Lockdown News Roundup / Christmas UK SHUTDOWN / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. How come those “conspiracy theorists” can predict the future so well?!

  2. Well done Hugo for calling out Corbyn. Many truthers are taken in by him and other equally dodgy commentators/actors….i note FM Alex Belfield (The voice of treason) infiltrating protest crowd in London…another getting a lot of truther following is Dr John Campbell YT channel telling them what they want to hear then pushing the jab. Satan will tell you 99 truths to get that 1 deception in.

      • I am suspicious of Bellfield too. But he has appeared at Crown Court on charges of allegedly (got to get that in there as Bellfield would no doubt say) ‘stalking’ BBC employees including the vile Jeremy Vine. This is a genuine court case and these are very serious matters. It is not the local Magistrates Court. And it give more credence that he is the genuine article unlike government agent Piers Corbyn’s with his staged ‘arrests’. I have retired and considering my verdict on Bellfield.


      • I noticed on that article that Belfields address was given as Shaldon Close, Mapperley. Being the nosey sort of person that I am I had a look on guggle street view and lo and behold. It is not mapped. It appears to be some sort of ‘gated community’ where the guggle mappers dare not go.

      • ‘The average house price in Shaldon Close, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5XF is £333,437.’ Hmm, this ‘voice of reason’ lark obviously pays well.

      • Having done further research I believe that it is a reason new-build development. You can drive in it appears. I wonder why the mappers didn’t. Did Bellfield chase them off?

      • Rob@ Not all revealing but some pointers to Bellfield FM connections including mention of his best mate Jim Davidson who is openly a FM. Also ex BBC friend of his Anna Brees (Brees media) is another batting for the other side.

      • Alex belfield 100% shill and controlled oppersition

      • Have no idea about the shil thing ? All I no he’s a pal of Jim Davidson . Jim Davidson went of to see GARY GLITTER? GLITTER is a NONCE . I’m sorry I used to actually watch that BELLEND geezer but found him a bit sleazy. The way he made out to sit there drinking bottles of vodka and putting people down. To me ANYONE that can defend GLITTER as DAVIDSON did I don’t want to listen to. I admit in the being of all this I 2 watched BELLEND and DAVISON. I always felt there was something not quite right. Then the GLITTER crap from DAVIDSON. That’s it how in earth can u trust 1 single word these people say There all mates together. Let me tell you this , there not anyone sort of people I would listen to again. Davidson is a freemason ffs. Make of that what u like. Each to there own. BBC pedos.

      • julesokxxx@ not only the sheep love him but many truthers have been tricked. I have had 2 truther friends promoting his videos in the last couple of weeks as something I should embrace.

  3. I’ve come across information with a black box in deep stories to do with satanic practices/beliefs. There’s a black box under white House, in temple of 3 religions in middle east & somewhere else. Is it possible it’s there for a completely different reason, but just portrayed as something less sinister before questions are asked..?

  4. to hell with them all i’m going to do exactly what i was gonna do anyway

  5. People could just refuse to obey their wannabe masters/owners. That would be a good step in the direction of removing them and making it clear to all of them that their ideas are never going to be accepted. I am not the only one, right? There have to be a lot of people who don’t give a fuck what the fools say, or believe anything of their fairy-story about a ‘killer-virus.’
    I have the pleasure of living in the Dutch apartheid-state, and burning down the offices of MP’s sounds like a brilliant idea to me. We have only one political party here who don’t want to destroy our country and our lives and don’t want to take part in the totalitarian dictatorship that every other party has signed up to, and even the good guys seem to believe (or at least say they do) in the fictitious floating killer… they do however deny that it’s such a dreadful killer, so they are the closest we have to intelligent politicians, and definitely the only ones I could vote for.

  6. Nice one Hugo
    Great share thank you

    And this for any you lads with beards now get this…
    A advertisement on YT I see this morning pop up is..
    By Shaving off your beard it will be more affective when wearing a napkin!!

    Got some front ain’t they!

    I wouldn’t adjust my self image for any of theses power FREAKS!

    On that note
    Have great afternoon Everyone

  7. Everybody should just completely ignore the government and ignore lockdown! Boris and co are evil lying scumbags who we now know have broken lockdown rules themselves from day one, having endless parties throughout last year!! They’re sticking two fingers up at all of us, making complete fools of the public who have been taken in by this scam, and so I say tell ’em all to stick all this crap up their backsides, and the rest of us will just get on with our lives. Enough is enough!!!!! You only get one life, life is not a rehearsal!! So just live your lives completely normally and ignore these evil, lying bastards!!! Take care everyone here. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • SPOT ON Carolyn
      Great comment

      Live our lives Exactly xx
      Blessings to you & hubby
      Keep strong my dear
      Best wishes

  8. Well well well, the government has been using dodgy data all along throughout this fake ‘pandemic’ crap!! As if we didn’t see that one coming huh! Aside from that, I’ve just been looking at daily mail and other tabloids, and there are NHS adverts for the killer jab everywhere! This is doing my head in!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh stop the world I just want to get off!!!

    • Simple answer is avoid the msm lies like the plague and just live your life.
      I have had umpteen texts and emails this week begging me to go have their filthy poison, I just laugh and ignore them shows how desperate they’re getting.

  9. My word I am so sick of these anti_christs. Fuck those guide lines breech them all. Wankers they are the most hated group ever known ever. I can see some big changes in the new year

  10. The Covidmas Carol

    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    And a crappy New Year

    Bad tidings we bring
    To you and your kin
    We’ve found another variant
    And it’s coming for you

    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    And a crappy New Year

    We’re Satan’s elite
    And we think your all sheep
    We’ve found another variant
    And it’s coming for you

    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    For every month of the year

    We’ll deprive you of breath
    As we jab you to death
    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    For every month of the year

    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    We’ve got a dodgy vaccine
    For every month of the year

    Get jabbed wear a mask
    Or you’ll lose your pass
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    And a crappy New Year

    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    We wish you a dreary Covidmas
    And a crappy New Year


  11. Yes Morgan is a fake. So full of it planting seeds to burn down buildings. Hmmm right people wouldnt chat about it. Theyd get on with it and tell no one0

  12. FUCK EM ..I Do what i want when i want…and the CUNTS Can stick there jab up there fucking arae

  13. I believe it is being done deliberately to gradually put Christmas celebrations out of the minds of the younger generations so they can introduce their one world religion. No fireworks in London for Guy Fawkes night but lots of Diwali lights a few days later. I have nothing against Diwali but I do believe that it is a long-term plan to put all UK and European traditions into the dustbin of history so they can get their new utopian world established in which we will all own nothing but be happy.

      • @Janie You’re welcome and oh yes he and his brother were moulded in the same foundry – here’s hoping they smashed the moulds afterwards.

      • Keep strong
        And thank you for information you give

        Take care

      • @Janie My pleasure, and thank you for your replies. As for keeping strong I have Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) who keeps me strong. If it were just me I would have folded many years ago, plus He only calls the weaklings of this world:

        1 Corinthians 1:26-28 (MCV) For you see your CALLING, brethren, how that not many wise (clever) men after the flesh, not many mighty (big and strong), not many noble, are CALLED: 27 But God hath CHOSEN the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath CHOSEN the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God CHOSEN, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought (zero) things that are:

  14. Thank you dear Janie and bless you! You take care too my lovely. What a lovely friend you are to me! Have a good Christmas. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • I want to cuddle you !
      your so Adorable Carolyn
      Lots love & hugs my darling

  15. @Hugo, just subscribed to your JewTube channel, and I wondered (most likely you are aware) if you knew that it’s not showing how many subscribers you have.

  16. There’s no doubt its a spiritual battle. The devil mocks everything associated with Jesus.

      • The star of David has six branches of the star that symbolize the six days in which God created the world. According to tradition, the symbol of the Star of David was on the shield of King David, which protected him against enemies. This tradition comes from the Bible, from Ephesians 6:16, where it says “In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

  17. The Grinch doesn’t even come close to this rabble. I know a lot of multiple jabbed people that will be ignoring any lockdown – unless the family at the door test positive! oronic! LOL! I was watching a vlog where the family in the US were feeling none of the Christmas spirit – so they got out the decorations and the festive music and it was a great boost to them. Seems to be the part of the plan destroy families, their happiness – and to destroy small businesses.

  18. Merry Christmas Bro much love to you and everybody. And always remember the only people in control of our lives are us. Switch off the news and party on.

  19. “Christmas Bells” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    I heard the bells on Christmas Day
    Their old, familiar carols play,
    And wild and sweet
    The words repeat
    Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

    Take care you good people on here (and Hugo), have a good Christmas, do what you like – the proof of the pudding is in the eating – we will see this through.

  20. Aww my dear Janie I send you a great big cuddle and hugs back my lovely!! Thank you for saying something sooooooooooooooooooo lovely!! You are being a light in my darkness, and I really appreciate that more than you could ever know! I’ve been feeling really down and rotten because of everything going on plus the fact that as you know, I’m waiting for major surgery so have real fears about that! I’m bracing myself for the worst news that another full lockdown is coming, as that will delay my surgery yet again, which would be absolutely disastrous. The awful thing is that thousands of operations are being cancelled every week, whether they’re elective or urgent! A decision made by Javid who is an ex banker and who has no medical qualifications whatsoever is running the NHS! Total idiot has no care, concern or anything about the damage he’s doing to people who are seriously ill and struggling enough already!! Begs the question, why employ someone to run the NHS who has no medical qualifications or knowledge? How utterly insane is that!! Hence the reason for the despair I’m feeling right now, and yes I could really do with a great big hug, just want to cry on someone’s shoulder!!! Anyway I’m cuddling my darling cat for comfort, and bless her she won’t leave my side. Such a wonderful little fur baby! Just gotta keep my head together and keep strong. Very difficult indeed though, and yes I know there are millions of other people who are seriously struggling with this too, in even worse situations than me! Anyway bless you dear Janie, and I hope you’re coping ok yourself. I keep you and everyone here in my thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of yourself hun and everyone here have a good day. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Will still keep my fingers crossed that you get the op you need. One bright thought is that tomorrow is the solstice with promise of summer, although actually I’ve looked at the sun rises and sets for here and December the 25th is going to be the shortest day – from then on we get lighter in the evenings bit by bit. That actually cheers me up and sometimes I forget the horrors that lurk. You have a dear little cat and she alone is such comfort to you.
      As far as Javid goes – a bit like the CEO of Pfizer – he’s a vet! That speaks volumes – gotta laugh at that! But Geraint’s carol is the best one I’ve seen so far! LOL!

    • Bless you sweetheart
      Your get that op u just keep asking ok xx good luck always
      I glad you have the cat I have a ‘getting older’ doggie but she has been a Rock through this Insanity!

      Keep strong, keep loving your cat playing your music & email the Ass off your Doctor s re your operation they don’t deserve to leave you this long keep on at them ! don’t give in that’s what they want us to do x

      I am ok, day to day as I know the same for millions of us now
      Keeping my mind positive helps, a lot x

      Thank you for your kind words & wishes – I send them All back to you & more my dear Carolyn
      As Hugo said..
      Keep the faith & keep strong
      We all here together for each other
      That’s beautiful..
      because theses people doing this Madness
      want the opposite
      And I DON’T THINK SO Lol xx
      WE all stronger than they think & stronger in numbers
      Have great evening my darling
      Take care now keep smiling

  21. Wonderful comments Wayne and Nemesis!! Thank you so very much for uplifting everyone with your positivity. Have a fabulous Christmas yourselves, everyone here jolly well deserves to, especially awesome dude Hugo!! We all really love you Hugo, you’re an absolute legend hun!!! Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  22. I remember reading something a while ago, a whisper that something big was going to happen on the 21st (i.e. tomorrow), I took it to mean something against the system, not another bloody lockdown.

  23. Well, the Jewish Hanukkah festival has just passed without incident of ‘lockdown’. I find it strange how convid dovetails with Christmas just missing Hanukkah by the skin of it’s teeth. Being the cynical sort of person that I am I am beginning to suspect that this is an attack on Christmas itself.

  24. Thank you Hugo. I don’t listen to the radio or watch television, so appreciate your news updates.
    I can tell you now that so called black box is not what they make it out to be. It is very sinister. As always the truth will unfold.
    Please people, believe and accpet the Lord God Most High. He is judging the earth right now and will return to receive His own onto Himself. It is for this very season that He was born and died to set us free from sin. Beleive and receive HIS truth.
    God bless & keep you all.

  25. Thank you so much dear Kelly for your loving support to me, hugely appreciated hun. How are you today? Hope you’re ok. Very interesting that the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bouria, is a vet, a multi billionaire vet to boot!!! The scumbag wants locking up, better still being shot by firing squad like all the others who are involved in this evil scam! So great that we can share what we all think and feel about this garbage! Have a good day hun. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Thank you Carolyn. Am so-so but think I need to call the quack again. Well, call the receptionist. Not sure what is going on. I think I overdid it yesterday walking around the garden – am wobbly today. I agree – I just want them to suffer in a way that they are making us suffer but for longer and more painfully until the coup de grace – and that’s too kind. Take care sweetie. xx

      • Hey Kelly
        Your probably very tired to
        Maybe over the few days you have off with the children – I know harder said than done lol
        But do less relax a bit for just a while, it’s been a busy time
        you have children, school run works , looking after the home , all this BS going on SMH!
        so take bit time just for you at sometime if possible x

        I wish u nice speedy recovery to
        Take care now

      • Kelly please excuse me
        I am confusing myself thinking I am replying to Gina W
        Because she has children ect.

        But I do wish you a very speedy recovery & I do apologise lol
        I had long day (bad excuse I know lol)
        Take care of yourself x

  26. Great Christmas carol Geraint! So true.👏
    I think more people are now wearing masks, I was the only one without one in Sainsbury’s today.
    Just enjoy your Christmas everyone and do what you feel is right.
    Carolyn I hope you get your op soon, please try and not get too down.
    Happy Christmas everyone.

  27. Hugo just asking : is there anyway we can delete our own posts to avoid getting into disputes ?

  28. FEAR is working, loads on my FB posting they’ve had there booster today, had a walk in centre in my town 🙁

    Mask wearing in Aldi was just me + mate and 2 members for staff, I think 2 went in without as we went out aswell, so 96% mask wearing.

    Ex GF, testing HIV+ ( she’s size 4 and weak as doesn’t really eat, so showing early ?? ) Told it’s a false positive from the jabs and go back in 3months for a retest, so we wait! Normal her doc is saying, so others showing HIV+ to I guess, surprise surprise.

    there eradicating or trying to any religion not Muslim, by cancelling the religion or killing the people born into it, in the UK we even if Atheist are considered Christian sadly!!

  29. Great article written in the DailyMail last Saturday the 18th by Prof Angus Dalgleish who is a virologist and oncologist?
    If you haven’t read it already then you can read it online. I never thought they would print such an opinion.

  30. Blimey Hugo – you don’t cut Piers Corbyn any slack do you? Those who stick their heads above the parapet are always going to be taking a risk. Those headlines you quote about Corbyn are reporting the truth are they? I don’t know, but all of a sudden you ‘selectively’ believe Fakestream headlines? How’s that for inconsistency?

    I don’t blame anyone for not sticking their head above the parapet trying to garner support but to accuse those who do e.g Piers Corbyn and Willsy from ResistanceGB I think is a cheap shot and thoroughly unhelpful. I say if they’re controlled opposition they’re doing a pretty awful job of being controlled opposition.

  31. For Boris the going is getting tough and although those village idiots from Sage want to cancel Christmas, WHITTY AND VALLANCE can GO AND GET STUFFED in the words of the Billy Ocean song

  32. Hugo,
    Don’t forget that piers Corbyn was the VERY first person to stand up against this tyranny and also the first to stand against ulez , PEOPLE HAVE SHORT MEMORIES.

  33. Trust no one but yourself. If you have close family or friends – good for you. If Not – do not trust anyone just for sake of it. A group of individuals do not multiply the best in people. The group is a multiply of the bad. The battle we have is the battle of the individuals against the bad. Each single man and woman has got enough power to win. Thank you, Hugo, for your calm voice and wise words.

  34. Spot on, all this safety in numbers crap. It seems no 1 gives a shit about anyone anymore. Oh unless ur a BBC pedo of course.

    • They did employ the – Jim sick fix it- to help them

      He even was given the rights to oversee mental patients

      That MSM hid thousands of sickos through the years
      Why people won’t see it & still watch them will forever worry me.

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