France To Lockdown Over 65s #NoBooster / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Has france still got the guillotine if so they need to get it ready for these evil bastards

    • Totally agree, then send the guillotine over here so we can start on those bastards over here.

      • Make your own and have it ready…… each Town and Village in the UK.

    • I posted several months ago (on another website) that holding protests where people chant “Freedom” or “Libertad” is much too polite and the elite just laugh at us.

      What we need to do is hold “mock” executions of dummies that look like the perpetrators. Guillotining a Macron dummy or Boris dummy and then holding his severed head by the hair up to the cheering crowd is much more likely to put some fear into the elites than chanting “Freedom!”

      Another idea is to make stickers that say “This lamp post reserved for Boris Johnson,” “This lamp post reserved for Tony Fauci,” etc., and stick them on lamp posts.

      Or putting severed dummy heads of the perpetrators on spikes and planting them in highly visible places.

      This is not violence, but it sends a message.

      • These ‘Chanel guillotines’ are part of an art project. You really have exposed yourself as a disinfo agent. I won’t be paying the slightest attention to any more of your ramblings – not that I ever did.

      • NO, it is YOU that is the disinfo muppet troll. Anyone can check for themselves what a lying turd of a disinfo agent you are.

      • That whole article is utter fake. And YOU know it.

      • NO, it is YOU that is the LIAR. And easily provable. You are busted.

      • What the hell are you rambling on about? So what if the artist is a Jew? Is that the best you can come up with? Yet another anti-Jew comment? You are obsessed with Jews. You really are pathetic.

      • Senga Jews don’t do anything unless there’s a huge profit involved, hence all four CEOs of the jab manufacturing corporations are Jews. The Jews are obsessed with white genocide, so I only counter that obsession by exposing them, unlike traitor scum like you who defend them.

      • I am not defending Jews or anyone else for that matter. Unlike you who defends Adolf Hitler of all people. And here you go again, posting more rubbish.

      • Senga Yes you do, by omission, and by attacking me who does expose the Jews – you’re either a Jew or a shabbos goy 100%, Oh and prove that it’s rubbish, I seen nothing from you yet – proving your slimy troll status.

      • What the fuck are you on about you slimy piece of Jew-hating, Nazi-loving, Hitler fanboy jackbooted piece of Nazi shit. Just to be clear, are you seriously stating that those ‘Chanel guillotines’ are for real? Well, are you? A simple Yes or No will suffice?

      • @Senga Your vile stench on this platform is not improving – it must be all those (((sewer rats))) that you keep company with:

        “We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood!….Let there be floods of blood of the bourgeois – more blood! As much as possible.”

        — The Jew, Grigory Zinoviev (real name Hirsch Apfelbaum), head of the Communist International, wrote in an article in the “Drasnaya Gazeta” in Moscow, 1st September 1918.

        “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

        — Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Jew owner of The New York Times.

        I suggest that you research The Jewish Noahide Laws that are now a part of the US legal system.

      • Oh and 1) I am not a National Socialist, I am a Nationalist, learn the difference. 2) I am also not a Jew hater I just reveal The Truth about the Jews who have been thrown out of 109 different European locations since 250 AC, so popular were they and kind and loving towards their hosts. 3) I am not a Hitler fanboy I am a history researcher which you are NOT. You are a filthy troll.

        And yes the Chanel Guillotine is for real and I do not trust your lying Jew Sachs web page.

    • The governments all seem pretty desperate if you ask me. Text from my gp practice late last night. No routine appointments lol, oh no surprises there then. What’s new. Ffs this is all fear mongering shit.

    • Some sheep have woke up and others are still fast asleep. I just had a conversation with my brother- in- law today and he was saying how well the vax passes seem to be working on the continent and how he was in favour of them. I choked down my rage and asked him who he thought was currently testing positive for Omicron he shrugged his shoulders so I said it will be the jabbed as they are the most enthusiastic for getting tested as well as wearing masks etc etc. I said this omicron wave is a pandemic of the jabbed so explain how vax passes will work. Needless to say he didn’t have an answer.

      • By their own skewed data, Omicron was first discovered in South Africa …so it begs the question that if only double jabbed are allowed to travel, how can it be that the vaccine free are blamed for it’s spread??

  2. The evil ones intend everyone to be chipped so that external devices cannot be ditched in order to escape their tyranny.

  3. Hi everyone 😊😊

    Please have a look at the following website, which has been initiated by parents, who wish to protect children from the experimental, MRNA, human genome editing injections:

    Take care ❤


  4. Surely the government have something planned for people refusing jabs.. there’s got to be something lined up.. do we really think this is all going to be dropped of everyone says NO. I’ve noticed a big difference online to the negative comments now on social platforms compared to even 3 weeks ago.. the majority seem to be saying fuck this.. so the government must see this so what next is the question.. 2022 is going to be wild I think.

    • First exclusion from unessential shops, then essential shops,then fines(prison for non payment)….
      after this is the unknown…
      that will probably be enough to break to thirds of people.
      Then it will be stepped up…benefit withdrawal…domestic terrorists…mental health ?

    • The ‘tactic’ of dividing of communities….lts nearly working here where l live…lm inviting a crossection of people l know for a lunch/drinks…we shall see who comes…

      • Someone in my road has done something similar. Posted Xmas cards in everones doors , reads drinks 21st your Road needs you ?

  5. who has not woken up in 2 years, will never wake up, and some are obliged to continue to play and obey, since they accept that they were deceived, but do not want to admit it … these people poured some kind of poison into themselves, they were forced to wear muzzles again, and so they need it. I apologize, but I feel sorry for them and anger.I never wear muzzles and did not wear. And it gives me pleasure to tell these people-“oh,sorry,I can’t see your smile”👌☺️I smile non stop👌☺️😉😂

  6. I would like to think something is going to happen to stop all this madness, but I fear there’s not enough of us to stop it getting worse. I hate all these governments and whoever is pulling their strings!!! Some people say they aren human…and I took that as them speaking metaphorically. But I’m not so sure now . They are murdering people. They don’t care if it’s an old person or a baby.

    • There is this Cabala cult, that is funded by financial elites. It’s a weird and wicket concept based on a secret part of hebrew scripture.
      A lot of the early Cabala cultists are also part of the Illuminati.
      Apparently, to fix the (leaking) cabala what has fallen to earth can only be retained by total chaos and destruction.

      • @A German expat, Nothing the Jews do is based upon Holy Scripture, and they only ever pay lip service to The Torah (the first five books of The Bible). All their writings are based upon the Aramaic Targums and The Talmud which are all blasphemous writings.

      • Isn’t there some sort of secret code hidden in the Torah writings?
        There is a YT chanel called “Trau keinem Promi (Don’t trust celebrities)” and he has a longer video on the origins of the Cabala cult. Sadly German language only.

      • @A German expat, Anything that they claim to be a code will be something that they have fabricated or cooked up in order to justify their satanic crimes. They twist and pervert anything and everything to make their case, hence Makow said this of his tribe:

        “Cabalist Jews believe that perception is reality. They are reality inventors. Thus, they have taken control of the mass media and movies to shape perception. That’s why politicians and media today lie unabashedly.

        — The Jew, Henry Makow PhD

  7. Thanks Hugo for giving this a shoutout.
    Latest from Olivier Véran, French Health Minister :
    Booster shot is obligatory for all French people aged 18 to 64 in order to keep the pass beyond 15th January 2022 and as from 15th December 2021 for persons aged more than 65 years old and those vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine.

  8. @thetruthnotdoctrine the smart guilotines have been bought on mass and delivered to particular states in the usa. Not for these evil elites, but for the huge fema style camps. For the unvaxxed. Whereby the imprisoned will kill themselves so the camp officials dont get blood on their hands. They will operate via facial recognition. Once they are forced into the guilotines, it is activated by their own faces.

  9. Where all under attack, the pressure is absolutely enormous I’ve never know anything like it. Being treated like cattle, who do these people think we are. These people are evil and we know who they are. I pray everyday we win. And this evil energy around us go’s away.

    • Chris….These are ‘tactic’ used to divide nations/communities…friends/families…happened in WW2….”no l haven’t seen anything”….move along…….’the push’ seems really really hard…retreat to the hills…

    • @Chris You should not be surprised. As cattle is how the Jews see us. From The Talmud: GOYIM Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a “Only the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are not humans, but cattle.” (goyim = human cattle) [1]

  10. The cull WILLbe taking place in the new year, when those that have had the jabs and over 55 will start dying og strokes heart attacks, artery diseases and any other disease that they have no immunity from after the spike protein ha destroyed their immunity system.

  11. Isn’t it funny how all the shitsteam news channels in the UK for years have reported on attrocties abroad or natural disasters or humanitarian issues or wars etc.
    Especially as far as France is concerned I mean the UK and France have scarcely been the best of mates they can’t even agree who owns the fish
    Strangely this atrocity is happening
    In France and not a dicky bird 🤔

  12. Its getting like the jabbed are less jabbed than we are and we haven’t even had the jab 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. This is an anti-human agenda. There was some clear footage of Macron ‘glitching’ (losing his human form) awhile back on youtube.

  14. On a German alternative media site they announce the percentage of people tested “positive” for C 19.
    The number started at around 0.4% of the German population and it has been going down ever since.
    Apparently German hospitals are offered around 7000 € for every positive C patient, in some cases not even proof needed.
    Hospitals have also reduced the number of beds on ICU stations since the start of the “pandemic”
    The new German health minister, Karl Lauterbach, is a guy you wouldn’t trust looking after your cats litter box. He is always introduced as a “health expert”, but all he has a doctorate in is hospital management. The boss of the Robert Koch Institute is an animal doctor and in charge of getting money (government of donations).
    Can you guess who donated to the RKI?

    I think the top brass are actually either loosing their cool or they are adding another layer to their sinister plot (blame the vax free for everything)! More draconian measures won’t work, especially not in France and Italy.
    In Austria medical personnel is out on the streets protesting. Big protests all over Europe growing, not a blip in the MSM!
    In the beginning of the hoax I was wondering why they started in Western Europe. If the goal is to reduce the world’s population it’s definitely the wrong place, as our numbers are already in decline. Now I think it’s because white Europeans show more resistance than other races. Most South-East Asians seem to go along with what ever they’re told, Muslims don’t seem to care and black Africans are actually fine (worse things than C to worry about)!

  15. Hugo you saying to share the videos you put up with family and friends. I am the only one unjabbed and got all against me and all blaming me to spread the virus. They think they are invincible because of the jabs (3doses and soon their kid 8 yo) but I witnessed that they all got colds and flu’s and me the only one in good health. Am taking cannabis oil every day and smoke cannabis with no tobacco. This is my vaccine

  16. Time the all the peasants revolted with Scythes and Pitchforks to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

  17. They are as unvaksed us us then if they don’t want the rooster! I have read so many comments on lots of different sites where those who had advers reactions are refusing to take anymore. The protests will grow until they soon ban all protests, they have already made free speech difficult and soon it will be impossible, if we end up in the big Bro surveillance system of the new normal, We don’t even have the right to die anymore until they say so! Oh well I am looking up! My blessed hope is in the Jesus coming for His own faithful in the Rapture, I am ready to leave without looking back! Get on the Rapture flight 777 outta here, call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with a sincere heart willing to submit to following Him, (not cold dead religion but a loving relationship with our Creator). We have to make that step of repentance by turning from self to Him because we have freewill because God did not make machines He wants us to willingly surrender to Him and will not force us although draws us to Him, the choice is ours.

    • @watching68 Fallen man does NOT have free will. Fallen man does Satan’s will whether ‘good’ or bad. Fallen man is a slave to sin and slaves do NOT have free will. Stop teaching blatant error.

  18. Just had a chat to a girl I hadn’t met before, came out with most important doctors are Fauci and Gates, my response ” Evil lying bastards and I’d kill them myself if I could ” her face changed, guessing didn’t pull, don’t pull sheep so all good 🙂

    London, everyone has got convid, tubes bla bla, and there all saying it’s a mild cold, leave us alone LOL

    They aren’t going to stop, until 100% of Plebs jabs 🙁 got to accept that, hold out as long as possible, few months in the forest expected aswell in the home the madness goes, when it gets to bad, looking BAD!!

    • Do not panic. Do not worry. Our brain sends messages to the rest of the body and activates fight-or-flight mode upon the request of our thought process, even if danger is only assumed. Keep your cool, brother.

  19. how can they lock me out if i’m not daft enough to have a smartphone anymore

  20. From the french Gov site this no booster thing is related to the Jansen shot only (at present)

  21. Hugo, the phone is irrelevant, if you do not have a phone the QR code must be printed on paper. Without the code you can not gain entry to hospitals transport hospitality etc They are building a digital prison but they do not need the phone to do it.

  22. I am in France. Yesterday I switched on my smart phone (which is usually out of charge in a drawer) to find that my bank and amazon had installed apps (which I immediately disabled) even though I have deliberately with-held my number. I will be removing them today and the phone will go back into the drawer.

    I switched it on because my son was coming from Scotland and I needed to keep in touch as he had a transfer in Paris and we were worried about the regulations re internal travel. Anyway, his journey was much like it always is. Nobody looked at all his paperwork (he is un-jabbed) and he arrived, on time, in Bordeaux. We are going to worry about how he will get home when the time comes. He is booked with Air France so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

    My elderly neighbours are first on the list for the ‘booster’ shots (this week) and they are not happy at all – calling the OMG scariant, ‘le rhume’ (common cold) and wondering where it will all end. I also have a friend who was forced to have the first two injections as he is a tennis coach and was threatened with being ‘struck off” and not allowed to work. He was livid then and is raging now.

    We all live in the countryside so nothing much is visible but the resistance is massive in the cities.

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