1. Do you people not understand that violence is the only thing that will make the tyrants stop.

      • No, it’s what they want so they can attempt to bring in martial law. That can only happen if we allow them to bring it in.

        So we either do nothing and let them carry on maiming and killing people “to stop them bringing in martial law” in which case things get worse, and worse, and worse and the end result is unnecessary death and suffering.

        Or we fight, and when they try to bring in martial law we fight harder and the result is death and suffering, but in this scenario it is totally necessary if you want this to end.

        Sitting there saying “ooh we must let them carry on or they might punish us” when what they are doing already is punishing us, is going to lead us all to the gates of hell.

        People seriously need to grow a pair.

      • Guaranteed…. I’m with you. We are currently letting the bully continue to push this genocide and we are waving placards. This will not stop until we Thinkers are waving weapons, just to protect ourselves, obviously.

      • It will be arsehole law, as you have to be one to believe in the power of sheight and fright.

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite the only thing leading you to the gates of hell is your sin. It seems you’ve put words in my mouth with ref to martial law. My point is simply that they want to cause mass social unrest as a precept to bring in the martial law that they are clearly planning and by doing so with mindless violence it is entirely according to their plan. By committing violence, you are perectly falling into their trap. If enough people simply stopped complying with these draconian measures then they would have no power.

      • @Michael, “If enough people simply stopped complying with these draconian measures then they would have no power.”

        But that isn’t going to happen and you know it.

    • Genocide.Lets be clear its wholesale murder of the human race.

      • If the governments are now (de facto) turning on their citizens is that not a declaration of civil war and should be responded to accordingly?

      • Genocide / Jabocide of the blind, the dumb and the cowards……
        If they implement door to door jabbing – This is medical rape and imho people that try to rape people with that spike of multiple poisons will be dealt appropriately by the victims of medical rape. The medical rapists and their families will not be able to hide and they will be held accountable….those intent on committing medical rape need to know this.

    • Thomas recognise that violence only works when the numbers are overwhelming like half the population and even then no violence is required when the numbers are that high. Governments are in a bind if the people are peaceful and government move on them they loose, the people are seen as oppressed and peaceful and the rest come to there side. If the people are violent the government use propaganda to divide and conquer by opinion. There is a time and a place for violence but it is nowhere near that time,, all that is required is feet on the street.

      • We have ‘feet on the street’ but not nearly enough. And those ‘feet’ stand idly-by whilst protesters are pushed over and old grandmas are arrested by thug stormtrooper coppers. We will need to fight fire with fire otherwise they will be carting us off to the camps! We need groups of Thinkers who can be alerted to shops who wish to remain open to all, no discrimination, that are being besieged by police. Or go to pubs/clubs who are targeted by thug-police, and defend these places with force if thats needed, in my opinion.

    • They’ve got us over a barrel. Michael is right. We need to remain solid but peaceful. The moment the see violence, they will bring in the military and martial law. Then it’s game over for all of us.

      • I agree with your comment. I also agree with your name, my little ‘ Coo Ca Choo! 👍😉

      • You don’t have the equivalent fire to fight back with right now.

    • Well, it’s the only thing the government does to us when we dont do as they want.

    • In order to wage righteous war against the wicked you need support from the masses that you live amongst so you have their protection.

      Not everyone will fight, but everyone must support the war.

      And we aren’t there yet – we will know that we are then when people stop lining up to euthanised.

      All in due course.

    • Turn to the Lord God Jesus Christ pray with your heart mind and soul for help and guidance. Repent all your sins. Violence isn’t the answer non compliance and refusal of this evil dictatorship.

    • I am crying here and supposed to be at work.
      No one is listening, no one.
      The governments of the world want us dead and thats it.

    • Feels so wrong to press’ like’ but we mean we approve that you pay tribute to these young lives lost so tragically and desperately unnecessarily. Tears roll. I dare not think of the poor parents. Unbearable. This has to stop. While media like BBC do not cover it and platforms like NHS call it ‘extremely rare’ – such lies! One death is too many. The risk is too high. This drug was made by eugenicists who want to kill us. Why are we having it? When shall we take a stand against this?

      • @truthshouldnothurt This event is living proof that the world is now under the boot heel of a Communist psychopathic death lust tyranny:

        “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

        – Josef Stalin on the deliberate Holodomor genocide of the Ukrainians, when 10 million people were alleged to have been starved to death by the Bolshevik Jews.

    • I’m sorry, but I think that at this stage violence would be playing straight into their hands.
      Insomuch that it would give “them” just the justification they need to impose their own violent repression on dissenters.
      If the point is reached where Vaccination is mandatory and done under force, then that, in my opinion, is when “defensive force” becomes not only justified, but necessary.

  2. Heartbreaking. Never forget who told these kids the injections are safe and effective.
    Off with their heads.

    • Kids who were safer than safe WITHOUT any jungle juice injection at all!!! It’s just mass murder, but the sheep will continue to queue for their vaxtermination boosters. Madness!

      • The jungle has nothing to do with the shite that’s going on mate. This is your so called civilised nations carrying out this worldwide genocide on so called civilised people on behalf of the so called top one petcenters so they can have a bigger playground, nothing more nothing less.

  3. I am heartbroken watching this (and your previous videos Hugo) these fit young people dying, or being seriously injured by this poison. This MUST BE STOPPED NOW – this is more than enough. These evil money-centred people must be brought to book over these murders, for that is what it is.

    • One day hopefully we’ll see witty locked up before the trials. And that’s including our prime minister Boris Johnson who is is with Klaus schwab
      Economic forum and gates I would like to see abroad before trial.

      • Matt Hancock Chris whitty Patrick vallance and Neil Ferguson are on trial at the moment at a secret location at a magistrates court for authorisation of midazalom which killed alot of elderly in the care homes and hospitals at the beginning of the pandemic it’s on the bernician

      • Refuse the poison jab and repent to the Lord

  4. You know what is sad that people have been complaining about adverse side effects and deaths for a year now. Even showing what’s happened to them, they got laughed at they got smeared called a hoax while their lives or what’s left of it hung in the balance. I know it’s good if people start thinking and questioning “oh these sports people I watch on telly are dying what’s going on?”, but they piss me off because of the nobody people ill and dying young and old everywhere for ages now. It’s been a torture of a year that just people like us have been witness to this whole time. It’s hard all these feelings. Nobody is better than anyone else. I dunno what I feel it’s a jumble of pain from all sides.

    • Actually spoken to somebody who thinks it’s good thing who thinks having people like gate’s is a good thing witty valance Ferguson Boris Johnson Is doing everything good.

  5. I am speechless and so deeply upset they could people like this and say its OK R.I.P all who have lost their lived 💔 🙏😇😇✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏😇😇😇❤❤❤

  6. No one is doing anything about this even the Corona’s are too afraid to rock the boat, they all have their orders, nothing can be attributed to the
    magic potions.

      • I wish more people could see videos like that. It’s right on the nail, and you always hope that these people are wrong. God help humanity if he is right especially concerning TB

  7. God sees all and He will punish those who are responsible. He is being patient and giving all a chance to repent. Violence is playing into their hands so they can bring in martial law. Just don’t comply – simple. The rapture is at hand, Jesus is at the door. He’s coming soon and all who are left behind have seen nothing yet. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved – Acts 16:31. You don’t need to clean up your act, all you need to do is believe that Jesus died on the cross in your place. Repent simply means to change your mind – it’s going from not believing, to trusting that Jesus paid it all in full. It is finished. Faith alone in Christ alone for the safe keeping of your soul. His gift is free, meaning all we need to do is receive it. God bless.

    • Kacy, there are no Bible verses to support a pre trib rapture. The tribulation is the finest hour of the church. We are to be a spotless bride for Christ and we will go through the tribulation to seperate the wheat from the tares in the church. Prepare yourself and those around you. If I am wrong then happy days but if I am not then those expecting to be out of here when the AC comes will not recognise him because they don’t expect to be here. 2 Thessalonians 2:3. The AC is not revealed until the last trumpet. We are here until at least then. Psalm 37 will give you peace and instruction to stand in this day. God bless.

  8. I was on tears watching this how many more will die how long will this go on its murder murder murder nothing else

  9. Sorry to say, those of us here watching Hugotalks we know what is happening, but if it hasn’t been reported by the Lying MSM the Sheep will dismiss what you say!
    Send them videos they will not even open them, because the MSM told them not too, … is FAKE NEWS.
    Anyone challenging The Lies are Considered Conspiracy Theorists.
    It really makes you want to Scream!
    PEOPLE ARE DYING, those that have CHOSE to take the injection.
    CHILDREN have no choice..The Parents choose for them!

  10. They might want us to riot so they can bring in martial law. but what we can do is shout a lot make a noise lots of it it ask loads and loads and loads of questions they hate that.

    • I made lots of noise outside the beeb in London. Not too sure they liked that. But there was nothing they could do except listen as I wasn’t going to stop.

      • Janice Long of the BBC died on Christmas Day, after a ‘short illness’.

  11. Thank you for giving these people the time and attention,highlighting their deaths which is very sad and even more difficult is how society is turning a blind eye to it all.

  12. It’s horrific!it’s so frustrating!that a large percentage, of the population!are just blindfolded !my daughter being one of them!they won’t believe,unless it’s msm!thanks for keeping us informed!Hugo!

    • @Jean Lockley Sadly it’s been going on for a long, long time:

      “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

      — President Richard M Nixon

      • Little Ambar from Argentina was telling her mother she didn’t want the vaccine! She died from *sudden death* following day, while she was playing with her friends. Now her mother is heartbroken, she knows it was the so called vaccine, she can’t forgive herself for doing what the authorities asked her to do. She doesn’t want to see any other child being killed by the jab. At least she knows and she spoke about it, but for how long are the parents of those young athletes going to keep silent about to what happened to their kids?

      • @luis jorge Just be thankful that our God and Creator is a merciful God and Creator and is FULLY AWARE of ALL our frailties and wretched weaknesses, and that this life is but a drop in the ocean – ALL mankind will be raised up and made anew in the resurrection of the dead, and Little Ambar reunited with her family and her mother forgiven.

  13. We will not rest until they have been made to pay.

  14. I have to agree with what sarah has said, breaks my heart everytime!

  15. My heart breaks for the children, they don’t get a say, but I take comfort in the fact that these beautiful souls will be in the arms of their wonderful Saviour Jesus who truly loves them. God bless them and rest in peace. X

  16. Hugo your Heart and mine is Breaking, you try to warn them but they do not listen, I dread to think how many children will Die

    • @GILLIAN+MASON It’s all happened before and there is nothing new under the sun:

      Jeremiah 6:10 To whom shall I speak and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ears are closed, and they cannot listen. Behold, the word of the Lord has become a reproach to them; They have no delight in it.

      • Truth; that’s them, the hypnotised. So, what does that make us? We’re still powerless. We are awake, but helpless. We keep trying and failing to get through to people, but the cognitive dissonance now being showed by them is painful !!! I’ve cracked twice already in the past week because of the hypnotic ignorance and arrogance they (jabbed) show.

      • @DC Well the closer you get to The Truth, the closer you get to God, by default, and with God you’re never powerless. The bottom line here is sticking with your fellows that are unjabbed and starting afresh, and I see no other way, for I see no hope for the jabbed in the short term or the longer term.

      • Please try to use the term ‘ vaccine free’ rather than unjabbed. It confuses the sheep no-end when you use this terminology and it also sounds more positive than Unjabbed….

  17. these are actually getting boring now ..dont these sports people pay attention to whats happening ..or do just do whatever theyre told to do
    . are they not able to think for themselves… give it another year and the death jab will really be doing what its supposed to …maybe then the penny will drop ..but of course it’ll be too late if youve had it …theres no going back

    • EU just went no passport no access to none essential services and £100ish fine per month your unjabbed 🙁

      Hope enough sheep took there boosters.

      News was made to look like it was here, fooled 2 mates who rang me lol panic!

      This cold will be over by next week, hard to justify anything new measures wise, without looking to facist hopefully.

  18. “No one who has been martyred by the Jews should remain unknown. And no one who has been martyred by the Jews will remain unavenged.”

    — Eustace Mullins

    • SUCKS 🙁

      Nostro blokey prediction 2022, mass starvation and asteroid impact, getting a lot of chatter on both, he might get lucky, break from all the Convid crap atleast, so here is hoping.

      New Pandemic Show out Station Eleven, pretty good and people are actually dying, not a psuedopandemic.

  19. Oh no way, a three year old dead from this shit! Such a tragedy for a poor innocent child, absolutely sickening and evil.

  20. Take some succour that within the UK alone, contrary to the official narrative, subsequent to corporate media claims (and official NHS claims), I think it was the ONS revealed that instead of their being 5 million of us Brits who remain wholly un-vaccinated, in fact there are 23.5 million of us who remain wholly un-vaccinated. Assuming a population of 66 million, that’s a proportion of over 35% of the total. If that’s not a critical threshold I don’t know what is! Add to that our position on this after what … 2 years, remains immovable. Compare that to so many of the single and double jabbed who are now wavering and in significant numbers.

    The trend is at long last socially turning noticeably our favour. So we keep the truth coming, we keep reasoning gently with those wondering, we keep protesting, we keep reminding our MPs, we keep leading by example, we keep challenging the MHRA. We never give up until we choose to give up.

    Anyone for giving up now?

    • The 18.5mil out was because they where not counting muslims, muslims are exempted, have kept there head down literally zero mention of them, they are not on our side, there waiting for us to become the minority, then they’ll hunt us down aswell I’d bet 🙁

      Pretty bleak futute is ahead of us, jabbed or not.

      Zero Muslim countries doing anything facist at all, time to convert? Marry your 18year old cousin pretend together since 12!

      China no extra facist or russia, likely just media lies to add fear!

    • People refusing boosters and falling back into unjabbed is our only hope, expect 12mil + muslims when they move the goal posts end of Jan

    • Yes, the fact that so many people were sent a text message over Christmas, telling them they ‘NEED’ the Shot, is a good indication that people are pushing back. My oldest daughter was talked into two jabs, but will have no more. How many more like her? You cannot have jab passports if enough people refuse.

    • I’ll never give up. My beliefs will remain exactly the same as the start of this BS, my like-minded friend. Stay Sane, stay strong 💪

  21. There are three steps to freedom. Step one turn off the tv and stop reading the newspapers, step two set aside one day and spend it alone with no external stimulation.. have a long think, step three be yourself

    • You can’t fight what we can’t see, we need to get the sheep away for long enough to deprogram then, but we are here, therefore we are immune so learn but never trust a word they say!

  22. Jerybear thank you so very much for your amazing comment speaking out the truth! I will never ever give up!!! We all simply must keep on fighting, it’s the only way. We have to do this for all those who have suffered and died. So heartbreaking to see all these young people who have died in such a terrible way so needlessly. Like everyone here I’m absolutely stunned and horrified by what I have seen in this video tonight, but thank you dear Hugo for sharing it. So many sheep need to see this video urgently. Anyway another night of horrific nightmares and insomnia awaits me, and I know I’m not alone in that either! I absolutely gotta cuddle my darling cat loads!! You’re all in my prayers beloved people here. May the Lord protect you all and surround you His peace and love. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  23. Is there no one techno savvy on our side that could break into their signal and broadcast all this mainstream?

  24. What we need is a strong law suit against these evil perpetrators and enablers. Human rights must be respected.

  25. This is heartbreaking. Can’t believe parents are letting such young children be jabbed. When at the beginning they said children didn’t get Covid. Still if they are stupid enough to take it themselves what can they expect.
    Why oh why are people not waking up. I suppose because it is not show on msm as if it was surely people would begin to question this.
    So sad all these fit healthy sports people dying.
    Hugo thank you for sending this out so we know what is happening as it can’t be easy for you and it is not easy for us to watch either but it is there for all to see.
    God bless us all.

  26. Thank you Hugo. I showed my 13 year old son. Not to scare him but so he understands my reservations about him being jabbed. He thought ot was very sad.
    Best wishes for 2022! Nikk

  27. And, of course, the mainstream media avoids this like the plague, while spewing out propaganda by the dozen about those NOT vaccinated dying.. Each time I log into fbook, all I see at the top of my Newsfeed are posts like this:

    And this:

    And this piece of crap, implying the worst you’re gonna get is a sore arm:

    • The most relentless load of bollocks the media have ever spewed out.

      • It’s incessant, non stop BS…. and the sheep still believe it all!! My sis in law has JUST got home from Portugal. She NEEDS to be up early tomorrow morning to travel 30miles to east Midlands airport for another test ! FFS! What happens if she doesn’t go??? Fcuk all…. I’m so f’king frustrated with the sheep just doing what they’re told without any thought of the consequences. FFS!! This bollocks will never end!!!

  28. And, of course, the mainstream media avoids this like the plague, while spewing out propaganda by the dozen about those NOT vaccinated dying.. Each time I log into fbook, all I see at the top of my Newsfeed are posts like this:

    And this:

    And this piece of crap, implying the worst you’re gonna get is a sore arm:

  29. Hugo, through these videos, you’re doing great service to humankind. Many thanks.

  30. Part 9 and still idiots believe big harma promises.
    Perhaps after the ninth jab of useless for the healthy, they will think .
    Anyway Chris Whitty is getting a Knighthood for what he has done to the feeble coward’s minds.

  31. More Moronic and HIV news on my Google feed today, it started in HIV patients, bla bla bla bla, no it’s not in the boosters, it hitched a lift on the Moronic.

    Big push started on removing personal cars aswell, want everyone on electric scooters that the police keep taking as there not legal on the roads LOL

  32. So very sad. A complete waste of young lives with such potential. All because of government advice and mandated vaccinations. MYOCARDITIS IS NEITHER RARE OR MILD and has permanent consequences with invariably damage to the heart muscle and its electrical conducting system. Has resulted in death. Over the years prior to the vaccine roll out the rate was 4 per million per year. Now it is around one in 2700 vaccinated young men in past year. Many people are sorrowing today but it seems that our government ministers and health advisers plus globalists such as Gates and others who are all heavily invested in vaccines are laughing all the way to the bank. They need to remember that God is still on the throne and that He will bring every evil work to judgment. The Holy Bible states “the triumphing of the wicked is short” Prepare to meet God is the timely message everyone needs to consider. Everyone of us will give account to God.

  33. I found two of my flyers this morning, that I had left in the supermarket trolleys before Christmas. They had been screwed up, and I mean REALLY screwed up! Usually, I might find them a bit crumpled. Whoever did this had a really big chip on their shoulder. As my wife said, they probably had all their shots and now realise they have been had, and were feeling really bitter. I will keep leaving my flyers where they can be seen. Every little helps!

  34. There are valid arguments for and against violence but one thing that ought to be clear is that it is pathetically timid to protest with chants of “Freedom!” and Liberte!” Why not mix it up a bit and chant “Death to Boris!”, “Death to Fauxi”, etc., etc., burn them in effigy and have hangings and guillotining of papier-mache dummies of the scumbags? Perhaps violence won’t work because we are outgunned, but surely a more aggressive approach is needed.

  35. re violence and martial law ..your deluded if u think its not coming anyway ..way wait …this government needs to be removed ..we need our own great reset’ll be too late once were all rounded up and put in the concentration / re education camps theyre building

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