PRIESTS, NASA And The ALIENS / Hugo Talks / lockdown

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  1. Some excellent observations made in this video!

    With our connection to the divine , we can keep in mind what life is really supposed to be like.
    The occultists desperately want people to forget – to contribute without realising to the darkening of their dream.
    But one person’s consciousness alone can be so powerful when aligned to the absolute – let alone a million people’s.

    So we will persist for the sake of each other, and revelations will flow thick and fast…
    Anything of mal intent will be disabled or eviscerated.
    Conceive it when in the zone, and it shall surely be so.
    Sublime nature of reality will reveal itself after the smoke has cleared.

  2. As you said Hugo they manipulate with markets creating fake news or use natural disasters to shock people and crash markets.
    They want to continue blowing people’s minds but to the power of 3.

    And since so many people are on Facebook Meta is going to provide them virtual entertainment and if need be a virtual piece of bread.

  3. “Alien’s” are demons= the disembodied Nephilim that were killed in the flood of Noah.

  4. The 3 Abrahamic religions, well what is the 4th symbol? What does the 4th one, the sun represent?

  5. There is already contact with aliens. The reason for these meetings is that nasa and others know they have to very soon disclose that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. You obviously know nothing about this topic, Hugo. They have already admitted in the report last June that UFOs( or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as they now call them) do exist, but they claim they don’t know what they are. These authorities like nasal are terrified of the reactions of the world’s religions when the existence of extraterrestrial visitors is finally disclosed. Please research this subject properly, Hugo, before you make any more pronouncements about it.

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