Don’t FEED The BEAST / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I gave up with a long time ago. I cannot remember exactly why, but I think I felt that they posed as someone who was concerned with helping the underdog when, in reality, they were just a business out to make money.

  2. Blair is an arsehole, whatever titles he may be given. We Home-Educated all our children, and he was in power at this time. We were put through the mill in all sorts of ways. Remember Ed Balls? If someone is an arsehole, they cannot escape it!

  3. I can remember, when Blair was in, I signed a petition to make Jeremy Clarkson prime minister! Can you believe that, but that is how much of an arsehole I thought Blair was then, and I still do. I suppose we all knew it would not happen, but it made a point. Jeremy Clarkson – I ask you!

  4. Report from germany, basically immuno compromised end of jan for fully jabbed ( AIDS ), currently 87.3% compromised.

    Looking like my Feb/March given a suitable cold/flu is when they start dying, they’ll be self isolating trying to stay safe, for the remainder of there short lives, they’ll need the convid pfizer pill in vast quantities.

    2022 is going to suck, ww3 is on and nobody has noticed, the bullets have been swapped out to jabs.

    Still trying to force jabs on people in germany, that’s how sick this is. 🙁

    • Hi Turveyd, do you have a link to the source, please?

      Similar situation in Israel – they admitted all the side effects on their national tv and yet they still keep pushing for more poison.

      I have heard that it only took a hundred Viennese doctors to refute mandates in Austria but can’t verify. Probably another of those red herrings.

  5. Government barricading parliament and other places, it looks like the above data is about to be released in the UK, and the plebs will switch from there lovely denial to ANGER and tear the place down, when they realise there doomed 🙁

    Being prepared for the 6th which is thursday this week.

    5G main role out all over the world is tomorow aswell, part here, but not full spectrum, just over 4G, not the 300ghz stuff, factor ??

    Tomorrow, could be rapture day/kill switch!!

    No break is there, ever, just more shit to come every damn time, coming fast to!!

  6. Bliar is a war criminal that needs locked up. That particular photo of him always gives me the creeps.

    Slightly off topic…. Those bears in your video are adorable 🐻

  7. Hi Hugo, talking about feeding, perhaps you could do a video on Nico Rosberg, F1 driver living in Monaco and promoting cricket pasta, Benetofoods. High protein pasta made out of cricket flour. Would be so awesome if everyone would boycott all these people as they rely on us people they hold in so much contempt to realise their dreams.

  8. You get scum like him getting a knighthood and bare faced liars like van tamme and whitty as well…
    All need hanging from the rafters…
    The world is run by corruption now and scum….
    No wonder suicides are on the rise as people want to get off this shit society

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