23 Million UK UNJABBED, Not 5 Million #FAKEBRITAIN Hugo Talks #lockdown


Article – https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/17/23-million-not-vaccinated-in-england/

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  1. At least another 2-3M in N.I,, I would guess it’s at least half the population are refusing it going by my talking to strangers for the last two years.
    They may ware the mask disguise for a quiet life but the injection is quite a different subject and a step to far!

  2. Why do the unjabbed need to be punished?
    They’ve already jabbed loads more than they say is required for herd immunity with the childhood jabs.
    It’s like it’s all made up as they go along, and an honest evaluation of the raw data doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary going on anyway.

    • It’s clearly to get all the world to have thos digital identity, nothing to do with health but control and total dependency on pharmaceuticals.

  3. 25 million there saying isn’t jab I also don’t believe that I think it’s alot more that isn’t jabbed Hugo why they are so desperate to get people jabbed

    • Exactly! They are so desperate because they know the number is a lot higher and it’s won’t be long before people wake up to the truth. Also how long can they hide the footballers etc who are dying from the vaccine.

      • Theres more than 23 million just look at the rally on Saturday cant wait for 31st dec partay at no 10 do research its a gene therapy poison still in trials till 2023 the people are the labrats protect yourselfs from all elites nhs police stay safe all strong positive we are in a 3rd war against humanity

      • How do you know unless you are saying that there was 23 million on the rally?

      • I saw something that said; “the more people jibby’d, the easier it is to play off jibby injuries as naturally occurring health incidents”.
        Makes sense if you think about it; if the world was 100% jibby’d, then they get sick and all THEY have to say is ‘well these people got sick from be something else”
        Where as if only 50% of the world took the jibby how easy would it be to tell jibby injuries apart from naturally occurring ailments…
        Hope I made that make sense.

  4. The whole plan was clear to me when I started to learn about new vaccines and what I already was watching from Monsanto playing with crops and Dolly the sheep a
    long time ago. Behind the scenes is a lot going on with genetic sequencing to complete the picture all it needed was a German link to royalty with a Nazis descendant and a Bumbling Boris Santa with a Javid Elf, not mention a Handoncock, to get the ball rolling on with the 1000 year Reich..

  5. Richie Allen, says the 23 million unjabbed news is bullshit and is just spread by a truther website. He says itโ€™s more like 6 million unjabbed. And he wants to see REAL evidence of the 23million!

    What do you think of Richie Allen Hugo?

      • In that case why does ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman always end his broadcasts by imploring his audience to ‘listen to the Richie Allen Show’? Is ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman yet another ‘shill’?

      • @ thebusdoctinator Satanist Nazi I had my suspicions about ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman. Something seemed a bit ‘off’ about him. Probably why I haven’t bothered with him for a long time. Ritchie Allen is a bit suspicious too, but I have only listened to him a couple of times, both times he had a couple of ‘guests’ on peddling patent nonsense. As for David Icke I have no time for his rubbish. To be honest, I don’t really trust any of them, just the fact that they are ‘out there’ is enough to make me suspicious.

      • Yeah, I watched a David Icke interview on LondonReal before it was taken down. He was talking about how Hollywood through their films and TV shows were doing “pre-emptive programming”, so that when it’s introduced IRL people will not reject it.
        Funny thing is, Icke does the exact same thing. Made him a lot of money, too!

      • @thebsdoctrine Satanist and Nazi. You misheard. I meant that you were both a Satanist and a Nazi. Two things you don’t deny and appear to be proud of. Fair enough.

      • @Senga the Troll, Since when have I called myself a satanist, that’s just one of your libellous lies. And what is a Nazi?

        So I will repeat my question: So when are you going to prove that German National Socialism was satanic? I am all ears.

      • OK, National Socialist if you prefer. Is there a difference between a Nazi and a National Socialist. I always thought that the National Socialists were the ‘political wing’ of the Nazis. I never said that the National Socialists/Nazis* were Satanists. You must be getting me mixed up with another ‘troll’ ha ha
        * delete as preferred.

      • @Senga the Troll, The term ‘Nazi’ was an insulting derogatory term dreamt up by the Jews for the German National Socialists, so Nazis do not exist, nor have they ever existed. If there ever were Nazis it was the Jews themselves and from the name Ashkenazim, who are allegedly a specific clan of Jews. I would beg to differ, but that’s another subject.

        “thebusdoctinator Satanist Nazi. Your very own words.

      • If that is the case why does ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman BS BBC MI5 FBI CIA always thank Mohammed Butt for ‘providing the platform (Brand Jew Tube)? Doesn’t sound a very Jewish name to me.

    • Richie Allen is fantastic, never miss his radio show! UK Column covered this on Friday too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Please do elaborate?! Iโ€™m all ears ๐Ÿ™ƒ

      • Jesuits, not that I can recall for either, but Richie Allen has spoken about Jews on several occasions. Is that relevant to why you say he is a shill?

      • @Jacky Well Allen being Irish, and most likely a Catholic, it does not surprise me that he’s not mentioned the Jesuits, but then they’re controlled by the Jews anyway so perhaps he would never make that connection. Now if Allen associates the Jews with more than half of the issues on my list below I will then give him another chance, but I cannot see that happening – as for Gerrish, the retired Royal Navy commander on a fat government pension, at UK Column there’s more chance of a celluloid cat surviving in hell than him and Robinson ever mentioning The Tribe.

        The Jews: Who Are The Jews?

        1) We are Satan’s Serpent Seed from The Garden = Hamitic Canaanites, not Semitic Israelites
        2) We are the lying scam that is anti-Semitism
        3) We are Bolshevik Marxism (Judaism or Communism)
        4) We are the lying money making scam and Industry that is The Holocaust
        5) We were behind The Subversive Frankfurt School
        6) We are behind Cultural Marxism = Critical Theory = Political Correctness
        7) We are behind White Genocide
        8) We are behind the LGBT agenda
        9) We are behind Radical Feminism
        10) We are behind Multiculturalism except in Israel!
        11) We are anti-Christianity – the Christ killers
        12) We are behind a One World Government
        13) We are behind “Divide and Conquer”
        14) We are behind The Greater Israel Project and Balkanisation of Arab nation states
        15) We are the race baiter and slave trader
        16) We are censorship of Free Speech = Anti-First Amendment in the USA
        17) We are Internationalism (globalism) and hate YOUR nation
        18) We are a Dual Citizen with no loyalty to your nation
        19) We are the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore.
        20) We are the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
        21) We are Usury, Fractional Reserve Banking, World Currency and Fiat DEBT Money = CREDIT.
        22) We are AIPAC, NareBLA, ACLU, The ADL, NAACP, The SPLC
        23) We are the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, tabloid journalism, and pornography
        24) We are the Corrupt Judicial System that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
        25) We will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
        26) We are your last, your current and your next war
        27) We are anti-gun = Anti 2nd Amendment in The USA
        28) We are open borders, except in Israel!
        29) We are Eminent Domain = the theft of your land and property via the thieving mortgage scam and foreclosures.
        30) We are the Military Industrial Complex
        31) We are an Unregulated Nuclear State
        32) We are International Terrorism (The Destroyers) = Hamas, The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and White Helmets
        33) We are the re-writer of history to our advantage
        34) We are “war by way of deception”
        35) We are the Aggressor yet ALWAYS the Victim
        36) We are the Eternal Radical.
        37) We are anti-Monarchy and destroy Monarchies.
        38) We are The Unlawful Rogue State of Israel
        39) We are born liars and are insulted by The Truth.

        Who are we? “The Jews, you silly duped goy slaves!!!

        — My enhanced edition from an original on the Jewish Henry Makow Website.

  6. Hi guys, Ontario Canada here, does the UK have vax mandates like we do? Here they are mandating vax in work places, folks are walking away from good jobs and some have left Canada in order to work without having to be jabbed. If the UK doesn’t have the work mandates, then that would explain why so many remain unvaxed. Don’t let them bring in the mandates, such mandates are forcing people to get the jab… ๐Ÿ™

    • ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ So far only for care home workers and contractors. However, enactment of mandates for all health and social care employees is planned on April Foolsโ€™ Day 2022. Couldnโ€™t pick a more appropriate date.

  7. The fake media like the bbc have been doing this for a long time. Allegedly Boris was in intensive care with covid according to the beeb. But of course he wasn’t. If he had been then pics of him in ICU would have appeared all aver the papers with headlines like ‘imminent death of PM’. This was done only to make people believe that the ‘virus’ could strike anybody and ‘you’d better do as you’ve been told or you will die’. As everybody who is awake knows, the BBC IS THE VIRUS and THEY NEED TO BE STRIPPED OF THEIR LICENCE TO BROADCAST.

    • Yes the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (Buggering British Children) needs closing down with the directors charged with treason, and all former underling employees put into re-education camps and released only after they are trained as productive productive people.

    • Yeah, that story was fake af. Too close to the narrative of the covid hoax.
      No symptoms, then slight symptoms, then rushed to hospital and almost dying. If only he had been vaccinated back then…
      This is the same guy who went along with the Novichok hoax. The media never really explained how the “Russians” managed to apply the allegedly “deadliest nerve agent ever” to the door handle without getting killed themselves. I’m sure 2 guys in hazmat suits would have been suspicious.

      • Is that the one called ‘doorknobichok’ ?

      • To double down on that hoax/ false flag they “found” a flask full of that deadliest nerve agent ever. Has the ability to not kill the intended target.
        Or maybe the KGB agents are all rubbish at their job.
        Globalist political leaders and media have mildly ramped up their propaganda against Russia recently over the “future invasion” of Ukraine.
        They weave it into speeches and news segments every now and again.

  8. That will include all the under 11s and most of the under 18s right? Even taking them out of the equation that is very impressive.

  9. If the figures on the chart on the Health Impact site are correct, the take-up for ENGLAND is just over 30%, which means 70% are NOT eligible for a ‘Vax Pass’. How can you try and force 70% of the population to stop living?

  10. I found out yesterday my eldest daughter has been ill for three weeks, after two jabs. (Nobody wanted to tell me). She will not have the third, but her partner has. What can you do?

    • @grouchoone1195 If you are a believer then pray. If not, then unfortunately you must brace and prepare yourself for their early demise – as you would if they had terminal cancer. Sorry I cannot be more encouraging, but it is what it is.

  11. It is too late now to wane anyone about the vax/poison, everyone has been told and tried to be told so many times, I am sure now most people have made up their minds about the evil virus.

  12. theres some on here saying that good people .. Dr Vernon Colman , David Ike etc .. are fakes , shills ..personally i think these people are thenselves fakes and shills.. theyre here to confuse people and cast doubt

    • @kelly How do you know that they are good? I am here to get you thinking and to teach you to trust NO ONE!!!!!! Including me, until you have checked out what I have said. Now go and check out what they’re saying, and also what others are saying about them. Just stop believing BLINDLY in these people until you have done your research.

      • so who do you think can be trusted ?. ..and what makes you think the 2 I’ve mentioned are fakes and shills
        ive followed David Ike for many years and been following Colman for several ..years .. Nothing has made me doubt their integrity..most of what Ike’s been saying has come true ..if his motive was money im sure he could have found a mush easier way of making it ..the crap that guy has had to put up with over the years
        so tell me who , i should be listening to ?

      • @Kelly As I said NO ONE can be trusted apart from yourself. Trust in yourself and in no one else, that’s the first golden rule. The next golden rule is to question EVERYTHING they say and most importantly WATCH WHAT THEY DO!

        You mentioned Icke and he’s the classic shill/disinfo candidate. My impression of him and the company he has kept, and keeps, is that he’s a Jesuit, hence the money is not an issue, and he attacks The Rothschilds as a deflection. Jesuits work for The Jesuit Order (The Society of Jesus so-called which is 100% satanic) and will suffer all manner of hardship and persecution for the order, even from fellow Jesuits, if it furthers their cause.

        Notice Icke had two audiences on the BBC with Terry Wogan the Irish Catholic (himself a possible Jesuit). No real Truther would ever get BBC exposure and publicity as The Rothschilds would never allow it. Just in case you’re not aware The BBC is run by MI5/MI6 and MI5/MI6 are controlled by The Rothschilds. It’s all wheels within wheels.

        Here is a piece I did on Icke recently: Is David Icke a Member of Antifa? https://yes2truthblog.wordpress.com/2020/10/27/is-david-icke-a-member-of-antifa/

        Tell me what you think.

    • If they are not stupid sheep they are being paid, therefore, no notice should be taken of them. Everything is out there for those who have eyes to see and those who have ears to hear. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  13. Not enough people check the government website for information as it is true compared to the narrative. Well done keep being you xxx

  14. If you’ve maintained you’re medical purity so far, and didn’t cave into the lies and coercion, well done!


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