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  1. Yeah, that’s a trustworthy face! If I try to imagine a paedophile satan worshipper his face is pretty much where I end up. WEF to boot? Another candidate for the gallows.

    • It was impossible for Jesus Christ to be sick He was perfect because did not inherited the sin nature from Adam & the Church need men to believe the Bible &:teach it boldly too & God is not politically correct but God is God & we are not & He will never ask for our council or advice as well !

      • Christ did inherit our sinful nature but was without sin. If you want the bible texts I’ll send them to you.

    • …And never trust a pedo that wears purple, what a miserable old git he looks!

    • You only got to look at his ugly satanic face to see his truth!!.. haha!! They wont get away with this!! Nature will prevail!! NWP!!.. the new party!! NWP!!!

  2. I suggest the good Archbishop read The Book Of Revelation…………laughable and Satanic. I always wondered why they wore black and red skirts?

  3. Absolutely disgusting !
    And btw no church should have closed because of boris the buffoon and his bunch of globalist muppets. They have no faith in GOD.

    • What can we expect from the establishment? Bought and sold. They are not true men of faith. And how does he know if Jesus would have taken a vaccine? Such arrogance, is he claiming a hotline to God?
      Don’t be deceived by these deceivers. They don’t care about people, they made their choice and it’s Mammon.

  4. Wolf in sheep’s clothing . Jesus warned us of false prophets.Revelatoon 13:16 .Give your life to Jesus today . ‘These people honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me ‘

  5. How would he no what Jesus would do. I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t be happy that most of the priests and nuns are evil nonce. Its disgusting how they close ranks like that. Pedos the lot of them. Look at his pic. He looks nasty u can see it written all over him. Man of god my arch.

  6. This is already out on youtube…Rev Simon Sideways done a 6min video earlier today…same outcome!

  7. 2 Peter 2
    2 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

    2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

    3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    • I suppose he believes Jesus wore a mask when he was amongst the highly contagious lepers who were isolated and shunned from society. And wore rubber gloves when He laid hands on them to heal them.

  8. The Bible says in the last days there will appear fake prophets. This is sifting time. The Lord is separating the sheep 🐑 from the goats 🐐. Wheat from chuff.

  9. A man of God who doesn’t believe in his God given immune system. That’s rich!

    Ever noticed that these pro jabbers always look pissed off?

  10. Never understood why people put up with all this bullshit, “humane” treatment of dirty, scummy nonces or their equally disgusting sympathisers?! They all need put to death, very slowly and painfully in my opinion. Nout worse than harming children. Not surprised we’re in this mess and people are allowing this covid shit, when society allows nonces to get a slap on the wrist and sent back out onto the streets that our children play in!

  11. The sheep spends its life in fear of the wolf only to be eaten by the shepherd.
    This man is supposed to be a shepherd of god.

  12. Like anyone not brainwashed with religion would listen to him. Let alone trust him. They abuse there power. The church and religion used to be the thing that kept people in line . My mum was put into a Catholic kids home with her little sister . Some of the stories my mum told me about the nuns let alone the priests were child abuse. It had a huge affect on my mum and her little sister. There both dead now . My mum took her own life and her sister may of well have done. Bless em. They funked kids heads up and they should be made to pay. Religion it’s bollocks his religion is not my religion. Nonces and pesos. There’s no HELL it’s here right on earth. The Catholic Church makes me sick to my stomach.

    • I am sorry to hear of the abuse your Mother and Your Aunt Suffered.
      Many Thousands of Children have suffered at the hands she of the Catholic Church.

      • GILLIAN+MASON@ yes correct about the c. church but the number mentioned is a massive under estimation. Make that “millions of children” and that is not me trying to be dramatic. Their crimes are are much deeper & wider than what’s allowed into mainstream & the time span goes back 100’s of year. Site will give some indications but certainly not all.

    • @cazcurwen “My mum was put into a Catholic kids home with her little sister.” Your mum was put into a satanic pit of hell, not a children’s home.

  13. I keep telling people, forget churches and ministers, most are bought off by the satanic cabal now, yes his agenda with WEF’s ‘Agenda 2021/30’, unless we stop this madness, between now and 2030 life won’t be worth living unless you are transformed/ roboticized/ dehumanised, (then they’ll just tell you to be happy, whilst doing their evil deeds). If you want a copy of the WEF Agenda, email me at because the agenda is transhumanism / depopulation, they can pull the plug whenever they want on whomever they want.

    I’m not saying all ministers are evil, but you don’t need to go to a building to walk with Jesus, because if you walk with Jesus, you are THE CHURCH.

    • Thank you for your great post. No middle man is required to speak God/Creator/Spirit. Nature is my church.

    • exactly trust no man JESUS is listening where ever you are. I gave up on church years ago, They never preach from the soul just spout off same stuff and send you packing into the real world, They lie and pretend everything is great, I saw a vicar with a black mask and a gold cross on it, They have no faith they believe all this garbage . Why would Jesus need a vaccine He is God in the flesh…
      He is the only way to salvation. Stand fast no matter what they throw at you great is your reward in Heaven……

    • It’s not a DUAL Godhead, it’s TRIUNE God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit- all 3 equal as ONE!

    • @truthnotdoctrine

      The only Bible I read … The Geneva Bible Mark 3:28-29

      28 Verily I say unto you, all sins shall be forgiven unto the children of men, and blasphemies, wherewith they blaspheme: 29 But he that blasphemeth against the holy Ghost, shall never have forgiveness, but is culpable of eternal damnation.

      • @Cris In what way have I blasphemed against the Holy Spirit? It looks like you have not read my article, and are now judging = Matthew 7:1 (KJV) Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

        Judging = standard behaviour for Geneva Bible Calvinistas LOL

    • @truthnotdoctrine
      Forgive if I am wrong but aren’t you the one who is saying The Holy Trinity is a lie? and you are quite right I will not read such a document. I know the Holy Spirit works in my life daily. However if you are right and The Holy Bible is wrong, (I know the story of the KJV,  hence I only use The Geneva 1560), I will take my chances with my Saviour, on my day of Judgement. I will tell Him that I went with His Word in The Holy Book of the Bible rather than a guy off the internet because HE Jesus is THE WORD and

      Prov 30:5-6    Every word of God is pure: He is a shield to those that trust in him, Put nothing unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. There are dozens of such verses that warn of changing His Word.

      In Scripture we learn that the Holy Spirit is God. There is only one God and He is the third divine person of the Trinity. He grieves, He knows, He is eternal, He encourages, He gives understanding, He gives peace, He comforts, He directs, and He can be prayed to, He will work in us until death. He is God living inside of those temples (us) who accept Christ as their Saviour.

      Rom 8:11 But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead, dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead, shall also quicken your mortal bodies, by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.

      The Spirit of God was present at and involved in the creation (Genesis 1:2; Psalm 33:6). The Holy Spirit moved the prophets of God with the words of God (2 Peter 1:21). The bodies of those in Christ are described as temples of God because the Holy Spirit is in us (1 Corinthians 6:19). Jesus was clear that to be “born again,” to become a Christian, one must be born “of the Spirit” (John 3:5).

      In Acts 5 when Ananias lied about the price of a piece of property, Peter said that Satan had filled Ananias’s heart to “lie to the Holy Spirit” (Acts 5:3) and concluded by saying that Ananias had “lied to God” (verse 4). Peter’s words equate the Holy Spirit with God.

      Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit, the Helper, was different from Himself. The Father would send the Helper, the Spirit of truth, after Christ departed. The Spirit would speak through them about Jesus (John 14:25–26; 15:26–27; 16:7–15). All three Persons Jesus mentions are God while being distinct from each other within the Trinity.

      The three members of the Trinity show up, together yet distinct, at Jesus’ baptism. As Jesus comes up from the water, the Spirit descends on Him like a dove while the voice of the Father is heard from heaven saying that He is pleased with His beloved Son (Mark 1:10–11).

      The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as a person, not a mere force. He can be grieved (Ephesians 4:30). He has a will (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). He uses His mind to search the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10). And He has fellowship with believers (2 Corinthians 13:14). Clearly, the Spirit is a person, just as the Father and the Son are persons.

      Indeed, the Bible is unequivocal that the Holy Spirit is, in fact, God, just as Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father are God.

      • @Cris “Forgive if I am wrong but aren’t you the one who is saying The Holy Trinity is a lie?” I am not saying it, The Holy Scriptures say it, by not including the word “TRINITY” within the pages of The Holy Scriptures. Feel free to point it out if you can. I will also preempt any non-argument you may try to make by citing 1 John 5:7-8 and Matthew 28:19 as spurious verses. These Truths alone are enough proof to dismantle the bogus Trinity garbage.

        Matthew 28:19 I expose here: Should Christians Be Baptised Into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) Name Alone? – Part 1:

        “And you are quite right I will not read such a document.”

        So you’re a coward and fearful of The Truth? If you’re so sound in your Faith what is there to fear in reading my article?

        “I will take my chances with my Saviour, on my day of Judgement.”

        Take your chances – day of judgement!!?? So you’re not saved then?

        I notice too that you use Scripture and then misinterpret them and misapply them.

        “Indeed, the Bible is unequivocal that the Holy Spirit is, in fact, God, just as Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father are God.”

        Really!!?? You had better back that up with Scripture and verse were it states unequivocally (I know you like that word LOL) that The Holy Spirit is God and I want these exact words, not your house of cards syllogism building nonsense.

    • Oh trust me I did go through part one of the rather awful grammarly you wrote. How to use 20 words where 2 would do! You like to denigrate people, call them names, so you are obviously not one who has Jesus in his heart! You go all around the houses to cross the road, I’d be surprised that anyone has read all 5 parts.

      PS I know I am saved I was being coy, you however need to look at yourself! I’ve quoted several verses, but you must be one of the ones mentioned in the Bible whose hearts have been hardened because of the guff you spout ! I’m not reading anymore of your replies! It doesn’t mention Rapture in the bible but Evangelists have made a fortune out of putting that lie into people’s belief systems, I think you’re trying very badly to do the same!

      • Oh and the one verse I meant to add from The Geneva Bible … which totally blows your ‘ its not mentioned in the bible’ out of the water is ….

        1 John 5:7 For there are three, which bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the holy Ghost: and these three are one.

        You should read a proper bible, we all know KJV was changed by King James!

        I rest my case … Praise the Lord !

      • @Cris, Part 1 was only my rant intro. And I know there was even too much Truth in that for you to bear, so you gave up before you got to the MEAT of the subject, your being fearful of being proven WRONG! And now you will run away in silence and hide, as all 21st century Pharisees do.

        ‘Trinity’ is no different from ‘Rapture’ both are vile stinking lies, the only problem for you is that you still believe one of ’em. Some muvvers do ‘ave ’em.

      • “1 John 5:7 For there are three, which bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the holy Ghost: and these three are one. You should read a proper bible, we all know KJV was changed by King James!”

        So the Geneva Bible is equally as corrupted as The KJV – no surprises there then:

        Re 1 John 5:7-8 from Adam Clarke’s Commentary:

        “But it is likely this verse is not genuine. It is wanting in every MS (manuscript) of this epistle written before the invention of printing, one excepted, the Codex Montfortii, in Trinity College, Dublin: the others which omit this verse amount to one hundred and twelve.

        “It is wanting in both the Syriac, all the Arabic, Ethiopic, the Coptic, Sahidic, Armenian, Slavonian, etc., in a word, in all the ancient versions but the Vulgate; and even of this version many of the most ancient and correct MSS. have it not. It is wanting also in all the ancient Greek fathers; and in most even of the Latin.”

      • @Cris Re 1 John 5:7-8 from Adam Clarke’s Commentary:

        “But it is likely this verse is not genuine. It is wanting in every MS (manuscript). of this epistle written before the invention of printing, one excepted, the Codex Montfortii, in Trinity College, Dublin: the others which omit this verse amount to one hundred and twelve.

        “It is wanting in both the Syriac, all the Arabic, Ethiopic, the Coptic, Sahidic, Armenian, Slavonian, etc., in a word, in all the ancient versions but the Vulgate; and even of this version many of the most ancient and correct MSS. have it not. It is wanting also in all the ancient Greek fathers; and in most even of the Latin.”

  14. People who believe in god should also believe he will protect them. To entrust their lives instead to government (godvernment?) and pharmaceutical companies is bizarre.

    • @godvernment Very true. However that takes quite a lot of Faith and Faith takes time to develop so for those new to the Faith that will be a big ask.

  15. I’m absolutely certain Jesus would not take the god given dna altering jab

  16. I have to question the faith of any clergy from any religion that recommends having a jib jab, and ask what have they got on him?

  17. Jesus would take an abortion tainted injection and promote it like you? Noooooo waaaay man ….

  18. Acts 10:15 NIV
    The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean .”

    If God says His people are clean, who is Mr Welby to say otherwise?

  19. The Church shows it’s True Colours . Crucifixions come to Mind.🙏

  20. Jesus would get a vaccine would he? Trouble is he was crucified for his beliefs just these false prophets are trying to crucify us. They are getting desperate aren’t they.

  21. Graham Hood in Australia who had “Friends” who said they believed in God decided to block him out from their friendship because he decided not to take the poison. Obviously they had no idea about real faith and friendship

  22. Have you noticed how the “arc” of the WEF symbol goes through each of the letter “O”’s………666 in numerology – hidden in plain sight

    • Same with go-ogle chrome logo. And also www in gematria is 6 after full reduction in English version, and triple 900 in yooish version (which is upside down triple six).

  23. Instinctively I never trusted this man.
    Definitely not on the Side of Our Lord God.

  24. The Son, of almighty God, would take man made vaccine? 🤔🤣😂

  25. I live in Canterbury and have a pass for the cathedral – won’t be long before they insist on vax pass same as Durham. I think Welby was from Durham.

    There are plenty of Masonic clues around the cathedral including this stained glass window of the Queen with Archbishops including Runcie, and Carey I think, standing on Masonic black and white chequered flooring!

  26. He speaks very strange and dresses in a gown / dress and he looks like a nephelm,, or a fallen one

  27. Another set of dead eyes, nothing of Almighty God in this entity’s soul. This one, (like most), belongs to satan.

  28. Meanwhile, Buckingham Parish Church Pastor :
    “William Pearson-Gee told his congregation in a video posted to Twitter than he will have to be dragged “kicking and screaming” if the Government push ahead with plans to impose a two-week “circuit breaker” lockdown over the festive period in order to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, which would bring his Church services to a close.

    In a firm message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Buckingham Parish Church Pastor said God was superior to the “ineptitude” of whatever the Government “throws at us”.

    He said: “We are not a cinema, we are not the O2 Arena, we are not a football match!

    “We are not going to play by those rules.”

    Instead he said his congregation are “a family of brothers and sisters in Christ” and must be allowed to continue their worship.

  29. The Church of England is an apostate denomination. It will probably end up like the state registered churches in China where the priests and pastors spy for the government and betray true believers.

  30. Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself. That presupposes that you must first of all love yourself, before you can love others.
    If you loved yourself you would not risk taking an experimental drug & therefore would not expect others to do so.
    Also Jesus said do unto others as you would be done by. Again that says that no one should have authority over you to make you do things you dont want to do.
    This ‘archbishop’ needs to go back to bible school – if he was ever at one.

  31. Revelation 18:4
    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    Babylon The Harlot System false religion is a part of that wicked system.

  32. Read Welbys bio. It’s an eye opener.
    His parents were both alcoholics. His father wasn’t his real father because his mother had an affair. However Welby says he is against sex outside marriage 😜
    He went to Eton & Cambridge & was fast tracked to Canterbury after being a bishop for only a year.
    He is obviously the cabal’s man.

    • His mother’s genealogy is interesting and predictable. It leads back (in several lines) to court jews, tax farmers and a goldsmith. You can trace it at the

  33. Now , is it just me , or does this guy look less then happy about his lot. I thought a front seat in the house of god should inspire comfort which one could then radiate to others……..nah , he looks like a sour old sleech.

  34. What a great tactic from the evil in this world. They new people would fight it with saying my body my choice.. but if you say to people it’s not about your health it’s about your family an others health.. well that pulls you away from yourself an more to others.. what a evil trick indeed. A trick from the devil himself.. that’s all I hear from the vax takers.. it’s about protecting others!! Sheep just can’t see it because people have this motto.. well let’s just get it done an get on with it! Famous saying. 90% of people have been manipulated. Stay sharp

  35. Watched the first 6 seconds of this Hugo & knew that paedophilia would be in there somewhere 😡 Sicko piece of filth ❗️👎🏻

  36. Counterfeit Man Of God – his god IS Klaus Schwab & he is a Serf of the wef preaching Serfdom to the masses who will comply to his every command as they are brainwashed by the Bolshevik Bullshitting Commission & thier serfs, the media newspeak mediawhores that the sheeple watch …..
    Reminder–Agenda 2030: No Property, Privacy, Cash, Freedom, Meat or Pets
    We’re being frogmarched into an Orwellian future.

    The United Nation’s Agenda 21 intends to ban all “unsustainable” practices including irrigated crops, animal farming, having pets, freedom of movement, private cars, air travel and sea freight.

    They intend to outlaw the ownership of all private property, (yours not theirs) as this promotes inequality.

    What’s “unsustainable” is locking down the human race forever.

    What’s “unsustainable” is 10% of the people owning 55% of the wealth which they will address by getting rid of 80%, and keep 10% as servants.
    If you sit down and read all 351 pages of Agenda 21, plus its ancillary documents, you will find that it’s all about complete control and inventory of everything on the planet:
    Animal, mineral and vegetable. Including humans.

    The virus would be a means to that end. Bill Gates has already stated that the ingredients are proprietary, copyrighted and will not be released publicly. I predicted last year that the vaccine almost certainly wouldn’t provide immunization against any coronavirus.

    There has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. They are too slippery, meaning they mutate too much.

    We have now learned that the vaccines don’t prevent a recipient from catching the virus or from passing it on. They only lessen symptoms. Most of the vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word. They are gene therapy…

    The global human population is surging towards 8 billion. The UN claims that there are a billion undocumented humans on this planet. And that global population is ultimately heading for nearly 11 billion…

    In 2009, Boris Johnson published an article in the Telegraph stating his alarm over the exploding world population.

    Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, has published numerous books and papers for the United Nations on the problem of human overpopulation. He also publishes books about global warming and pandemics.

    Here is an article by Stanley Johnson about the need to do something about overpopulation.

    And here is Stanley Johnson in 2012, in his own words, stating that he wishes to see the population of the UK down to 10 or 15 million by 2025.

    As mentioned, UN Agenda 2030 is the next major milestone of Agenda 21. The required changes are enormous.

    Yet we are seeing them all around us. Most of these changes have accelerated since the pandemic.

    The measures “they’re” taking to “protect us” from the virus are indistinguishable from many of the stated goals of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

    … While we’ve been kept under house arrest, they’ve been shutting down fossil fuel power stations, oil rigs, oil wells, coal mines, pedestrianizing city centres, disabling our food supply chain, forcing farmers to cull ‘greenhouse gas emitting’ livestock and let ‘unsustainable irrigated’ crops rot.

    Virtually every major town and city in the UK has had permanent changes to road layout to allow for social distancing. Pedestrianization and cycle ways. One-way systems. Cities are becoming very car-unfriendly. Glasgow has lost a third of its parking spaces overnight.

    Google ‘social distancing centre traffic’. If there’s a vaccine coming, why are these changes permanent?

    To recap, we can expect a cashless society, negative interest rates, social credit system, mass surveillance, mandatory vaccines, ID2020, AI, restriction of movement, health passports, rationing of food and energy, confiscation of private property, banning of private motor vehicles and crippling taxation. Eventually? Depopulation and rewilding of the planet.

    Several leading medical experts and scientists have stated that they believe the vaccines will eventually be used for depopulation.


    Meanwhile, the mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine passports will make our lives intolerable until we submit to vaccination. I’ve been studying geopolitics since 2008 and tracking the WEC and UN’s machinations since January.

    We’re being frogmarched into a dystopian technocracy. An Orwellian future. It was always going to happen, it’s just happening faster than I thought. I can only conclude that the technology needed to implement it was ready after all.

    They’re even hinting at transhumanism and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. These topics are covered in the Great Reset videos and literature. We’re living a bloody science fiction novel.

    We really are in deep trouble. The world is being steered by a megalomaniac madman, Klaus Schwab, and he has the full power of the United Nations at his disposal.

    This is not speculation, this is fact. The lockdowns aren’t about a virus.

    The virus was the excuse for the lockdowns.

    The whole purpose of the lockdowns is to destroy our economy and take away our freedoms.

    To force us to have these experimental vaccines.

    They’re implementing a hard Agenda 21, a “Great Reset” with the slogan, “Build Back Better” Only Britain won’t be better. Far from it.

    Those that survive the mass vaccination will live in an Orwellian nightmare like communist China. ….Links on page,

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