You’re Still Playing In THEIR GAME / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Still crazy town out there, half msm on learn to live with it, other half stuck on project fear.

    Flurona with 1 case gets onto the nhs get boosted text message lol

    New variant bs in france, worse than moronic so maybe flu, not cold, spike changes so jabs won’t work ( where never going to anyway ), but obviously get boosted, get your booster, boosted boosted boosted! How badly the double jabbed handled a mild cold, throw in 3rd jab and 4th to further weaken there immune system and there going to need there extra body storage, jabbed will self isolate qnd we’ll have to support them 🙁

    Fun lol

    • Crazy town Lol

      Yeah I was getting a bin in earlier my neighbour was out
      I said hello – she said hello – back politely like, as I get on with her, but she said ‘o stay back I not well’ with you know what lol
      Now.. she is fully dosed up & I mean all the ones she sheepishly followed & had
      & she is telling me.. Stay back I infected… make that make sense

      She has had all Doris & his nuts mates have asked & she is ill as a dog .. &
      I am not!

      Crazy town.

  2. Have noticed the British heart foundation’s new advert normalising heart attacks and strokes in young children, one young girl collapsing on a football pitch, how the fuck can you give money to these so called charities when they promote a NWO cull of our young…disgusting fucking government mouthpieces…

    • Hi
      Yes it’s awful indeed!

      I think if you look back it was mentioned by few people on here on another post as well couple days ago
      It’s very disturbing.

      Take care
      Keep strong

  3. This separation and isolating people so they do not have a combined voice is how they defeat us.

    We need to see that we are one of many instead of all separated from each other and silenced.

  4. I have been shouting about this for months, that Bill Gates funds, god what chance have we got, if we are funding the very people that are killing our children, they must be laughing all the way to the bank. I give up…..

  5. Excellent video Hugo. It fits perfectly with this thing I wrote recently, The Ball. I gave up trying to wake up new people a while ago and I think it is more important to continue to educate awake people, to get them to stop playing “their” game.

    The Ball

    Remember back in school when a kid would bring in a football and you’d all play with it?
    Now, imagine if that kid started being bossy and making extra rules you had to follow to be allowed to play with that ball.
    What do you do?
    Perhaps you decide to just follow his rules so you can be allowed to continue to play. Some of your friends are left sitting on the sidelines, just watching.
    Then he makes more rules which you don’t like.
    What do you do now?
    Perhaps you decide to reason with the boy and ask him nicely to let you all play.
    That doesn’t work.
    –> Perhaps some of you start to shout at him and tell him to be nicer to you all.
    That doesn’t work either. He just continues to play ball with his smaller group of people who still follow his rules.
    OK, it’s time to punch the boy in the face and take his ball. That seems to work for a while until the teachers come, take the ball and give it back to the boy.
    What do you do next?
    What do you do?
    What should you have perhaps done in the first place, as soon as the boy started making silly rules?
    The next day you bring in your own ball.
    Everyone plays with your ball where there are no silly rules.
    In fact, multiple people bring in their balls, now no one can make silly rules anymore.
    The boy with the first ball now sits on the sidelines, all alone. No-one wants to play with his ball anymore.

    The ball is today’s society.
    The boy is global governance.
    The teachers are the police and armed forces.
    Your ball and the other balls are different societies.
    –> Marks where we are now with all of the protests.
    We need to skip straight to the end of this story. In reality, the punch in the face is the riots, burning and killing. We can’t stand against the armed forces when they are called in to quell those riots. We need to accept that today’s society is not ours, it is theirs. Unplug yourself from it more and more, day by day, and leave them sitting on the sidelines.


  7. Hehe U may have forgot to take your pills and easy on the drink m8.. not everybody are so fricking smart like you Mbmb If MSM are writing about this than we are feeding there agenda and playing there game. Nobody is taking his shiny knighthood away even with billion signatures and like Hugo says.. why the feck do we care about some meaningless fake bullshit title given by some old bs woman who is part of the evil group who want to depopulate the world anyway.

  8. I don’t wanna say I told you so, but…

    I told you so.

  9. Hugo thanks for exposing is another Intel front and a money pit I reckon to let silly people to put their name on an Intelligence black list and even tip it with £10!
    It’s another small money pit the Intelligence creates to extort money from commoners and taxpayers e.g. fake military projects, fake scientific projects, fake space programs etc.
    According to Jooish thinking it’s ideal when people fund their own demise and Plandemic is one big example of that.

    As you can see in the article you have shown apart from Gates two other Joos: Hoffman and Atlman backed this Intel scheme.

    Read Miles W. Mathis

  10. I understand where Hugo comes from but absolutely you SHOULD sign and share if it is something you believe in.
    Before you donate to anyone or any organisation you need to do a lot of research as Hugo has done here. Change are clearly a no no, as are 38degrees who do some good work but support the climate hange hoax and are very left leaning.
    Be careful on Fakebook, there is a Campaigning group on there with several sections claiming to be “against the narrative”. One of the men behind it was on there previously with a ‘share and inform’ group which morphed into this new moneytised group who are at best controlled opposition, or are collecting information. I am sure they are shills, that’s what I believe, I could be wrong.
    All I am saying is be more careful than ever who you give your money too.

  11. We are in a spiritual warfare and Bible says “Our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in pulling down strongholds….” and Paul in Galatians asked Galatians who bewitched them. There is a spell that was cast on the whole world and as long as you are in the flesh you will argue that what is happening is for your good until its too late. Hugo never be downtrodden by anyone or disheartened because you are always on point and 100% correct. You are the reason why a lot of us will never give in or give up. I always look forward to your clips. They are eye opening. Thank you very much Hugo.

  12. I think because your going bigger and gaining more people hugo were starting to bring in more sheeple last thing we fuckin need

  13. You can’t beat them on thier battlefield, you have to bring them to yours, surround yourself and others with love , they cannot that into any form of negativity ha ha.

  14. So glad I didn’t vote & I never parted with any money, hugo’s spot on again, i like other peoples input helps me to look at things differently, can’t help think we are controlled by emotions because we are good people trying to do our bit for humanity

  15. The Jooish Intelligence is device such things to capture people who are about to leave MSM and move to alternative media platforms.
    This is a clever way of high-jacking these pissed off but vulnerable people. THEY CREATE THE PROBLEM (knighthood to a war criminal) AND CREATE THE SOLUTION (a pointless petition).
    How I portray it – the whole steam rather than into the cylinder goes into the whistle – a lot of noise but waste of energy.

    The Queen is part of the cabal and she is instructed by the Jooish Intelligence she is part of to stir the public with these outrageous appointments because she and her Jooish friends from peerage are above law.

    Read Miles W. Mathis
    How many papers of Miles W. Mathis and his fellows have you red?
    If none then you are late with your homework but better late than sorry:

    If you cannot or don’t want to read but prefer videos and memes then you are doomed.

    • Hi Angela
      What is done is done my dear & I am sure Hugo doesn’t see you as a fool
      I am sure he would just be happy knowing people are more aware now

      Take care of yourself
      Keep strong

  16. I like your attitude of don’t feed the beast. I just draws our attention away from the real issue.
    We simply give zero importance to medals and titles and honours. Who cares???
    There’s great advantage to having no money or disposable income to “donate” to these “causes”!!!
    (btw, What’s the “real” issue??? It has always been there and always will be. one simple word: getting Shafted……in new and creative ways!)

  17. Come all ye vaxx rebels and list while I sing
    For love of one’s freedom is a terrible thing
    It banishes fear like the speed of a flame
    And it makes you a part of the vaxine game
    My name is O’Hanlon, (change as required) I’ve just gone sixteen
    My home is in Monaghan (change as required) and where I was weaned
    I’ve been told the great reset rulers to blame
    So I am part of the vaccine game
    It’s barely two years since I avoided the jab
    for a virus made in a Chinese lab
    I’ve read of our heroes, I’ve wanted the same
    For the play up my part in the vaccine game
    Bodily autonomy has always been free
    now threatened with mandates and tyranny
    And most of our leaders are greatly to blame
    For shirking their part in the vaccine game
    They told me how maddie was vaxxed in her chair
    Her wounds from the jab all bleeding and bare
    Her fine body twisted, all tattered and lame
    They soon made me part of the vaccine game
    Life saving ivermetin the experts withold
    I think of those traitors who bargained and sold
    I’m sorry for all the neadless dead I could not save or name
    For the leaders who sold out to the vaccine game

    • They’re certainly are NO conservatives in there anymore and even more certain is the fact that there’s not one English person there either and most are only chasing YOUR hard earned money…not an English ideology among all these unlawfully placed foreign parasites!!! Our English Constitution forbids this especially bojo the yank which is the same situation as obuma….history repeats???

      • So is it ok to plunder the world through imperialism and then act surprised at the consequences? Blind spot or double standard?

      • @Common Sense It was the Rothschilds that plundered the world, not the British, the British just supplied the useful idiot cannon fodder whilst all the wealth created piled into The Square Mile, whilst British people lived in squalid back to back hovels.

        “No Rothschld is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn-Loeb, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects and selects your politicians.”

        — Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast.

      • Ok Charles, I see your point.

        But why do you quote Pound, who was likely also Jooish, embraced fascism and promoted credit system to top it all up? He could have been a shill or a puppet himself. Or just delusional. Being sectioned for 12 years is not a fluke.

  18. thetruthnotdoctrine – see They are on the water flouridation case. I believe, (I am sure I read it on their site a few weeks ago) that some of the Cumbria area is already flouridated and possibly Hull is next? The site do postcards which they want to distribute in large drops for as many people as possible, to send to their local MP’s to educate them about flouride, as most of the MP’s are ignorant to flouride’s dangers.The gov have plans to bring flouridated water to the whole of the UK.
    An MP recently put up a good fight against it in the commons recently but I do not have his name to hand at present.

    • Anyone in the parasite’s theatre are controlled opposition. Any british parasite is only doing their master’s bidding to kill England and the English or else why would a government try to remove the indigenous population of England as being british which we will never be as it suits the british narrative. People speak English in England and a whole lot of other countries around the world so why British…Britain is a land mass nothing else but these controlling parasites will have you believe you’re not welcome in your own country with the help of communist party of gt britain!!!

  19. Well done, for sussing that out! These scammers are well experienced at pushing money round in circles! Philanthropy to avoid tax, where their money is sent to their own NGO think-tanks, to influence gov’t policy, to benefit their own companies with tax breaks.

  20. I agree on the fact you shouldn’t be falling for the donations an if ya did well wake the fuck up! HOWEVER.. For some people they got pissed off at the fact Blair got knighted but for some.. it highlighted who’s knighting him in the first place? The royals.. I don’t know how many times I have to say it!! There’s the real enemy! The control it all!! If anyone wants to destroy anyone stay with the royals as there in there position for a reason! The made the fucking game we are playing. I get what your saying Hugo but most aren’t at that stage of awakening yet an still need to work out how it all works!

  21. Something is going on. They are flooding the media with bs it’s over and the opposite, confused as hell, something big is up there trying to distract.

    Blair is a hateful slime ball and needs shooting and everything wants donations and basically there for just that sadly!

    Cinemas not bookable after 6th, do they know lockdown info or just bs, it normally leaks before.

  22. I went on that site! as soon as they asked for a donation!I cancelled! signed a lot of petitions! Over the last few months!never been asked for money!thanks Hugo! now I know I was right!👍

  23. The Naviety of the Public and their perception is unbelievable 🙂 Laughable 🙂 🙂 Research is everything.

  24. I signed, I didn’t pay. Felt like a Sid Vicious up yours to the establishment. I’m glad I signed, I don’t regret it. I still love your channel and your usually wonderful words of wisdom Hugo, but lets just leave this here now and concentrate on the more important issues.

    • I agree. I signed, I’m not ashamed to say. I knew of the Gates link, and what Bliar was about, so under no illusion. Most petitions change nothing but it garners public opinion, good or bad. We all have to navigate through this quagmire our OWN way, and not be under the influence of anyone else’s opinion, only our own and what feels right for US! I listen to a lot of people, many I like very much, but with whom I disagree with on occasion. There is nothing wrong with that. Always, think for yourselves, research for yourselves, go with what resonates and feels right for YOU! That is sovereignty.

      • I guess the big take away for all of this is if the website ends in .org it is always going to be the britshit controllers laughing at us. That’s the way I always look at it and I’ve never been wrong to date! And NEVER give ANY money to ANY charity…it only goes to the likes of Cameron…money goes to money and it’s ours NOT theirs FFS so keep it that way…pissing them off in a small way Will kill them all in the end!

  25. I never knew this. Thank you Hugo. Praise God for people like you. Both the same funders huh? That is not good!

    Im sure these people’s hearts are in the right place, but I do not think even if his honour is stripped, our guy Tony will just shrug his shoulders. He is already a multi millionaire and more to the point, he is probably laughing at the whole thing and will fake disappointment if they ‘succeed’.

    • Sorry. Meant to say ‘do think’ and ‘not think’

  26. Petitions do fuck all, when have they ever actually followed a petition through after being debated in parliament. The same outcome is always going to happen. IF it doesn’t fit with the agenda they will pretend to “Debate” then scrap the idea

  27. Thank you Hugo
    You do us proud that’s my personal opinion
    It takes a lot to do something as this & we needs to remember that I feel.

    Good luck fella

    Have great afternoon to you All
    Stay strong

  28. I fell for the scam & signed the petition, I won’t be making that mistake again.

  29. I think there’s another angle which plays into their game, one they use often and that is distraction. Whilst everyone is talking about Toad Blair what are they doing that they want everyone not noticing? Of course the obvious one is the policing bill and of course upcoming jab mandates too but what else that’s what we need to be looking for

  30. The Blair witch project
    I signed the petition but I never pay any money they can feck off!

  31. If I may be so bold, it’s my belief that Cancer Research, Alzheimer’s Research, Breast Cancer Research,Children in Need, All the bingo games, prize draws, win a bloody “omaze”mansion and oh don’t forget the jaguar car etc etc are all bollocks “charities” trying to hit a nerve of your conscience to get you to donate but it’s their scam way of getting your money for f***k all. They’ve been doing it for years. Cancer Research, my arse.
    I signed the petition but didn’t give a penny. I’m happy to give my opinion (and I get what you are saying Hugo) but if we don’t make any noise, things won’t change.
    We are winning this plandemic war and I’m happy to let them know about it.

    • Thelightisshining There is no will or desire on the part of Cancer Research or BIG PHARMA to cure cancer – too much profit in it, so they fake any desire to find a cure and compound their criminality by poisoning patients with radiation which then kills all the cells in the body. Plus the cures are already out there in the alternative health medical sphere and have been for years, even humble Bicarb.

      • Yes I know this (thetruthnotdoctrine) but I am lucky enough to have a job and be at work and don’t have oodles of time to write absolutely everything. As I said, we are winning this war, which is why one of their other tactics is to poison our water with fluoride. They will stop at nothing and try to hit us from all angles.

      • @Thelightisshining Not sure if all areas fluoridate their water, but I hope you have invested in a good drinking water filter anyway.

      • Didn’t you no the world has had a cure for cancer for donkeys years. We could even run a car on water but that’s kept out of he public domain. No money in all of that now is there.

    • Told my kids that all these new Animal charity’s showing fluffy Polar Bears & Puppy Seals are to pull on your heart strings, and donating ANYTHING will NEVER go to helping Animals but WILL go to CEO’s funds to be able to drive round in a BIG POSH CAR.

    • Quite agree especially when ivermectin cures most cancers without all the expensive treatments that are more likely to kill rather than cure. But then again, this load of parasites are only interested in ripping everyone off instead of curing anyone-there’s no money in that is there big pharma??? Same with ALL charities…charity begins at home with me and stays there!!

  32. @Hugo, Hugo it should be YOU’RE not YOUR. I never pick up on people’s grammar errors, but as it’s a headline I thought you would appreciate it.

    • Yeah I noticed that but knew someone would pick up on it… it’s the way the British have indoctrinated our English schools so I don’t hold it against anyone🤗🙂

  33. Hugo, I’ve been listening to your insightful talks for at least a couple of months now and I haven’t disagreed with ONE THING you’ve said. The people who disagree with you are brainwashed SHEEP, don’t feed them. Listening to you in the state of Texas, which is supposed to be a “free” state but about 75 percent of people here are masked sheep.

    • Iv been listen to hugo for almost 2 years and there’s been a couple of things iv not agreed with but then it would be a werid world if we all agreed with each other all of the time. Oh I forgot about the jabs and all the rest of the crap. Think people are milking it now with these fvcki g tests. Stop testing 😤

  34. Any FOOL that donated needs to do their OWN research BEFORE acting…………. eg: Ya wanna jab mate ?? ……..wot’s in it ? ……. Can’t tell ya …………. Yeah, give us two, an a few boosters !! LOL

  35. Can’t argue with your logic Hugo. I must admit I signed the petition and when the request for money popped up alarm bells started to ring. I didn’t donate of course. It seems that they’ll use ANY method to deplete us of resources. Do not comply.

    • The British need our money in any way they can get it…I mean let’s face it we have to pay 652 parasites £82500 a year plus up to £200000 expenses each and that’s a hell of a lot of OUR English money for what-to be controlled and for them to do as they please??? God give me strength where are our paratroopers or elite ex fighting military when we need them….

      • Chill Bill. The banksters print the notes for them, I mean, add numbers to their accounts.

      • I like your name, 💵. But seriously don’t stress yourself out, you’re safe.

      • Common Sense, He’s an idiot who thinks an English Parliament would be better than a British Parliament. Here was the first English Parliament:

        “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would, like Esau, sell your country for a mess of pottage, and, like Judas, betray your God for a few pieces of money.

        Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

        Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place,and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

        In the name of God, go!”

        — Oliver Cromwell – April 20, 1659

        As in 1659 so it would be 2021

      • Working in care and taking there jabs

  36. Hi Hugo, Many thanks for your latest video regarding ‘Their Game’. I’m sure that there were many – myself included – who were unaware of the links to Blair/Gates from Personally, I did not donate but did sign the petition (more than likely a total waste of time) because, like others, I am totally disgusted with the Queen’s award to Blair. I do not personally know any servicemen/women who were involved in the conflicts under Blair’s regime but I knew many who were active during the clashes in the Balkans (prior to Blair’s administration) and many came back broken men. It was with this in mind that I wanted to show my support to anyone who was affected by the later conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan. KR, Bob

    • It has nothing to do with the queen as she was hung for treason and crimes against humanity in 2019. There are at present 4 stand ins! If you look closely at the “queen’s” speech her clothes don’t fit, there is a green screen as a back drop and the face is super imposed on another body and the hair on the right of her “face” bobs up and down but not in a normal way and her teeth aren’t hers they’re not straight and one is chipped! Add to all this that no monarch has ascented to any laws since 1860 and then tell me why anyone trusts this britshit controlling corporation in any way, shape or form??

      • @bill “It has nothing to do with the queen as she was hung for treason and crimes against humanity in 2019.”

        Back that up with genuine proof and evidence!!

  37. Giving a donation – how fucking stupid can people be. Do folk actually believe is some sort of anti establishment organisation. What, like private eye, or Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr etc etc
    Get real, they’re all taking the piss.

  38. Donating is a mugs game! Suspicious of anything or anyone that asks for coin.

    • By that principle you should be suspicious of Hugo then. I mean, he has a donate page. But that’s fair enough you ask me.
      Also, I know if I tried to set up an alternative, independent petition website, to change org I’d need to ask for donations too.

      • Each to there own. U don’t have to give anyone anything if you don’t want to or maybe like me can’t afford to. I follow a few people against all the BS but can’t afford to donate. Iv shared a lot of stuff tho and that helps. ❤

  39. Well identified Hugo… it’s best to do your research where donations are requested, and this will open a few more eyes a bit further!

  40. It’s all about money, lots of it. Always has been and always will be. Nothing to do with ‘Righteous causes’ or changing the world for the better. Blair, Gates, Schwab and others like them are all chips off the same block and don’t give a stuff about anything other than making money, the more they make the bolder they get and push their weight around lording over others. Their time is short as the narrative crumbles around them.

  41. thank you Hugo 👍🏽
    continue to tell it as it is
    God bless you and yours 🙏🏽

  42. Pretty Patel trying to circumvent his conviction for homosexuality by expunging historic homosexual convictions . As viewed by my 20 minute good laugh on BBC lies woops news . Laugh a day keeps covid away lol . Keep up the great work

  43. I voted – but I did not pay anything. There is a similar page for Chris Whitty – but that requires postcode! *These* are the ganes we should not be playing. But mere voting costs nothing in time and resources. I waste more time listening to you rattle on Hugo!

      • Yes, I have been monitoring funding from Billy Goats to Tony Bliar, universities etc for a year or two now. I can see where it is all going. But a free, non-committal vote to knock Bliar off his pedestal and have a dig at the establishment is too good to miss.
        We need to use their own resources against them – just as you use someone’s momentum against them in combat.

    • That was really helpful Hugo! The explanation about who owns the company! I fell for it! I didn’t know who the company were! Wow I have a lot to learn! I just wanted to send the grizzly man a message – I hate what he did bombing all those people especially children, one of whom is now a friend of mine.

      • Thank you for your explanation well I was filled by but for the last time is there no end to their corruption…. so glad you are feeding us the truth !

    • Rattle on, when in fact he’s giving you well researched info? Dont like it, don’t subscribe its that simple.

    • It’s not just about “the vote” since “the vote” is meaningless if it achieves nothing, which it won’t. It’s about “the brand,” namely that other people can see how many other people think like they do.

      When the modus operandi is to attack, ridicule and call people names who say “the wrong thing” a lot of people stay silent, so then no one knows how many people think like they do.

      And since (clearly) people think in herds, like sheep, the less sheep who say “baa” and the more sheep who say “fuck Tony Blair and Boris and the system” the better and the stronger the “we’re not taking this anymore” brand becomes.

      • That’s what I think too. It’s not so much about the signing as it is the sheer number of people doing so. However, I draw the line at donating money to ‘the cause’, doing that is just insane!

    • TONY Blair is a war criminal. Just like the lot of em! Time for Justice!

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