Why Are You Putting Up With This? Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I completely agree with you, Hugo, children don’t need school education. I’ve home educated all my children who are self motivated, happy adults, able to earn their own living. It’s not hard and anyone can do it. Even if you make mistakes, your children will have a much better life education than in the schools. Just get them out of the schools now. You won’t regret it.

  2. Parents have no choice because they have to go to work and want to instill some sense of routine for their children

    • Yes, not everyone is in the right situation to give up work to stay at home to school their children. There will be more and more doing it now and in the near future of course, but not everyone can. I suppose if things get bad enough there is always a way to make ends meet from home but most people have become trapped in the net of debt and working every hour they can just to pay for a home and a few bills?

  3. How many papers of Miles W. Mathis have you red?
    If none then you are late with your homework but better late than sorry:

  4. The teachers unions and Labour are chris shitty and the cult of Boris jonestown’s biggest supporters.
    All totalitarian bull shitting dirt together.

    • they all seem to think they are the promised one, I have news for them they are not and due for disposal. Same as the Freemasons, round table and all the other groups that are purveying this shit.

      • Well said. They are men and women without power – who can’t stand on their own – psychologically or spiritually. They need their secrets and lies and hidden agendas.

  5. Goverment Phy-ops at it again just as parents are worn out from Christmas and New Year, so start going for the kids again. The Government are only testing to see how much they can get away with this time around. We all know impeding your breathing apparatus when there is a respiratory ailment going about is counter productive, the airways need to be open to aid recovery.

    Now is the time for mass non compliance

    A template letter should be written by parents who have medical/legal knowledge and sent by the individual parents to the head teachers of these schools.

    the following points should be raised:

    The detrimental effect of limited oxygen intake – for example HYPOXEMIA – effect: headaches and shortness of breath – impairment for oxygen to reach all the cells in the body particularly the brain – interfering with repair and renewal of the cells – more serious effects interference with heart and brain function.

    The detrimental effect of excess carbon dioxide – increased respiratory rate – arrhythmias – impaired consciousness – more serious effects – convulsions

    These are the reasons for NOT allowing children and young people to be muzzled all day.

    Are these schools – headteachers and class teachers personally willing to accept responsibility for injury and health impairment of all their pupils both in the present and the future?

    These young people are the adults of tomorrow and they will remember what was done to them in the name of government propaganda

  6. The article and photo is from the BBC. Clearly they are acting illegally in showing a photo of children and should be stripped of their licence to broadcast

  7. Easy for adults to criticise parents but if you are a single mother of three children who has to work you cannot remove your children from school out of principle. I hate that my 13 year old has had to wear a mask since August 2020 in school in Scotland but what can I actually do about it. The headteacher of my daughter’s school already knows that I am a mad anti-C19 parent.

  8. Can I refer everyone to http://www.sciencedaily.com as surgical masks have various chemicals (depending on where they are made) such as: Formaldehyde, Aniline & Perfluorocarbons. Never once as a transplant ITU nurse did I ever think I would be forced into wearing a surgical mask outside. I bought cotton masks from Palestine instead.

    • Chemicals are found all around our environment and in common household products; for example upholstered furniture contains formaldehyde and many other toxins. Have you ever wondered what chemical concoction makes up ‘new car smell’? Or in those spray cans of ‘new car smell’?

      • Paint is another one. If you want to be safe you are probably best to never paint or buy new furniture. It is when the paint is first applied and the furniture is unwrapped when most of the chemicals are released.

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