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  1. The bottom line here is that the Blair Bastard has already been found guilty as a war criminal in Malaysia, I believe, and that’s what he is, and no matter how many Mafioso honours his fellow criminals give him will not change that guilty verdict.

  2. Blair is Evil which is why he received the Star and Garter.
    The Star and Garter awarded by The Queen is part of their
    secret societies.
    I do not think he is capable of apologising for his Crimes.
    Why he thinks he can sway Public Opinion along with
    Brown he should think again.
    I do believe the People are waking up to
    The fact that Politics are just a Theatre show.

    • True, it is theatre, but at times it becomes brutally real when people die in very suspicious circumstances to make way to the chosen ones, namely Hugh Gaitskell for the KGB agent Harold Wilson and John Smith for the Blair Bastard.

  3. I disagree and thought I would sign it. I hope 10 million sign it.
    A search on Google would not show, DDG did but Firefox blocked the connection as unsafe, ignored that and it was then blocked by the country I am in at present so had to use my VPN. Then it was not easy to find the petition on Hmm. Better fo fight them I think.

    • sign it for sure!!
      The man was responsible for letting hundreds of men & women in service get Chemically poisoned whilst serving to their ‘Queen & country’ !!

      Theses people now have no jobs , have lost their families due to depression & No One not even our royal family give a Feck!!

      None of them deserve these awards!
      all they have achieved is causing war & disruption within our world & to the people they are meant to protect.

      Take care

  4. I completely disagree with you hugo. And many people on here that have agreed with you. Im sorry, but some people on here have the correct response: Blair wants and loves his award, so why sit back and not protest against it?!… he needs it removed, and the more pressure that mounts within the petition, the more humiliating it will be for him if it is removed. As one person said, he operates on the international stage where these badges are seen as a success. Fu*k the c*nt for sure, but do not pass up this opportunity to stick one up his arse!!
    Get your name on that petition asap, and stop weilding out of it!!

  5. Hugo, look into the current issue with cinema bookings. Currently non of the main stream cinema vendors (Vue, odeon, showcase) are available to book any viewings after 6th Jan. Do they have advanced knowledge of some kind of Vax pass pilot?

  6. You are 100% on what you say Hugo. Very well done.
    Thank you . People have to ignore what is going on amongst these demons and concentrate on the big picture.
    I feel something big is coming everything is so very strange.
    Stay close too your Saviour.

  7. Make him a deeper red and then add some horns to his head. You won’t be able to distinguish him from the real Satan.

  8. Blair is not of any interest to me. People should be more worried about that idiot Whitty getting his fake award tbh. Although maybe it would be karma for Whitty to be a ‘sir’ even if he doesnt deserve the award which obviously he doesn’t. No mass murderer should ever be given this award and Whitty is certainly a mass murderer. But when he is jailed he will probably have to be put in solitary confinement for his own protection otherwise he will be mincemeat. For someone who effectively locked up most of the population for months on end, this would be some form of justice.

  9. You lot have seen the news, expect victory dances cause we’ve just WON!!! atleast this battle.

    No more PCR Tests.
    No more Lateral Flow tests so the numbers will drop to ZERO.

    And Boris is saying, no more restrictions, we are going the Sweden route, EU kept Lateral Flow, glad we aren’t in the EU at this point.

    More shit to come no doubt, but short term, VICTORY enjoy the normality next few weeks/months before more madness.

    And what’s with all the Hugo bashing all of a sudden, he’s good, he’s not perfect, nobody is, he’s doing his best, kept us sane, strong and away from the Jib Jab, not even 1 test here 🙂


    • I would not say it’s hugo bashing ,I just pointed out it was a shit non sensical post . Everyone is entitled
      to an off day I guess.

    • Hi

      I been on here a long time
      I may have taken a ‘wrong’ decision had I not kept my own discernment & had this site.

      I don’t rely on Hugo for making my mind up for me, I look at other people who also share on YT ect that are also trying to help people to see this SHIT SHOW for All it is !

      Hi Tommy
      Your good bloke I feel
      Your going to have days not every post is for you
      It’s such SHITE & LIES going on out here
      it’s all about how we manage ourselves now.
      We all are para here & there who wouldn’t be after this last two years!

      Have great day fellas

  10. Hi Hugo, this video proves You right about GB News. They’ve goes with their slur a bit too far in a presence of Neil Oliver, who kindly destroyed their agenda.

  11. If you don’t want to feed the beast, stop posting your content on YT and Twitter.

  12. Yeah, I wouldn’t bother with the Change petition. Change will only start spamming you afterwards with garbage leftie petitions like “We demand action on climate change now” or some such nonsense

  13. Don’t you mean the Queen’s double..i see that other cunt witty is up for an award to..Then again they did give jimmy saville an award,has the penny dropped yet.

    • yes its obviously not the queen as she died weeks ago. Not been seen since September. The person they rolled out for the Christmas broadcast was an actress which was SO obvious.

  14. “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” ― Simone Weil

    I have to confess, I heard this in a movie I watched the other day – The Lost Daughter – and now a Hugo Talks video brings to mind. I (like God) do not play with dice and I do not believe in coincidences.

  15. I also think this petition might make people have an illusion we do actually have a say when really we don’t do we!

  16. To quote the great German philosopher – Simone Weil – “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

    • Exactly what I’m thinking.
      Hugo – whoever he is – gives huge attention to Johnson, Whitty, Van Tam, Cressida Dick etc etc. But Bliar is apparently off limits.
      Makes you wonder.

  17. I usually completely agree with your comments Hugo, but not so on this one.
    In my mind and your mind and many minds of those who subscribe to your channels, a “knighthood” delivered by the lizard is nothing more than a glorified gold star in primary school for putting up your hand in class.
    To the masses though, it’s a huge honour which elevates someone to a position which has their followers in constant awe, and the status of that “knighted” person is inflated.
    When this happens to someone like the devil incarnate Bliar, the damaging garbage that he spouts becomes more convincing to those who now worship him and all he stands for.
    It took less than 2 minutes of my time to try to discredit him, and I then thought nothing more of it to be fair.
    If we can do our bit to expose the liars in any way possible, I don’t worry that the attention is feeding their ego. The same could be said for the coverage that we give to any one of the psychopaths in this whole scam.
    I’ll continue to do my bit in discrediting anyone who is a danger to society and mankind.

  18. Thank you Hugo as always.

    Giving a shot, on new one you mentioned.

    Have great evening to All

  19. Exactly. Signing petitions isn’t going to stop him being knighted. Remember over 1 million marched in London alone protesting no to invasion in Iraq.

  20. Oh yeah good idea let the rich bastards keep getting txt payers money. Hugo you working for Blair! Never heard such shit in my life!!!

    • Totally agree.
      Very suspicious behaviour from this ‘Hugo’ who is continually giving ‘attention’ to various personalities.
      I’ve followed him for a while but if he carries on with this nonsense I’ll have to unfollow him.

  21. For a moment there I swear that red image of Tony Blair looked like an evil version of William Hartnell from Dr Who 🙂

  22. Agree whole-heartedly with you on this one Hugo.

    By demanding Blair hand back his knight-hood gives the impression that honour has some integrity which of course it doesn’t have any integrity whatsoever. The reality is it’s the official Rogue’s Gallery, a confirmation that person is a greedy & wealthy psychopath or some other half-baked slave of the evil doers being rewarded.

    Plus, this action against Blair let’s many of the others off the hook – namely June Raine, Chris Whitty and Van-Tam who between them may have killed more innocent lives than Blair did.

  23. Inconsequential piece.of weasel shit…just like the rest of them

  24. I don’t agree, at all . These Demons Must be ‘called out’, surely? If we just accept, then we are agreeing by ‘saying nothing’ ?

  25. Boris just announced, going Swedish route no more lockdowns or measures, we’ve got our expected it’s all over almost 🙂

    Victory, kinda!!!!! 🙂

  26. ANAGRAM of Piers Morgan – [ A Grim Person ] – I believe Hugo recommended simply blocking all of these grim ba**ards if you’re still on social media, then you needn’t see a single word they write. Ignore all mainstream newspapers and television. Remember also that all of the cretins influenced by these puppets, some of whom may be privy to most things being planned by this bent government, infiltrate groups and seek chaos from the inside out. They are pretenders and deceivers not at all against Covid-1984

  27. I just closed my account with that latrine called “gettr”. It is primitive, extremely annoying and useless. The setup, the software is so basic and limits one in anything one tries to do on that “platform”, one wonders what retarded moron chopped and patched that obnoxious site. Go waste your time, you’re welcome….

  28. Hugo a great advocate of yours as always , but make your fuckin mind
    Up should we air our opinions over these showers of shit or not ?
    Shall we all just shut up and put up with it ?
    Your sounding like them it’s OK for you to have a moan but we can’t !
    This post is confusing and one I can’t share with the sheep ,probably the worst load of bollocks I’ve heard come out of your mouth 🙄

    • Voice your opinions but don’t vote on silly petitions about trivialities about silly awards with companies like change org who are semi owned and by bill gates.

      • I never added my name to the petition , as I said it was a slightly confusing post which to me just sounded like a rant when there is loads of other shit going on.

  29. They have to reward him for all the killing he has done just like all of the others. Glad I’m never gonna get a new year’s honours.

  30. Exactly Hugo it’s a waste of time and energy.
    You would think it’s not possible but the Jooish Queen takes an active role in Intelligence to create these distractions by giving knighthood to a known crook and a war criminal Blair to intentionally upset the commoners.
    Exactly these titles are worthless and represent no moral value, are meaningless especially at the current time.

    Read Miles W. Mathis and why the Baronet title was created by the king of the time to allow the Jooish banking invaders to quickly become English peers and rule over the English peasants.

  31. It’s just a vote Hugo! Nobody is going to pay more attention to Blair because of this. This vote is against the system – and it is a rallying point for like-minded people. It cheers me to see the numbers mounting up.

    • I agree. It shows up the establishment for what it really is. It isn’t giving value to it. This Bliar has already had too much say in our lives, and people are sickened by his earlier actions regarding going to war. When he calls people idiots because they won’t take the jab, it has seriously riled them. People are fed up and angry of entities like him, in step with the Globalist regime, calling time on their freedom and way of life. Ok, so we should ignore him, like the school bully. But sometimes ignoring them makes them worse. Sometimes the only action is retaliation and making sure they know that you ain’t prepared to put up with it any longer!

  32. Don’t bother me , all wasters including all Monarchy.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. With in this country, yes this award is some what irrelevant, but on the international stage it is seen as a seal of approval from the establishment and its internationally where Blair operates, that’s where the money is. The British aristocracy still carry a lot of clout in the rest of the world.

  34. Another fan taken ill at a football match today. Msm silence as usual.

  35. Hugo, Good observations and mostly agree. However, what does the other side of the coin look like? That is the petition does not get many votes? The Liz-ard doesn’t get her slap across the face and B-Liar is seemingly a role model without question. Difficult one but I do get your points. Thanks for your “outside the box” thinking & views.

  36. Thanks Hugo. I had a look at the petition and was horrified to see people are actually donating money! People please stop ….. have a look to see who connects to including Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Good chance a portion of the money raised will be sent to BLiar as a reward by his masters.

  37. Valid point – these people are not worth being in our thoughts. I could not sign the petition, it wouldn’t let me, and I am glad I did not in the end.

  38. You make a very good point Hugo; but I guess, orange, waste of oxygen C**ty Blair is so utterly despised by so many, it’s been very hard for many not to want to say ‘Fuck you’ to the arsehole.

  39. go look who was on the honours list in the summer.heart doctors.blood and circulation specialists

  40. Totally agree Hugo, these elite puppets are nobodies. Plus the petition site (Change .org) is run by the very people we despise.

  41. We need this many people on the streets of London protesting about jib jabs and covid passports

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