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  1. If they knock on my door I will quickly tell them to fuck off and shut the door!

    • They have also been visiting licenced gun holders and confiscating there guns, awaiting a so called review of the holders licences, this is with out warning and often with multiple armed officers, to ensure compliances, according to a number of rifle and shotgun club bloggers. It appears that, all tools that have any reach are on the to be prohibited soon list.

      More discussions Hugo’s reporting along with many related topics are being discussed in the connections forum, all are welcome

      • what they gonna ban quickdrives and nail guns?? these can easliy be modded also dont forget we can print our own weapons now

    • I saw today the rules and laws around crossbow ownership are being “reviewed” after the Christmas day Windsor Castle incident.

      • Sorry I wrote that before I watched the video, Hugo said it! D’oh!

      • GinaW Always remember that they have no laws that apply to flesh and blood men and women – only to citizen slaves or corporate fictions.

      • As soon as I saw this story and it mentioned a crossbow, immediately thought this has been mentioned for the reason of banning all bow and hunting weapons.

    • I agree, good to know the laws….. But I make my own judgement with whats right and wrong ! 🙂
      okay hunting animals with a crossbow is not a good example lol..but by the time ill be using that there will most likely be an infrastructure collapse.
      For me taking animals life for food and for my survival might be a necessity. (Certainly not something i will enjoy)

  2. I wish they would come around, they wouldn’t be able to get away quick enough…THE WORLD IS A STAGE

  3. I think you did the right thing hugo, covering these scare stories in the media because a lot cant see the tactics behind them and so some need people to break it down and explain it in plain language. My first instinct was to leave a comment saying that they just dont have the man power to do it but you beat me too it. As for the crossbow thing. Well thats dead easy, everybody needs to rush out up all the crossbows before they can pass the law restrictin them lol lol

  4. Why don’t people realise that door to door is not possible to 5 million let alone 23 million people.

  5. @Hugo Talks – Thank you for your excellent reporting, as well as being very centered in your delivery. Godspeed.

  6. Thanks for confirming the door knocking is idle threats…I 4got they announced doing the same last year.
    Something else that is ment to be getting implemented in austria/Greece is fines for the pure bloods …….feel like I want to hide in plain site for as long as possible – but mass non compliance must be the answer.
    Anyway not worth letting them get into our heads.
    Because they really do rely on our fear in making their plans possible.
    Thanks H 🙂

    • Sorry just remembered ur last post on fines/prison for the unjabbed in Austria 😝 lol .threats they can’t back up 👊 ttfn

  7. Thanks for posting Hugo. Yes, never ever give in to fear.

  8. They can knock if they want. Hope they enoy talking to my door

  9. If they come knocking on my door I’ll invite them to watch one of Hugo’s, Young Hearts videos.

    • Yes, or maybe have a pre-printed pile of information which you have gathered which shows the jabs to be ineffective, unnecessary and downright dangerous. And a “No thanks” written on the top. You never know it might spread a little more vital non-MSM information in the “covid zealot” circles.

  10. Tbf I sent in something along those lines to you Hugo, but just so you could let people know, as I watched a woman online only yesterday saying they were doing it in her neck of the woods, but she could have been a crisis actor of course.

    This undertaker convinced of covid being real until he saw what was really going on says he met members of the 1922 committee over a year ago, but nothing done about it. Killing the aged was the priority, then going after our children, make them infertile. Sadly satanic carrie has 2 to continue the line, may God be with those babies. ! So anyway they know we know! Listen for yourself …


  11. could be they need to gather info from the hesitant to go back to psy-op and arrange new strategy for coercion. Seems a bit desperate

    • Yea man…thats got to be their end goal ….
      Will have to play it by ear and know when to make a break for it…

  12. Hugo is quite right. Just live your life as if the Government and their agents don’t exist. They only have any power over your life if you take notice of what they say.
    Don’t wear masks, take covid tests, get vaxxed or abide by any silly rules that say you can’t mix. It’s all utter nonsense anyway.

    • Hope not – I use mine turning hay, loading hay and mucking out ducks! It may find another use though.

      • Farming…a powerful skill set to have in the upcoming times !
        Hopefully I can also be independent from the system when this agenda goes to the next phase 🙂

      • I have a scythe too! Would definitely love a tractor though – I do get a workout! Maybe I should get a couple of Shire horses to help, seeing as we are going backwards in time.

      • I had a small attempt at farming when I was living abroad…didn’t end well lol ….take care 🙂

      • It’s not a big farm, just a smallholding – thankfully it is manageable enough – as long as we are well. Then that does pile pressure on – animal care comes first whatever happens. Vegetables are OK but weather systems have been a bit bleh lately. As is my mojo! But that is bouncing back because they love failure and depression. Not letting them beat me! Thank you Mrbenn73. Sorry your adventure didn’t go so well. We started off on a small scale so it wasn’t such a shock, and added things gradually. Still a work in process!

      • Very true, my dear, I know nothing of horses apart from they eat a lot. Did have riding lessons, got to gallop – exhilarating, until I fell off and realised I’m mortal! LOL! Gravity and me have “issues”. Handsome beasties though. Manure – very nice bonus too.

      • Keep trying m8 …I am jealous…living that lifestyle is so liberating…If you two need a farm hand hand in the future let me know lol…me and bro moved back to the UK last year …was hard to rejoin society after being off grid for so long ! Relocated to devon now …still quite a rural area .
        Keep strong Kelly 💪 x
        Ttfn 🙂

      • I’m in Devon too. I’d better build a bigger house for everyone! LOL! You take care also and be careful of those changing rooms – you might end up in Australia!

      • Lol😆..yea …loved “mr benn” lol ttfn Kelly

      • @Kelly Oh yes riding them is something else altogether, and at my age it would be a venture too far! LOL I don’t think I would bounce very well when I hit the deck. However, there’s always oxen, which can easily pull a plough, and they can be eaten, as can horses if you’re desperate, but that’s more of a French thing if I am correct. LOL

      • Love oxen, a rare sight nowadays. Seeing the mud accumulated at the moment, I can only imagine the muddy cloven holes left by big beasties! LOL! Saying that, and after having torrential rain this last week, the ducks have made a lot of deep dibbling holes all over the place. A maritime climate can be very testing here in the winter!

      • @Kelly, You do realise that they now control the weather, hence all this exceptionally mild weather we have been having. Come March, April, May and even June they will turn on their deep freeze, just when everything is coming into bud and blossom – as they did last year. Their evil knows no bounds. Invest in some fleece if you can afford it.

      • I have indeed thought that. The year before the poop hit the fan, overheard at a farmers market – “I’ve never seen weather like this in all my life!” – an elderly gentleman. While a lady mentioned 5 days rain, one day sun. This is nearly a month of grotty weather, not all wet, but gloomy grey but with the odd day of sunshine or at least sun between the downpours. Worst summer since we’ve been here though. First and second years were really good. But I’ve been watching the US and Canadian weather and it is totally bonkers with excessive heat, rain, snow – now I am sure that was assisted by a bit of tinkering. OK, a lot of tinkering. People are waiting for snow and to be stuck indoors – but it is very mild and whatever snow might arrive, it soon thaws.
        I guess they want to keep pushing the climate change so that people accept it. But it is assisted change, not the natural climate change that happens every few hundred years or so. During the English Civil War they had snow in June with no help by the “scientists”. I am very sceptical of so many things now. I don’t trust or believe those in power and I have felt that way for many years.

      • @Kelly They have Nexrad weather control stations all over the globe, some are seaborne and therefore mobile. They have a big one on Iceland which affects our weather directly and greatly. Then they have HAARP stations which heat up the Ozone layer and thereby move the Jet Stream which also plays havoc with our weather.

      • Oh yes the jet stream. Peaks, troughs and a few billabongs (best way I can describe the cut off bits)! I didn’t know about the other things, cheers. More food for thought and some research required by me!

      • Thank you – will give it a look later when it is nice and peaceful!

      • Very interesting. I’m not so keen on the climate change bit – mainly because that’s what our cabal harps on about, so I do not believe in that. The sulphur and aluminium was interesting. Also noted the US have taken patents out on this too. They are obsessed with patents – which should be banned as they are greedy. Alarming in many ways. Then again they are selfish and haven’t a thought or care about us or the other inhabitants of Earth. Thank you once again! xx

      • @Kelly Patents = DOSH – always follow the money. All drugs and vaccines are patented, that’s why they HATE natural remedies ‘cos they cannot be patented so no huge profits for them.

      • Yes – they want it all to themselves. Good job I have a field full of plantain herbs. One of the best I believe. I have made tea from it and a good all rounder for any ailment. All free and hedgerow food too. I’m trying to get a collection of different shrubs each with different herbal qualities. But it is a work in progress.

  13. She looks more scary than a cross bow!
    In fact she looks like she High on meth or crack.

    Crossbow is a very popular sport actually.
    Thing is,
    The toffs like Her go hunting, scaring innocent animals, hunting them to be killed & ripped apart in cold blood! – For fun!!
    I think that’s more disturbing myself!!!

    I bet she is Cruel to her servants in her India homes,
    As well as here.

    Thank you as always Hugo
    Scoooby dooooby dooooo!!

  14. The pandemic will be over now in the UK as Omicron is so weak that it’s just a common cold we are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel all the scare mongers can go do one.

  15. I have loads of crossbows hanging proudly on my wall. Bought them years ago. If you haven’t got one then it’s best you buy them now whilst they are still legal.

    • Crossbows? Nah, just grab a few pencils and go John Wick on their arses!

  16. I believe the whole show is a psyop.Let them come and try.I have a full chamber pot next to my ipstairs window.I had the same crap from the BBC for 8 years , now over after 10 years.Nobody ever came.

  17. I am looking forward to meeting a Coercion team, they will regret coming here because they are uninformed and I will make their job as unpleasant as possible, as will many others I am sure. With regard to Cross Bow stories, how convenient that the entity posing as Queen had a bow stalker…..are they going to remove garden tools next? We will outwit them, all of them and they will hang for their crimes…..

    • Don’t let them look in your handbags girls, lots nasty looking stuff, pens, combs, body spray could cause mayhem in the wrong hands!!
      Oh I forgot the car keys, we think nothing of getting in something which we know has the potential to be really lethal.

  18. Hugo please don’t post pictures of Priti Patel anymore. Ive just eaten and seeing that witch makes me feel like throwing up.

  19. Must admit the idea of them coming round did disturb me, but yes, that was done before and supposedly done in a friend’s neighbourhood. I never asked her if they went to her house. Probably already had it done anyway. So thank you Hugo for setting my mind at ease. Of course you can threaten them with legal action should they so much as touch you. Then again I have bigger knives in my kitchen than their poxy little needle. Think Crocodile Dundee!
    We have seen a lot of police cars around lately. Don’t know why – they haven’t put a leaflet in our box to say be on the lookout for farm thieves, so what is their game? Bearing in mind we have few houses in this area and are very remote. We have never seen police cars around here since we lived here!
    Well she isn’t pretty, she’s ugly inside and out. Ugly Patel.

  20. As Lee above has already said, there about to admit it’s OVER BABY, there own Moronic is such a mild cold, they’ve got themselves stuck, and have to go down the line of Convid has mutated into a weaker strain that + jabs(lol) mean it’s over, yes, all have a party all go back to normal.

    They knew this, why they went HARD on the boosters to get Max effect before they have to retreat for a bit, I’m sure there will be a worse flu and convid will reapear soon mind.

    Early next year, as everyone would of had this cold by then and everyone would of survived can’t keep flogging a dead cat after all 🙂

    Ofcourse 80% of the double jabbed are dead people walking and 90% of the triple jabbed, so guess they’ve won.

    But we are okay, and hopefully they’ll back off us rest of the world aswell! 🙂


    * apologise of chickens counted to soon!!

    • Yes but wait till you see, one of them will go on some talk show,, (likely Globalist Agent Blair) he’ll harp on about the benefits of the vaccine passport, how we need it and can’t let anything like covid ever happen again,, “Pandemic Preparedness to use the Gates Term” It’s all so predictable and sadly many of the brain-dead vaccine zombies will think it a great idea and clap just like they did for the NHS.

      • Even gates saying all over yesterday pretty much.

        Yes they won’t reverse what’s been done, well if they don’t proves its facism for sure.

        As i said, a break this is far from over 🙁 haven’t done all this just to kill a few footballers.

  21. 500 kids hospitalised last few days, that’ll be 1s you’ve jabbed, poorly 1s you want to kill of, and using to try to get other kids like them, the expensive to keep alive kids, to get there jabs to shorten there lives to!!


  22. I’ve saved the letters up for almost 4 years,, I have a pile of them sitting waiting unopened on someone arriving so I can hand them over and say no thank you!
    Had a crossbow for many years, never know when you’ll need to get a rabbit or something, better safe than starving !

  23. It’s weird how many people are just ignorant about this. I mean most people just do not look at what is happening around the world because if they did they would see how the exact same stories, the exact same narratives, the exact same fear mongering news, the exact same laws are put in place all over the place. I mean I know that the so called authorities communicate but wtf. How can almost every government around do the exact same bs, over and over again? How can every expert around the world can recommend the exact same measures (which are also ineffective at keeping people safe from anything) ?
    How can people not see that this is coordinated from somewhere outside the government and the scientific world?

    • Sadly they have been groomed so well, they didn’t even see it coming let alone think for themselves. I guess that is the price paid for allowing a nanny state to exist and watching inane dumbed down programmes.

  24. Definitely a false flag. They want rid of crossbows for some strange reason lol.

  25. Let them come to my door…oh wait they can’t I have a lock on my gate…correction let them come to my gate, if I happen to be outside I will ask if they would like to hear the good news of Jesus. See how fast they run! lol. I am a believer in Jesus so on the off chance they actually want to hear it I will be prepared for that as well. And I would be overjoyed to bring salvation to a lost soul, and maybe they will rethink what they are doing, but more then likely they will run. Lol.

  26. More than 2/3 of the BBC website is “dedicated” to fearmongering. And that is just C related. Percentage gets higher with the climate change articles.
    Interestingly, the number of people that tested positive went down in Germany to around 0.2% of the population, over 0.15% less than a month ago.
    Mind you, that is probably about the false positive rate of the unfit for purpose PCR test.
    Don’t get tested. Don’t have the T&T app on your phone and disable bluetooth if it’s not connected to a wireless headphone.
    In the beginning, knowing about the likely side effects of the mRNA shots, I used to worry about the people around me! Not any more! I tried to warn them plenty of times! The business I work for will fail soon enough or new laws will prevent me from working there, which ever comes first!

  27. Fear in itself has a demonic origin. So whenever you feel it you know what is all about.

  28. Hi Hugo. I have watched AND shared your videos for a while but this is my 1st time leaving a comment.. You were right. I usually click on the email that I get with your video in it. This morning, it said, THIS PAGE NO LONGER EXITS. You were right when you you felt that YouTube would remove your channel soon. I just viewed your video about the crisis actor directly thru WordPress but I didn’t see where I could COMMENT. That’s why I’m leaving this on one of your previous videos. HOPEFULLY, YOU OR ONE of our like minded people will help me. THANKS for EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE PLEASE BE SAFE..

  29. They can bug off with thier bullshit. Our hospital has a check point that asks for covid pass or test before entering I told them to sod off and went in and saw a dr. Do not comply

  30. Yesterday I felt so full of hope. I met 2 people who were un-jabbed and hopefully will remain so. My niece ended up being jabbed because of her job. One of the people I met was under extreme pressure. I gave her my address and said we need to stick together. Today people seem so more scared. I’ve been in tears since. There are still people out there who believe it will all end soon. Not if people carry on listening to crap. I always speak out because I can’t help myself. I work in a shop and travel on public transport, so come into contact with a lot of different people. I don’t preach or try to teach but I do speak without thinking. I believe I am what is call congruent. I don’t always understand what people on Hugo Talks are on about, but try my best to look further into things. I like Hugo because he is s person on my level. I don’t pretend I know it all. I just am me. Please everyone do not fall at the final hurdle.

    • There will be no falling, we are slowly getting angry and more determined, because unlike the jabbed we can see there personality changes and there health get worse.

      All the stories about poorly they get and without the jab they’d of surely died, help to :). Omg it’s great, so why aren’t you jabbed, because we aren’t getting ill at all lol but when you do, but we aren’t and we won’t lol

      Stay, I got this! 🙂

  31. Hold up Susan you are not alone. All this is just scaremongering. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as more and more people are speaking out. We have a petition going on in France and tonight we will reach 1 000 000 signatures so you see we are not alone. I am 77 and will not be taken in by this bulls****. Good Doctors are speaking out, good people are speaking out, Omicron is coming to help us not to push us further down. Speak your mind, only in this way will the truth come out. Bless you all ! and thanks to Hugo for leading the way.

    • Thank you Nemesis I’ve stopped crying now. Back to smiles and beyond. My full name means lily pure descendent of little kings.

      • Don’t worry about crying, it is a release that sometimes you need to let it out. Far worse bottling it in. My tears are saved for the outdoors where nobody is around to hear – or in the bath. Somewhere private. I can blame watery red eyes on the wind or bathwater. But I feel better afterwards and so pleased you are back to smiling. I think there are more of us than their crappy statistics system lets on.
        Remember – they hate happy people so show ’em what you can do. More big hugs xxx

  32. No wonder I called you all for what you are. Beautiful beautiful people. Crying is definitely better than swearing. On the bus about a month ago I told someone to shut the F**k off for going on about covid. She was preaching at a young boy because he shut a window. I was very loud about it. Felt very foolish for doing so. Nearly got off the bus, but guess what, I didn’t. Well I am from Yorkshire and had paid my bus fare so got off at my stop, neither looking to the left or the right with head held high.

    Thank you. Whether I post or not I listen and learn.

    • Well done you. I’m a mouse so I tend to just roll my eyes or laugh or quite often “pffffft” – you are more brave than you think you are. xxx

    • Yorkshire born an’ bred (me too) so tek mi as thi’ find mi’ or bugger off !

  33. Believe me when I say.. Including our precious children there are cerrently 41.5 million underterred by their bullshit. 17.5m of those are folks that have had one jab, now refusing to take a second.. Stay strong ladies and gents.. The truth is unfolding quickly now and they`re upping the pressure because it is THEMSELVES that are panicking..

    • I never really considered that….lots of people have had just one jab !!….that was the initial government request(one shot)!
      So put that together with the pure bloods and all the people refusing their boosters and there are millions of us !!!
      We really will need mass non compliance when they start bringing in fines !!!
      Their threats of prison will be a joke and something they have NO hope of enforcing !!
      I wonder what they will do then ?? Lol 🙂

  34. Things are coming out in the open in France. More and more talk on the TV. A petition still going strong wtih 1 088 384 signatures (was attacked by bots in the night to get it discredited which has only encouraged more people to sign), and an “open letter” in the mainstream media(!) ending thus : “As a result, and given the government’s headlong rush, we invite you, not only, to block the new liberticidal law that will be proposed to you at the beginning of January. But we are counting on you to ensure that your parliamentary group tables a motion of censorship against the government. We also ask you to vote for it if it is tabled by a group other than your own.”
    So fingers crossed that the end is near.

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