Football Fans Have A Message For The Government

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  1. From what I’m led to believe some of those MP’s wouldn’t mind a ‘Booster’ up their …..

    • Love the sentiment but until I read your comment I didn’t know what they were saying. Sad but too weak for me to share with the Truth Hesitants

    • Patrick Vallance has a reputation for being a super-spreader so the following verse may be appropriate – Vallance can stick Whitty up his arse, Vallance can stick Whitty up his arse, Vallance can stick Whitty, Vallance can stick Whitty, Vallance can stick Whitty up his arse.

  2. Football matches cancelled tonight , the spread of the Dreaded ‘C’ has increased .:)

      • Flat earth is a joke, to see if people really are that stupid and guess what, they are!!

        Fell out with a mate for 4 weeks as I tried to educate him, NO CHANCE!!!

        If it was round the water would fall off it.
        The Mexico balloon space jump, if round the planet would of turned and he’d of landed miles away.
        gravity was created by issac newton, before that we all floated around.
        The sun goes across the flat earth and you just can’t see it because it’s to far away and going below the horizon is an optical illusion lol
        A ship at sea far out top of a hill, drop down till it’s gone, you’ll still be able to see it with a telescope LOL LOL

        NUTTY stuff!!

      • Turveyd, we’ve all been indoctrinated and we call it education… why laugh at someone who is trying to use their reasoning capabilities? At least he has his own mind and has proven not to be of sheeple.

        Your boy Isaac was a freemason, just like top astro-nots at NASA, proudly wearing their paraphernalia rings and brooches on their scuba diving scaphanders.

        I’m sure you’ve seen UN logo. Have you also heard of Gleason’s time chart over azimuthal equidistant “projection” patented in 1893?

        Two very important irrefutable principles of water in physics:
        1. Water is a liquid and as such it is shapeless and can only take on shape of solids it is contained in.
        2. Water always seeks level.
        Btw two thirds of the world’s surface is ocean.

        Also construction engineers and railway designers never count for 8 inches per mile square for supposed curvature.

        I suggest that you start questioning absolutely everything not just jabs and politics.

      • @Turveyd The one THAT ALWAYS stumps them is ‘the sun in the night sky’, and I always ask them where I might find it? ROTFLMAO!

    • ‘Flat-Earthers’ need to get a reality check… this planet is NOT a ‘flat Earth’!!! What nonsense will be dreamt up next, huh… 99.99% of all FE people are fundamentalist ‘christians’. I rest my case!!!

      • @chrisjoyce58 Fundamentalist ‘Christians’ are not Christians: Progressive or Libertine Christianity Versus Fundamental Christianity:

        And The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of The Universe with the sun and moon orbiting The Earth. The Stars move in the Aether. Space is a myth, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is bunk and/or a plagiarised fraud.

      • To: thetruthnotdoctrine:

        Of course ‘space’ exists!!! Do you really think that all the galaxies, nebulae, etc etc, are ‘not there’??? Oh yes, you FE christians claim that stars, galaxies, etc, are all ‘CGI’!!!!!
        NO, they’re NOT ‘CGI’!!! There truly are galaxies (composed of stars), nebulae, etc etc etc, out there. What do you think the Hubble Telescope filmed, huh???

        I’m 63 years old, an Englishwoman, and am so proud of myself for never having fallen for the nonsense of ‘christianity’. Since 1994, I’ve been spiritually-enlightened (as are literally countless millions of other PROPERLY-informed people around the world, including many properly-informed scientists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, lawyers, etc etc etc).
        Ie, I’m one of the countless millions of people who are fully aware of the multi-faceted evidences which PROVE that we all survive (in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the immensely illusory event that’s wholly incorrectly termed ‘death’. Since 1994, I’ve carried out a very great deal of in-depth research into the survival of ‘death’ evidences (in fact there exist more than 20 different categories of those evidences), and I carried out that scholarly research using those much undervalued things called BOOKS (and the ‘bible’ was most definitely NOT one of the 1,500+ [fifteen hundred+] books I’ve read, since 1994, on the Survival truth.
        I was given a ‘bible’ when I was 12 or 13 years old, and I took great pleasure in very deliberately throwing it away. I am VERY selective re. the books I have in my own personal library (which contains 1200 books, all but about 10 of which are NON-fiction, and covering a multitude of very diverse subjects).

        I am very proud to be one of the huge number of properly-informed Spiritualists around the world.

        What FE people claim is so ridiculous. You actually think that NASA has ‘created’ the stars and planets etc with CGI!!! And that’s just one of the mere claims of FE people which makes all those of us who don’t ‘believe’ such nonsense shake our heads in pity. And oh yes… another ridiculous claim by FE people: that there’s ‘a 15-foot ice wall round the edge, to prevent people from falling off the edge’!!!!!! Just listen to yourselves!!!!!

        The Earth is NOT a ‘flat earth’. And one day, you will discover that.

      • @chrisjoyce58 “Do you really think that all the galaxies, nebulae, etc etc, are ‘not there’??? Oh yes, you FE christians claim that stars, galaxies, etc, are all ‘CGI’!!!!!

        Did I say they are not there? I said space is a myth – that is – the vacuum known erroneously as space. The Aether is not a vacuum, it is matter and it has substance and The Stars are moved or carried by it.

        “I’m one of the countless millions of people who are fully aware of the multi-faceted evidences which PROVE that we all survive (in our immortal soul/spirit body form)”

        The soul is NOT immortal, a soul is a living breathing being, whether a man or a beast, therefore souls die.

        Strong’s Concordance:

        SOUL H5315 From the Hebrew nephesh, neh’-fesh; from H5314; properly, a breathing creature, i.e. animal of (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental):—any, appetite, beast, body, breath, creature, × dead(-ly), desire, × (dis-) contented, × fish, ghost, greedy, he, heart(-y), (hath, × jeopardy of) life (× in jeopardy), lust, man, me, mind, mortally, one, own, person, pleasure, (her-, him-, my-, thy-) self, them (your) -selves, slay, soul, tablet, they, thing, (× she) will, × would have it.

        Ezekiel 18:4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

        Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

        The myth of the immortal soul is just a papist lying fabrication.

        Spiritualists are dealers in evil spirits whether knowingly or in ignorance.

        I am not a flat earther I am a Geocentricist = FIXED GLOBE!

        Geocentricism – Did The Sun Stand Still and The Moon Stay or Did The Earth Stop Spinning and Moving – Joshua 10:13:

      • Why are you obsessed with flat earth if it is just bullshit?

      • Hi Chris, maybe you should get a different name if it is Christ-ine, since you have such a strong allergy to Christianity.

        And you are correct, the Earth is not flat. Possibly more like a snowglobe with a rotating dome 😂

        And all the beautiful pictures of the so called universe, well, sorry to disappoint but the artist that made them confirmed that they are definitely computer-generated images.

      • There are replies to THREE people here: to i) ‘Commonsense’; ii) ‘Thetruthnotdoctrine’; and iii) ‘Robert Kay’.

        To: Commonsense:

        1) The galaxies, nebulae, etc, in the cosmos, they have NOT been created by CGI!!! Anyone who thinks that the galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, etc etc, ‘have been created by CGI’ has ‘lost the plot’.

        To: Thetruthnotdoctrine:

        1) NO, we Spiritualists are NOT ‘dealers in evil spirits’. The crazy book which you take your ‘information’ from, the ‘bible’, is telling you lies. And one day, you will discover that.

        2) The soul most definitely IS immortal. The soul never dies. And if you’d carried out proper, scholarly research into this ultimate life truth (the 20+ categories of multi-faceted evidences which prove that we all survive [in our immortal soul/spirit body form] the death of our physical body ‘coat’), you’d KNOW that the soul/spirit most definitely IS immortal. We live in a MULTI-dimensional cosmos, where we all reside now is the physical dimension of that multi-dimensional cosmos, and after (the very illusory event that’s wholly incorrectly termed) ‘death’, we return, in our immortal spirit body form, to the SPIRIT dimension of that multi-dimensional cosmos. As I stated a few lines up, there are 20+ different CATEGORIES of the multi-faceted evidences which PROVE that we all survive (I repeat: in our immortal spirit body form) the death of our physical body.

        I reiterate, that souls do NOT die. The soul/spirit body is literally immortal.
        You will NOT discover the actual truths of life if you base your mere ‘beliefs’ on the rubbish in that book you obviously revere, the ‘bible;. You are, very unfortunately, indoctrinated/brainwashed into falsehood.
        The ACTUAL spiritual truths of life, on the other hand, have a veritable wealth of multi-faceted evidences for them which absolutely PROVE their genuineness.
        ONE of the 20+ categories of the evidences which prove that we all survive ‘death’ in the way I stated, above, is that many, many people around the world are lucky enough to possess the spiritual gift of what’s termed CLAIRVOYANT vision. And when such people are in the presence of someone who is about to do what is very incorrectly termed ‘die’, they literally see (with their clairvoyant sight) that person’s immortal soul/spirit body literally emerge from the ‘dying’ physical body. That spirit body, which comes out of the physical body, then forms itself into the appearance of that person’s physical body, and returns to the Spirit dimension of this MULTI-dimensional cosmos. And you should take heed of the following fact, in that regard: that amongst the many people around the world who possess clairvoyant vision are a number of doctors and nurses. And thus, when they (in the hospitals in which they work) are in the presence of someone who is about to do what is so very incorrectly termed ‘die’, they too SEE that person’s immortal soul/spirit body literally emerge from the ‘dying’ physical body.

        You have unfortunately allowed yourself to ‘believe’ in nonsense, as a result of having the ridiculous ‘bible’ as your reading matter!!!!! Who on earth would want to have that ‘book’ for their literature???!!!??? No one will learn ANYTHING of real value by reading that stuff.

        To: Robert Kay:

        I am NOT ‘obsessed with the [wrongly claimed] ‘flat earth’. I merely replied, yesterday, to the person who’d put up the link to a video that very stupidly CLAIMED that the earth is ‘flat’. One of the comments posted under that video [on YT] stated the truth: that FE people are of very low intelligence…

      • @chrisjoyce58

        You’re either a bare faced liar or you’re a duped numbskull or maybe you’re both. So I will tell you straight, that before I was called to be a Christian, I attended several seances given by a full time medium, who was an experienced channeler, and from what I experienced, at those meetings, I knew very well that demonic forces were present when she made contact with these evil entities. So you can waffle and blather and bang your satanic spiritualist drum until you’re blue in the face, but you will not convince me that black is white or that evil is good.

        “I’m one of the countless millions of people who are fully aware of the multi-faceted evidences which PROVE that we all survive (in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the immensely illusory event that’s wholly incorrectly termed ‘death’”

        Matthew 7:13 (MCV) Enter ye in at the strait (narrow) gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction (Spiritual ruin), and many there be which go in thereat:

        More evidence that you’re a liar and a charlatan. You’re no different from at least a billion+ Papists and other fake Christians that promulgate the immortal soul LIE, when Holy Scripture tells you The TRUTH!!!:

        Ecclesiastes 9:5 (KJV) For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. 

        Ecclesiastes 12:7 (KJV Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

        Psalm 115:17 (KJV) The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence.

        Psalm 6:5 (KJV) For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

        Psalm 146:4 (KJV) His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

        Romans 5:12 (KJV) Wherefore, as by one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

      • To: Thetruthnotdoctrine:

        For your information, I am NOT a ‘bare-faced liar’ and I am NOT a ‘duped numbskull’.

        The irony is ultimate, for it’s you fundamentalist christians/’bible’-reading fools who are the DUPED NUMBSKULLS!!!!!!!

        And on the eventual day on which you do what is so very wrongly termed to ‘die’, you will indeed discover, in the most UNDENIABLE manner possible (ie, you will NOT be able to deny it), that what I stated, re. everyone surviving (in our immortal soul/spirit body) the death of our physical body ‘coat’, IS THE VERY REAL TRUTH.

        We PROPERLY-informed Spiritualists all over the world are the ones who KNOW that everyone survives the very illusory ‘death’. Spiritualism is, in fact, an official ‘religion’, and it is the ONLY religion that is able to provide a multitude of evidences that PROVE that what we say is the truth.

        The irony is indeed ultimate… for it is all you ‘christians’/fundamentalist ‘christians’/’bible’-reading people/’jesus’-following people/’flat-earthers’ all over the world who are the DUPED ones!!! I repeat: on the eventual day on which you do what is so very incorrectly termed ‘die’, you will indeed discover that what I stated re. everyone surviving ‘death’ IS THE VERY REAL TRUTH.

        We Spiritualists all over the world are NOT ‘Satanists’!!!!!!! For you to claim that is a measure of how much ‘christianity’/the ‘bible’ FOOLS people!!!!!

        Iei, it’s all you ‘christians’ all over the world who have been DUPED!!!

      • “We PROPERLY-informed Spiritualists all over the world are the ones who KNOW that everyone survives the very illusory ‘death’. Spiritualism is, in fact, an official ‘religion’, and it is the ONLY religion that is able to provide a multitude of evidences that PROVE that what we say is the truth.”

        This statement alone makes you a bare faced liar, by default, for you cannot prove that there’s no death when people die. The immortal soul myth is a con-trick of Rome with it’s HQ in Vatican City and Vatican means House of Demons, so your satanic stupid beliefs are no different from theirs, making you a duped numbskull, also by default.

      • To: Thetruthnotdoctrine:

        ACTUALLY, we (PROPERLY-informed) Spiritualists around the world most definitely CAN absolutely PROVE that literally everyone survives (in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the death of our physical body ‘coat’. As I mentioned to you a few days ago, above, there are 20+ different CATEGORIES of the multi-faceted evidences which PROVE Survival of ‘death’. I am most definitely NOT a ‘bare-faced liar’, and the FACT of everyone’s survival of physical body death (no matter WHAT you merely ‘think’ to the contrary) is NOT ‘a con-trick’ by the RC Church!!! You are SO uninformed. But what can one expect, when you are one of the brainwashed people who do nothing but quote from the crazy ‘bible’…

        You are nothing but a VERY UNINFORMED ‘christian fundamentalist’; you are not aware just how much you have been deceived by the immensely corrupt hierarchy of the ‘Christian’ Church.

        There truly IS absolute PROOF that we all survive (I reiterate: in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the death of our physical body ‘coat’. And on the eventual day on which you do what is so very incorrectly termed ‘die’, you will discover, in the most UNDENIABLE manner possible, that what I stated here IS the truth. And you will also have to face that YOU were immensely brainwashed and indoctrinated by the crazy, and evil, ‘Christian’ Church hierarchy, and by the crazy cr*p in the ridiculous ‘bible’.

      • @chrisjoyce58 “ACTUALLY, we (PROPERLY-informed) Spiritualists around the world most definitely CAN absolutely PROVE that literally everyone survives (in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the death of our physical body ‘coat’.”

        So do it then, I love a good laugh at a deluded moron’s expense.

        Oh and since when did Satan the father of lies properly inform anyone? LOL This alone proves you are a bare faced liar by default.

      • To: Thetruthnotdoctrine:

        In order to discover the PROVEN fact that literally everyone survives (in our immortal soul/spirit body form) the death of our physical body, you will have to do what us countless millions of INTELLIGENT people around the world do: ie, carry out a great deal of in-depth, scholarly research into the subject, using those things called books… I reiterate that there are MORE THAN TWENTY different CATEGORIES of the multi-faceted evidences which absolutely prove Survival (that word, with a capital S, being the official term to refer to the fact of everyone’s survival of ‘death’).

        If you think I’m going to sit here and type out even a fraction of the literally countless millions of the documented (and even more undocumented) evidences around the world, you have another think coming.
        In one of my earlier posts to you [underneath this video], I mentioned the fact that there are many thousands of excellent, high-quality, scholarly books that have been published on the fact of Survival of ‘death’, and that a large percentage of those books have been written BY the many PROPERLY-informed, spiritually-enlightened scientists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, lawyers, etc etc, around the world. They are all in possession of the knowledge that we do all survive ‘death’ in exactly the way I’ve related.
        The facts of Survival of ‘death’ are NOT ‘satanic’. But you WOULD ‘think’ that, wouldn’t you, for you’ve made it perfectly obvious that you’re a totally brainwashed, totally indoctrinated fundamentalist ‘christian’ who actually ‘thinks’ that the ‘bible’ is stating the truth!!!!! HAHA!!! One has to be IMMENSELY brainwashed, gullible, indoctrinated to think that there is anything of importance in that ridiculous collection of ‘writings’!!!!!

        I am NOT a ‘bare-faced liar’. I happen to be stating what happen to be proven truths of existence that are known about by literally countless millions of INTELLIGENT, PROPERLY-informed people around the world who are NOT gullible enough to fall for the cr*p in that ‘bible’ that you unwarrantly worship.
        I repeat: on the eventual day on which you do what is so very incorrectly termed ‘die’, you will discover that literally everything I’ve stated in my posts to you ARE the plain and simple, factual truths of existence: that we DO all survive [in our spirit body form; which, I remind you from earlier posts, has been SEEN by the many people around the world who are lucky enough to possess the spiritual gift of clairvoyant vision] the death of our physical body.
        You will then have to face that your gullible ‘christian’/’bible’ mere ‘beliefs’ WERE ALL A PACK OF LIES. You will have to face that it was you ‘christians’ and ‘bible-thumpers’ who were the ones who were duped, and that it was we PROPERLY-informed Spiritualists around the world who were stating the pure and simple, PROVEN fact re. everyone’s survival of the death of our physical body ‘coat’.

        You are reading the wrong ‘literature’, with your crazy ‘bible’ cr*p!!!

      • “If you think I’m going to sit here and type out even a fraction of the literally countless millions of the documented (and even more undocumented) evidences around the world, you have another think coming.”

        Excuses! The same crap could be said of those millions of dummies that believe Cov-Yid 1984 is real. And your ‘countless millions’ are yet more lying verbal diarrhoea and at best exaggerated fantasies.

        I expect you to put up or shut up, and you can stuff all your hearsay bullshit where the sun don’t shine. You’re like all those dealers of The Devil’s servants – you lie and lie and lie unabashedly, and there is not an atom of Truth in you.

    • Thanks for the link Josephine! Wow this guy is a hero and was well ahead of the game. Anarchy through song and lyrics is very powerful message indeed. Loved the placards from the protesters in the crowd too. Got a sub from me and quite a few shares to friends too. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022….. gonna be a very interesting year ahead.

    • @chrisjoyce58 NASA are completely full of shit and lie. Surely you know that.

    • Explain that to me again,, I’ve sailed round the world twice N-S W-E and never noticed the edge, where does it start and finish.
      Please, enlighten me!

  3. I have always thought Boris was the kind of oik that loved flicking towels at his rugby buddies bot bots in the showers so you might be right…

  4. I’m a season ticket holder at Manchester United. I received an email from the club yesterday and another today advising that our next home game against Burnley we will need to provide vaccine status to gain entry. Manchester United are involved in that shit show The World Economic Forum. So, there’s no chance that the club will stand up for their supporters civil rights then.

  5. The globalists will take everything away from us all if we let them if we don’t have the jabs

    Football belongs to the fans , not the globalists

    • You know, my like minded friend, these kinds of videos are in abundance on the net. Lots of sane, qualified, brave souls who put the welfare of others before their own livelihood. WE all see them and shake our heads in disbelief that the sheep are unwilling to even watch these saddening short stories. Her final line of ‘ when will it stop?’ is what we Thinkers all wish to know. The Tyrants won’t ever stop….
      Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪.

      • @videoman – cognitive dissonance is the worst thing. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when someone is confronted with facts, they get angry, “Oh, what a load of sh!t”, “Stop spreading dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories!”. You can see them almost in physical pain when someone calmly presents facts and logic that go against the “covid bad, jabs good” narrative. This is a big hurdle, it’s like a closed-mindedness that is very painful for them to open enough to absorb contradictory information. Surely to make a truly informed decision about something you have to take on board all information from various sources, for and against, then decide.

      • I fully agree with you. And if you take into account that the sheep, after taking 2,3,4 or more jabs are possibly petrified that they’ve been fooled and are doubtful of the effects the jungle juice may have on their bodies, then the sheep are in an uncomfortable position… they shout at you, the messenger. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  6. News just Sheep GF Watching, most of the people in ICU aren’t vaccinated.

    NO, most where admitted within 14days of there jab, there jab made them ill, because they where admitted within 14days they count as not jabbed therefore go in the unjabbed column.

    GF sheep enough to believe it.

  7. There singing it all over nightclubs bars football matches think it might be the Christmas number one lol good way to let all these scrum grovement know there diffo on there way out

    • there is no might be. It IS the Christmas No1. But the Beeb wont admit it. They won’t want to play this on TOTP Christmas Day as the No 1 single!

  8. What are they saying? You can shove your fucking ????? up your arse? Can someone help, I just didn’t understand

  9. I did a solo performance of this song outside the main HQ of the BBC during the protest march through London on Saturday. There were security staff there but they didn’t know what to do as the sound waves bounced of the building!

  10. It’s good to see the Younger generation waking up bless them

    Go Lads!!!
    And lassi’s!!!

    Have Fabulous day Everyone
    Thank you Hugo

  11. We should be standing against the jab and yet on here you see people taking shots (excuse the pun) at each other against Christians, Jews etc. Let’s stick to the content of the video and stand together against what is going in otherwise the devil wins. He is probably enjoying all of this animosity towards one another.

  12. Rubbish. These pussies have been double jabbed or have taken the test, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.
    If Boris says you need a booster to go to the football they will have the booster. They will do whatever they are told to do in order to watch their team lose on a cold winter’s day.

  13. Great shout but they need to act on it and not go if the booster becomes a requirement, which it will be. The stadiums are far too full for my liking. Time for fans to turn their back on their clubs who are selling them out

  14. The guy whose mouth is covered is clearly NOT singing, and I don’t mean because he can’t, I mean that you can pretty much be sure that when you see someone wearing a mask in a situation where they don’t have to, they will very likely be the sorts to get jabbed without question.

  15. Apparently a similar song was chanted at a darts match shown on sky recently. I did not see it but someone told me.
    Perhaps these songs will be sung at all sports events especially when televised.

  16. It really does seem like maybe the majority of people(atleast a third) don’t want to get a booster :):):)…..
    where will this leave the establishment i wonder….how determined are they to get boosters into people??? ..
    I thought the first two would result in death!? ….

    Interesting speech at the end of matrix revolutions…

    “The sheeple aren’t going anywhere, they like my world. They Don’t want this sentimentality, they don’t want freedom or empowerment…they want to be controlled, they crave the comfort of certainty !”

    I wonder why we haven’t been brainwashed ?? I always considered myself naive !
    Maybe its just that we don’t trust the establishment and we have learnt independent thinking.
    Ttfn 🙂

    • @Hobbit It all started for my generation with the JFK assassination and the phony Cold War, which got many people thinking. Then came 9/11 and the bogus WMDs and from these events millions of people have started mistrusting lying politicians. From these events I, and many others, started to look back further into history and questioned EVERY EVENT, including ALL the unnecessary deliberately contrived wars of the 20th century.

      “The victor will never be asked if he told The Truth” — Adolf Hitler

  17. Thetruthnotdoctrine ….
    The 9/11 I suppose was the event for me…you are right …these events happen which lead us to investigate further. …Now it seems much of what we all know…stuff that we’ve been taught in school (history) is all manipulated and false !!
    As for the government…this country was built on corruption..
    …and then there’s the banks lol….the more we learn its like going down a rabbit hole…lol.
    Anyway….my m8s come round….Try to enjoy the last free Christmas…ttfn bud 🙂

    • Oh yes the thieving Banksters control EVERYTHING:

      “The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians and journalists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.”

      – Lloyd George, British Prime Minister, On The Treaty at Versailles after WW1

      “Over and over again we have seen that there is another power than that with its seat at Westminster. The City of London, a convenient term for a collection of financial interests is able to assert itself against the government of the country. Those who control money can pursue a policy at home and abroad contrary to that which is being decided by the people.”

      — Clement Attlee – UK Prime Minister 1945-51

  18. Using Xmas Day to sneak stuff in I see…..

    1. Get your 4th Booster by the end of the year, encouraged, obviously end of the year, cause currently can’t give out jabs or use PCR tests next year, but subject to change via BS!!

    2. AntiViral Drugs approved to treat convid in the early stages, these are HIV Drugs, taken with first symptoms, why ?? because people with HIV won’t be able to survive the common cold without them. On the BBC Site for all to see, not that you would today, to drunk!

    Evil, does not take XMAS off, does it!!!

    99% sure, HIV in the damn boosters 🙁 Jabs 1 and 2, where to prepare you in some way reducing your immunity, likely make the HIV faster or not show up on tests after a few months

    • Bojo even said, “Getting your booster on Christmas Day is the best gift you could hope to receive for yourself and your family”…or words to that effect! Urgggh it’s vile!

  19. ….maybe they are simply worried about footing the bill for a healthcare crisis when everyones body starts getting destroyed with the spike proteins….
    The booster will guarantee destroyed immunity and make the population dependent on the anti viral pills (Hiv)
    …..Xmas day and I’m sober…wtf !? Lol

    • Spike Protien is a lie, it’s just graphene oxide, 99% sure the Boosters have HIV in it, they used some of the HIV to create the jabs, might be tweaked, weaponised mind.

      They’ll make out Convid 22 is really bad and without the HIV pills dead in no time.

      The first person to get moronic, had HIV they claim, so maybe the virus joined ( impossible, but the sheep will buy it ), they’ll try to make out it’s moronic, giving you the HIV not the jabs.

      HIV if tweaked, could spread easier maybe via sexual contact ( obviously how it spreads, but hard for straight men to get, so easier for them maybe ), so won’t just be the jabbed dying, be warned.

      If they’ve had a Booster, us a Condom!! if they’ve went for 2, just don’t bother, way more of a risk for woman and bottom’s, literally just don’t risk sex with anyone who’s had a booster, until we know for sure!! ( if you’ve had the booster, then why are you here? and to late, bang away )

      Role on, GF bringing bottle of Baileys back from her mom’s I hope later, zero booze in 🙁

  20. More BAD but expected News 🙁

    Getting a lot of reports from contacts, of the boosted coming down with HIV symptoms, temperature, sore throat and the rash.

    Takes 2 – 8 weeks to show, 80% will get, symptoms above, still jabbed, so 80% of an alleged 30Mil people HIV boosted, will start falling ill in the next 10weeks, if this is HIV.

    They only started pushing the boosters hard, 2 week back, obviously they’ll blame Convid, more lockdowns, more BS against the unjabbed, MAX FEAR!!! this is going to get rough people!


    • Fear mongerer…lol 😆
      I don’t give a shit now blag..
      Along as I don’t get the jabs I don’t care….just a shame we have to w8 nearly a year (maybe)for this to finally kick right off….fed up with it.
      Bring it on…
      I’m done worrying …..

      • Yep kinda agreed, sooner they start dropping sooner they leave us alone. But they won’t as they’ll take there HIV Pills, Noooooo!!

        Not fearmongering, just what I’m seeing in my world/contacts, out performs the BS Media 100x’s!

  21. URGENT FOLKS PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!! Just read on daily mail website that the government is going to send jabbers door to door, going to people’s homes to force them to get the poison!! This is really getting terrifying now! We’ve got to stand up for ourselves against these evil tyrants! Time to fight back!!

    • They’ll quickly run out of jabbers around here, if the army backs them up, then that’s when it’s forest time to sit this shit out.

      The booster not working already and wanting to take a 2nd booster already, just woke a lot up thankfully today, which obviously won’t work either.

      No more Jabs and no more PCR tests after the 31st, nearly there, obviously they’ll BS themselves out of that some how, so don’t get your hopes up too much 🙁

      The sheep are starting to see the HIV link aswell, HIV Drugs when I get the sniffles, that’s fishy as fuck.

      • @Lance Corporal Jones Correct, they cannot force any man or woman to do anything – they have no LAWS that they can enforce – only mickey mouse acts and statutes which are the rules and regulations of the UK Corporation, and they apply only to fictional employees of the UK Corporation.

  22. Don’t think they will be forcing jabs… yet ?? Lol
    I’ll check that out..:)
    Yea pissed the pills will keep the sheep alive turv !
    I’m off 2 bed …Be strong 💪

    • Had Baileys finally 🙂 all good here!!

      I expect door to door and them really laying it on thick, but don’t think they can force yet.

      Just don’t answer, or slam the door and walk away, to many to get around aswell.

      Bet many won’t take there 2nd booster shot LOL

    • Oh yea …seen the article..they saying its just 5 million that ain’t jabbed…
      Surely it will start off as coercion….its too soon to force 12.5 million adults …surley

  23. Don’t worry I never answer the door to strangers anyway, especially door to door salesmen, they’re the absolute worst! I real with all scamming scumbags the entirely same way, I completely ignore them!! Just shows though how low this government are now stooping that they think that it’s ok to do this! The unjabbed will be hunted down, that’s what I find so horrifying!! I will give hubby firm instructions NOT to answer the door if anyone shows up here. I’m just really glad that my hubby is home with me all the time, apart from him doing food shopping and going to church. I feel really intimidated by this though. Nobody wants unwanted people turning up on their doorstep to harass them! This evil scam is really getting more and more sinister by the day, and we all must stand firm against these evil tyrants. Be assertive people and stand up for yourselves against these scumbag bullies!! What I find most sickening of all is that those who refuse the booster are classed as unjabbed even if they have had the first two jabs!! What insane crazy hogwash!!! Proves beyond all doubt that this whole thing is an evil scam. Please be really careful and have a lovely Boxing Day. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • It maybe the Season of Goodwill, but it doesn’t stop the government sending me a text this morning ( Boxing Day) saying ” GET BOOSTED NOW
      Every adult needs a COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect against Omicron.
      Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. See NHS website for details”
      ‘Every adult NEEDS…booster (not a ) vaccine” . Needs?? Needs??
      Seriously, how much more propaganda will they try before bringing out the door-knockers?? The first time I see a real story of a door knocker I’ll be ordering one of these

      • Proper desperate arent they, cant jab after 31st or there stick expires, especially for a jab that doesn’t work, not suspicious at all lol

      • Nah, too expensive! Just print a little sign saying “Possible Omicron outbreak! Stay away!” I’m sure they don’t want to become super-spreaders!
        I actually think they won’t succeed with that strategy anyway! Probably go the route of continental Europe and lock mRNA free people and booster refuseniks out of work. And then blame the resulting supply shortages on Omicron!
        FYI, the number of people getting tested positive in Germany is fallen below 0.3%.

      • videoman1959 How does the ‘government’ have your telephone number? You really need to dump that phone and purchase another one (not a smart phone).

      • I wanted to get one of them but quite expensive..we just have a single shot crossbow 150 Ib draw weight…probably will be better for self defence rather than hunting 🙂 but actually got for deer …we might have been better off with a normal compound bow as quicker re-loading.

      • A German, I like your idea too, printing a sign will be cheaper, but perhaps not so much fun! lol

      • If you want fun, why not put on a bit of make up to make you look like a person close to death when you answer the door? Of course, cough a little, too!

      • Yes, I received that text as well, as the local surgery has my number. However, my wife gives her number to nobody, and SHE received a text as well. They truly must be desperate. As you say, regarding the wording ‘NEEDS’. That is an outright lie. More ammunition for the cases being brought against them. Klaus, your time is short, although you are pretty ancient anyway. Don’t start any new library books……

    • Necron-omicon….okay its only similar spelling.
      also referred to as the Book of the Dead…..

  24. Yep I got a text message too this morning. Deleted it immediately and switched off my phone. Even can’t escape this shit on Boxing Day!!!

    • Hounding people at Christmas.!!
      Seems like they are getting a bit desperate !? Maybe they got their predictions wrong and are shocked about the amount of people refusing…and now they are offering a 4th …soon every good luck with that….they have to be careful…push people too hard (forced jab) to quickly and they will end up with 10 million off grid …they don’t want that !! …….

    • I just got a message and I know my no. is private…I think these messages are just sent out to ALL active sim cards randomly…..sounds a bit threatening!! Cheeky shits…

      Every adult needs a COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect against Omicron.
      Get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster. See NHS website for details”

      Reaks of desperation 🙂

  25. We ALL had the NHS Booster text I think, about 1pm this afternoon for me.

    Don’t watch Jimmy Carr on Netflix, first 5mins, starts off ” do you think Convid was a over reaction” most say yes, ” tell that to the dead “, then has a massive go at antivaxers for thinking the jabs not safe, then at the people saying hoax, cause they’d have to wake up the dead. WANKER!!!

    Rethinking the Convid Pills, the rich won’t die, as they’ll get seen to in time, the poor…..

    1. Face to Face appointment in 2weeks, dead next day.
    2. Phone video apporintment, your drugs will be in the chemist in 3days, dead next day.

    Any sheep you care about, ring up, do no.2 get Convid pills in advance, maybe 2 lots and hold onto them, the window for treatment hiv or just deleted immune system will be short.

  26. Yea that sounds about right….they only need a relatively small amount of slaves they can control.

  27. I definitely think the government are panicking a bit….they come up with these predictions and when things don’t work out like they expected (boosters) they panic ….like the surprise they had when the public voted for brexit ! 🙂 lol
    Just hope not too many people cave in when they start door knocking…the public are realising its not just one booster…..this will just keep going– so hopefully things are turning !! Power to the people and all that lol…

  28. Where is Hugo? No video for four days??
    Has anyone ever seen what he looks like ?

  29. Yes indeed Martin I miss dear Hugo too! Really hope he’s ok, just taking a good Christmas break as he jolly well deserves one after all his tremendous hard work and devotion to us all here. Hope everyone’s ok here and that you have all had a good Christmas break. Much love to you all from Carolyn XXX

  30. I see from the papers that Whitty’s getting a knighthood for his part in this evil scam, so he’s getting something out of it for himself then! Evil scumbag!! He deserves to rot in hell for all the lies he’s told, same as all the others! I bet Javid will get one as well. There’s so much corruption and evil in this world, where bad people get rewarded for their evil deeds. Anyway to hell with the lot of them that’s what I say, they can stick their booster jabs up their arses!!!!!!!

  31. Totally agree with you Mrbenn73, I feel exactly the same as you. I have this feeling that Schwab is threatening people to do his bidding, breathing down their necks, and that is why Javid is going all out to try and force more people to get jabbed. These scumbags sure are showing their desperation, I would love to see them all crack up with a breakdown over it, would serve them right! Javid’s also on a crusade to get as many people ‘done’ as possible so he can brag about it and make himself look big! All coming from a Health Minister who is an ex-banker and as medically qualified as Bill Gates!! Evil bullying scumbag he will rot in hell! Well he can have 50 doses himself of the killer jab and see how he likes that!

  32. Looking like no UK restrictions 🙂 sucks to be scottish and Welsh, it’s all BS over a mild cold I’ve got, it came back 🙁 to push boosters to finish off everyones immune system and control them via fir ever, with or without HIV same outcome.

    South Africa stopping everything as it’s so needless, calling the end of the plandemic.

    Denmark and Canada only the jabbed are getting ill, proving jab failure.

    Very lucky in the uk, pubs aren’t checking passport bs so ignore, we can thank the sacrifices made by the jabbed.

    • Strange why you got ill again turv…
      maybe they are dropping poison on us via chemtrails…would be a good way to encourage the boosters.
      Best way of defence is to strengthen ur immune system….Iv been making my own organic coleslaw …I swear by raw salad (live enzymes) and also been having lots of pro-biotics….been trying to avoid processed food…And never take anything (medication) the doctor offers…
      Sorry not to talk about this agenda…but hey ho –
      Good news of hopeful no lockdown….makes me wonder why ? Hmmm🤔

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