Desperate MACRON Mask Slips / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. What a slimy scum ball he is .. unprofessional and disgraceful . Not fit for office .

    • Macron, Johnson, Ardern, Trudeau, Andrews, Blair, Javid and Zahawi plus many others Madame Guillotine awaits

      • ..or a branch on a tree in my garden…

      • Vlad the Impaler has the best method for inhuman scum!

    • I think he’s due another slap around the face, don’t you? A reet good slap this time

    • Totally agree! Slimy slippery slithery hateful tyrant! He does not represent the good of the people – and he has no business being in office as the leader of France.

    • hello i’m a french guy from Brittany.
      france is becoming a nightmare for the unvaccinated i can tell, i feel ashamed to tell people that i’m unvaccinated, but what i think is they ‘re using this tactic of “scape goat”because they’re desperate , and macron is afraid that two jabs people don’t take the third one, and by the way the french without a passport will be maybe 10 millions and not 5 millions
      they take from the unvaccinated all their rights, but tin he french constitution it s written that we are all equals in rights.
      the fight is not over, time is our ally.frank

  2. How many months of peaceful protests? You get nothing in return but this? At some point things must go to the next level.

  3. Former Rothschild Banker and member of the WEF future leaders school…. What did you think his stance would be ?!
    I suspect those words will come back to haunt him because we know what happens when political/regal members of France “piss off” their countrymen!

    • Excellent piece Mark, love this analogy “… Governing is like feeding a baby. If the public spits something out, they just scrape it off of the chin and put it back in until it goes down.” SPOT ON!

  4. The thing is, Emmanuel Moron refers to “the bitter end” and he’s right about that to some degree. It will be a very bitter end – for his ilk, not those of us who see through the charade. Also saw the Daily Fail piece on this – LOTS of negative comments amid a few deranged replies from the programmed sheep.

  5. I read this morning that this slime ball has shares in one of the jabs! Of course he’s on a mission!

  6. Another little Frenchman with a big mouth and bad attitude!😆👍

  7. I’m in two minds here. The politicians are obviously puppets as they are all doing the same stupid things. Happy to get rid of them. But is it planned for them to be expendable to take people’s minds off the idiot leaders? There must be worse ones waiting in the wings ready to do so much more awful things, suck ’em in with sweetness and light before turning on their citizens. I can’t think Klaus Shwab the Deck would have planned it all to go down the toilet pan without his next chess move in place, ready for any twist we come up with – or whoever is pulling the strings.

    • Yes thats the play, the next person, “it”, will come one the stage and be the hero to the world but he is the Anti Christ. This is amazing to watch as its all laid out in the bible.

  8. I am english but live in rural central France. We as unjabbed are aloud to go to all shops here but no where else. No transports, bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, hairdressers etc. From the 15th of January they vote to say that going to such places means you would need a vaccination not a test. So it will affect a lot more unjabbed. But I will never give in and expected this from the beginning. I will forage before I give in. I am no ones slave. Will never give into tyranny. Do your worst Macron.

    • Your right if you give in now then you will forever be a slave .
      That’s scum bags time will come.

  9. Truth and justice will prevail. His actions and his words will make sure of that. I’m surprised he is still walking the streets at this point. (Same for all corrupt leaders, especially Justin Trudeau in Canada, and Dan Andrews in Australia.)
    Similarly, Johnson with his three “forgive me” interjections as he fumbled with his notes. All deliberate. F is the 6th number of the alphabet. F, three times = 666. Could it be any more obvious who he serves. He and his ilk are not incompetent, they know exactly what they are doing, and that people are dying as a consequence. They are all being lined up for defeat by showing their true colours. Almighty God will not be mocked.
    On the British Heart Foundation ad, the fact that they chose a girl to collapse on the sports field suggests that they know full well what is happening to male athletes.
    Boycott them.
    Boots have printed on their paper prescription bags, “Supporting World Health Organisation, Medication Without Harm programme.” Says it all doesn’t it, considering the amount of adverse reactions to so many medications. Boots have been pushing the jabs especially hard, ( also pushing seasonal flu jabs much more than usual this winter too, as far back as July 2021.) Another company to boycott.

    • Agree with you on Boris fluffing. That Peppa Pig was inserted as to include wokery and the fact that the pig lives in a small town where everything is to hand without venturing further. Just like their 20 minute maximum journeys. Definitely planned.
      Saw the ad the other night, said she’s been jabbed. Whereupon I’m ridiculous. No, youngsters and athletes are dropping like flies with pericarditis and myocarditis. Rubbish he said. I told him the only way they will be cured is by a heart transplant. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes I do, so you can do the research. NO! He’s such a jabbed up boosted dickhead!

  10. We will not be murdered by this system. We will not lie down or be forced down. We will rise up and conquer. In God we really do trust.

    • God gave you free will so why are you waiting for him to act on your behalf?

      • @PeterAppleby Not so, no fallen man or woman has free will – fallen man and woman does Satan’s will, whether ‘good’ or evil. Only Yashua Messiah – The Truth can set a man or woman free.

  11. All these so called leaders are getting desperate. They sold out their countries, their people and their souls to the NWO. If they don’t succeed then all they will be left with is countries with wrecked economies, angry public and a legacy that will go down in history as the biggest fraud ever perpetrated.

    • Martin Holmes@ they are depending on a heavily depopulated public who will be under strict control. Dissent not tolerated regime! His-story will be rewritten if they win.

  12. They’re obviously stirring the pot at this point. They have ringside seats ready for the war of vaxxed v unvaxxed.

  13. Rafael Silva, 36, From Tv Alterosa, Fainted Live While He Was Presenting the News Program “Alterosa Alert”,This Monday. He Was Quickly Rescued and Taken to The Hospital,Where He Is Now In ICU. On The Way,He Suffered 5 Cardiac Arrests……………..
    Proof that he took the jab is he plastered it all over his Facebook page…….. Do a search an watch him drop.

  14. wj@ “Johnson fumbled notes. All deliberate!” AGREED! Don’t know about triple six intention but sure it was deliberate. Not incompetence!
    Could it be to mock us? >>You take orders from this buffoon so all there is left now is your complete submission? <<
    And his 2020 "stay at home but do go to work" speech. Classic mind control deliberate confusing.

  15. For sure the Corrupt Narrative is crumbling, Hush! is that the Guilotene blades being sharpend up for the next French Revolution.
    Viva Le Revolution. 🙂

    • Not gonna happen. They got away with 911 and countless other atrocities. This is satans playground.

    • …original chipped rusty blades preferred…

    • @Shane Gilbert Revolutions are just big business for the Jews.

      “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.”

      — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

      “The Jews ate the English nation to its bones” — John Speed, English cartographer 1552-1629

  16. If macaroni continues like this, he will give himself a breakdown.

    Anyhow, I thought the numbers of the jabbed were high enough for them to relax now. It is now 77%.

    Why are they so concerned about getting everyone jabbed? I thought they wanted to reduce the world’s population to 500 million.

    They could do so with the big bad bug, so why are they fussing so much over it.

  17. we have an idiot like that in Holland , hugo de jonge ,and if you ask me they are possessed by the devil

  18. Good thing is, that he is wakening up so many more sheeple who now see what the leaders are really like. He must be desperate to speak that way when the presidential election is only a couple of months away. Is he re-applying? or doesn’t he want to waste his time? haha

  19. I think we’re already pissed-off aren’t we? I certainly am, to put it mildly.

  20. I said yesterday calm before the storm, he looks more evil then hitler, stand strong people like i said, there going to throw everything at us, i will never comply, i go to work and think whats the point, time to think of alternative ways of living, as long as you don’t have the jab or smartphone you will be alright. he will get his badge of honour for crippling humanity, its us vs them, treating us like cattle and lad rats your days are numbered macron your marked by the devil, i will never comply

  21. In the U.S. a child that volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine trials is now in a wheelchair and has to use a feeding tube. Her ‘adverse reaction’ was recorded as ‘stomach problems’ even though Pfizer acknowledge she did have the vaccine and her full life-changing conditions should have been made public. How can Macron say what he has said when French children could also be suffering the same life-changing ‘adverse reactions’? He must know the truth, not that he cares about other peoples’ children.

  22. Is he shaping up for the man of perdition (number of his name 666) that the Bible warns will appear and become a global ruler who will cause the mark in right hand or forehead to be given and without it no one can buy or sell. We don’t know yet but we do know everything we are witnessing is a sign that we are near the time prophesied in the Bible when he (antichrist) will be revealed.

  23. Hugo, Just watched your video about Macron where you mentioned the 5 million unjabbed (this figure seems to be banned about in other countries including the UK). According to the National Immunisation Management Service (NIMS) for England only, week ending 19th December 2021, 11.6 million of 12 years of age and above had not received a single covid-19 vaccine and if you include under 12 years of age the figure is 20 million. For those that have not received a second dose the figures were 15.1 million and 23.4 million and for the third (booster jab) 24.3 million and 38.3 million. This data can be found on the “Weekly National Influenza and Covid-19 Report week 51 (up to week 50 data)” on the UK Health Security Agency website.

  24. For all you people waiting for God to get you out of this I ask: Maybe this is God’s work? Maybe he looks down and sees the murderers, the pedos etc and has decided enough is enough, and who could blame him? Just speculating, we have to get ourselves out of this and not rely on or wait for divine intervention.

    • A useful way of looking at such situations is to recognise that God isn’t always the Author of what is allowed to take place. Evil persons ARE allowed to rise for a time, but our Creator always has the last laugh.

    • @Rumplestiltskin This is Satan’s world and fallen man has done Satan’s will since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. The Father has therefore allotted Satan and fallen man a specific time, that is, 6,000 years, which is reaching its climax now as I write this comment. Oh and always remember that a thousand years is but a day to God, so to Him, it’s only been 6 days since Adam and Eve

      Be encouraged for in a few years Satan’s time will be over and his imprisonment will begin.

  25. In January 2021, according to a French newspaper, he told his minister of Health in a text message about the resistance to the vax : “Carry on, we’ll get those bastards”. Nothing new under the sun as you can see.

    • Yep! She has a court case going for allegations that “she” was born male”!

  26. Small man syndrome.
    Tough rhetoric behind his armed guards.
    Would his pants one to one with a real man.

  27. France calling …. constant talk about this on French TV for the last 24 hrs. This is not the first time he has come out with such things. Sending text messages “we’ll get these a***holes” ! “These irresponsible persons are no longer citizens”. The National Assembly has been trying to debate “vaccine passes” since Monday – trying anyway. They were trying to push them through in the early hours of the morning Tuesday but got thwarted by the opposition who called for the end of the discussions at midnight. People are actually very divided and the break point will be this Saturday where a huge march is to be taking place. A petition has been set up to destitute the so-called President. Another petition has been handed over to the National Assembly today : 1 234 128 signatures and still going strong. The best bet is to keep stalling the discussions but the opposition can’t hold out for ever. If they can hold out until Omicron helps ……..

  28. Seems like the French would have been better off if we had let Adolf and his gang have thier way .

    • Oh yes multiple thousands of French people hated us and the yanks, because we smashed up their country when driving the Germans out. Don’t forget they suffered no damage from the Germans when they marched in as the French capitulated. Oh and 47 million French people came through WW2 relatively unscathed.

      • The “French Resistance” was mostly (((foreign))) Communist thugs,anyway!

  29. I suspect that there are more than 5 million unjabbed in France.

    Meanwhile, cases have exploded in France. If the jab works, and so many have been vaccinated with a vaccine that is good and true, how does that happen?

    • Covid tracker France 3rd January states 21.4% remaining to be vaccinated before 100 % is reached. Population : 65 478 241

  30. Sounds more like we must be pissing them off instead.

  31. Hello Hugo, and hello everyone.

    I’m French (or should I say, I was until yesterday?), and Emmanuel Macron did much worse than say that he wanted to piss off the non-vaccinated. He added, and I quote: “I’m not in favor of pissing off the French. I complain all day long against the administration when it blocks them. Well, here, the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do it, until the end”.

    Which means that he does not consider the non-vaccinated as French people. I am no longer a French citizen according to the words of the President of the French Republic, since January 5, 2022, at 9:35 pm. And this filthy and dangerous person, expressed himself again in the press yesterday, at 10:06 am, to say while speaking about the non-vaccinated: “An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen”.


    Since I am no longer a French citizen, I will no longer pay my taxes. I guess I won’t be able to vote, but that also means I have no obligations. NOT A SINGLE OBLIGATION to this mentally unstable person and his government of criminals.

    You should just see the debacle for the last two days/ nights, which the French are witnessing, by watching what is happening in our National Assembly. Olivier Véran (the Minister of Health, who is as filthy as Emmanuel Macron is himself) hardly ever takes the trouble to answer questions from MPs from the different parties who oppose the implementation of the vaccine pass, and the few times he deigns to answer, he is mocking and condescending. It has already been two sessions in the National Assembly on the subject of “Strengthening of health crisis management tools” which will validate a text that is highly liberticidal for all French people, each modification of the text proposed by the opposition to Emmanuel Macron, to his government and to his party (La République en Marche), each request for deletion of a part of this text is automatically rejected by this same party which is in the majority. As a result, the various oppositions (in the foreground: the Republicans, France Insoumise and the Rassemblement National), are trying to play for time and postpone the final judgment by pushing the end of the session to the next day (they have done this twice now, and it is historic!). But it is obvious that this text will be validated, unfortunately.

    Yes they are scared, and very upset because things are not happening on time or like they predicted it would.

    As for Emmanuel Macron, he uses the scapegoat strategy described by René Girard in his book of the same name. His goal is to blame the non-vaccinated at all costs, because it is his only way out. This extremely dangerous person, who should be placed in a psychiatric hospital, is playing with the French. He uses triangulation psychology, without any shame or restraint. His goal: he hopes that the non-vaccinated lose their calm, he hopes that we (the non-vaccinated) become violent. In this way, he will be able to demonise us even more, to portray us as dangerous individuals in the eyes of the vaccinated. And then, there will be no more resistance.

    Today, I am very divided: I do not want to play the game of this immature and sadistic kid, still, I have a great desire (not just to piss him off, no…), but rather to give him a good blow knees in the balls … It is, of course, If I can find those somewhere on him. I doubt it. There are a lot of French who think the same thing (whether these people are vaccinated or not), but there are also individuals whose brains are completely turned over by these criminals, who think like the government tells them to think. It depresses me. I really don’t know how this will all end.

    Take care Hugo, take care you all!

    • Morning Angie

      Like all these people in power
      they are sadistic, cruel & have no empathy for the hard working man/woman & people who are to poor, because they have difficulties in life.

      Thank you for a great comment
      You to take care Angie &
      Keep strong & keep your chin up .. don’t let them break you down.

    • Big hugs to you Angie. Thank you for the update across the Channel. These are scary times and I agree. But the French seem to be made of stronger stuff than us – so many brainwashed. I told my husband about New York when the “police” were evicting people and children from restaurants for not having their papers – and he said well they should have! I guess that meant so should I – that is never going to happen.
      Stay strong little Frenchie xxx

    • Hi Angie, you filled in all the details I left out ! Exactly the same thing happening in my family, but most of them were forced to take the vaccine : work, school etc….
      Tous à la Bastille Samedi ! Qui sème le vent recolte la tempête !

    • When victory is finally achieved for the French by the French; Macroleon should be paraded around every major town so that every French citizen can have a chance to piss ON him! …On second thoughts….that would probably turn him on! Off with his head!

  32. His name means Mark of the beast. He is the favourite son of Lucifer and like his father he doesn’t care about anyone and what he says 🙄

  33. May he leave this world the same way Emperor Caligula did.

  34. He hasn’t declared that he will stand again. There are three possibilities. He will stand again and he knows that he will win. He will not stand again and he already knows who will win (I predict Zemmour, who was first out of the traps at the beginning of the protests). The elections will be cancelled or knobbled by postal only votes. It won’t really matter. The next President will be any one of the candidates because they have already been chosen by TPTB. The biggest traitors will be Marine Le Pen and Jean Luc Mélenchon.

  35. Macron is an idiot and has shot him self in both feet! He’s toast!

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