HUGE TURNOUT @ LONDON PROTEST/ Real Report Unlike Fake GB News / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Awesome!! This is when I’m proud to be British!! Well done you all for showing such immense courage and standing up for all of us. I would have loved to have been able to go too, but I’m very unwell at the moment. God bless all these amazing folk for all their tremendous efforts today. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Take lots of Vitamins C and D,Carolyn.

      I’m 81 AND never get even a Cold nor do I take ANY Vaccines.

      Illness is simply your body reacting to LONG TERM STRESSES of one kind or another, usually WORRYING and/or POOR NUTRITION over a long period, oh and yes I am also a CERTIFIED NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT

      • I am 83yrs. Retired Nurse. Eat healthily. Always active and happy. I take the known vitamins for protection. I will NEVER ALLOW ‘THEM’ to interfere with my body …nor MIND.
        Come on dear people… protect what we were given by Nature.
        Love to you all.
        Take Courage.
        Be wise in how you do this.
        Thank you to all those participating in the fight.
        God be with you.

      • Good morning Barbara

        What a lovely comment
        Thank you

        Keep strong Barbara
        And blessings to you to


        your correct & I really enjoyed your comment thank you

        I was bought up in the fruit & veg trade so i also have always eaten a healthy diet

        Take care now

      • Very obvious that you’re a nutritionist and not a doctor. The idea that most illness is just stress is demonstrably false.

    • Morning Carolyn yes – get better soon huni

      And yes BRILLIANT STUFF to see wasn’t it

      Take care now

    • I just hope that the general public will respond with even more force when parliament try to pass the new Police and Crime bill which essentially criminalises all forms of protest.

      They can try to control us all they want, but if we have the power of protest the people will always win. This is a direct assault on our democracy and should send shivers down everyone’s spines.

  2. Yeh funny ain’t it how MSM pick a Back Street. I simply laugh at their Mind games that they play.:)

  3. There was another provocation at Apple Store.
    This way the infiltrators stopped the march over there. Someone thrown some liquid or paint at the windows of Apple Store, the riot police turned up immediately, I don’t know if they have arrested anyone, I don’t think because the riot police cannot arrest anyone – they are just paid security and then the agents started shouting “Shame on you!” and other have followed and the crowd stopped.
    My 1st clue is always – if there is a lot of photographers and camera men then I know it was staged. They must to know in advance when the psyop is going to happen.
    You have to know that a lot of these cameramen with professional kit are agents – I don’t trust any of them.
    There must be at least 100+ of these paid actors, provocateurs especially at Downing Street.

    • And believe me or not but they use this “naturally occurring” crowd to create different stories for media. They just use the opportunity of the crowd so they don’t have to employ 200 statists for the job but who knows later in the COnVID plandemic they can and they will employ even a 1000 statists what they already did in the past especially with these fake e.g. for Palestine protests where I saw some upper-class students all of course in masks not genuine anti-tyranny protesters on the same day. But I don’t see people to be susceptible to the provocation.

      I think the same people who ran this fake storm of the Court (I don’t remember what it was) at Canary Wharf this year were provoking people near Downing Street.
      Some Intelligence agents mixed with Antifa thugs. They send some kids of the lower Elite to show up and participate in these events so people think that something is being done but it’s not.

      You can see that something is staged when the crowd is too uniform.
      They can fake much bigger events. Read Miles W. Mathis about The Kent Stage Massacre for instance.

      • Piers Corbyn being the most prominent.

    • Elite funded rent-a-thugs. Works beautifully in terms of discrediting honest peaceful protestors. They’ve used this trick for a while now.

      I saw another GBNews report (same reporter) where the camera man must have been literally kneeling down so as not to give viewers any scope of crowd depth.

      Yet if this was a ‘Pride’ march it would have been headline news, make us all think the country is in favour of pretending that more than two genders exist.

      If GBNews were genuinely reporting truths Sky/Virgin/Freeview simply wouldn’t provide them a platform!

  4. Absolute controlled march yet again and you really have to be completely stupid not to see it.
    There are 100 percent actors playing parts at the front that are controlling and subduing the masses just like a mainstream media.
    The French and most of Europe are laughing their arse off at this pitiful pitiful march.
    Ffs they are killing our children and this is the level of anger towards the government.
    Wake the fuck up.

    • Who should wake up? The protesters?
      Do you mean the protesters in France and Europe are defeating the regimes because they are not peacefully protesting?
      As far as I know the regime is doing fine in all Europe.

      I don’t think the protest is 100% controlled. The route is set but majority of people in it are genuine.
      There are people with Trump, Bitcoin and human traffic fake stuff but the rest revolves around tyranny which is good.
      Of course these professionally made banners that were given to people “to boot Boris” including “no covid passport” IMHO is Intelligence made so people deep dive into the details without looking at big picture.

      • Iit is the few controlling the many using the same psychology that our government is using.
        The British seem to be very susceptible to this. Having said that there is a growing group waiting for the right moment to appear at tge marches.
        The French and many european countries are far more aware of tge tricks that their government can play and have a far deeper reaching history of how to deal with it.
        We, the British sadly are not even aware of who the true enemy is that we are fighting because we have been so successfully brainwashed for such a long time.
        Our history is a lie and once we wake up to that the cure for this evil is obvious.

      • Then there must be a least a manual so people can study and protect the crowd from infiltrators. Would you recommend anything?

    • I am not sure I would call a march with at least a million people present ‘pitiful’ actually. Surprisingly, even the beeb reported on it happening (which was the first time they had done so) I admit that the route was pre-set and it would have probably been better if the authorities had not known previously but conversely they needed to shut roads down.

      • Routes are preset in France and the “Prefecture” has to be told 2/3 days in advance so it can be “authorized” ! Trouble makers (looting, burning, fighting Police) are what we call “Black Blocs” and not your usual man in the street. They usually wait until the march is ending/breaking up and then all he** is let loose. The day the man in the street wakes up who knows what will happen …

  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you everyone for turning out I wish I could have been there with u all.
    Thank u Hugo for all your hard work getting this out to people.
    Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

    • I didn’t attend the march as I was out with mates for a few pre Christmas drinks. Half of them didn’t turn up as they tested positive for covid. They got a Lot of abuse from me about their gullibility. All triple jabbed FFS. I wish I’d gone to the march now. What a set of knobs!!

      • I was originally meant to be at a football match but it was cancelled because of ‘positive cases’ I was livid. But it did enable me to go on this march and it was a great day. Hope you can get to the next one. There were at least 100 000 people there, probably more. I think even the beeb may have been aware of it this time at least (not that they will report on it!)

  6. Aren’t these marches held with the permission and cooperation of the “authorities”?

    • Correct…a kettled walkabout as the parliament army must “ok” the route taken BEFORHAND!! MADNESS-SHEER MADNESS-it just shows the “soviet british controllers” where the problems are!!

    • Regardless this was, is and will be a good display of numbers.
      Of course the march itself is heavily infiltrated with some provocations here and there to spice things up but we have to tolerate that.
      At the end of the day everyone goes home and should fight this individually – this is what matters, not a crowd storming and burning down Downing Street.
      Boris and his masters are not worried about that. They are worried about disperses activists – this is what they cannot control.

  7. Apparently the Lancashire County Council has issued an ad saying don’t be a Richard or a Dick £100 fine for not doing your bit and not wearing a mask. Who are these dirty low life peices of shit

    • I live in Lancashire and I’m unaware of that. Unenforceable anyway as long as you are aware of your rights.

  8. Dangerous thugs with babies in buggies – yeah right. I guess it makes a change that here at least covering it for once!

  9. I’m so fucked off with seeing this rubbish. I’ve lost my step father to the jab, my uncle to the jab, I’ve seen dozens of adverse reactions and I’m sick of it.
    Hugo, ffs if you don’t see this as controlled then you are losing any credibility and should stop what you are doing immediately.
    You are not stupid so you must be part of this bollocks.
    Trust me my friend if you are then you will be hunted down along with the rest of this fucking scum.
    They are fucking killing people and killing children and nothing is being done.
    If this was serious opposition those police in front of downing Street would have been blown away and downing Street would have been burnt to the ground.
    Wake up people because you are all being played.
    It’s time to stop listening to these controlled fucks and start a war.
    Enough is enough.

    • Just calm down fella !!!!
      Hugo is trying to let us know what going down ….stop throwing allegations around because you are only making the problem worse!!
      Okay fella !!!!?

      • Oh do shut up.
        Let’s all turn a blind eye to what is really going on here.
        This is a completely controlled march and Hugo is saying the opposite.
        If this was anything other than completely controlled we would have seen what these fuckers deserve.
        All the police should have been rounded up and then arrested, all their equipment removed and handcrafted to await trial.
        I’ve seen worse scuffles in my local pub.
        Total control and if people are saying this was the public standing up then they are part of the control.
        Wake up ffs

      • Don’t tell me to shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!
        You wouldn’t be so fukin mouthy if you were in front of me ….grrrrr !!!
        Just fuck off prick!!!!!!!!

      • Yawn
        Your more than welcome to come and meet me.
        I absolutely no problem with that.

    • I agree with you on that but believe me the Intelligence knows even better how to control the very angry crowd.
      The fact that there was no mounted police or police with guns means the regime care less about the marches.
      They monitor Facebook, Youtube and Telegram they know that nothing big is going to happen just a display of numbers.
      Otherwise you would see mounted police and police with weapons.

      The same people who are now in power were shooting to coal miners few decades ago.
      They know which crowd is dangerous to them.
      The 2011 riots were serious and the controllers lost control of the havoc or they basically let it lose.
      At the end of the day poorer parts of London were looted and burned but I am sure they would not let to touch the City, Westminster, West End or Canary Wharf.
      Besides there is nothing to burn down – the Joo peerage hides behind stone walls and Joo financiers hide inside steel and glass skyscrapers that can only be destroyed by a commercial plane.

      Read Miles W. Mathis.

      • I totally agree with you.
        This shows how completely controlled these crowds have become.
        Trust me when I tell you that there is an army waiting to rise and take these fuckers out.
        As soon as it becomes clear that people are actually going to do what the French are doing you will see the real people of this country rise.
        All this bullshit we are seeing is so obvious to anyone awake as is this rediculous bullshit from Hugo.
        Wakey Wakey people.

      • I don’t agree the hole thing was controlled
        But at the ending I turned off as I new the police wouldn’t let there lot get surrounded like that
        After most the people had got going home

    • I’m with MAD on this 1, self sacrifice is a thing of the past nobody is willing to do, even get into a bit of trouble, while they are slaughtering us or atleast will be over 2022.

      We complain, peacefully and quietly and then wonder why we are ignored.

      Definately WAR Time, if anything kinda too late 🙁 if I’m right and I’m generally right, they’ll all have HIV or something similar and be dependent on the government for them to merely stay alive for the rest of there pitiful lives.

      Either way, 2022 the world turns to utter shit, hell on earth level of shit, prepare for this.

      • Brings to mind a couple of lines from “The Charge of the Light Brigade” : Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die ! OK sheep follow the orders see who laughs last !

  10. Brilliant thought provoking article in Daily Mail today Sat, written by Angus Dalgleish FRCP FRCPath FMedSci
    he is a virologist and professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London, best known for his contributions to HIV/AIDS research
    Read it online if you can! The first bit of truthful common sense written abut all of this travesty and published for 2 years in my opinion!

  11. Brilliant thought provoking article in Daily Mail today Sat, written by Angus Dalgleish FRCP FRCPath FMedSci he is a virologist and professor
    of oncology at St George’s, University of London, best known for his contributions to HIV/AIDS research
    Read it online if you can! The first bit of truthful common sense written abut all of this travesty and published for 2 years in my opinion!

    • What I’m 99% sure is in this damn jabs, HIV 🙁 He might be on there side, it’ll explain a lot of the sudden deaths with dead immune systems.

      Pfizer Pill, needed a HIV Pill to make it work and is likely just a rebranded HIV Pill aswell kinda screams this.

  12. Later on there was a guy stood in the road, he had one leg (and one of those thin metal ones). Cops were walking up street behind him and one of them flattened the disabled guy. Was on one of the live streams.

  13. The truth is flooding out all around.
    They can’t hold on to their narrative for much longer in spite of all their power.

    • They are winning and they are winning huge.
      They have the majority under complete fear hypnosis.
      They would never have started all this if they didn’t know that it was a sure thing.
      Trust me, we are in big trouble so prepare for the worst.
      If you don’t get prepared then prepare go fail.
      Our only hope I s for the awake to rise up as one army and take the fuckers out.
      All these idiots that are saying we have to be peaceful are saying that to stop that happening.
      Our only hope is war.
      History proves this.

      • I agree, peaceful is not going to lead us anywhere but you need hit-men to knock some of these bastards on the local (council) and national level.
        This has to be decentralized activity and targeting different groups.
        Moreover run the same psyops on the Elite to destabilize it. Most of them are psychopaths and maniacs so they don’t trust each other that well and while they pull thee strings hard now it’s harder for them to keep everyone in line.
        They have all the antiterrorist acts ready to deem any militant opposition as a terrorist organisation, pacify it, drop bombs or even use drones.

      • Correct. Look at Ceausescu in Romania, Stalin in Russia.. you have to drag these people out into the streets and string them up. Peaceful protest achieves nothing. Execute the MFs

      • You have a good point. Peaceful protest has never brought about change. This is why they’ve spent the last 50 years feminising us all, fattening us up, making men with passion and hunger feel out of place, removing our gathering points (pubs), destroying family and community, turning as against each other, dumbing us down, overpaying us then overburdening us with debt…the list goes on.

        All so we don’t and can’t muster up the time, energy and will to revolt against them.

      • @Montmorency you are correct. And the ironic thing is that the elites showed us how to do it with their fake puppet leaders Hussein and Gaddafi. Both dragged out in the streets.

  14. Looks like there was “100’s” there! Belfast was amazing,, the atmosphere was electric it was more like a concert, never seen a crowd so bonded. Can’t wait for the New Years Eve event!

    • Just like to apologise for my foul language…
      just annoys me when people have a go at our host….
      Take care people x
      Have lovely Xmas 😍

      • please don’t use “Xmas” because this is what Joos have come up and use.
        It’s Christ not a cross but because Joos are not Christians so it’s easier for them to put X so they don’t have to write/spell “Christ” a word they despise.
        Simple as that. Thanks
        Merry Christmas

      • lol bless you
        being yourself is the best way though

        I want fight theses people to
        but they only lock us all up
        It’s what they want to Divide people all together
        Shame on them
        This is crazy
        And it’s showing on people we must not break now

        Have great day Every one

  15. It’s time to rise up .wheres all coloured people we fought for in black lives matter there ones who least had jab its time drag these government officials into streets made them answer fir there support lucifer not us people who put them there I hope this makes sheep wankers the retards drones clones who bent over backwards let the government shove there dicks right up these peoples backside take vaccine shove it in there child’s well ashamhed hang there yellow belly chicken heads in shame disgust .because we will overcome these draconian rules christ will help us soon all these luciferian bustards will burn in 🔥 fires hell damnation for selling there souls .very soon

  16. A lot of people are going to be on the wrong side of history.
    When this turns and it will, there will be no mercy.

  17. Ironically (or stupidly) a lot of people took their smart phone to the protests. Easy to track any of them.
    Will be interesting to see how the media will spin this: Violence or simply a giant Omicron outbreak and NHS overwhelmed.
    Remember, the people behind this have centuries (if not more) of experience and have funded all sorts of studies on human behaviour.
    Most of the people around me a double jabbed, flu jabbed and boostered. A lot felt and feel a bit rotten ATM, but I’m sure the’ll take the next shot as well when offered.

    • I think a lot of sheeple people are fed up but they continue bullshitting themselves I don’t know for how long.
      I think the acknowledged that the vax does not protect them but what they say, listen to that, “you won’t end up in a hospital”.
      What a ridiculous “advantage”?

      And they even ackonoledge the side effects but they still classify it as bad luck. You know:
      1. they inject you into the muscle – you are fine
      2. they inject you into the blood stream – it fucks your cardio-vascular system
      3. they inject you into a nervous system – it fucks your nervous system


      And they don’t even acknowledge the cardiac arrests of the football players! e.g. Lindeloff recently.
      They say: they haven’t even taken the vax.

      These are the master hypocrites, the traders, City of London, all the Joos and traders working for them.

      • Well, I’m afraid you are right. They will never admit they have been duped. Perhaps it’s the education, they can’t imagine that the governments would want to harm them.
        I think my boss is slowly waking up, mostly because my crazy predictions tend to become reality! At least I hope he does.

      • They are waking up but some at such slow rate that you probably won’t even notice when they actually changed their mind.
        You know they want to cross the river but never get wet so it will not impact their reputation.

  18. Mad22 has a valid point an personally wanted this to happen a while back. Let’s drag these bastards out there Homes! They are killing the population softly with the jab! If they went for the kill right away they would have showed there hand an the game would be up an you couldn’t inject every person at once.. be too obvious. So yeah there killing us softly an we are all sitting in our houses at night an still going ti work the next day! Wtf?? Most of the people wouldn’t even be Abel to register such horror never mind fight it. The most are too soft an don’t know where to start. We have no weapons to even fight.. yeah we outnumber them but they have weapons to contain the angry ones. We need to beat the system with brains not fists. Or if that fails fists will be our only move in the end. The majority have took tue jab so basically they will all get ill as the effects are in reversible according to the man who made it. The guys made a speech on it in America.. saying protect your family an kids from this jab at all costs. 2022 is going to be scary I think.

    • Well said! Yeah let’s defeat them with our brains.
      These sick maniacs. The world we live in is run by the worst people. I don’t think it was ever that bad.
      There is no decency any more because the Joos have no morality and they go all the way with their chutzpah. This is what counts in their thinking.

      Read Miles W. Mathis

      • They aren’t clever people either, they employ clever people to do their bidding. It’s the ones willing to betray the human species for profit we need to focus on.
        Pfizer and Twitter to name just two!

      • Our Semitic friends have wanted to see the world burn ever since they rejected the Christ and lost their inheritance.
        They are a bitter and twisted people!

      • @Allan Gill
        Jesus Christ is their only but the biggest obstacle.
        Through their revolutionary spirit they have done their “best” to round the whole world for the master of evil.
        It’s time to depose all the false leaders, false idols, false flags and other false things they concoct.

      • FFS what is it with people on here and the Jews , people are responsible for this tyranny just people and I dont gove a fuck if they are black, white catholic, Muslim or fucking pink ,what i do know is they are evil and can’t wait till they are brought to justice and wind your neck fella ,your fucking boring .

    • I refuse to participate in working for a subsistence wage. I would rather sit on my butt and get paid to do so instead of perpetuating this crook shell game!

  19. It’s sad how all these other countries put together successful protests but the States? Nothing….

    • Coz most police forces don’t shoot to kill without provocation!

  20. I was there and standing about 5metres away from where they claimed there was violence at Parliament Square. The only violence that I could see was a police scrum (who may not have been real police admittedly – most of the police were monitoring it only) The alleged attempt of violence occurred about half an hour before the march began whilst all protesters were congregated on the grass area and around the statue of Winston Churchill. It was a good peaceful day that allowed me to give my vocal chords a bit of exercise as well as my feet lol

  21. GB news are controlled opposition, just watched the Scottish guy and Dr Robert Malone the narrative was controlled to underplayed the early treatment protocols of ivermectin hence the telegraph journalist threw in the argument of jab little kids and save granny. That argument is now dead.

  22. What i would like to know why you had the video of the crows on loop? I studied video footage and it is plain too see this is exactly what you did in order to create impression there were lots more people – Who’s bullshitting who?

    • It is not on a loop. It is filmed from a number of different places as you can clearly see. One of the places is at the top of Hyde Park (and Hugo I might have been standing almost next to you there at the time!) As for just creating an impression of lots of people, that was not necessary as the crowds stretched for literally miles through London. There were at least a million people there, probably many more.

  23. I see the people well we are starting to get angry, I know I’m very angry myself, feel quite sick I’ve done nothing, not like me, getting old ??? it’s tricky.

    Boris is just a spokes person, kill him off and like the rest they’ll be replaced within a day, no change.

    Go after anyone proper Elite then, well they’ve got security, hit 1 and the rest will go to ground.

    Coordinated, but too much tracking, hard to plan without getting caught, have to be none digital, so meets in public and old school dead drops and there all over the world, so who’s got the money for the flights, if we can even travel, impossible 🙁

    Elites will know we are getting angry and they’ll go away for xmas and not return any time soon no doubt.

    Only good news is, heard CDC flipped side, saying Jab’s obviously don’t work and WTF is going on, with concentration camps and miss treating the unjabbed, but being ignored. They’ll be replaced mind already and back onto the agenda.

    2022 is going to be terrible, deaths UK alone in the millions

    We’ve lost, and I’m starting envy the brain dead sheep who haven’t got a clue and are just worried about not getting the sniffles.

    • Its been an eye opener how gullible people are are.
      The more I listen too and read comments from the sheep the more I wonder if the globalists are right to cull the useless eaters.

      • I don’t think the globalists are targeting the useless eaters. Why?
        Have a look at all the rules and regulations. No travel without the jab, no job without the jab and so on!
        They are wiping out the ones actually working, not the ones on UC, who are untouched by said rules and restrictions. Same goes for the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants they brought into the UK, millions into Europe. They won’t show up at jab centres!
        Overpopulated regions of the world like Africa and Asia are pretty much untouched by the jab attack.
        So yes, this is an attack on white and/ or educated people first.

      • Yes, I agree. If anyone is being ‘depopulated’ it the white and/or educated people. That is why I have never bought into this whole ‘depopulation agenda’ as in a global population reduction and the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ nonsense.

  24. Near Downing Street we came across about 30 riot police all lined up with shields and helmets, facing a dog having a lie down and a handful of peaceful protesters. I asked one why he needed a shield and he said “I don’t want to talk to you! Go away! I have photos of this.

    • He was a traitor and your paying his fuckung wages you should have spat at him and kicked the bollocks ,sorry but doing my job and following orders are no longer a valid excuse.

      • If Christine had been stupid enough to do what you suggest she would now be locked up in some madhouse with lunatics.

  25. I watched it for best part the day & the end bit
    The people were very peaceful & it looked well organised
    So yes Hugo the MSM are lying SCUM!!

    WELL DONE TO ALL THE PEOPLE THERE !! Numbers & strength .. to push back WELL DONE LONDON!!
    And there were Lots more protests elsewhere around world I see on YT that not being mentioned by MSM SCUM.

    Take care &
    Happy Sunday to you All
    Cheers Hugo

  26. It is no different in the Netherlands that the crowd is incited by a number of undercover agents (romeos). They then quickly disappear into a ready police van and run off. This has been captured so many times on video and the sheep just don’t want to see it. Hold on don’t let yourself be tempted.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  27. To all the gutless spineless keyboard warrior cunts on here quick to criticise the protest in London yesterday….FUCK ALL OF YOU…where were you? Where the fuck were you? At home wanking off to Netflix box sets no doubt…How fucking dare you, you total cunts, my 3 young kids were there who have more fight than you, shame on the Police???? Fucking shame on you!!!!!

  28. Man arrested over video encouraging arson against MPs

    A man in his 70s has been arrested on suspicion of encouraging people to attack MPs’ offices.

    The Met Police said the arrest related to a video filmed during Saturday’s rally in London against Covid restrictions.

    The man was arrested in south London in the early hours of Sunday.

    The force did not name him however it previously said it was assessing a video which appears to show Piers Corbyn, 74, calling for direct action.

    The video, shared on social media on Saturday evening, appears to show the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn criticising MPs who supported the introduction of Plan B measures.

    After decrying “those scum who have decided to go ahead with introducing new fascism”, he tells a crowd to find out if their MP supported the new restrictions.

    Plan B, which was approved in a vote in Parliament on Tuesday despite a Tory rebellion, includes the introduction of Covid passes – requiring proof of double jab or negative test – to access certain venues like nightclubs.

    • Since that link is from the BBC it is likely to be largely untrue (apart from the last paragraph). The BBC are an unreliable news agency and are one of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organisations. The also actively encourage child abuse as demonstrated by the fact that they employed Jimmy Savile. In recent months they have earned a reputation for being super-spreaders of misinformation.

      • but why BBC do that? It’s not just that they are unreliable they facilitate the goals of their masters who are the same from the beginning.
        You have to understand that all of this is directly connected to Intelligence which part of the global trade network.
        Before COVID all the ups and downs on the financial markets were manipulated exactly by the network of news outlets and social networks.
        At the moment they don’t even hide the fake reality behind a stream of fake and manufactured events, all is controlled manually through finance institutions owned by the 0.0001% Jooish banking dynasties with the support of crypto-Jewish peerage and celebrities.

        Read Miles W. Mathis.

  29. prediction for next week- lockdown next week, im feeling this one like many others. I’m guessing Tuesday the winter solstice just as new new matrix fine comes out how ironic, mass protests this christmas weekend, i wonder if this conspiriacy comes true again, wondering what there next move is, wondering what they say tonight or Monday. waiting…. roll on spring.

    • Weak lockdown no mixing with other house holds only hug strangers in the pub, don’t go with mates or family, they’ll shut pubs ( omg I just git my passport lol ) and gyms 🙁

      This Omicron lol is spreading so fast if you don’t lockdown tuesday then it’ll be over by the 26th, so lockdown still be pretty much over 26th no change, but the sheep will buy lockdown stopped it, get 4 more jabs and want lockdown for all of 2022 to protect them from a sore throat.

      If you let it burn out before lockdown then there fear and power is gone even the sheep will see the lies then question previous lockdown and why they needed jabs for a nothing.

      • after they cancelled last Christmas the day befor last year, everyone’s questioning will they do it again, I’m calling it the Christmas trap now, there ramping up the fear causing massive anxiety, and it will be the same again next year if this awakening doesn’t happen, imagine christmas shopping with your mask on in a long queue with all the stress of Christmas on top off virus media, and the consequences of what the jab is doing to you if anyone’s had it, people might collapse of stress, the damage its causing us and the stress is off the charts, I’m at home now and not leaving till January, I’m protecting my energy and not getting court up in it, will be going for walks along the river, and looking after my health and wellbeing will get some peace and quiet, also going to be switching my flipphone off. And turning everything off, there feeding of our stress fear and anxiety, it’s important to chill out, protect your energy, and be calm, this ain’t Christmas coming this is a nightmare roll on spring 🙂

      • Great comment Chris

        Just one other thing
        No falling in the cold cut with the dog while your hibernating

    • Yeah spring beautiful time isn’t it

      What ever they up to Chris lol it is going be depressing as that’s the intention we all know that.

      Have great evening

      • Hi Janie, looking forward to spring 🙂 when the weather gets warmer, and everybody’s out again, I feel more freer 🙂 have great evening also

  30. If this is allowed to happen, then it is no threat.
    I wonder whether it’s like the “Trust the plan” BS in the US, where people were made to believe that there is someone in the shadows working for and helping them.
    I’m now more convinced than ever that Trump was never an “accident”, but part of the agenda.
    When Covid hit he brought in that Fauci guy and he started and promoted the “vaccines”!
    Either way, it’s a way to control the opposition, make them think something is happening, when in reality all the things the want to implement are being put into place.
    If people really wanted to stop all this they should actually get disconnected. Ditch their smartphones and talk to people like in the olden days.
    Stop paying the BBC licence fee, don’t watch their manipulative programming, let them run dry, same with the other BS merchants.

  31. Brilliant turnout again. Keep it going. Now the division and discrimination passports are coming out we need to come out more than ever

  32. 90% are false positives.
    Pandemic of asymptomatic healthy people…

  33. Nice turn out, the people will never give in.
    We know this, is about the social credit system and digital is.

    GB News us fake news like all the other fake stations. They will never stop trying to fool us. They are the fools for trying that in the first place. They have clearly misjudged the public.

  34. It’s more and more like there wiping out white people to me, and our religion and culture, none whites aren’t having the jabs, China huge population, killing us off, then take over the entire world, to help obviously, no mRNA jabs in China, so China and Russia are running / funding this entire shit show, depopulate us, making it easier to invade.

    People are getting angry, if there is a kill switch then xmas day fake rapture fake end of times is looking likely.

    Sheep still aren’t getting it, mate daughter tested positive all self isolating, no symptoms, eat an orange before her PH test acidic lol , all worried, loads of omg i hope she’s okay from other sheep and she knows nearly 2years in of any Convid deaths, just stupid!

    Mate I’ve been trying to wake up, care home head nurse, she’s finally there, as she’s realised it’s a season cold, not Convid related at all, so there lying.

    All this for a 99.97% over all survival chance, dropping rapidly as your HIV kicks in, to a 0% chance by 2025!

  35. Switch targets, it’s not the Elites and the Pedo’s that’s distraction, it’s the Chinese and Muslims that are going for us, using Chinese Funds no doubt.


    New Enemy to target, lets get working on how ASAP!!

    • Are you alright?
      I think what you need is a bit of Tegridy® weed to calm down.

      • Need some special Tegridy to time travel back ( latest films out this week ) and stop this genocide against white christians before it started.

        Nope, not okay, just realised we are ALL DEAD and we can’t fight back as that’s not very Woke or PC, cause our enemy is the muslim’s ( not Mr and Mrs Patel down the street I’m sure there not in on this, so not there fault, the Muslim Elites ), can’t even say anything bad or have xmas incase it offends them 🙁 so defo can’t fight back 🙁

        Wrong Elites!!

      • Well, time travel is tricky. Where and when do you jump to? Stop Judaism and the other major 2 religions from happening altogether?
        Or pick a special moment in time (telling Goliath to duck and then end David, stop the Khazars becoming Jewish or snuffing the guy who invented the Cabala cult and last, but not least, take out the Rothschilds ancestors?)
        You could also go back to Queen Victoria’s days and snuff her boy Edward and Cecile Rhodes and (possibly) stop WWI or at least tell Wilhelm and the Russian Tsar to be prepared for a war.
        Like I said, tricky.

  36. HIV fits again, they blame us for creating HIV and it destroyed Muslim African Communities, mainly because they where banned from using protection.

    This is PAYBACK!!!

    All the BLM and Woke Anti Whitey sentiment is all making sense.

    • HIV was a scam (and F@uc! was in on it too). Did you mean aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)? – because that is more likely. Glucosteroids’ (class of corticosteroids) treatment / abuse is number 1 cause of aids, but also malnutrition and promiscuous lifestyle. All reversible. Not so sure about pericarditis and myocarditis. But immune responsiveness after j@bs is definitely compromised, agreed.

  37. UK Population Prediction for 2025 makes sense, 22Mil, that’s Population of the Muslims, the 5Mil unjabbed, didn’t include 18.5Mil Muslims which aren’t having the jab, by 2025 22Mil easy they spread fast.

    Just came to the realization, there killing us ALL, either via Jabs and the rest via concentration camps, they’ve already won, and haven’t fired a shot.

    WE ARE ALL SCREWED!!! Time to stop the chat and go after them, ohhh we can’t, that’s un PC can’t even say anything bad about the Muslims, PC as I’ve said for years, destroyed us all.

    FFS 🙁

  38. Massive Suspected Death Camps found, not watched video yet, to sickened, today on Telegram!! Likely elsewhere to 🙁

    Your options are Jab and Die or Death Camp, it’ll be labelled for the unjabbed and DIE!!

    Screwed either way, might aswell go out fighting, just more fun!

    No HVT’s in the UK, no transport method, out numbered, come on Elon we need a tactical retreat to mars to re group here / nuke from outter space only way to be sure.

    • Housing association I believe I not 100% have invested millions/billions into the scheme & they being called Medical Housing
      As I say I not 100
      But I heard from someone near me that they working near were it’s being constructed not far away

      So as I say it’s what someone told me
      But it’s sounds a lot like you mentioning
      Take care

      • If true, then sounds more like accommodation planned for the “injured”.

      • I don’t know
        as I said people tell me stuff it’s difficult to always know isn’t it,
        exactly what’s going on until we have clued it up for ourselves
        But it’s likely
        yes for sure
        by sounds of what I was told

        Take care

    • Elon is in on it! You don’t get to be richest man in the world if you ain’t a Rothschild agent.

      • Yes it’s become Greed only
        over rational thinking by theses wealthy & people in power

      • Musk is only the richest man on paper. Once his scam folds he is down the list.
        He is a lot in the media lately, saying the “right” things, so chances are he is put in position to run for president in 2024.

    • Elon’s landing was as real as my sixth toe (and I don’t have one)

  39. Talking to a mate in the gym, another Truther backs me up( yes another 1 of us ), Yes Muslims, Chinese backing them, chinese will remove them later, they are removing all of the false religions. China has ZERO religion.

    Asian looking muslim lad joins in, no Muslims have had the jab, because there told in there churches not to, because it’s a death jab to get rid of false religions, SERIOUSLY!!

    They are proper coming, 100% Cull on all None Muslim religions 🙁

    That’s why Xmas is being cancelled, Boris’s masters are Muslim, he likely doesn’t realise there masters are Chinese.

    Muslims hate us, because they think we made HIV that wiped a lot of them out, hence they’ve got HIV in the jabs, pay back is a bitch!!


  40. Dunno Turveyd, most of my muslim colleagues are j@bbed, unless, of course, they are not being honest. Also, I don’t think that’s what sheikhs are teaching at masjids and madrasahs. But they have contempt for homosexu@l!ty for sure, and btw aids is the disease of those practising it.

    • Although strictly against homosexuality, using your mates bottom for some stress relief isn’t considered gay sex, kissing yes, but not that, why it spread so fast, no TV in the 80s over there and a civil war going on, had to have some fun not judging.

      Maybe, there mosque didn’t get the memo ?? or there Lying, can’t really say well we where told not to as it’s to kill off the all the other religions.

      Why do you think Boris is trying so hard to stop xmas, while at the same time, trying to make out he isn’t, all over a mild cold, we’d of all had by xmas day, I’ve already had it.

      As Hugo says, Christmas the term and others are banned, incase it offends the muslims.

      Personally, Muslims, marrying there female 12year old cousins and knocking them up asap to grow there population offends me.

      • Never heard of the “stress relief” excuse :D, albeit have heard of stoning of gay peeps in Muslim communities worldwide. So not sure.

        As you say – can’t trust anyone, people say whatever suits them.

        Agree with you on the rest but let me tell you what I’m gonna do – keep calm and carry on. No one can cancel me on that 🤓

      • Common, they have a different take on things than us, I doubt there still that way these days, this was the 80s and this was the reason given as to why it spread well over there.

        Concentration camps popping up everywhere for the unjabbed, UK isn’t there yet but I’m sure it’ll get there.

        Also, to back this up, Worcester Hospitals mainly white none muslim, snowed under 4 – 5 hour waits to take OAP’s as rammed with heart attacks and Dudley 30miles away, mainly Muslim community and zero waiting times for OAP at that care home.

        Either way, there smarted than the white damn sheep!!

      • You’ve got a point, I grant you that. Although – Dudley is still predominantly White British, almost 80%, so it would be more accurate to have a look at the population of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Small Heath, birds let Green etc. and find out what’s happening in the inner city hospitals like Small Heath.

        Nevertheless I ’m fatigued, couldn’t even persuade half of my own family and friends. So I give up now.

      • Worcestershire and Hereford areas are 99% White, Dudley not to sure, but it’s the surrounding catchment areas for that hospital.

        That hospital is spot the white person.

        Or they have a functioning hospital and worcester doesn’t ofcourse.

        98% of the white people I know have atleast 1 jab, hopefully a few are lying I know of a few that admited it after I said I wasn’t, the unjabbed has to be muslims and the guy in the gym sounded legit to me, no signs he was lying, likely no idea what’s going on, normal guy, just brainwashed into a religion.

  41. Hands up if you think Piers Corbyn is an agitator, paid and placed to make people who choose not to get the jab, or have resrvations about jab passports, look stupid. I only ever see him when he’s done something controversial. He led a group that hijacked a mobile jab centre in Brighton (local headline news) , he got caught out taking backhanders, and came up with a convoluted excuse, he got arrested yesterday, he did that ridiculous video on the tube a couple of weeks ago. Just like his brother, he’s working for “the other side”.

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