Brazil President Bolsanaro 🚑 In Hospital / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Sadly it would appear so, heard of John O’looney Undertaker/whistleblower, they tried with him, full story on RAIR, but he’s safe now I believe.

      • What is SAIR please? I wanted to try to investigate what happened to John O Looney. 🙁 Thanks. Helen

    • Well it’s happened to a couple of African presidents who didn’t go along with the narrative so who knows?

  1. Remember what you have said before, Hugo. Everything in the fakestream media should be viewed with healthy skepticism. Including this. I have gotten to the point where I only believe what I can see, hear, smell and touch.

    • Same here Thomas, I have generally been like that anyway but more so lately!

  2. Oh my gosh, my prayers are with this President, who truly looked out for his people with this most evil and disgusting hoax. I do hope he doesn’t get treated as badly as John O’Looney the Milton Keynes Undertaker who has spoken out on numerous occasions about what he witnessed with the genocide of the elderly in care homes, elderly being killed off as Health Secretary Hancock stockpiled midazolam to give NHS the ok to kill off our grannies, a ‘life-ending’ drug to be used on elderly, and deemed as ‘Covid first wave’. You can look it up, it’s out there, but ignored by the Establishment. After what Queenie gave to the evil insidious bliar, hancock will probably be given a knighthood too!
    John O’looney unvaxed needed tge expolice man Mark Sexton , Aaron lawyer and who knows who else to get him released from hospital. Two guards a his door as they tried to stop him leaving! Again it’s out there but not in the mainstream media!
    Prayers seem to be working as this pandemic, is being allowed to be lived with, but they’ll keep jabbing you… if you allow them too… transhumanism is the way forward, but they’ll pile on the climate change now.

    Please join me in praying for the safety of Pres Bolsonaro.

    May The LORD make his face shine upon Pres Bolsonaro, and be gracious unto him, may He find favour in this President and release him from the evil ones clutches. In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

    • This ‘people’s’ president is largely responsible for a doubling in the rate of destruction of the Amazon rainforest, and for the theft of many indigenous people’s rights. His political defamation of Lula da Silva has been ruled unlawful by Brazilian courts of law, and he has been exposed as being (tacitly) in favour of armed intervention in the political process, and of torture. Before jumping into bed with somebody, it’s a good idea to know something about them.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t follow this madness and agree and if they are important I am afraid his life is in danger the cabal also work in the hospitals or illuminati another name for these evil people so I will be surprised if he comes out of hospital

  4. Let’s see what happens. I’m sceptical about anything from MSM even if HT reports it.

  5. How many papers of Miles W. Mathis and his fellows have you red?
    If none then you are late with your homework but better late than sorry:

  6. Anyone follow Ex Pat Military hard man? Speaks out against lefty agends but has recently shilled out to cv19 and the vax.

  7. Why can’t people stay on topic? Always blurting their own propaganda pieces instead of commenting on the subject at hand…

  8. The President of Brazil is in my prayers. I pray he makes a full and speedy recovery and that God doesn’t take him yet, because the world badly needs people like him in eminent positions to speak out against this evil agenda!

  9. Mate works head night nurse care home, everyone tested lateral flow positive, they worked out they’d started giving them black current juice, which was triggering the tests, stopped and as if by magic the Convid has gone.

    Notice PCR tests aren’t bookable, they where told no more this year from the CDC, but there trying to hide that and blaming issues with the booking system LOL too funny!!

    • Hhh, brilliant. What is this lateral flow test anyway? A pH test for acidity? I just can’t deal with the flipping bollocks anymore 😂

    • School kids were faking positive LFTs with Fruit Shoot drinks a while ago to skive off school.

  10. Another one who has not “Parroted the Puppet Tyrant narrative” – great sentence. Meanwhile, I reckon hospital’s the last place on earth you wanna end up because that’s where you’ll more than likely die if you’re a Refusenik and a political leader. I can’t remember who said it long ago, do not go in to hospital as they will kill you

    • My aunt used to light up a cigarette before she visited anyone in hospital, and then light another as soon as she left the hospital, always stating that the smoke killed all the germs LOL!

      • LOL! She might have been on to something much better than multiple fake stabs! Belated Happy New Year, I hope!

  11. No limits to what evil will do.
    Several Presidents assassinated or dead within 6 months, common denominator- all anti Covid.
    Like the once highly respected doctors and scientists like Malone, Korrie, Mcculough, Yeadon etc.
    Overnight they are “discredited” for having a different view to the Covid cult..
    Nothing to see here for those suffering from mass formation psychosis..

  12. God bless the president and heal him to tell the horror story of the part of the Covid social experiment he is undergoing.

  13. There you are again Hugo. You always strike the nail on the head. They will kill him. The SA president tried to talk against amicrom (macaroni as my 90 year old mum dubs it) and once he gor home from his errands in Africa he tested positive….

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