REALITY Vs FAKESTREAM MEDIA #booster / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The photo on the left is obviously in the summer. Just look at the way they’re dressed.

      • They did the same thing with summer food shortages headline, showing the empty shelves and people in the background with winter coats on. They don’t care and just use stock photos. As long as the intended effect (panic, worry, fear of missing out etc) is achieved, it’s mission complete.

      • But some media have now taken to adding the date and place to the photos.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t doctored or faked. Read my comment again, very slowly and carefully. I said that some media outlets have now taken to adding A date to the photos they publish. Of course you can take it with a truckload of salt. But they could still be caught out and challenged if they have been ‘faking it’, not that it would make any difference. It is only recently that they have started doing this. I wonder why?

      • Anyway, people do the same thing on ‘social media’ all the time anyway. They will show an empty freezer that has broken down and caption it with ‘PANIC! EMPTY SHELVES!’ omitting to show the freezers bursting at the seams surrounding it. Angle, perspective and what is shown/not shown make all the difference.

      • @Senga the Troll

        GinaW said:

        “They did the same thing with summer food shortages headline, showing the empty shelves and people in the background with winter coats on. They don’t care and just use stock photos. As long as the intended effect (panic, worry, fear of missing out etc) is achieved, it’s mission complete.

        You said to GinaW: “But some media have now taken to adding the date and place to the photos.”

        As if to say giving them some kind of validity.

        I said to you: And you don’t think that can be doctored and faked too?

        You then pathetically tried to defend the indefensible with this load of nonsense:

        “I didn’t say it wasn’t doctored or faked. Read my comment again, very slowly and carefully.”

        That’s just it you didn’t say anything that couldn’t be taken anyway you like. In other words you failed to qualify your comment one way or the other.

      • @ thebsdoctrine The jackbooted Hitler worshipping, Jew-hating, National Socialist cum Satanist. When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.

      • @Senga the Troll, How very ignorant, emotional and infantile: I haven’t got a pair of jackboots, I worship Yashua Messiah and The Father, otherwise known as The Godhead, not Adolf Hitler. I don’t hate Jews, the Jews hate me and hated me first – see quotes and link below. In what way was National Socialism satanic? The Weimar Republic was satanic and yet again you show more proof of your plug ignorance.

        “The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed WHITE SUPREMACISTS….Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed.”

        – Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and co-founder of ‘Race Traitor’ magazine.

    • They tried to say that the 1st lockdown had made an impact on the air purity (climate change propaganda) To demonstrate, they showed 2 pictures of a scenic view of a distant mountain which couldn’t be seen due to air pollution in the 1st picture but could be seen clearly after lockdown in the second picture taken a year later. Unfortunately, the forgot to edit out a woman hanging her washing out on a line which could be seen in both pictures. Never trust mainstream media images.

      • And they probably and conveniently forgot to mention that the skies are chock full of heavy metals from chemtrails every day anyway

  2. Perhaps the FLOCK braindead SHEEP are finally realising that the two jabs are killing there immune sysyem …but i tend to think the SPIKE PROTEIN WILL DO ITS JOB AND FINISH OFF THE SHEEP. WITHIN 3YRS.

    • The spike protein attacks and blocks the ACE receptors which are an important way of stopping the cytokine storm when it occurs after infections. The !L 1,7 is the one that dilate the blood vessels. It leaves you with finding another way of stopping the infections in the first place. Vitamin D3 with at least 10000ius per day in winter and sunbathing in summer.(why do you think they tell you to avoid the sun with blocks and clothing?) you should also take Zinc and vitamin K2mk7 which stops calcium overload of the arteries. Good luck if you have taken the poisonous jabs.

      • @GWAYGWAY The best way to get Vitamin D is to eat plenty of oily fish = pilchards, mackerel, herring, kippers etc. plus you get omega 3 fatty acid as well.

    • Kevin don’t insult our animal friends. Female sheep protect their young, they wouldn’t let them have the vaccine. Sorry I’m not usually that bitchy.

  3. yay. good news at last. But how much wasted tax money paying these security morons.

    • carryonliving They’re in the process of trashing the economy so they don’t care how much money they spend, their intention is to bring in the GReset.

  4. Most people do not go to the third procedure of the experiment (I do not even want to call it a vaccine)👍🏻😉and here and in all countries of the world it is a fact!

  5. Why are they all wearing identical masks (apart from one or two) this is not what you see out and about. Are they a batch issue by the photography team?

  6. Why on earth would anyone bother? Do they really think we care enough about the idiots who choose to take the jab? Their choice.

  7. If people want jabs, they will and can get them …people are waking up ..if 2 or 3 jabs dot work.. why take more???

    The jabs DO NOT protect you from getting or spreading, mahbe makd you less ill in the short term…

    But in the abscense of medium and long term data …who knows?

    All i can see … is jabbed getting ill, whilst i am at work! As a nurse.

    Something is VERY VERY wrong with this massive push and coersion …never in my 41 years as a nurse, have i witnessed this …
    So its a FIRM no from me xxx

  8. And they wonder why we don’t want their vaccine.
    Lies and dishonesty on steroids..

    • ‘ There is hope’…. I lovely end to the video. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I find that the over 40’s in general, and more as you get older age groups, are wearing the slave masks. But that’s probably because they do not realise there are other forms of news stations other than BBC, ITV etc. They are lied to and don’t realise it

  9. Jab centre in my town, every 1 posting they’ve had there booster and clapping each other on the back, mask sheep wearing at all time high, people scared of me also at an all time high, 3 woman tried to move as far away as possible, there reaction was fun.

    Sadly think everyone in that area has already had it 🙁

  10. Lot of double-jabbed people not feeling well enough to queue up in the cold for their booster?

  11. I thought people would have to give their name and NHS number to book a nazi death jabb, if only to get on the convid pissport. So how could anti vaxxers clog up the booking system without giving verifiable personal details? And why should we stop any of the lemmings going ahead if they’re so craven as to choose something that doesn’t even work. We’re not anti vaxxers, we’re VACCINE FREE, free to believe in our own immune systems, not some delusional computer geek with a shit, virus prone operating system, needing daily ‘security updates’. With a system directory that CLOGS Up every few weeks… Well done Bill.
    And how many people do I know now who have been really ill with covid AFTER their 2 shots, with NO ANTIBODIES in blood tests? Yet all the vaxx free people I know have sailed through their covid, and DO have antibodies. There’s one for the fat checkers to hide away from us because it may spoil their master plan.

    • We are all Vaccine Free, this isn’t a Vaccine, it’s a BioWeapon, we are BioWeapon free.

      New York, doing people for not being jabbed already!! NUTS

    • They’ve got a new twist to their plan. They’ve stopped the fifteen minute observation after the jab for most people so if anything nasty happens to them they could be on their way home and it would be a “coincidence “. Don’t laugh it’s supposed to be so that they can get more people done quicker.
      I’m nothing to do with the jabbers, it’s checkable on the gov site.

    • @Nick C “I thought people would have to give their name and NHS number to book a nazi death jabb”

      Hey Nick, what makes you think the German National Socialists would have given a death jab to anyone? They needed ALL the manpower they could muster to fight a war on two fronts.

    • Stop it with your reasonable and sensible questions. These are now Verboten.

      • @The+Apes+Of+Wrath, It’s amazing how many of my questions, like the one above, draw nothing but silence, apart from (((trolls))) and (((spooks))) who vainly protest, but never produce an argument.

  12. This might explain the hasty punishment of the people aka lockdown…?
    Remember: Booster is life!

  13. A bit like the test centre round here , loads of staff doing zIilch and no Brain Dead to be seen 🙂

  14. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… watch the video I linked to below. This one is about a load of bills they are discussing in the US on Jan 5th and include forced vaccines, and one where the state governor can imprison without trial anyone she deems to be a threat to public health.

    And the called us conspiracy theorists when we said they’d start rounding people up and locking them away.

    His previous vid today was about de blasio who want the power to take peoples pay checks and “make their life miserable” (take away the things that make life worth living) if they disobey.

    They are ramping up the speed of this, I guess that means it’s starting to fall apart.

    I also like this: (Italy: after the mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire.)

  15. But according to the whitehouse he unjabbed will all die soon noooo!!!!

    Lots of people going to be mid Jan area, in the not passport certified column 🙂

    France is total news blackout isn’t it, annoyingly.

    • What do you want to know about France ?. Just watching a programme now calling out the lies.

  16. The one thing I have in common with the jabbed people is none of us have been vaccinated against anything.

  17. sat in the pub after work …listening the people talking ..people are so sick of this crap and the rules … and the lies …i keep hearing that many arent bothering with their booster or following rules any more …

  18. Great article written in the DailyMail last Saturday the 18th by Prof Angus Dalgleish who is a virologist and oncologist?
    If you haven’t read it already then you can read it online. I never thought they would print such an opinion.

  19. Fake People are not wearing Coats is it not winter in England!

  20. yes please watching68 can you send us the link, I’d like to see it too. Thank you very much.

  21. My sister got her booster and 6 day flu symptoms and the later LFT says she has Covid. rushing to get a PCR. Keep telling her but she believes the BBC, yet used to be first one to say don’t believe the government. Sad but she cant say nobody told me.

  22. Saw this : “A new study finds that those who get a breakthrough COVID-19 infection after being fully vaccinated may acquire ‘super immunity’
    It’s hilarious.

  23. The lack of intelligence on display right now is keeping me awake nights. Can you believe what you are seeing? I almost dont care sometimes, watching mentally subnormal hominids shuffling around asphyxiating themselves voluntarily and financially cutting their own throats. The narrative does not stand up, its So BLOODY OBVIOUS NOW, GOD DAMN IT WAKE UP YOU POD PEOPLE

  24. I have been flicking through Ritchie Allen’s podcast for today and at 23 minutes in he mentions that some of his listerners have been mentioning a ‘click-bait truthers website’ that he won’t mention and their purported figure of 23.5 million vax-free in the UK. According to Ritchie this is complete bs; he reckons that at least 90% of people in the UK have had at least one jab. I have to say I agree with him, and I am more suspicious of anyone peddling this nonsense than I am of Ritchie Allen for calling it out.

    • I didn’t say I agreed with Allen, but from my own observations I reckon that most people have been jabbed. I do not know anyone apart from some ‘conspiracy theorists’ who I have met that are not jabbed. One person who was adamant that she wouldn’t get jabbed ended up getting jabbed in case she needed to leave the country in a hurry, something to do with an inheritance. My heart sank when I heard the news but money always wins out. Now she is peeved off that she will have to take the ‘booster’ to keep her ‘passport’ valid. At least it is not as bad as getting jabbed to go to the pub I suppose.

  25. Don’t know about mps houses being burnt down , cut this off at its source instead if you know what I mean.

  26. Swedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-sized microchip implant that stores your COVID vaccine passport under your skin and is read with technology used to take contactless payments

    Hannes Sjoblad, Chief Disruption Officer for Swedish tech company Epicenter, showcases the company’s new subdermal implant for proving COVID-19 vaccination status. Sjoblad also talks about potential future uses.

    Video on the Daily Mail site.

  27. Swedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-sized microchip implant that stores your COVID vaccine passport under your skin and is read with technology used to take contactless payments

    Epicenter showed off a rice-sized microchip that sits under the skin
    The microchip can store the person’s coronavirus vaccine status
    A device with near-field communication can access the information
    This can be done my holding a smartphone with near-field communication over the chip and the vaccination status appears on the screen

    Epicenter, a Stockholm-based startup, unveiled a new way of carrying around a COVID vaccine passport – in a microchip implanted under your skin.

    The implant can be read by any device using the near-field communication (NFC) protocol – technology used for contactless payments and keyless entry systems.

    In a video shared by Epicenter, Hannes Sjöblad, chief distribution officer, has the chip in his arm and simply waves a smartphone over it to pull up his vaccination status.

    ‘Implants are very versatile technology that can be used for many different things, and right now it is very convenient to have COVID passport always accessible on your implant, he said in a statement.

    On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2, a pandemic.

    From then, the virus took hold of the world – shuttering businesses and forcing people into their homes for months.

    Although lockdowns have since eased worldwide, the coronavirus is still running rampant and is mutating into new variants that are harder to stop from spreading.

    However, the world now has access to vaccines, which eases symptoms of the deadly virus, and information of vaccine status is provided in paper or digital form known as a COVID passport.

    Many venues, restaurants, bars, concert halls and museums, across the US are requiring visitors present their vaccination status in order to enter the building.

    And Epicenter wants to make presenting this information as easy as possible.

    ‘In case your phone runs out of battery, it’s always accessible to you. So of course, that’s how we use this technology today, next year we are going to use it for something else,’ said Sjoblad.

    The microchip sits directly beneath the skin, either in the arm or between the thumb and forefinger.

    According to Sjöblad, the procedure is ‘completely reversible’ and does not require a special phone app.

    Epicenter’s implanted microchip is not a new innovation, as the company has been using it for years – and with its own employees.

    In 2015, the company announced it had implanted the microchip in more than 100 of its employees, which allows them to open doors, operate printers, or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

    The chip is implanted with a simple injection of a syringe and with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee’s hand.

    When activated by a reader a few inches away, a small amount of data flows between the two devices via electromagnetic waves.

    And although the microchip passports are not yet ready for market, it is safe to assume that is how they will be implanted.

    Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and CEO of Epicenter, said in a 2017 statement: ‘The biggest benefit I think is convenience.

    ‘It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.’

    • For the next time, why not just write in your comment what the ‘very good explanation’ is rather than a link to yet another long rambling clickbait video that is just a load of rubbish.

      • You’re a bit of a dickhead you aren’t you ,are you always so rude to people ? now your giving Susan shit , FFS

      • Rude, excuse me. You were being rude to Christine because she didn’t spit at a copper and kick him in the bollox.

      • @Senga “For the next time, why not just write in your comment what the ‘very good explanation’ is rather than a link to yet another long rambling clickbait video that is just a load of rubbish.”

        This comment proves that you’re a troll. You’re either a shabbos goy or a Jew. Which is it?

      • It proves no such thing. It only proves that I am sick of time-wasting clickbait videos, websites and articles. I don’t want to waste my time. I have other things to do. If you post a link it helps if you give an inkling of what it is about rather than nonsense such as ‘must watch’. It saves people wasting their time.

  28. Is it only my PC, or does this clip hang halfway, with a half blacked out screen and then cut to the video of the late to claimed queue? Oddysee version is the same and the YT one won’t let me get the share link either. I think it’s being messed with.

  29. On a look around different platforms it’s plain to see now for a couple of weeks or more that the tide is turning.
    I’ve been following the BS for 18 months and at the start ,until pretty
    recently and also currently have been called a conspiracy nutcase etc , but the mood has definitely changed .
    I used to see a 100 negative comments on SM now there are 100s of 1000s .
    They are panic stations and if they call our bluff in the New Year there is going to be only one course of action left and we all k ow what that is.

  30. Lockdown announced tomorrow, Tuesday numbers always spike due to weekend data issues, they’ll use that for FEAR and push it in. Thursday just keeping the Muslims happy.

    Also I’ve got Sheep saying they’ve went for there booster, been given a normal jab ( I thought identical confused ) which is there 3rd normal jab, then they’ve got to go back for there booster, so sneaking in 4 jabs, main poster has kidney failure, it’s her mates saying the same 4 of them.

    Getting SCAREY around here people, things are moving to fast.

    Ex HIV+, heard a rumour last week to be fair, but still uggggg!!!!

  31. HIV+ symptoms, 2 to 6 weeks after contacting the Virus 80% will get Flu Like symptoms, raised temperature and a sore throat, errrrmmmm, that’s Moronic symptoms!!

    • Everyone round here getting this “sore throat” cold thing. Hitting the old people I know hard, they’re jabbed of course, but will see if they can fight it off.

      • It is just a regular bug doing the rounds. Everyone I know has had it. I’ve had it. It’s nothing to undergo experimental medical procedures over.

      • @Senga the Troll, ‘Bugs’ don’t do ‘the rounds’ – ‘Bugs doing the rounds’ is just Germ Theory (Virology) bullshit; the same Big Pharma crap they have been spewing for over 150 years.

      • Of course it is ‘bugs doing the rounds’. What are you suggesting that? That colds and ‘flu is the body releasing toxins, ‘exosomes’ or whatever David Icke calls them as a stress response to the 5G network? And being in close contact with someone or in a confined space is how these bugs get passed on. Not content with rewriting history are you now attempting to rewrite science?

      • @Senga the Troll Suggesting? I am not suggesting anything you ignorant know-nothing. I am telling you. The body gets toxic and then gets rid of those toxins through colds and flu and other methods even cancer which is curable naturally.

        And then we see your pompous ignorant arrogance: “Not content with rewriting history are you now attempting to rewrite science?”

        What history and what science? Your knowledge on both subjects is minuscule to non-existent. LOL

      • Don’t mind me, I am just quoting ESTABLISHED FACTS no the latest nonsense spewing from the clickbait conspiracy theory industrial complex. And riddle me this; why when the cold ‘flu season comes around does everyone’s body suddenly have an overload of toxic exosomes? Why are these toxic exosomes not as prevalent in the summer months?

      • And what is your ‘cure for cancer’? Some honey and orange juice? If you had a ‘cure for cancer’ don’t you think the world would want to know about it?

      • @Senga The Troll, “Don’t mind me, I am just quoting ESTABLISHED FACTS.” Facts? LOL Hilarious, you wouldn’t know a fact if it were a lump of 4×2 whacking you across the forehead. You’re just a grunting pig wallowing in Big Pharma lying propaganda shit. So tell us all you know about The Germ Theory, which you’re so keen to defend. The Jesuit indoctrinated fraud Louis Pasteur will be a good starting point for you.

      • You are not suggesting that we should all be drinking raw milk and not pasteurising anything. I sincerely hope not. As for ‘web research’ that is tantamount to filling your head with rubbish. Just because someone posts a videos/writes something on the web doesn’t mean it is true. Proper research is peer reviewed with qualitative data and verifiable bona fide verifiable references. A click-bait ‘article’ on a conspiracy theory industrial complex site is not a PhD doctorate in any way, shape or form. They twist, distort and lie just as much, nay, more than the fake stream media.

      • Of course if I type ‘cancer cure’ into a search engine I can going to find a multitude of snake-oil salespersons, quacks and kooks exploiting vulnerable people in a desperate situation in order to line their own pockets.

      • @Senga the Troll “You are not suggesting that we should all be drinking raw milk and not pasteurising anything.” Oh yes, I would definitely recommend raw milk, provided it’s from hygienic sources, where good animal welfare is maintained.

        “Proper research is peer reviewed with qualitative data and verifiable bona fide verifiable references.” Would these be peer reviewed by people with no conflict of interests? Or perhaps you would use the example of the so-called peer reviewed studies on Sars Cov 2 which no government, when asked, can find.

        The more you post comments, the more I am convinced you’re a scum bag government agent.

      • @Senga the Troll: “Of course if I type ‘cancer cure’ into a search engine I can going to find a multitude of snake-oil salespersons, quacks and kooks exploiting vulnerable people in a desperate situation in order to line their own pockets.”

        Many people attend alternative practitioners because they have sussed out the radiation is killing them, and so says the defender of the Big Pharma billionaires. What a filthy hypocrite and very Jewish I might add – your smokescreen is beginning to fade.

  32. Brilliant!! And its not just Wembley its all over the country. Boris has set himself an impossible target.

  33. Something I have noticed about the photo (which is obviously not taken in December as lots of people are not appropriately dressed for winter!!) Most people are wearing masks that are all of the same type and NOT the ones that are normally worn. It is a setup. This is normal for fake news channels like GB News, BBC and ITV. The beeb showed a clip from York in Mar 2020 which they implied was of police stopping drivers who were driving around and fining them for doing so. But it didn’t show that at all. It showed a policeman directing traffic that was diverted (presumably because of a traffic accident further up the road). And then there was Hancock in April 2020 telling people that hospitals were very busy. But they were empty as I found out when I took a look around.

  34. Ah yes, the close to the Ministry of Defence MI5/MI6 Daily Telegraph psy-ops ‘news’paper, which, together with the MI5/MI6 BBC, has continually brought us lies regarding the origin and perpetrators of those gas attacks in Syria. Think they wouldn’t lie to you about events here in the UK as well?

  35. I saw a photo of a bus shelter poster that said ‘Vaccines are like batteries, they need recharging.’ Another push for the booster. Really, anyone falling for that shite truly derserves to be an active participant in the moron reduction programme.

  36. Jab the world let them know its Convid time, again. Great to see the empty queues.

  37. Sounds like a “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory” to me. The utter fucking irony of it, and the pants-pissers and bedwetters can’t even see it.

  38. Sheep mate that’s slowly waking up care home head nurse, just been around the Worcester hospital place yet again is empty, jts all BS that the NHS is at risk, she’s starting to wonder why all the lies, to push a jab she knows doesn’t work.

    2022 is shaping up as HIV pandemic year, in the boosters on!y but the first 2 or in cases 3 doses lower your white blood cell counts to prepare you for a quick death.

    Our only hope js enough of fighting age held out against the booster, that we can atleast put up a fight and not nust role kver and die!

    Lets hope that haven’t in reased it’s limited transmission ability.

    WOLVERINES! Watch Red Dawn old then new, brush up on guerilla war fair, it’s going to be needed. 🙁

    • @flatout21 Not long now, 2031 I reckon would be a good guess – along with the Blair bastard – there will be weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

  39. BBC again pushing for a lockdown of the °mRNA-free°. As per usual fake callers (very worried, of course) demanding tougher actions by the government to punish the ones who don’t comply.

    • Yep, they’ve weaponised the brainless sheep against us, just smile and think to yourself, you’ve likely got special HIV and won’t make it to 2023!!

      Already know 1 with, she normally rings me on the 27th for a good time, think I’ll pass this year 🙁 They’ll catch on, no time soon ofcourse, but they will.

      Stay strong, get fit mentally and physically, the fight for our lives is about to start and I’m not talking keyboard warrior BS!!

      • There we go, kicking the doomsday can even further down the clickbait truther conspiracy fiction factory industrial complex road. I thought the jabbed would all be DEAD by Christmas 2021? Remember when they turn the 5G on and the graphene oxide reacts with it to give them a heart attack? You have even less credibility than the fake stream media. There is no difference really. Just a load of guff. You really have to make up your own mind.

      • Look at all the HIV Talk and increased cases and my ex testing positive for and doctor saying that’s normal after the booster. The leak from German Nurse is also 3rd Jab contains HIV.

        Add in, mate with Kidney disease and her mates with kidney not given the booster, given normal jab, booster in 3months, why ?? cause weak, booster would be HIV detectable to soon, so there being careful.

        Look at all the extra heart attacks from the Graphene Oxide, 5G is still running at low power and not at the full Ghz, just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.

        If you wait for it to happen, then that’s too late, got to predict and get ahead of this shit to survive, or atleast try to.

        There are many way to kill us and it’ll be starting soon.

      • @Senga the Troll, “You really have to make up your own mind.” So says the know-nothing numbskull without a mind of his own that spends much of his time here defending the Jews.

        “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

        — Jewish Professor Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel University

        “You’re on the endangered list [White people]. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around.”

        — The Jew, Tim Wise

    • And instead of this silly incremental can kicking nonsense that will go on forever I have a prediction that ALL of the jabbed will be DEAD by the year 3000. Bookmark that and come back in the year 3000 and tell me if I am wrong.

  40. I am unable to view this past the 33sec mark. it’s going to a 1 half-screen still, and only audio after that. Blocking your content??

    • Playing fine for me, doesn’t mean not blocking where you are mind or different ISP.

  41. For me, I rely on my own intuition.. the desperation to jab everyone for a cold is telling. Stay strong people, cut down on the sugar, the booze and the tv and you will inherit a wonderful world where we will see Herr Schwab hanged by the short drop method.

    • Oh! I do hope you’re right!! 👍 Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  42. @Montmorency I think you’ll find that he will be run through by the sword: Luke 19:27 (MVC) But those mine enemies, (The Jews) which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

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