Brian May THREE JABS = SICK / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. These jabs are nothing less than KILL SHOTS!!! Wake the F*** up!!!

    • The poison is in the jab – Why do you think there are still only CGI images of the C0NV!D L!£ – PHE, CDC and FDA admit C0V!D does not EXIST as they have not ISOLATED a single sample WORLD WIDE.
      Long term illnesses – adverse effect waiting to emerge over the next few years, where all jabbed need meds to control their long term illnesses / adverse reaction for evermore – until death.
      UNAgenda2050 – pop to be 1 billion by 2050 – it’s a slow kill agenda with 30 years of annual huge profit for the Govt Puppet-masters / paymaster pimps at Big Pharma.

  2. So this nob jockey is saying “get the jab” yet he is treble pin cushioned and still gets Covid….There`s a feckin great ad for the effectiveness of the `vaccines` then.

    • ‘Nob-jockey’? BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s hilarious, and on point… lol

    • I got a brother keep telling me go get the jab just because when he tok me to chemist to do a tampon (in Italy is like this, €15 the cost) the pharmacist tok long to do it because the shop was busy and the “doctor” was on her own.
      Hugo I like the way you said “omicron” 😂👍🏻

  3. Fair play to Clapton, but you don’t need a celebrity to spell it out to you if you are awake and not under their spell.

  4. Very few if any get to the top of the pop music industry without doing a deal with the cabal. Simply because pop music was created to be a major psyop & mind control tool. It is too important a tool to the cabal to allow just anyone to get to the top. They must all be vetted. Brian May will be a member of that elite circle & a favourite son of the cabal.

  5. @Hugo – No, you’re not ‘reaching’. These dark souls are FORCED to show you who they REALLY are, albeit cloaked in hand signals, symbology, or in the things they say/sing/etc. Or all of the above. You are not fooled any more than we are! Godspeed, brother!

  6. Mate posted on faceass” PCR Tests can’t be used after 31st December 2021! ” they extended them on the basis they can’t tell between any virus let alone moronic, that expires, hence the push on boosters. And got Forever ever BANNED!! LOL

    GB News guy with the beard, saying, Boris partying because they know it’s a hoax and he’s had enough, of the fear mongering.

    Last push on the boosters, forced to hype up a mild cold and everyone fell for it, hopefully announced Hoax early next year, but no doubt they’ve got a plan 🙁

    Client want me in tomorrow, don’t want to, there sheep, told them I’ve got a cold, be fine if you wear a mask LOL they think masks work and my answer was, NEVER!!

    • Guy with a beard = Neil Oliver. He’s been saying what were all thinking for months on Talk Radio and GB News in his monologues. I’m aware people could be shills but he’s never held back in calling this crap out for what it is! Nonsense and an agenda leading us into a nightmare.

      • Neil Oliver certainly articulates what we are all thinking. Suspicious? I still think he should be given the benefit of the doubt until such times as he veers off course and tries to lead us down a very dark alley into la-la jib-jab land.

      • I hope he’s woken a few up who stray onto GB News on a Sat eve lol. I always keep my guard up with people who appear to be on our side, but his monologues are entertaining at least, sometimes laugh out loud because he doesn’t hold back at all.

  7. This is total mind control they just can’t see and as this gets madder they get more compliant and they think we are the crazy ones
    Ho dear lord have mercy on there souls

    • C S Lewis once said, ” when the whole world is running towards the cliff edge, the man running in the opposite direction appears to be the crazy one”…. has that comment ever been more apt?

  8. The amount of these idiots getting really ill but saying that the jibjab stopped them from dying just defeats me.

    • Good enough for the prick! Ah im sure he would have been sicker if he didnt get it🙄 clown! I know someone who got it twice and jabbed! Hugo yr funny! “The jabs are shite🤣🤣 keep up the good work

      • Hi Pia

        To theses people it seems only they ‘exist’ !

        We like pooh on the shoe to them.
        They don’t care about anything but themselves
        Which is what Greedy people are..
        Selfish & plain greedy without care for Us.
        They never have cared
        This , what is happening around the World- they have all been waiting for this,
        It’s the signed deal They made against Us isn’t it
        let’s face it
        & he & the rest know that.
        How cruel can these people become,
        I think this last two years shows just how bad.

        Money has caused evil intentions & corruption for years.

    • It just shows how gullible the sheep are!! If you had 3 raincoats on and you still got wet underneath, would you buy another of the same brand of raincoat ???? Brian May would!!! 😂😂😂😂

  9. Someone else to delete from the entertainment world that’s sold out. Another one bites the dust.

  10. He needs to get a fecking haircut we ain’t living in the seventies anymore

    • Another Bob Geldof that mistakenly thinks his ageing mop makes him look cool, young and trendy.. These ageing ‘rock-stars’ (and everyone else for that matter) should really cut off their thinning, greying locks as they get older. It only makes them (and everyone else) look a lot older.

    • Funny, I wish we were still living in the 70s – or back in the 60s when we had the Hong-Kong Flu pandemic and I was a schoolboy who was never made to wear a mask or sent home to isolate. None of these scamdemic lockdown mandates and warp-speed vaccine bollocks would have got off the ground back then. The people in charge of things were grown-ups and had lived through WW2.

  11. So, This old snot gobbler gets a cold after having three jabs so he doesn’t get said cold and wants others to get the same jab so they don’t get the same cold, What a moron!!!

  12. You’re spot on that the shit tests cannot distinguish between variants Hugo. Also they need to do significant lab analysis from people’s blood to determine the variant. They seem to do this very quickly with all the idiots who insist on keep getting tested until they find it!!

  13. His pockets were lined by the tyranny but he will not be able to enjoy the money

  14. Here we have anothe⁣r supposedly Intelligent Human being and is seriously into Astronomy and Astro Physics Ooops what have we here . ⁣….Imperial_College_Lon and who Funds this ? Mmmmmm!! 🙂

    • No they’re not. Some of them may like to think they are, but if you are in the club you get the placebo, not the clot shot. Poor old Brian is on the scrapheap just like Eric Clapton. Only difference is that Eric had the sense to realize something must be wrong – though it took two jabs to convince him.

  15. Wow what a dumb ass. I get he’s an Establishment tool but for someone so academically intelligent why on earth did he keeping jabbing himself? I’m sure his friends in high places could have negotiated him a placebo deal if he’d wanted one

  16. I liked the way you called him a poodle👍🏻😂you noticed all these people usually take selfies with a pretty smiling face – 🤥🙄those who are almost dying, allegedly from a fashionable flu … and this test is in the photo … 🥶God, how tired I am, and when they also say that they had been ill with covid🤢-and they have such a heroic look, as if they had done something very important in this life. very proud of this …. oh no !!!! they coughed ….oh no,very dangerous 😮😂😂😂😂

  17. Mmm well the CDC has removed the use of the PCR test due to it not being a diagnostic tool and differentiate between c19, flu, colds, sore throat…etc etc … So it’s all a PCR demic! Fact! Check their site or look up Rory D Clark on you tube for further info.

  18. Hmmm, wasn’t he campaigning to save foxes and badgers for years? As long as the wild animals are alright, why not use your fame and influence to help murder mankind with toxic gene therapy?

  19. another poodle sell out, this plandemic is exposing these so called celebs, these celebs are not who you think they are, there not on our side.

  20. “The show must go on!” The narrative is absolute bull but they just won’t let it go!

  21. 3:03 freddy is doing the sign of Osiris risen, a well known masonic sign, also used in the ordo templi orientis, golden dawn, thelema, etc

  22. He just makes me feel sad TBPH. He’s a talented musician and a great rock guitarist, but more importantly he’s quite an intelligent bloke and he still hasn’t joined up the dots and realized what’s really going on. Totally hypnotized and brainwashed by the Psyops I guess.

  23. I’m coming under regular (approximately once a week) and horrible persecution and resentment for refusing to be jabbed, from…wait for it…my other half. She has fed on the MSM from the beginning and will not listen to anything I have to say, however reasonably I try to communicate. In fact, apparently it is me who has fed on ‘anti-vax’ stuff…the irony of it.

    It really is intolerable and I’ve been on the verge of walking, except, since she had the ‘Booster’ last week, she has had a nasty and persistent cough, which I’m honestly hoping will lead to her demise. Despite being a Christian I don’t even feel bad thinking this way.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

    • You have my sympathy, Guy. I’m lucky to live with a household of unjabbed, but can imagine your plight. I still have a nagging mother in law who keeps bringing it up. All you can do is stand in your truth and stand firm in your beliefs. For us, the longer this goes on, the more determined we are to remain unjabbed. Unfortunately lots of jabbed covid zealots are doing the same thing and getting more and more resolute that every last person should be jabbed! The truth will out eventually :
      Luke 12:2, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

    • It is tough my like-minded friend. My wife and two friends were allowed to go on a 3 week Caribbean cruise, but I was discriminated against and couldn’t go because I didn’t bend over and take the vaxtermination jabs.
      However, ( just like you , why do I still live with this complicit sheep?) YESTERDAY she said, after watching Chris Unwitty tell us to self isolate and get the boosters she said ‘ we all know it’s all rubbish so why are they bothering get us boosted up?’ I was gobsmacked !!! I did spend 30min explaining to her mum why I believe it’s all BS and she was in the room, so I presume, she has finally believed ME instead of the ‘experts’! There IS hope….. 🤞 Stay Sane, Stay Strong 💪

      • Well done, videoman! Sometimes the “drip, drip” of truth from alternative sources finally takes its toll and even ardent covid believers can cave lol. Perhaps not saying things directly to her (but in earshot) helped her not feel cornered or under any pressure in a 1 to 1 and she could just take in what you were saying and think about it properly? Softly, softly, showing seeds. Hope it allows for a more peaceful and harmonious home!

      • Thanks for that 👍. You’re probably right….. softly softly approach is best. I’ve shouted at the tel-LIE-vision so much though as she watches mainstream cooking progs and then on cones a Convid advert, but she warns me that one is due , now! lol Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

    • Yes, of course there’s so much profit to be made out of feeding people anti-vaxxer material. Those wicked anti-vaxxers are only in it for the money 😉

  24. A lady I know is all jabbed up and had really bad Cvd. She thinks she would be dead of it wasn’t for the jabbing. They never ask if they rushed out jabs could have worsened it, after all we know nothing about them. Insanity.

  25. My brother had his 3rd jab on Monday. Let’s just say he might and thankfully only might have myocarditis. He is waiting for the blood test results. I feel absolutely fine. Probably because I’ve not had the 3rd jab and won’t.

  26. What a hairy wrinkled mop head pillock I hated their rotten music and especially that buck tooth rabbit lead singer.

    • He died in another pandemic which made no-one I knew ill.
      Celebrity disease.

  27. GF’s just off baaaaaa baaaaa to get her booster with free HIV yeah, bloody sheep, won’t listen, I give up.

    Prefer my side bit anyway 🙂

  28. A nurse told me this morning that some people in the at risk categories have already had their fourth jab.

    • Oh Tommy!!! Tres Bon, mes Ami!! lol , tres bon!! 👏👏👏

      • Haha! “We will, we will jab you!” (“under pressure”)

  29. Hi Hugo good stuff again . I’ve just been to tesco sunbury on Thames
    . The are giving out boxes and boxes of free test kits ,putting them in your trolley ! People are thanking them.. nothing is for nothing. My money says they will either make you sick or give a false reading to bolster there numbers.
    The devil is liar. ! To be truly set free seek Jesus and He will set you free. ! Hallelujah blessings to all who read this .

    • The kits are to see if you’ve got a cold….and who doesn’t at this time of year? The numbers will be used to cancel our lives. These f’king Normies are putting a rope round their own necks!! Good luck to them all, Fcuk em all!!! Stay Sane, Stay Strong 💪

    • Bunch of lying serpent race satan worshipping devil’s. May God have mercy on the souls

  30. I’m a self employed builder, countless heart attacks reported by customers this year, just had a phone call from my wife 30mins ago my friend and accountant of 5 years died today of heart attack I believe he had been jabbed earlier this year. Prepare yourselves for the deaths people and stay strong you are not alone. Anyone jabbed is a ticking time bomb now, may god have mercy on them all.

    • I think that most self employed people have known this Con-or-a-virus has been BS since the very start. The S E have to earn a living using their own intuition and experience and this scam was so obvious from about day 5! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • @videoman1959 Before I was a Christian I used to run my own retail business in London, and I know that if they had tried to lock me down I would have told them to piss off. I once had a traffic warden come into my shop hounding one of my customers – I won’t tell you the expletives I used as the scum bag quickly exited my premises.

      • Thetruth….. absolutely correct! Officialdom has no idea the stresses that a self-employed person TRIES to live through in order to earn a wage…. and then you get some d#ckhead in a HiViz come along and threaten to make that task even harder. Goodness knows how the independent publicans, cafe owners and retail shop owners are staying afloat through this BS Scamdemic. It makes me so cross !

      • @videoman1959 Sadly, all very true – local high streets will eventually become ghost towns if they introduce more lock downs. Which is what they want.

  31. Fruit cakes.. nice of him

    Him (poodle lol Hugo)
    him that became Extremely rich from many of theses people he rudely calls fruit cakes!

    Funny how all theses people in music ect have short term memory!!!
    It’s people out here struggling to keep going Ffs! just because they don’t want something put into their body against their will!
    That made theses celebrities stinky rich!

    SO Mr May ..
    I will Not have something
    Being Forced upon me I do Not wish to have.

    A record label advertised a greatest hits album just very recently from them,
    Funny how he pushes this just little time after

    His hair looks Ridiculous in that big hat thing he wearing with the robe
    looks like he trying for a part in Harry P film!! Wally

    See … more money than sense!

    • Totally agree, these parasites do not seem to understand the word NO. How much longer are they going to keep asking the same question, because my answer is never going to change, not now not ever. They look so desperate it’s embarrassing, they can put which ever parasite they like on TV to ask the same question I could not care less about any of these false idols, their nothing to me and never have been. If they want it they can have it I didn’t put any pressure on them to have it so nobody has a right to pressure me into it…END OF!!!

      • Exactly 100%

        They sick MF,s
        And yes embarrassing .. Blimmy it’s cringe sometimes for me!
        Feckin loons the lot of em!

  32. I was around when Freddie Mercury died. Brian May was doing the music for a Ford car commercial at the place I worked (Ogilvy & Mather). He had been recording a solo album I think with different musicians. The song was shite (Driven By You). He is / was a fantastic guitarist, not so much of a song-writer but a good collaborator with Freddie. Freddie of course was the talent. I think back to the advice that Freddie was probably receiving at the time. There was no reason why Freddie should have died, if he had had someone in his corner from the alternative health world. Don’t forget, Faucci was tied up in this HIV world and it probably served the right motives to have someone like Freddie die. You only had to look at Freddie to know that he was probably still eating and drinking the wrong things, probably doped up on experimental retro-viral drugs (AZT comes to mind) and was probably worth more to THEM dead, than alive. I have similar feelings about Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston…worth more dead than alive.
    May has a Phd in something to do with astronomy, so probably has a very closed, materialist view of the world. A person like this, seems to discount the ‘obvious’ (has a jab, then he’s ill….it can’t be the jab) because he thinks (autistically or altruistically), that everybody’s motives are similar to his own. ie. that no-one could possibly have nefarious motives, especially not men (and women, lest I be chastised from the hashtag MeToo movement) of science…… he ‘trusts the science’ (but only the one that is presented by the Gatekeepers).
    He’s an idiot and will perish because of it.

      • I have to agree I feel with you to
        He was probably dis liked because he never did what they constantly wanted of him
        I did actually cry when it came over on the radio
        as I were in my delivery van I had pull over,

        R.I.P Freddy

        Sorry personal emotional outburst there lol

        Hope your ok

      • @Janie, Although I would never condone their lifestyles, there was something special about Mercury and Everett in their ability to draw a following and I believe it was that that made made them dangerous to the criminals in power – they HATE competition.

      • That’s so true
        They did & paid the price for it as you say.

  33. A scary number of elderly people I know that have had the jab are telling me about people they know that have had it too and recently died quite suddenly, don’t appear to acknowledge that the jab could be the cause. 😢

  34. Neil Oliver still says “the virus exists”.
    In fact, I haven’t heard a soul on any form of media who says there is no virus, so what’s that all about?
    “wooooo we’ve got to listen to the science and the experts, what does the average person know about epidemiology?” is the cry from the sheep.
    I know enough to know when I’m healthy or ill, don’t need a scum bag like this tosser Brian May or Whitty or sturgeon or any of them telling me different.
    I notice May says” covid hell “then states” mild symptoms “. I tell you, these bastards can’t even lie logically.

    • Exists kinda, it’s just Flu rebranded, all the convids since the 2 year old 1 are just random colds / flues so no way a jab will work no matter how many doses you give.

      And a bad flu outbreakz is not a pandemic, why they had to wipe out care homes to get the numbers up, and play the with convid game a lot.

  35. Pfizer pill approved usa on the site it’s not 1 per day for life, just with symptoms, taken with an old HIV drug Ritonavir, basically jabs are making you weaker immunity wise ( with hiv??? Most likely, tweaked mind ), making colds and flus seem more like the promised Convid ie deadly, then this boosts your immunity short term helping you survive and making them lots of money.

    Better hope if your triple jabbed and in the usa it’s covered on your insurance, same issue here in the uk mind soon.

    Printing money, and the 1s that don’t take in time or further down immunity wrecked path will still diez but convids fault, not tweaked hiv and wrecked immune system.

  36. Well said Ginger, same here. I’ve had no jabs, and I will never give in to these tossers ever!! Total bunch of complete idiots they all are!!

  37. Brian May has always been a pathetic hypochondriac and a drama queen, in the papers moaning about being ill with something. Total loser!! How his wife Anita Dobson puts up with him, I’ll never know! But they do say that love is blind!

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