They Want To Turn You Into A ROUTER? / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Hi Hugo this is very close to what mark Steele talks about regards to the jab

    • I just can’t see any of this being even remotely true. I agree that bad stuff is happening, but not this. I have a high level qualification in electrical and electronic engineering, and worked in a lot of comms stuff that went into military equipment like the stealth bomber (like 25 years ago).

      Injecting “stuff” into a human body – you have no idea how much will be taken up in each person, where it will go, how each individual will react to it, etc, etc, etc.

      You can’t claim that every person who has it jabbed into them will end up with nanotube 1 in this part of the brain, nano tube 2 in that part of the brain – it’s just ludicrous.

      It could go anywhere, and to have any chance of being a “control grid” every “component” would need to land in the same part of the same organ of every person, and clearly that just can’t happen.

      However, Elon Musks chipset thing that they insert directly into the brain – would hit the right spot every time.

      But not this.

      • Thanks for the level headed, reality based reply. We are looking for good sources of info outside of MSM, not people trying to make a buck off the ad that pops up when you click.

        Good shit dude, we all need to combine expertise to debunk what we are knowledgeable on, and listen to those who know more than us on certain topics.

        Again, thanks

      • Wake up! There is a ton of information and video on this exact subject and these technologies, much of it featuring Elon Musk in person. How else to to test and develop this abomination except in human beings? Do you think that if they had put out a plea for volunteers 60% of the global population would have volunteered!? 340,000 people from the age of TWO YEARS onwards.. DEAD. 57,000 permanently disabled.
        They are using the human race as Lab Rats.. and in the years to come, Billions will die horribly..
        We are not dealing with sain `people` here so don`t look for rational reasoning. LOOK AT THE FACTS!! please..

      • University of California, Irvine, 2019. “Intra-body Communications for Body Area Networks”

        An intra-body molecular communication networks framework for continuous health monitoring and diagnosis, IEEE Research Papers, 2015

        Dissertation on Intra body Communication from 2011

        And there’s plenty more.


      • Hydrogel is real. It was invented by darpa in 2017. Do your research. Its all there in plain sight

      • You need to understand how this nano tech works. It doesn’t matter where it is in your body as long as its in the body it will work. Hydrogel is a synthetic biological component. Once inside the body it attaches to human tissue and starts to replicate itself. It turns your body into an antenna. The recipient will then be connected to the internet of things. They want everyone connected to a.i. this move will ultimately be the human races downfall.

      • Elon Musk is a fraud and is one of these fake CEO working for Intelligence.
        Others are Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos etc.

        They inject people with cheap poison, they don’t inject people with expensive high tech otherwise Joo Pharma would not be able to maximize their profits.
        Also they don’t inject all the people with poison, for some location it’s a Russian roulette, for some – poor neighbourhoods probably all get a poison. Areas dominated by people who work for Intelligence and their families around Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor where all the Joos are running the show it’s free of poison at least for now.

        Read Miles W. Mathis

      • A long time ago in a world far far away, I started training & working as a Mechanic, Even in the Military… There was a time ECU’s didn’t exist & everything was analogue controlled. What a difference a few decades make. I believe the controllers tech is at least 50 years advance of what is currently openly available to the general population. That which benefits the human race is never given to us unless it has a use for control.

      • The capabilities of the US department of defence development and research is strictly limited to what you see happening

      • If they’re doing this to soldiers and I know they have been putting tech in soldiers for years. Then it’s not to far fetched. I saw a video where the CEO of Moderna said it was an operating system and they have the best minds of the world working on this. Now Klaus Schwarb in his Covid -19 book head of the WEF talks about merging the physical, digital and biological. What do you think that means. It means don’t underestimate these people.

      • But you make the assumption that missing pieces of the tech jigsaw are not added later along the way as they monitor the ongoing effects in human Guinea pigs,, maybe X amount of Graphene Oxide is required which would explain the jab agenda over a few years? Even the fact Graphene Oxide is in a jab for a respiratory ilkness stinks!

    • All of you have your own theories/ prejudices as to what’s in the jab. But, we can all agree on one thing. Once they get the sheep used to having regular jabs, they will just insert whatever they want to do a specific job that suits their agenda at that time. None of us have all the pieces of jig saw puzzle. None of us have the information/knowledge possessed by the The Old Families, at the top of the pyramid, lets call them the Central Committee, because that is in effect is what they are. The Central Committee obviously have an agenda for their own continuation, which seems to be tied into their knowledge of pre Younger Dryas megalithic civilisations. The 12,000 year cataclysmic Solar Cycle. The enormous amount of UFO sightings that can no longer be shoved under the carpet. I could go on and on about each of individual pieces of the puzzle, but non of us have the master picture. The Central Committee does.
      If we survive, and that is in some doubt, it will be fascinating to observe the unfolding of The Plan. If you can’t wait that long, you will have to become a Gates, Musk Bezos, to get a few more pieces in the puzzle..

    • As an electrical engineer I would suggest there may be some technical merit in the technology, but not quite sure of using humans in this context. Humans are pretty much useless for most things, the more likely scenario is the 5G causes the graphene to form in clumps in the body or brain with consequences.

    • It is perfectly feasible as far as I am concerned. Feasible in that the jabs have graphene and the micro gel graphene could join up. The technology is way beyond what we have been told. It has been a subject of military research, I understand. I’ve come across it from so many places now. Whether it will actually work though, we have to wait and see. It’s clearly experimental.

  2. Well, if you shared this with me prior to 2020, I would have said you’ve been reading too many science fiction novels.
    However, now, in almost 2022, I say, it doesn’t surprise me…I wouldn’t put it past the evil mask Nazi’s.

  3. Thanks Hugo , These are Facts , I have all the information at hand which I was sent last week from a very reliable scource.
    Once again THESE ARE FACTS. This will get taken down so if you want further info let me know.

  4. Nothing would surprise me anymore that would explain the need to jab every one with as many jabs as possible

  5. Heard about this 3 years ago, go to, he sells writes and sells Entangled magazines. He’s spoken about quantum technology, I stopped going to his site after a year as it really freaked me out. It’s all about brain control, thats how they will kniw what your thinking and can change your mind and make you do virtually anything!

    • I don’t think this is real perhaps it will be possible in 10 years to control all the muppets who are now dependent on smart phones. But wait a minute, they already control them? So why need of a expensive tech?
      The Joos can do it just fine with their BBC and Telegram to monitor the opposition they don’t have to inject people with expensive nano technology to control them.
      I think for them it is going to be even cheaper in the future once these new generations who cannot live without their smartphones reach proper maturity.

      A cheap poison is how they maximize their profits including dirty cheap tests they charge 10x or 20x more.
      Joos don’t have respect for Goyim they would not waste expensive stuff on them.
      A cheap poison will do just fine.

      Read Miles W. Mathis

  6. A ‘rooster with a hooter’!!!!….l have heard of Graphine Oxide…

  7. I can vouch for this. One can take an old Android phone and scan with Blu-tooth. People who are jabbed show up as a weird number. It does have to be an old Android phone. I heard iPhones and newer phones do not work. Anyway, I used an old Samsung Galaxy S4 to do this. Phones, laptops, and other things show up as a named device.

      • I’ve seen this aswell, messing with networks at a dentist I do work for, came up on my laptop old Windows XP SP2 no updates since, I thought odd, couldn’t connect to, then later all gone, staff or patients then maybe. ( still got laptop and still use, will try to duplicate and photo the screen if so )

        A lot of weird stuff going on with these damn jabs, no wonder there so important they want in EVERYBODY.

        So the initial tracking chip theory kinda although not 100% accurate might be true.

  8. They’re going to turn all the vaccinated into unvaccinated, brain eating zombies

  9. So glad that your begining to catch up.. Keep going there is more to come,

  10. Hello there, This is my take on the whole thing, this is not news to be honest, it has been around for nearly 4 decades, they used to push the idea of “chip” under the skin, and made a big deal out of it, while they were working on a far more sophisticated weapon, and control mechanism.
    Back in the late 80s early 90s, there were documents that almost disclosed the whole plan.

    I don’t trust this La Quinta Columna (Fifth Column) I don’t believe it to be genuine, I believe their role is to break it gently to the masses, and many would probably rush to get jabbed, when they start hearing things like, immortality, and the tree of eternal youth, all that shit, this is coming, it’s on its way trust me.

    They will be promising immortality to people, and anyone who doesn’t have God in his heart will jump at the opportunity, it’s not going to be immortality, but the most sophisticated prison ever designed, you can’t break from it.
    The most likely ones who would fall for it, would be the atheists / satanists who don’t believe in God’s existence, and that science (in this case pseudoscience) is the answer to everything, watch this space, not long to go now, it will all become clear in no time.

    I am not here to debate God no God, I don’t really care what anyone believes, I know that God is real and these pig satanists also know God is real. But they believe satan is their friend and he is going to give them, power, money and immortality, when he can’t even give it to himself. They all believe they will be coming back and rule the world after death. That’s why they work so hard to achieve their main objective, to them the sooner they establish the kingdom the sooner they’ll be back to rule over the slaves for eternity. satanists are the stupidest fools ever to crawl from under a rock.

  11. Hiya Hugo,
    Thanks for sharing. NO more humanity in us all soon. Rice of the Machines.

  12. Aint Nothing Suprise Me No More………………..
    Got a tv series a few years ago called Continuum…… About a bunch of future Resistance prisoners to be exicuted were sent from 2077 to 2012,, & a Protector ( old bill ~ but corporate old bill ) go’s with them……………..
    She Is Chipped Up in her brain which links with her suit she wears,, she can conmunicate & see things Like In The METAVERSE………. Type seeings
    { Go down to Metaverse thread on here ( Hugos ) & look it up if you aint seen it } …………
    She wants to go back to 2077 & her family,, The Resistance Prisoners Want to stop her…………
    I’m sure the METAVERSE IS SHOWN IN SERIES 4 ( watching it again to find it ) & the geezer 2077 / kid in 2012 is supposed to be bill gates, the way he go’s on ………….. Serious !!!
    If you into si-fi it;s well worth watching ( could be a blueprint for what we are been shoved in to today for in the future…. Who Knows ???
    P.S. I’m shit at explaining films / tv series, but Again this is worth a watch….
    & yeah it was released in 2012

    • Good show, she’s cute liked that, if you liked that, try Travellers it’s on Netflix, time travel kinda, very clever, great show. 2012 that’s scarey, seems newer 🙁

      Name was there, just went argghh, science show old these days, but weird future tech, hinged around main guy trying to get ready to fight the 1 perfect virus that’ll wipe us all out 1 day.

  13. Hugo you made an excellent summary! I listen to *La Quinta Columna* every night in Twitch, their programs last for two to three hours, sometimes until one o’clock in the morning. The guy in the video is Ricardo Delgado, he was referring to Doctor Pablo Campra’s report from Almería University, he speaks excellent English and was interviewed by Stew Peters. The vaccines were given to him by a policeman called Rafa Navarro. Ricardo Delgado had with him every night via Internet from France to Doctor José Luis Sevillano, until few days ago when he was told by the medical authorities in France to shut up or loose his job, so now only Ricardo is doing the program. Next Saturday they will have a demonstration in Seville in front of the Court House, demanding the Judges to investigate the research of Dr. Campra. What they are telling, is exactly what the President of Chile Sebastian Piñera said in a public meeting: *with 5G we will be able to read people’s thoughts, and we’ll be able to insert thoughts into their minds*. Also it matches what a French scientists called Pierre Gilbert said in a video few years ago, when he remainded people that in the future they were going to insert *liquid crystals* into people’s bodies through vaccines to control people’s minds, and he said that it was exactly what happened in Ruanda during the war. You can find his video in one of the alternative platforms, not YT. You are amazing!

    • They want to change us into Human +1= transhuman.
      Satan’s biggest insult to God because He made mankind in His likeness.
      God is 3 in one the trinity Father,son and spirit we are also 3 in one persona a body and spirit and a soul. We must not take the mark of the beast The Bible tells us it is given in the right hand or the forehead and without it we can’t buy or sell but it also tells us all who take the mark will have a noisome grevious sore on their heads (radiation damage?) and will face the wrath of God and have all the plagues written in the book of Revelaion visited upon them

  14. Possible. There on the pfizer ingredients which have patent numbers which the telecom giant Qualcomm own.

    Won’t be Starlink though. To far away not enough power, 5G on the other hand is built for connecting millions of tiny devices everywhere so perfect.

    Elons nuralink on the other hand, remote controlled humans possible.

  15. I am all for mesh and peer to peer P2P technologies but decentralized and open source not some corporate bullshit.
    At the moment they monitor people’s biometrics with smart watches and a lot of people use them e.g. because they want to know their heart rate or how many steps they walked per day or per month etc. but corporations use this meta data to build all sorts of profiles for the Intelligence.
    I had one smart watch but I thrown it away when I realized what smart is really about.

    IMHO currently vaccine poison is a blunt tool to kill people. I don’t think there is any high tech in it apart from something that clogs the veins and maybe these carbon microscopic particles that cut through tissue and cause internal bleeding.

    What I know for sure is that Joo Pharma to maximize profits and earn points from the AGENDA has to kill people for cheap so they won’t inject people with high tech.
    It could be they don’t even inject people with a spike protein but some substance, a sludge to clog the system and blow your gasket off.

    These intelligent (some) people but silly out of their vanity who get the injections now talk between themselves that if they inject you into the muscle you should be fine, but if they inject you into the blood stream then you fucked your cardio-vascular system and when injected into a nervous system you fucked your nervous system.
    I am sick of these people. They run such conversations but still think everyone should get a jab?!
    The only “advantage” of taking it according to them is “it does not protect you but you won’t end up in a hospital”. How silly?
    These people have cornered themselves into a mental quicksand.

    But going back to the main topic so high tech will come much later but 1st they have to test this on people.
    Like during the military conflict, war they test weapons in the field on people. The same applies in the Plandemic and there are civilian causalities.

    The same people who turned Palestine into a big ghetto now do the same to us. This is how proud they have become.
    People from small towns and villages don’t believe that because they don’t have any reference.
    Please come to London or Liverpool – the Joos own everything, the banks, high street with the brands, media, entertainment, government, universities, pharma business and top Premier League teams and other things, you name it. The rest are just mortgage slaves and “landlords” who work for the banks by remortgaging “their” properties.

    You people have to seriously look around yourselves and start boycotting all international brands because you can’t even imagine by so many ways you help these bastards to get what they want.

    Read Miles W. Mathis

    • That was powerful, thank you. I hope you’re right about not happening soon, or in a short term, but it certainly feels to me like we are already late. All those restrictions and strangling regulations: absurd, unlawful, evil, violating Human rights, everywhere, any corner of the world, all in tune, right and left, north and south, all miraculously agreeing on the C19 dogma. Without scientific discussion, dissertation, reviews or open and independent analysis, just one way of treatment… get an experimental and inefficient jab! For me is not fishy or alarming anymore, they are out, and their puppets cannot perform much longer, following the strings, there they are.
      La Quinta Columna are doing outstanding and rigorous work.
      I see it as gathering of people, not only from Spain, that’s impossible anymore, who where looking for answers outside the mainstream because they felt in their guts, from the beginning of this circus or later, that there was something else to what was going on. So it’s helping them to connect.
      And they are very careful with what they publish and the actions they take. La Resistencia, again, time to go back to my grandpa’s stories when he was it during Spanish Civil war, cos apparently, humans have to live in an eternal loop of oppression and abuse.

  16. The graphene hydroxide razor blades seems a lot more likely and this is some sort of diverting action.. the jabs are to kill off the most people as possible not making you an aerial system.

  17. Those that survive the cull will be mindless drones. I’m seeing that with a lot of people already.

  18. This is transuhumanism plain and simple.
    The UK Government has actually admitted that it has a transuhumanism plan, it’s on the Internet, part of the plan is to have “chips ” placed into those serving in the armed forces!
    They don’t call it transuhumanism, I can’t remember the actual name, but it’s approximately 300 pages in length!

  19. So connect XP laptop to the GF via Wifi then finally have a Mute and a on Off button. 🙂

    Defo likely modified HIV in these jabs or maybe just the booster, why else are people 3x’s as likely to die from random viruses around, if the 25.5 Million unjabbed is correct, a LOT of people ( I know of a few ) are lying and saying there jabbed when they aren’t then. 25.5Mil, 40% matching with the 40% of cases not double jabbed, 30% ish Hospital, and 15% Deaths. So not ADE but looks like ADE, ADE would only work if there was a virus, the jabs worked for, not other random viruses as the body wouldn’t learn to allow randoms.

    Seen a lot of people mainly men, looking VERY old very quickly, losing a lot of weight, going grey hair and face and very tired, I’m old enough to remember when HIV was around, before treatment and this is similar. Anyone else seeing this??

    Multiple different things going on, remote control, killing you either via the remote control+5g or via 5G power reacting with Graphene Oxide.

    Guess if your going to spend this kinda cash on a huge plan, then you do as many things as you can at once and confuse the hell out of everyone.


  20. I’m not sure how useful these ‘walking routers’ will be as they continue literally dropping like flies.

  21. Hugo I love your posts but FFS you are giving credence to total nonsense ,stick with the here and now!

  22. I can’t see any good benefit to be gained from ‘Trans Humanism’. Only bad! The idea has been around for decades and there is even a large segment about it by the WEF and their ‘Great Reset’.
    I do believe, however, that the vaccines are a covert way for them to experiment with the technology. Hence all the different batches and adverse reactions to them and to whom and where, from a geographical perspective.
    If anything, they do want the human to become connected to ‘The Internet of Things’, but I think its more to do with ending you when your time is up and for not complying to the order of the day, perse. I think a lifespan will be approximately 40 years of age or something and then you get switched off. Maybe even get to buy more time by being a good citizen blah blah blah.
    Its definitely a subject becoming increasingly talked about by just about every elitist billionaire. The very same people who are driving this Covid hoax and who have 2 planned agendas; get away with the hoax or F off in their spaceships to escape justice …

  23. Hello.
    This is not a comment to this video.
    This is.
    A call to all.
    A unity.
    To unite.
    To a simple showing of togetherness and revolt.
    In the island/S of the so called United Kingdom (like that’s what we are right?
    One flag.
    The politics are dividing us.
    Please make this a unified message.
    It’s working in the USA.
    We all now know the simplicity of these combined letters.
    The unifying call for all of us now should be;
    Got it??
    Sign off all comments to this affect.
    All posts.
    Protests I’m afraid are not working.
    We are all together but our presence is disjointed.
    I put it we need to unify.
    And combined with this.
    An true message of togetherness and defiance.
    Imagine thousands gathered in silence. ALL dressed in black.
    That is a protest that cannot be ignored.
    Yes it stirs up thoughts of past tyranny.
    That is the message.
    And end to tyranny and a subtle reminder to were it leads.
    I ask only this, make this happen.
    Spread it and unify our presence as a movement of freedom that cannot be ignored.


  24. I’ve noticed if I do a Bluetooth scan in public , I pick up many ‘unknown” low power Bluetooth devices, all regular devices , like phones, have known names. These unknown devices could be easily activated in the future using 5G. When I am with unvaccinated I never pick up any of these unknown devices.
    To do this scan you must set “pick up unknown Bluetooth devices “in developer mode on your phone.

    Without knowing the COVID injection status of everyone in the range of the Bluetooth scan, I cannot do anymore research into this.

  25. If this is even slightly true it makes sense why they want to jab children and new borns, as no real medical reason!

  26. Followers will always follow something be that a god or a government
    the need to worship is a disease of the mind & soul
    i don’t care if god is real or not it matters not to those who think and do not worship or follow
    only my choice not to be a following sycophant & lickspittle
    followers are ridden with fear and obedience god followers are identical to government followers just a different master
    the idea that i was created to follow the whims of a god or government is disgusting
    a life of following isn’t a life at all
    i don’t care who you worship or who you follow that fact that you follow makes you susceptible to corruption
    you think your leader/master/owner/god is perfect and is beyond mistakes i find this view disgusting you are the enemy of free thinking individuals
    you are no different to the government worshipers who are hooked to the fear/obedience/praise psychology it controls their minds like carrots and sticks
    when their god doesn’t turn up to save them and they realise its a sham they will swap sides looking for a new master to follow
    because they are hollow inside
    i pity all worshipers but keep both eyes on them as i know they are just another weak link in the chain of trust

    • Repent! Repent! Jesus WILL Save Us. There is Still Time to be Saved. Ask for His Forgiveness. Repent! Repent!

    • @bob, And I pity people that think that this life is all that there is – a most debased and wretched pointless existence and short sighted condition. Psalms 14:1 (KJV) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

  27. I think you will find that Doctor Vernon Coleman and certainly David Icke have been warning of this since last year. Good to see this video though, thanks Hugo.

  28. My friend gets surveys to answer which is because she has had regular testing and gets paid for it. One survey question was would you agree to have a chip injected in your arm 😳

    • That question was a diversion to suppress any ideas that the “you know what” is actually the “done deal” for all purposes to the evil one. Then she may hurry out to get fully covered for her fake immunity need. And, she may encourage others to get them also. They tricked my sister, unfortunately.

  29. He raises a very valid point. Who the f*ck gave Elon Musk permission to launch thousands and thousands of satellites that encircle the planet (Starlink), under the guise of creating a worldwide Internet v2.0?

    China and Russia are okay with that are they? I would have thought that would cause big problems with our ‘enemies’.

    Proof that ALL countries are under the cosh of the elite central bankers (Rothschilds and their agents/minions).

    • @freedave99 Very true especially when we consider that China have satellite zapping technology and can easily wipe out any enemy satellites at the press of a button. Not forgetting that the Rothschild Jews were behind Communism in China from the get-go – Mao tse-tung was just another of their sock puppets.

  30. Hugo it’s to track you in real time and hook the people to to 5g and the internet of things

  31. 100% this is the case it fits with what’s going on. vaccine or a cure does not fit with what’s going on….

  32. This is the mark. They want people to think that it’s happening in increments when it happens from the first jabby. They’ve had this thing planned out for years. All pieces are already put in place before they begin injecting. They’re called hybrids the people with this Mark are hybrids now. DNA has been changed.

    • Yes, indeed it’s the MOTB. After watching these videos and reading the info from a subscriber on you’ll understand all about the vaxx and why it has Luciferase in it. Use Duck Duck Go to find a video on : Israeli scientist. Dr. Isaiah Rubinstein, finds God’s name, YHWH, in our DNA. The Hebrew language doesn’t use vowels. There are several videos on this subject, but it’s never been presented to the public. They had said they were going to have it in a magazine named “Nature.” However it’s been a long while now and it hasn’t happened.
      Do the same kind of search for “Harvard University Discovers a message from God in our DNA. Both discoveries have been suppressed from the public. There are some good videos about this on Brighteon and BitChute. There’s a particularly good one with a guy explaining the entire scenario for the mark and why it was necessary to do it before the ac took power. I don’t remember his name. He’s sitting at a table and he has a hoodie on. The video has a close up picture of a girl’s eyes. Under the video it says something like, Don’t you dare say the chip is not the mark!” Dr. Carrie Madej’s video warning the world about the COVID-19 vax before it was started. It’s really good! There is a channel on YouTube by Mike 444 that has 5 short video analysis’ on the MOTB based on Biblical Scripture.
      This next information (it’s a bit long, but believe me when I say it’s worth reading) came from a comment of a subscriber on
      Pfizer’s COVID vaccine alters Human DNA by the Expose’ on May 3, 2022* A Swedish study has demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA. In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be Human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN Vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (without natural people), but “trans-human”, (so a category that does not exist in Human Rights.
      The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost. This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law. Since 2013. all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNA’s are legally trans human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.
      If Covid vaccinated, Pfizer owns you body and soul, by patent= Trans-human with zero human rights. (End of comment)

      In other words: Lucifer’s name is now on the DNA instead of YHWH.
      All of this is so incredibly sad!😞😢

  33. Wonder if this man in the video, is related to Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado? Who was a Spanish Professor of neurophysiology at Yale University, famed for his research on mind control through electrical stimulation of the brain. I’ve heard Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show yt channel mention this scientist Jose Delgado many times, on how this man demonstrated his research on a bull at a Bullfight in Spain. He had electrodes in the bull’s skull/brain, and with a remote control, he showed how he could control a raging charging bull, and make it stop on a dime…. and become completely calm. This was done at an actual Bullfight in Spain, with an audience. Dave says that was in the 50’s or early 60’s(?), and after this happened….Mr. Jose Delgado was never heard or seen in public again. He says there were no more books or papers/research from Jose Delgado after this demonstration. He believes that the world took notice of his demonstration, and that the US government (CIA) hired Jose Delgado.

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