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  1. Is it just me or is there a pattern with people getting boosters coming down with Covid, i’m hearing about a lot of people who seem to be getting sick not long after the pfizer booster?

  2. Someone I used to work for many years ago has recently sadly had a heart attack, thankfully he’s recovering. That is all I know about this. The thing is that he was always super fit and healthy, always full of life and energy, so this has come has a huge shock, just terrible for his wife and their children. I know one shouldn’t speculate, but this got me thinking that he had the killer jabs. Absolutely terrifying times we’re living in, this could happen to just anybody. Take care everyone here. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  3. So clearly being able to play the guitar and having a degree don’t mean that he isn’t an absolute idiot. Keep on pricking Brian… one of them is sure to work in the end…. maybe.. … not.

  4. Knew this man was an idiot when he would ridicule anyone who questioned the Apollo moon landing bullshit.

    • Well Glen he’s probably pre booked his flight to space with Branston

      I’m sure the capsules will be full of champagne sipping , we throw money about – that the beloved people out here earn them ..

      Crazy people
      Who are watching millions & millions loose jobs, friends & family

      Shit show! And they enjoy it
      They are letting cancer patients suffer with anxiety & fear
      It’s Awful
      I don’t know how they sleep at night.

    • Remember – Nixon spoke to some dudes on the moon, in real time, from a landline.

    • Well he’s a keen astronomer isn’t he so doesn’t surprise me one bit defending the moon landings and space travel BS, has also a Mason like the vast vast vast vast majority of pop stars, Actors, Actresses, Celebs etc, they have all sold there souls for fame and Fortune, but there is a huge price they have to pay, they are totally told what to do and say and if they don’t they are just bumped off.
      Don’t believe a word from these people ever!

      • Freemasons are the root of this Reset. They’ve done it before in 1800s, and culled the population

  5. I’m sure that’s true Simon. Everyone who’s having these jabs are having their natural immune systems completely trashed. If only we could wake these people up from their brainwashed stupor! The best way to protect one’s immune system is to take cod liver oil capsules as they’re rich in Vitamin D and Omega 3s which are vital for your health. These nutrients keep your immune system strong. One capsule a day is all you need with a cold drink after breakfast. Simples! If only more people realised this, they could save themselves so much pain and illness!! All this crap is totally preventable as we all know here!!! Just tragic how so many people have got sucked into this evil scam. Take care dear Simon and everyone here. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Well said Carolyn, exactly as I’d have put it if I didn’t keep.getting so angry about the sheep calling me selfish.

      Calm, level headed reason is what we need on these boards. Ranting like I’m prone to makes us look like tin foil hatters.

    • Great advise Carolyn ! Even better, try get it these nutrients from diet ! i.e. fresh wild caught oily fish (and it’s skin and eggs too). Supplements are toxic, derived in a lab with cherosene, and have very low rates of absorption.
      Also, WE MUST kill sugar and increase vitamin C and other natural antioxidants and antiinflamatories ( much more potent than vit c such as glutathione and cysteine, all naturally produced by liver, all very high in grass-fed-only animal nutrition–never caged/farmed!— and wild caught fish/ pasture chicknes and pasture eggs, and raw dairy – animal nutrition, suprise surprise, what the current NWO guidlines are trying to eliminate ! HA! ) and things like Zinc ( oysters, shellfish), and Selenium (pasture eggs) Definitely fruits ( especially gmo and the ones high in fructose) or modern pastoried fruit juices ( 100′ degrees boiling ( pasteurization), kills all enzymes and vitamins and leaves you with just water and fructose).
      Most people dont know that taking vitamin C and having sugar in your system is a completely useless thing to do: Sugar and Vitamin C compete for the same cell receptors, and vit C loses out.
      A great source is Cabbage…. very high in vit C, and its fermented version has zero sugar thanks to the fermentation, and the already v. high vit C content shoots up 10x thanks to the fermentation process.
      Also eat less meals, increase (good) fat for health and satiation, eliminate addictive sweet foods or wheat/grain produtcs, that contain things like gluten that block absorption of nutrients, and also contain hormone inhibitors that inhibit the secretion of the satietion hormone “leptin”, which tells your brain “stop eating…i’m full”!) …do longer fasting at night, get that autophagy going. Fast for 16-20 a day. Skip dinners and break the fast at late lunchtime. Eliminate snacking. Take sun in your chest and full body. And exercise outdoor. Sports that have high intense stop and starts all body movements. Repeated Sprints followed by pause/rest are the best. Work on nose breathing techniques and also ground your feet to earth, and have cold showers every now and then.

  6. Knew this man was an idiot when he would ridicule anyone who questioned the Apollo moon landing bullshit.

  7. Totally agree with you Mick! What gets me is how people have had at least 4 or 5 jabs in less than a year, and they’re not bothered about that! But hey who’s counting huh??!! Booster No. 2 coming up in the next couple of months too! Big Pharma is turning naive and gullible people into jab junkies, they’re getting hooked and addicted while Big Pharma are busy counting all the money they’re making out of this evil scam!! Shareholders of Moderna are absolutely raking in billions! It’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard of in my life, absolutely unbelievable! If only more people knew the truth that Big Pharma are protected by government and cannot be held liable for serious adverse reactions, disabilities and death from the killer jab. If they did, this roll out would be an almighty flop which it deserves to be!

  8. Aside from all this, one thing that really makes me so angry right now is that we have a Health Secretary who is an ex banker with no medical knowledge, qualifications or experience whatsoever!! How the hell did Javid get the job?????? Same with Hancock and Hunt, absolutely crazy! What is worse is that Javid is telling the NHS bosses to cancel all surgery and also 103,000 nurses will quit the NHS due to his insane no jab no job policy!! Clearly the Nasty Tories are destroying the NHS deliberately so they can privatise it, which has always been their longterm agenda! I’m absolutely dreading 2020 because of all this, I really am! Hearing news like this makes me feel real panic, and it is also making me ill because of all the stress! We’re being ruled by despotic evil power hungry lunatics!

    • I too am really concerned about what appears to be the deliberate destruction of the NHS. My husband has stage 4 cancer and his meds apparently cost over £2000 per month. If the NHS collapses we’re stuffed. My husband is 72 this Christmas and has only been to the doctors 5 times in his life prior to getting diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer 5 years ago. He worked from age 15 to 65 and contributed NI stamps for all those years. It makes my blood boil to know so many sheeple believe the vile blatent lies the puppets say. What really made me angry more than anything else though was watching Wankock last Spring pretending to cry on the TV and he was actually trying to suppress bursting out laughing when being questioned about all the elderly people dying in the care homes. He actually pre-ordered months before Convid took off, contracts to purchase Midazolam injections for the elderly in the care homes. They were basically euthanised. 2022 is going to be very interesting and I think it will either be make or break time.

      • @fraskari You need to source alternative remedies, and although stage 4 cancer sounds grim it may still be reversible. Have a look at Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil.

      • Yes I trying to get it prescribed for my mother
        It’s meant to have amazing results

      • Thank you for your comment. I had read about Rick Simpsons Cannabis a few years ago but the hospital told us to not use it. I think if the NHS goes down the pan, that’s the way we will go though. The cancer spread to his bones 2 years ago but the drugs he is on are doing a great job is keeping the spread under control.

      • Hi
        My thoughts go to you my mother is not yet in remission from throat cancer
        But we did not have to experience this going on at the time as you & your dear husband are I am so sorry to hear your anxiety.
        You must not give up hope & keep your doctors making sure he gets his appointments & medication.
        I offer you my thoughts & best wishes at this time
        Blessings to you & your husband

        Take care
        Keep strong now x

      • Thank you for your kind support. We are getting his blood work done every month and CT scans every 6 months. He’s not had a face2face with the oncologist for almost 2 years and appointments are done over the phone. We are strong and coping. I wish you best wishes with your mum too. Take care. x

      • Good morning
        Thank you for reply
        I do understand your anxiety as I said to a certain extent
        as we were not loosing appointments as yourselves.
        It’s touched me your comments because I know how tough it is,
        cancer is so unforgiving & the government are to Never be forgiven for putting patients as your husband under this stress & anxiety being ill with the Worst disease on this planet far as i am concerned it’s Disgusting of them.
        I am always on here if you need ask anything
        I will be happy to answer as I can always ask my mother she has trouble now with ‘survivors guilt’ bless her so I know she will understand.

        So the government should Be ASHAMED of themselves !!
        putting families with cancer patients though this.
        Keep strong ..
        And your husband has an amazing carer, you & you know only to well how demanding that is on you emotionally when your husband doesn’t see.
        I am thinking of you
        And if you need anything please contact
        Use this page if you do then I am sure to see it as I don’t always press the notify if I don’t share on some.

        Good luck & please don’t stop keeping on at your GP they have No right to deny your husband in his condition & as mentioned last night he has paid his NI as you & I & now we being denied health care people are paying for!
        O it makes me upset because were is all the money going Every one is paying into
        They blame it on the BS well that’s a lie because when I have had to go to hospitals in last two years they have been Ghost towns??!
        And advertisements on walls for doctors jobs?

        Take care
        I send all my positive thoughts to you & your husband
        Best wishes Janie

      • @fraskari I wouldn’t wait for the NHS to go down the pan, I would start ASAP – carry on with the drugs, but definitely seek alternative help.

      • Bless you both. This is what makes me mad. Brain may sitting there going on about the flu and people are REALLY ill. Covid is more important then cancer these last couple of years. It’s disgusting I have no words . 😕

      • Check out GcMAF. It has a better survival rate and coats much less than chemotherapy. David Noakes supplied it and was jailed for this “crime”. Have a search online for it. Hope this helps.

    • I have questioned myself since March 2020 and everyday it seems to be getting worse. I would love to be proved wrong . I wouldn’t mind at all being wrong about covid and these jabs . Iv been called so many names through out this it’s getting to me now. Conspiracy theorist I am not and never have been. Hugo is right and I thought the same thing. When people have a test does it come up with what variant u have then ? It’s all bollocks. Oh and where did pneumonia suddenly disappear to ? It used to spread round hospitals like wild fire but hey its disappeared along with flu.

  9. Dodgy data from Sage makes me immediately think of dodgy dossier for Iraq war!! Evil bastards!!!!

  10. Totally agree dear Janie, flu and colds have been around since life began for goodness sake! Those that say they’re ill with Convid seem to have forgotten that it’s flu season now!! Walking around with ridiculous face nappies cos they have a cold!! Crazy snowflakes!!! Wake up you dozy sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I never even wear a face mask, but instead I wear a lanyard telling people that I’m exempt, and it works brilliantly in that everyone leaves me alone!! On the rare occasion when I go out, I always wear it, and how wonderful it is to be left in peace when at hospital appointment or going to the supermarket or church! I was also very cheeky when at hospital cos when I was given hand sanitiser I walked along and when nobody was looking I wiped my hand on the wall to get rid of the stupid sanitiser!!!!!!! It made a horrible mess ho ho ho!!!!! I’m such a cheeky monkey, and it’s great to be a rebel!!!

    • That’s is Carolyn
      You get out there napkin FREE!!!! Whoop whoop

      Your get your op
      Just keep that faith me dear
      Keep on at them because u pay your NI that’s to cover the cost of your NHS.
      So don’t give up
      Keeps strong now
      Best wishes
      Janie x

    • Lol violent

      It’s actually I think
      his ‘I still think I am a plastic rock star’ look

      Sorry everyone I am coming across quite pissed off
      It’s because I can’t stand Greed!!

      He has made fortunes off the people he is now promoting to be Forced into something dangerous!

      I calm now.
      Thank you
      Take care All

  12. One of the main side effects of being jabbed is an uncontrollable urge to jab others..

    Hopefully the bio weapon will take care of these morons over the next 2 or 3 year.
    8 jabs by then and they will still think its about a virus..

  13. Totally agree with you dear Janie, this whole thing is all about greed, especially the celebs and Big Pharma! Plus all those shitty politicians and Sage prats with their noses all in the trough! They all totally sicken me to the pit of my stomach, and I have a very poorly stomach anyway!!! It makes my blood boil too thinking about so many people who are suffering because they’re not getting the care they need for serious illness. Just what the heck is happening to people that they could be so bloody cruel and evil???!!!! There is clearly so much corruption and greed in this world. Anyway I’m very sorry indeed to hear about your Mum’s illness. You guys stay in my prayers hun. What is your Mum’s name please so that I can pray for her. I send you big hugs dear Janie, may the Lord bring you His peace and calm, surrounding you and your Mum with His love and grace. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Hi good morning

      Mum is
      blessings to you Carolyn your very sweet.

      Your tummy will be upset as your anxiety has gone bit OTT bless you with all this last couple weeks again
      Try today not let this get you down so much
      You need keep your strength up for your hubby
      Just remember we all in this together & here Hugo has grown with us a great bunch of beautiful souls
      We need each other now more than ever

      So hopefully you feel a bit brighter today my dear
      And you keep telling yourself ‘live My life’

      Sending my best wishes
      Carolyn to you & your fam

    • It took HILTER 7 years of propaganda. Let’s not forget he didn’t have the power of the Internet. X

      • And what propaganda was that? Oh yes, this propaganda:

        “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.”

        — Joseph Goebbels

  14. I feel exactly the same as you Fraskari about the deliberate destruction of the NHS. This Tory government absolutely stinks to high heaven!! So terrible to hear of so many people suffering, including you and your poor husband. You will be added to my prayer list hun. There are lots of friendly, lovely people on this forum so you will be well supported here.

    I feel complete despair here. I had been under the care of our local hospital, and they said that although they couldn’t do the surgery that I need as I’m a very complicated case, they promised that they would act as a safety net when I need one. Now because of the scamdemic they have denied me even that! So when I feel bad, I just have to stay home, without pain relief! I was having morphine when in hospital, but now I don’t have access to it now I’m at home. Absolutely terrible!! May well have to search online for some!! Now with the news of operations being cancelled every week and 103,000 nurses leaving the NHS by March 2022, I’m really scared of what will happen, and feel totally abandoned, now just trying to keep calm and get through Christmas.

    Anyway I just want to finish by saying how deeply thankful I am to everyone here for their loving messages and support through my bad days. You guys are all wonderful here, God bless you all, please take care. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  15. Third jab mandatory for Western Australian workers, to be administered within 5 months of 2nd jab!
    Wow, only 9 months after the rollout a booster is mandatory, where will this end?

  16. He came to my daughter’s college with the libdem mp on election time trying to get the young vote she said he was the big “I am” all the time he was there

  17. one vision was Freddie mercuries song, and they killed him with AIDS medicines, which makes sense HEY???
    You are scratching to make a story as usual

  18. I wouldn’t listen to a washed out musician for medical advice, or go to my nearest hospital for music lessons, having a few bob in the bank appears to give these clowns some form of right to spew their nonsense.

  19. The only way you can test what strain a virus is by a spectroscopy blood test and that is expensive so they don’t do it en mass. Twats on a mission.

  20. Think. After having 3 ‘vaccines’ for measles within 1 yr, you come down with measles you’re supposed to be protected against. . You’re then told to have a 4th vaccine 4 months later. Crazy.

  21. Mate of mine tested positive with the omnicold today. He’s blaming it on a night out 5 days ago, (like a detective) and hinted that it most likely came from someone with no jabs. Hmmm..
    He’s had three of them himself, mind you

    Lol. What a fuckwit.

  22. To be fair to Brian May he is probably a little ‘past it’. (NO OFFENCE INTENDED BRIAN.) He is over 70 and so probably was told by that nutter called Hancock to ‘shield’. He has previously had health issues so may consider himself vulnerable to a virus. Hence stuck at home he has been bombarded with propaganda from the misinformation channel known as the BBC (WHO ARE THE VIRUS).

  23. Brian May only got rich and famous by hanging onto the coat tails of the late great Freddie Mercury! And now he’s an establishment muppet! 3 jabs and he still got covid? I’ve had no jabs and I haven’t caught the coof! What a spineless cowardly bell end he is!

    • Falsely claiming he wrote last Mercury’s songs like Mother Love. In Queen’s Studio in Montreux ML’s draft is clearly handwritten by Freddie Mercury.

  24. Well we DO know how to measure the effectiveness of his 3 jabs against covid, vs. the severity of the disease 8f he hadn’t been jabbed, don’t we.

    Because he never had covid before he was jabbed.

    But if he had had it, he could have treated it very simply with one of a number of protocols, and by now would have had permanent immunity.

    But since being jabbed 3 times, he has “had covid twice”, and no doubt he will soon request his fourth jab to ensure that his 3rd case of “covid” is less severe.

    He is a disciple of Satan, obsessed with death and hell, so perhaps that is why he keeps getting the death shot.
    It will work for him, one of these days.

  25. Strange that perfectly healthy individuals will offer up their bodies to an experimental drug. It’s not an approved vaccine and the FDA want until 2076 to release everything that relates to this drug. 55 years wtf

  26. I know it’s an older vid, but last time, I was just listening. This time I watched – well DOH! I don’t have twitter anymore (badge of honour) nor FB, so when I saw Mister May-I?’s pic with a test with 2 lines, I fort ‘Strewth! He’s pregnant!’. Silly really, but my list of bands/singers has been ever-decreasing these last 2 years. Saying that though, there are a few who I never tried listening to, that (due to their stance re-jab) now are my go-to’s to calm me down.
    This is my 2nd ever comment here, but have been getting my daily doses for 18 months. I want to thank you, for bringing sanity in a crazy God-less World

  27. Hi Hugo,
    I’ve been following your videos to some extent, and thank you so much for all the work you are doing to bring the truth to the light. Brian May is a freemason. However, there’s a sense of consipiracy around Queen, especially under Mercury leadership. There was an investigation by a journalist, two books got published about Mercury, his life, Queen formation and him battling the agenda. The journalist got a sudden heart attack in 2012, it is believed it was a killing rather than a health condition. The books still can get found around internet, however, any mention is wiped out from Queen’s official fan club Queenzone. The song you mention, “One vision starts with speed-altered line “God works in mysterious ways”.
    It is then followed by
    Ah! Hey!
    One man, one goal
    Ha, one mission
    One heart, one soul
    Just one solution
    One flash of light
    Yeah, one god, one vision

    So “One vision” is a Christian anthem, which Queen repertoir is full of. However, Brian and Roger went freemasonic way after the death (or killing?) of Mercury.

    Some book findings are published here:

    • @Innuendo Yes both he and Kenny Everett were assassinated – both had too big a following for the psychopaths in power, so were considered a threat.

    • Bohemian Rhapsody begins with the chant ‘Bismillah’ – the first word in the Koran! Usually misheard as ‘Miss Miller’ by Queen fans and is up there with REMS’s ‘Call me when you wake up’ usually misheard as ‘Calling Jamaica’. Or the ‘indecipherable’ lyrics at the end of the end of the Psychedelic Furs ‘Pretty in Pink’. And how many Queen fans know who Beelzebub is?

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