.

  9. Anybody else hear of the ‘Sudden death’ of Kim Misoo?

    How long can they cover this BS up?
    And how long will the brainwashed public keep buying the crap?

    • The sheep have switched off, look read this 100K+ extra deaths in the USA caused by the jabs, deeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!! I’m off to get my booster WTF, so I can go on a cruise.

      2.8Million didn’t get the booster, so adds to our numbers hopefully.

      News reporter somewhere foreign collapsed 5 heart attacks, while reading out jab propaganda, maybe there is a god 🙂

    • I see Jethro the comedian had three jabs, and died of ‘covid’. Oh really???

  10. Sorry BUT I REALLY REALLY HOPE this upcoming Flu is real and the German Stat’s where correct and they’ve all got a auto immune disease called AIDS ( without or without HIV that gets to that state ), the sooner they start dying on mass at this point the better for us, they’ve made a stupid choice, it’s time they paid the price.

    Normal Spread time gives us to early Feb for first deaths, if not another Flu will be along and do the job sooner or later.

    • That vid you found Turveyd was chilling…Those German Medical Lawyers…other nationalities too…gathering data…

      • Suggests most will have AIDS by end of Jan?

        2021 highest deaths ever recorded, 2022 5xs that easy!

      • Do you mind posting a link again, Turveyd? Ta very much

  11. I lived in Almaty in 2006-7 while working for an investment bank. It was a very corrupt country ftom top to bottom. Enormous oil and gas wealth but the wealth never filtered down to the populace for the most part. Given that the Kazakh’s are nomades by historical measures, they generally are not “go-getters” by nature which is likely why they have been left out of the country’s riches.

    • Interesting GLee indeed…it said the planes took off with the riches..and the elite..with the money…l wonder which direction they found sanctuary….follow the money trail….

  12. My friend just returned there from vacation. I cannot get any word from him on telegram. If I hear from him, I will post another comment here. Say a prayer – they’re very good people living there

  13. Hugo hope you do a post on Djokovic and ex Mancester Utd failure Chris Smalling now in Italy at Roma tomorrow .

  14. Hope is there. Here in the Netherlands the attempt to divide the jabbed and unjabbed by the goverment ans MSM failed. Even a lot of celebrities are waking up to the BS right now. Most people here care less if you have been jabbed or not and just want to move on with there life. Also among the jabbed a lot of covid fatigue right now. Most people are tired of the fearmongering and restrictons, and just want to move on with there lives again.

    • It still bugs me greatly though, how the vaxxed still believe they did the right thing and have no regrets! They still believe in the MSM and puppet controllers and that makes conversation dead and non existent in my world! A year plus of biting my tongue is ironic in a way,,, I won’t have a tongue left to speak…

      • I believe l have lost friends….l too don’t comment…pointless…they look in one direction….me, hunting for the TRUTH…. worried for my family though…son Military..daughter MIR.. both mandatory jabbed….one Grandchild…no more at all….they would not take ‘the risk’..with an unborn….

    • Best wishes from a ‘troubled’ UK….many friends in Holland…

  15. They created it all and will never admit that they are wrong and unfortunately civilians will suffer. This should be a lesson to the whole world. I am try to imagine if it happens to more than 10 countries at the same time😅😅😅

  16. It’s about not being able to withdraw your own money from banks without a covid passport I’m reliable informed

  17. God bless the people power of the awake in KAZAKHSTAN. Go guys go.

  18. So the European Union declare nuclear energy as “green energy” then three days later the country that produces the most uranium is all a sudden in a civil war????

  19. I’ve heard the NWO headquarters based in Brussels installed the Deep State government in Kazakhstan, the Russian military has stepped in to assist the people remove them, Kazakhstan has very strong roots to the Cabal, the capital city is called Asanta.. you really couldn’t make this shit up…

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