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  1. The people need to unite and physically remove these leaders..heads on spikes..wevthe people need common people running the country, people with common sense and loyalty.

    • Yes Martin and the ONLY way to do that is to go as this is the only party that has the English Constitution and Bill of Rights as it’s “manifesto” which are still valid despite what the establishment lie about saying they can do this and that to it… THEY CAN’T as it’s there forever!! We do however need people to stand as candidates in England, Wales and Scotland but NO POLITICIANS REQUIRED…they’re the parasites that got us into this situation in the first place! People need to wake up and FAST!!

      • I don’t think that the vast majority of people realise that by following orders they are also committing a sin. Blindly doing as you are told when you know it to be wrong is weak and cowardly and I am very disappointed in how many of thesecpeople there are.

      • The english ( and other) constitution was written by elitists to make the common people believe they had rights, if any constitution was worth the paper or was written on then we wouldn’t be where we are now. It’s believing anyone has any authority over us that leads us round and round in ever decreasing circles.

    • Those inspiring these cretins at the bottom to enforce tyranny will also get their share of Karma, no one will escape judgement, not even Messengers of the God like me. The only one not accountable is the Almighty Creator.

      • @Asad, If you, as an alleged messenger of ‘God’, are still to face judgement, you cannot be a Christian, so you must be a wretched Muslim.

    • This article looks fake to me. Was it done to make those not following rules appear to be violent, angry, and willing to light fires? Was it done to increase hate between us? I think so. Don’t hate your brother because he got jabbed. That is his reality, not yours. if we engage in hatred, we are creating it back towards us.

    • I love your videos Hugo. Keep them coming. Love the sarcasm also 😂😂xx

    • The people need to lift themselves out of fear. Fear is a low vibrational frequency. Love is a high vibrational frequency. The MSM is pumping out low vibrational frequency to keep the population, (normies), within this low vibration. Sit only in peace, calm and love. Resist, resist resist! See the higher vibration and open up to it, realease the fear and rise above. The truth is, they are using the most base and dreaded fear to control. What is that fear? Mortality and death. Your mortality and death are out of your hands. When your number is up, it’s up. Death is an existential fear. but If you see it as part of life, the end of a natural cycle, and acknowledge it and embrace it, you can get to the stage you do not fear it. If you get to that stage then nothing they so or do can affect you. (It’s not everyone else’s belief, but it is mine). Life exists forever. The physical life is but a part of that, an interval, in and out from the higher life, (the beyond). So don’t fear this transition, it comes to us all.
      How you choose to ace it is your choice, on you knees, or on your feet!

      • Our Earth has existed for approximately 4.5 billion years. Things have evolved, as have we. We are born to die we don’t need outside help. When your time comes it comes. Trust nature to do her work …. she has got millions of people through worse pandemics than this. I have no fear of dying only of being taken for a fool !

      • I have died once and since that moment I have known that this life is a step down a road.
        Good comment. Mental and spiritual evolution is what is needed.

  2. @Hugo Talks – This is your most brilliant and thoughtful monologue to date. I have told a few people this same thing. That by going along with all this, they are COMPLICIT in the outcome for all of us. 2022 will very well determine the very fate of all mankind. The enemy will never give up, nor shall we.
    Godspeed, Hugo.

    • @Anna-Mae, If they go along with them, then they have contracted with them, and are then bound by that contract – in other words they can shaft you for breach of contract, if you break that contract. That’s how mandates work.

      • My own sister has joined the club, and no longer speaks to me for telling her to at LEAST ask questions about what makes zero sense, and not to just ‘go along to get along’ but now I realize: I will not ‘convert’ anyone. I can only stand strong in my beliefs, tell the truth, and seek out like-minded others so we can stand together for our freedom as well as those who refuse to fight FOR us, when we are standing up & fighting for all.
        Remember THIS: If THE TRUTH hurts – what will LIES do to us? I think we see this now.
        God bless you, my dear

      • Thank you Anna-Mae. Yes you are right, we cannot convert them, they have to come to a realisation from within that they are wrong, and I believe that only God can do that.

    • Yes! It’s bang on! You keep giving in to the bully they’ll keep taking more…until you punch their lights out. We cancelled a trip to the theatre because on the the night we were going, they reimposed masks, trap and trace, negative testing, hand sanitising, social distancing, no cash at the bar, not allowing you into the bog because there might be too many in there…and all the rest. They didn’t like it, they were rude to us because we “refused to keep other people saaafe!” which was totally disingenuous of them because that was NOT the reason why we cancelled. We said we don’t consent to all these new restrictions that were NOT in place when we booked! So sod them. Apparently there suddenly “lots of availability” in the nights left to run!

      • Brilliant! Not just cancel a trip, but give them full explanation of why we wouldn’t support any establishment who enforces tyranny…

      • That place like many others need dealing with Englands Glory. Good Man for cancelling and I hope you gave the Nazi on the end of the phone a real mouth full of righteous abuse…

  3. Fucking Sheep… braindead cunts ..Apparently the next phase is knocking on your door trying to coerce you into having the jab… Cant wait for these cunts to knock on my door….!!!!!

      • I usually find a firm fuck off does the trick.
        ….As for the Celtic fans good on them but strange that’s its reported in the fakestream along with the anti Boris chants at the Darts in London ,again 2 working man’s sports which let’s face it have traditionally been connected to lad culture lager louts and violent confrontation.
        Only small groups involved in these 2 incidents which the fakestream covered yet there have been dozens of peaceful protests up and down the country for over a year with no media attention.
        They only report on these to discredit the movement as the normals will say oh the footy thugs or the right wingers at it again, so blatantly obvious
        The media make me sick.

    • @Kevin – they have now instituted a new program here in the USA to come knocking on doors to ask if you had the jab/and why NOT, and ready to give you said poison when they are there @your door. I made and posted this meme to show them my feelings about that idea:

  4. Well said! they deserve it for going this far, just so they can do what they want… was talking to a young lad that is unva33ed but fakes tests just to get into a match or nightclub however this just feeds the system and told him eventually there will be no way of faking your pass!
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Shop in Tescos – Buy Shares in Tesco
    Join us at the

    • No need to fake the test. Go to watch the match and force your way in. If enough people did this what can they do? I am sure enough football fans are unvaccinated and if they resist this the system will collapse. The covid pass is illegal. Anyone requiring it is breaking laws on data protection.

  5. Thank u hit the nail on the head again thank u Hugo 🙏 💓 happy new year

  6. Absolutely right, to many people have turned the other cheek , karma can be a horrible thing .

  7. Absolutely correct !! There are moral none Man Made discoverable Laws in place that govern human behaviour. Causation is very real and undeniable.

  8. I live here in Scotland , and i can tell you most of Scots want Nicola Stalin’s head on the end of spike , better still a game of footie with it while its still attached to its filthy wee carcass would be great…..

  9. Totally agree Hugo . I know someone who has admitted to me they took the jab literally only to attend football matches , yet doesn’t believe in all the restrictions . Have no sympathy with them as they complied . What they don’t realise is it will never end and the goalposts ( excuse the pun ) will keep moving . These people should really have said no at the beginning

  10. The inherit knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. We all have it, we all know it. Do right and right will come to you, do wrong and wrong will come to you. Most of the population is so brainwashed that these fundamental principles make no sense to them.
    In the Netherlands the powers-that-should-not-be decided all football matches to be played in empty stadiums. So there you have it: jabbed, swabbed and complied and still in the same spot as last year. I mean, it’s just a few words from a couple of mentally disturbed idiots calling themselves government.

  11. It’s bizarre that it takes not getting into a football match to get these people upset.
    We’ve had almost 2 years of total bullshit – a lot of people have seen everything coming and not complied but far too many going along with it for what they think is an easier life

  12. Went to a Family Boxing day party yesterday of 9 people, only 3 pure Blood 🙁

  13. I have no sympathy for the compliers as they jumped right into it because everyone else around them did it! You get told from your mum an dad if you get told to jump of a bridge does that mean you have to do it? I believe the system have ridiculed conspiracies so much in the past to have the public believe that if anything had a conspiracy label it 100% ment it was false. So as all this happened the public would walk right into compliance.. an they did. The free thinkers out there who never took the jab because they new the lies an what lurked behind the curtain of the world an took a step back an observed.. an look who’s sorry now? The sheep who don’t take any time out from there busy life’s to listen to alternative story’s.. i for one question everything in the world as a curiosity stand point an discovered history that’s been kept on conspiracy sites that the majority of people aren’t interested in because there too busy caring about football an game shows an drama tv. We really have been lead down a brainwashing dumb down world an people really can’t see it an it’s painful to me.. I used to get angry a lot about it but now I’m calm as I know I’m the one on the ball an proud of it!

    • I got a feeling this past week or so due to some snapping confrontations, that something has hit a nerve with the jabbed and they are now fearful. Perhaps their ignorance is a guard?

  14. Hugo, about karma…
    its not only about what you do(action) that has a good or bad re-action. it’s also about morality, thought, speech. I don’t need to set people on fire to get bad karma, but only thinking that I want to do something like that is enough to have negative repercussions on myself.

  15. I’d like to imagine these protesting football fans weren’t vaccinated. Otherwise they have no right to cry over their precious football now.

  16. Well said Hugo ! Same here in France. The people who are rushing to get tested so they can go to the cinema, clubs, cafés, theatres etc are pushing up the numbers of infected persons and causing a general panic. If the people did not go to get tested every day the numbers would drop. They have stolen 2 years of our lives for what ? Ask the CEO of Pfizer who thinks it is not necessary for him to be vaccinated ! Does he know something we don’t ? He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Why are we getting the number of Covid deaths over a period of 2 years and not just one. Yearly deaths are lower than those for cancer, suicides, diabetes and other diseases.
    South Africa tells us it almost over …. hello, anybody listening in the government who are supposed to be working for us. A petition against the pass in France has had 538000 signatures in just four days – we are not alone here.

    • I agree… I’m in Spain and they have recently enforced the requirement of a passport or negative test for bars and restaurants, and to wear masks everywhere outdoors. However, they have, to my knowledge, never passed the emergency law that allows these measures to be legal. Maybe someone can let me know? Needless to say I won’t wear a mask and will never get a test just to sit and pay someone for food. Have refused to play the game from day one. No test and never jabbed. It only fuels their fire!

  17. Although a few of us left, the 1s that are, see what’s going on, and won’t be changing our opinions any time soon and sell out, have no fear!!

    only me + mate in a party of 12 last night not jabbed, they believe it makes them less sick and can’t accept the huge increase in heart attacks LOL, they did spot the HIV Convid pills and think that’s a bit worrying mind, why it went on the BBC xmas day and was soon hidden, there you go, we’ve told you once, we won’t again, there just Convid pill, please take.

  18. What goes around comes around and evil may win battles but it will never win the war. 🙏🏻

  19. Hopefully football fans will finally start to wake up. It’s been obvious from well over a year ago when grounds were first closed that when they reopened entry would be conditional on tests and jabs. But they don’t want to stop there as they really just want to force all but the top ones out of business imo and kill people’s social lives. It’s a slow (or maybe not so slow) kill. Maybe people will start to connect a few dots and begin to see where all this is heading.

    I used to go back in the 80s and 90s when it was cheap and cheerful but fell out of love with the game long before all the covid crap anyway. An expensive waste of time.

    Time for fans to build their own clubs

  20. What’s the matter Hugo couldn’t find anything to slag Boris Johnson or the British government off with this week so you have to do videos on crappy Scotland
    What’s it going to be tomorrow Wales

    As you did predict a lockdown in England over Christmas and New Year in early December

    Oh no you and your scare mongers are totally wrong will you apologize I don’t think so.

    • Boris Jonestown shit his pants on lockdumb, no one would have complied,
      So a visit to Scotland to view stupid was needed.

    • Fully jabbed and boosted Lee? There was no lockdown because the fat cunt of Downing Street knew no one would take any notice. Look more to the start of 2022. You can enjoy your lockdown then.

      • No I’m not vaxxed and never will be just don’t believe all the crap that conspiracy theorists put out to scare people to death Why would Boris lockdown in January no point he knows that omicron is a mild infection There’s no way he would let millions of people mix at Christmas and New Year if it wasn’t This Omicron will eventually give everyone natural immunity and the end of the pandemic.

      • Because millions of British people voted for Boris and is government in December 2019

      • We want them gone and an English government put back-sick & tired of being the last captive nation of the britshit empire ffs!! The britshits have NEVER had ANY interest in England other than using it as a football for the world to kick and now they think they can just get rid of us English with ALL these lies the parasites better watch out…we’re coming for them LEGALLY as they can’t fight OUR ENGLISH CONSTITUTION & Bill of Rights 1688 and they know it!!

      • @Lee “Government is fictional; contracted into out of ignorance.”

        – Political Vel Craft

        “It is simply childish to say that a British government rules Britain.”

        — Sir Oswald Mosley.

        “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

        — Josef Stalin.

      • @Bill You don’t get it Bill. I want NO GOVERNMENT, English, British or Callothumpian. I govern myself, that is, total freedom under God.

  21. Today’s football fans are what is known as spanners.
    My local club support has gone from real men and women to middle aged zombies wearing clone Island, mug a thug wear, pretending they were there back in the day, with a hefty sprinkling of special needs cheering on failures, year in year out
    Such a sad crowd up and down the UK today.
    Which is why football is shit and so are the majority of controlled fans.

  22. Life isn’t going to get any better without a resurgence in the following of the only living God, who gave His only begotten Son to free us of our sins, so we may have eternal life, only so many these days don’t care thanks to the chipping away at our faith by bought off politicians. The evil ones are erecting satanic statues everywhere, but a baby Jesus in a crib at Christmas is seen by many as offensive!

    Ever heard of Common Purpose, ever wondered why traitor Bliar is so opposed to us leaving EU/Brexit, or why every dept of the establishment seems to be on the side of corruption? There’s plenty on Internet to find out, but considering bliar brought it in, it’s still unheard of by many, so look up Brian Gerrish YT for a good overview

    Stop waiting for a new Temple to be built, its not going to happen, if you follow Jesus YOU ARE the TEMPLE of Christ. The brick built churches are mostly based on lies and deceit now, No pastor, priest, or any other supposed worker of God can forgive you of your sins, Christ alone can if you mean it. Matthew 23:9-11 Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    Stop worshipping statues of Jesus’ mother, she’s not God nor does God want statues of Himself or Jesus made! Our God is merciful and forgiving and jealous, but He cannot come into your life without you calling upon Him! Get a decent bible, not the abominations such as NIV. Plenty online, go for Tge Geneva Bible or King James if you cant get a Geneva one.

    The abomination of desolation will NOT be the evil one standing in the newly rebuilt Temple, the abomination of desolation will be the human temple (YOU) your soul being destroyed by the Mmark of the beast, (whether that is by the evil gene therapy the satanic ones are coercing us to have I do not inow) but mRNA writes over your DNA, however the Bible says you have to take the mark willingly! If you have Jesus on your heart, you won’t let that happen.

    My life has changed for the better since finding Jesus, I pray you will find Him too if you haven’t already!

    • @crisstarrCris “My life has changed for the better since finding Jesus, I pray you will find Him too if you haven’t already!”

      Are you sure it wasn’t The Father that found you?

      John 6:44 (Geneva Bible) No man can come to mee, except the Father, which hath sent mee, drawe him: and I will raise him vp at the last day.

      John 6:65 (Geneva Bible) And hee saide, Therefore saide I vnto you, that no man can come vnto mee, except it be giuen vnto him of my Father.

      • @truthnotdoctrine

        I know exactly what I mean ..

        To talk to the Father you need The Intercessor, the one who came in the flesh, died and ressurected… Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). The only way for God’s wrath against sinful man to be appeased and for us to be reconciled to God is through Jesus Christ. There is no other way!

        Maybe you should consider your own ego and downfalls, and stop trying to belittle people on here.

      • @crisstarrCris So you don’t even believe your Geneva Bible? Try reading it again and see if you can comprehend that old Geneva English? LOL Or perhaps some modern English will help you, seeing as you frown upon KJV:

        John 6:44 (TLB) For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him to me, and at the Last Day I will cause all such to rise again from the dead.

        John 6:65 (TLB) And He remarked, “That is what I meant when I said that no one can come to me unless the Father attracts him to me.”

        “To talk to the Father you need The Intercessor, the one who came in the flesh, died and ressurected.”

        To talk to The Father you NEED TO BE CALLED BY THE FATHER FIRST, just as Yashua Messiah tells you in the above Holy Scriptures, which you appear not to understand, nor comprehend. Or maybe you do understand and CHOOSE to rebel against them. Which is it?

        “And stop trying to belittle people on here.”

        I belittle no one, they belittle themselves with their errors – just as you do.

  23. I don’t wish ill will to anybody but Oh if one day when the puppets peddling this evil are old, a nurse or carer rushed off their feet kept them waiting for the loo !!

  24. More absolute bollox from MSM. The match was played in Perth so I doubt the police clashed with fans in Glasgow which is 60 miles away.
    Fans turned up outside the ground and were moved on. A nothing incident the gutter press are trying to make a meal out of. Fans maybe starting to awake from their slumber. Maybe they should think about going to a freedom protest though instead of a near empty football stadium.

  25. The serpent deceives and poisons those who take the mark. Be prepared. stay strong keep saying no, don’t be deceived like the devils text yesterday if anyone got it its harassment in my eyes. they don’t want us to forget, time to ditch the phones, time to rejoice and turn the virus media off, talk to the neighbour, practice leaving your smartphone at home while you are out and about, if you still have one after all this what’s going on. protect your energy

    • Nice comment Chris , hope u doing ok

      I did get this ridiculous text
      I blocked number immediately.

      Harassing us
      that’s all they have time for these days- PATHETIC.

      If more people STOPPED watching the Criminal MSM
      It would help people like us on here & around the world.

      Cheers Hugo by way &
      Have great evening All

      Take care Chris

      • thanks Janie, yes they keep coming these texts, its harassment, bullying, toucher, to get us to comply, just go’s so show we have the power, they cart do it without us, the enemy’s energy is evil, i feel it in the air daily. blackmail, trickery, deceiving, were being treated like cattle and lab rats, evil energy out there coming from somewhere, there trying to break the human spirit, to bring in there transhumanism world, basically get rid of the organic life, the world protests gives me hope, we might win this after all, i pray everyday to wake up and its all over, fingers crossed it get better and people stop complying. take care Janie, protect your energy

      • Hi Chris

        Cheers for such nice comments you always make me feel better bless you

        It’s important for me to to keep my energy Positive in myself to.
        I never listened to theses people before
        because they have always had an Agenda for us poor innocent souls,
        Like yourself
        I am not going let them break my Spirit
        I have done all I can to be a good decent person
        Theses tyrannical people won’t be taking away all the hard work I have done on myself being a decent, kind & helpful person.

        Cheers Chris
        Take good care now

    • The vaccines are not the Mark of the beast the antichrist needs to be on the seen first take it you have seen him then???

  26. Crankie, deserves all she gets, the sooner thew better and I predict it will come in abundance!

  27. I don’t believe in karma. However the sheeple are encouraging more severe restrictions and it is going to end in persecution of those who will not bow to the one world dictators. The sheeple will be culled and they are blind to it as they are selfish cowards

  28. Spot on Hugo, well done. It is the compliants who have blood on their hands.

  29. I intend going to a match this week. But I have absolutely no intention of showing a covid pass or test to get into the stadium. (Or face nappy come to that) The ONLY thing that will stop me getting in is if they cancel the match coz of ‘positive cases’ which happened last time and made me livid.

  30. I totally agree with what you are saying. The disappointment for me is that this story is fake – it is a smear piece from the Mail against Celtic Football Club. It was a small of fans – not thousands. The was no storming of gates or clashes with police. The fans were peaceful. Oh, and it wasn’t Glasgow it was actually in Perth..

  31. Talking about getting a crossbow in previous post(hunting)..and now there is a BS story of some kid that threatened the queen with one ! …yea right ! lol…
    I just look at msm now to find out what agendas they are pushing.
    They don’t want the UK to have any weapons …crossbows will be banned next.

    • lol
      yeah some people i know lives not to far away
      they said he was caught ‘going over the wall’,, wtf! Lol

      That castle is so heavy monitored, so No way would he of got near it
      looking like he did
      let alone get on a wall as well!!
      MSM BULLSHITE!!! again !

      She was at her other massive estate Sandringham anyway

      • Got it wrong
        She was not at the other place
        Soz lol

      • The crap they put in msm is laughable. 😄
        …but the sheeple will believe it ….

      • Hi Mrbenn73
        But no way would he got that far as I said!

        MSM are corrupt AF!

    • Under The Common Law it is not unlawful to own any weapon, whether it be guns or anything else. THE LAW states do no harm or injury or cause any loss to another sentient being and you have the right to defend yourself.

      • They wouldn’t give me a gun licence lol 🙁
        its a cruel cruel world
        But im a born again nice bloke.

      • You don’t need a gun licence. Do you think those n****rs that run around shooting and killing each other in London have gun licences? And what do the muppets do about it? Zilch! Zero! Nothing! LOL.

  32. I will be sending letters to all the restaurants and pubs and cinemas and theatres in my town of Clacton reiterating all that you said and to let the establishment owners know I will never frequent their establishments again for their part in implementing passports.
    My husband is triple jabbed ! But I am not. It sickens me where this is all going and I think everyone should do the same and write and speak out to these establishments for letting themselves be treated like fodder it’s too weak, Their business will fold anyway and they will be in the same boat as those who will be jobless because of the mandating and those who had the courage to tell the bullies to shove their toxic jab where the sun does not shine.
    2022 will get even weirder it is just being eased in wherever they can get away with it.. you inspire many Hugo keep up the good work.

  33. Latest from France : no standing up at bars to drink you have to sit down, (covid infects you at 1m50 above ground ?????), no eating popcorn in cinemas and no drinking water in trains ! You couldn’t make this up. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Petition against the vaccine pass going well : 682 000 signatures in less than 6 days ! Even jabbed people are more and more restricted ;;; they’ll wake up soon.

    GIVE UR LIFE TO Jesus Christ NOW

  35. Brilliant piece Hugo.
    We need to accept personal responsibility for what is happening in the world and this video is a wonderful explanation of one of the fundamental problems with our society at the moment. It is way past time we evolved…
    It’s going to be a bumpy year but it seems that the ‘developed’ world has needed bumping for some time now, it is way past time we all woke up.
    Loving your work brother and keep on keeping on.

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