BEWARE The Christmas Tree 🎄🤦‍♀️🤡 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They desperately want to associate Xmas with fear. It’s funny. People still want Xmas regardless, even if they are one of the jabbed up simples.

  2. Its global attack on christianity or anything to do with it…..fascists are back…forget about hitler….he is a sheep compared to these psychos

    • @Pavel Adolf Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic by his mother who was a devout Roman Catholic – Adolf Hitler idolised his mother. When he came to power Hitler signed a Concordat with The Vatican. Mussolini never harmed The Vatican.

      Only the Jewish Bolsheviks hated Christianity, and slaughtered thousands of Russian Orthodox priests in the most barbaric torturous ways which I will not describe here.

      • Yes, you are correct and thank you, I am an awake Goy and we are not alone, Amalek is rising. I will not live under Noahide laws. Loxism is the power behind the reset, i have had enough, happy christmas everybody. I am definitely not kosher. x

      • @cazcurwen Hitler was evil? I find your screwed logic very confusing. Hitler ALWAYS did what he thought was best for the German people – he, like many millions, was deceived re The Roman Cult being The Church.

  3. A Health and Safety Executive control drama, by worthless but overpaid psychopaths who have never taken a risk or done a day’s hard work ever.
    Enviro-mentally, if we let the spiders thrive in our households then they’ll take care of the dust mites… A nicely balanced eco-system benefitting all creatures great and small. Or are they gonna tell us that the spiders out to get us as well??
    A bunch of carrots!!! (or in Welsh, MORONS)

    • Nick,spot on.I’m thinking soon I might get dizzy from all the propaganda and lies from the Fake media,well wrong word,media.This is All Sinister!!

    • My son moved into a flat a few years back. I was cleaning it and it had thick dust everywhere even on the walls. A few days later my sinuses were totally blocked . I had never had anything like this b 4 and thought it was a cold . After a couple of weeks trying diffrent things from pharmacist I went gp and they put me on antibiotics. So they didn’t work and it was getting worse so bad I couldn’t get any air up my nose at all. I got up in the middle of the night and drove to A@E noing there would be no 1 there . Turns out I had dust mites in my sinuses they called it sinusitis. I was put on steroids and it went away. You no when you have this dust mite crap. I have mild asthma and it didn’t affect that. So let me tell you the dust has to be really bad for dust mites to affect you and it won’t kill you. Maybe if the gp had put me on steroids in the first place I would of sufferd for so long. Seriously u no if dust mites get up into your sinuses. If there gonna go anywhere it will be up your nose. Have you ever heard so much shit in your life. They didn’t mention if they were real Xmas trees or artificial ones. Please I just can’t hand this craziness anymore. You have to laugh tho. How can anyone belive this shit.

  4. A friend has really bad asthma, and she moved to a heavily coniferous area and her asthma got even worse. The doctor said she needed to move house because of the pines. This was many, many years ago. She moved and her health improved. But those who have bad asthma will just have the artificial trees. I have asthma but never been affected. This is absolute stupidity. Might, could and all that crap. I do like the sketch der dum derrr dum . . . that made me laugh so much!🤣 Thank you for that Hugo – it’s a tonic.

  5. Getting the excuses in early to cover for all the coincidental deaths of late

    • Spot on. Just watching TV ads the way they talk about cancer, wow like covid and omicron is so much worse then cancer. I get really angry as there also telling people to start paying for there own cremations. That’s been going on for a few years now. It used to be your funeral now its pay of for a quite send of a cremation low key ? Surely you have the right to decided . This propaganda around funerals has been on day time TV for a few years now. 🙄 I remember saying what a fucking check telling anyone over 50 to start paying of . So maybe all this shit has been well planned all along. I’m not paying Jack shit. Put me in a bin liner and put me in a land fill. Lol.

      • A pyre for me, free n easy … Switzerland now have suicide pods 🤷🏽‍♂️

      • Lol
        Yeahh I told my daughter..for me…
        a pallet, some straw & bit ov lighter fuel then sail me up the river
        No crying – just ‘Born to Be Wild’ playing feckin loud as I burn back into the atmosphere
        Job done & cheap as chips

        Take care

  6. That’s ok Hugo I’m not a “brit” so it won’t affect me …oh and by the way 67% of the people in England identify as English only so we can forget about all this latest crap…after all it’s the government in England that are brits so they have obviously made this up to cheer themselves up…I won’t be paying ANY attention to this whatsoever….all the establishment are “brits” that should not be in England or OUR government-end of!!

    • Well they have to come up with that nonsense to make up for vaccine deaths. They not gonna blame to vaccine for all those things

  7. WHO WRITES THIS BOLLOCKS, STILL WAITING FOR THE SNOW BOMB, the only thing these gutter newspapers are good for is wiping your arse on when all the sheep have emptied the shelves of toilet paper

  8. This kind of rubbish has been in the ‘news’ for decades. We all used to just ignore it and treat it for what it was; stupidity. Now of course we have more power to the idiots. I mean look where we are now. Even eminently qualified and educated scientists can be idiots, who’d have thunk it? Saw this the other day, I quite like it: ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience’.

  9. They’re giving us all this crap about dangers and how they want to protect us from them all, but they don’t warn us of the biggest danger of them all do they? Oh no, no mention of the deadly vaccine exposed in all its glory here¬¬¬¬ they just want everyone to keep taking these nasty death jabs regardless of the dangers!!

  10. Cannabis indirectly is a killer. It is also horrible for those in the area of anybody smoking this junk who are made to puke by the smell.

  11. Anyone who still buys a newspaper nowadays would be as well setting fire to a £20 note every week & inhaling the fumes. It would be more enjoyable & probably just as informative.

    • Especially if you put some pine needles and cannabis with it.

      There was a strange article in the metro yesterday, that said about some guy in New Zealand I believe, who had 10 jib jabs in 1 day. The reason for this was he was paid by ani-vaxxers to take their jabs for them.
      Reeked of bs to me.

  12. We must roll up into the fetal position, place thumb in mouth, surround ourselves with cotton wool and ask the Gov to come and give us 666 jabs every 33 days. and only after this will we be ALLOWED to EXIST in a DYSTOPIAN (GRATE) Britain !!

  13. Most of these things connected with “heart problems” …. and thousands lining up to get their boosters ! Hmmmmmm

    • Thats the very reason I never went for my 1st jab or any other jabs because I have Angina. I did my research when the jabs came on the scene and no fvcking way . The list of reasons why people SHOULDN’T have them was as long as your arm. Heart problems was just 1.

  14. I do not watch TV or read papers, I have my bible and prayers everyday. I ask for wisdom and discernment. For souls to wake up!

    Madness is all around us! The TV is a brainwashing cancer on the mind. Glory be to God! I had my spiritual awakening in 2019.

    Before that I was lost, broken and torn. I had an urging a calling from heaven, God, who must have sent an Angel to warn me I was in great peril.
    Before that I played the world, worked all around the world made money drank as much as l liked slept with girls.
    But I knew deep in my soul it was all wrong. I gave it all up. Then that is when I had an urging to get a “rosary” and pray.
    For the first time in my life! I sat down and prayed the rosary.
    I cried tears of joy, I knew after all my wanderings, I was home..

    My heart burst open like a river, all I ever did came flooding out.
    I had a feeling of pure love of all things and no fear of anything.
    I dropped to my knees, because my soul knew it was divine.
    I looked up to the sky through my bedroom window and said thank you God.
    The blessed holy mother had touched my heart and soul..
    It was (indescribable how I felt).
    Which lead me to the foot of the cross and Jesus. I left the old self there.

    My journey began, with the Lord.
    He has shown me so many things.
    From that very first day I have not sinned again, give up drinking, gambling and women.
    I have been celibate for over 2yrs.
    I do not lust after the things of this world. I detest sin.i go fasting in my tent, My walk has just began so much more I must do.. I take nothing for granted. I am still growing and learning, we are all at different stages on our walk with the Lord. I will never forget that day ever it’s in my heart and soul forever.when you are touched, you will know it! I promise you!
    Glory be to God!
    Everyday I humble myself at the foot of the cross..
    Because I am nothing without Jesus!

    This is my testimony! It is true! So help me God!

    Makes me sad when people mock the blessed holy mother! They have no idea of the love she has to offer all of us.. I know and felt it!

    I do not care one jot, what the mockers and Scoffers scorn me with! I know heaven touched my heart and soul! The words of men mean nothing to me!
    No man can take it from me!
    Viva christo rey!!
    Christ is king!

    • @riverhope99 “For the first time in my life! I sat down and prayed the rosary. I cried tears of joy, I knew after all my wanderings, I was home…..My journey began, with the Lord. He has shown me so many things.”

      Would you care to show us where “the rosary” is mentioned in The Holy Scriptures? Would you care to show us where The Learners (disciples) “Prayed the Rosary”? Or perhaps John The Baptist “Prayed the Rosary” ROTFL!

      Your journey began with meaningless religious mumbo-jumbo – conjuring tricks, not with The Lord, for there is no way He would show anyone anything that “Prayed the Rosary”.

      • The first prayer of the rosary is the prayer Jesus taught us. The second prayer is a prayer to Jesus mother which contains the announcement by the Angel Gabriel to Mary of her carrying The Lord Jesus and the second part is a prayer to Mary to pray for us sinners. The third prayer is a prayer of praise to the Holy Trinity.

      • @Gerry 1) Where did Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) make any mention of a Rosary? Show me in the Holy Scriptures. 2) Show me in the Holy Scriptures where we are instructed to pray to Miriam (Mary). Where does it say that she is alive in heaven? 3) Do you believe in the resurrection of the dead when Yashua Messiah returns to this earth?

  15. imo, all this new, ‘health guidance’ is for the jabbed… it must be… their immune system will be completely shot… that’s the only way a christmas tree will kill you… funny how it ties in with what Ursula was trying to ban last week… if i was suspicious person, i might be inclined to put 2 and 2 together… 🤔
    Chin up Hugo mate – you’re doing a top job, keep the faith my man…💪🏻

  16. Well done Hugo. Another brilliant insightful commentary. Keep up the great work.

  17. Hugo that was a feckin Brilliant one!!

    You are such a great guy to us all
    We are strong in numbers so let’s keep together
    Keep strong
    And try – try thinking Positive thoughts as much as you can
    Negative thoughts will affect your health

    Have a Fantastic evening to you All
    Im off to sniff Christmas trees …

    • Well said Janie, staying positive, keep smiling its over rides it. I’m noticing people are getting happier in my area, gives you more confidence that theres nothing to fear. I pray eveyday it will end. Have to find happiness within to bring this to a end. Stay confident stay strong 🙂

      • Morning Chris
        You to & thank you to

        Have great day now
        Keep smiling 🙂

  18. Killer Christmas trees are real everyone. Be afraid , be very afraid. Just ask Jackie Tyler…….enjoy 🙂

    • Who hates Christ and his Christmas? Jooos
      And you can clearly see this in action at Jooish BBC.
      I think everyone get now Bad Santa psyop but you should watch Office Christmas Party 2016 to see the crypto-Jooish interpretation of Christmas spirit.

      • @FlaviusStilicho “The Protocols is the plan by which a handful of Jews, who compose the Sanhedrin, aim to rule the world by first destroying the Christian civilisation. Not only are the Protocols genuine, in my opinion, but they have been almost entirely fulfilled.”

        — A warning from the eminent Jewish American Attorney, publisher and reporter, Henry Klein, 1950.

      • I don’t know about the Protocols but for me “Two Hundred Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s is a better testimony.
        Read Miles W. Mathis

  19. Funnily enough, we drink pine needle tea because it’s full of vitamin C.
    How funny that the snowflakes think having a Christmas tree in your house will kill you. 🤣🤣
    We love our open fire too.
    The more they push, the more I push back.

    • I’m using dandelion leaf tea (vitamin C and A). Positive side effect is I don’t need sugar to make it drinkable (not bitter).

  20. Just saw a really dodgy Ad for HSBC ,offering wank accounts for the homeless …Wow who would ever have thought it ,seeing as a Bank Account as a homeless person pre scamdemic was harder to come by than rocking horse shit ,they really are ramping it up ain’t they ,

  21. Funny that pre-jab, you never saw sportsmen and sportswomen falling down ill….now it’s commonplace. Young people have always had heart attacks apparently….it’s just that we’ve never noticed before. All these claims are to hide the fact that they’re going to ramp up the level of the 5G signal and some people, just like the footballers, are going to drop down dead.

  22. The Joos want to obliterate Christmas, they destroy it big time since the Plandemic has began, don’t they?
    They call it Holiday Season, Festive Season and use other terms just not to spell word Christ they hate.

    These are just many symptoms of inner workings of the Joos in power not only in media and BBC.

  23. I wish this was the walking dead type world… I’d rise up and gather all the guns and people in a hundred mile radius and build the army to take down the CRM aka one world gov. Rebellion by force is the only way

  24. They are warning the public of all these so called dangers because those that are jabbed are going to be dying off from colds and flu as their immunity is now smashed. They can then say, “look we told you!” Absolute bollocks the lot of it and truly disgusting what they have done.

  25. They are 💯 write all these things will kill you if you’re triple vaxed lol

  26. Well, I came up with an idea for a test how gullible people are these days:
    I’m going to make a face mask out of a seriously open weave fabric. Lets see if the sheeple react to the fact, that is doesn’t stop anything from getting through.
    Should they address me about it I’ll say that it’s a custom made, experimental prototype and the fabric has the brand new Omega® coating (originally developed for the Mars mission), that will attract and kill any variant of the virus!

  27. LOL NPC’s, I’ve been calling them that, FreeGuy the movie, was about NPC’s, the jabbed are just like NPC’s, you start getting them there, even get them there and next day / minute at times, all back to CONVID IS REAL!!! FFS!!

    It’s as if we live in a simulation and the Jabbed are replaced with NPC’s, massive personality changes aswell, ex 23years OCD house clean freak, these days, doesn’t care, how odd is that.

    Pub last night, 1 person has died, 1 is too many, explained 1700 average die per day normally UK, and they look at me like I’m nuts, they’ve hidden all other deaths, like they used to hide Flu deaths, so you think nobody else is even dying, to make the Convid fear WORSE!!

    Getting BEYOND NUTS!!!

    • I have noticed that pneumonia is never mentioned anymore. Yet it spreads like wild fire in hospital settings. No 1 ever mentions it, has it just disappeared like the cold and flu ?

  28. Vernon Coleman, another HIV link.

    1. Trial Suspended for Jab in Australia for making people test HIV+
    2. Loads of HIV references, talk to normalise HIV
    3. New Pfizer pill has to be taken with a HIV drug

    Looking like a keep taking your daily Pfizer pill or you’ll die from HIV, nice control mechanism.

    • Takes me back to the “Trust Naomi” video Hugo did. The “cure” they give you for something you didn’t even have causes the disease.

      • It leaked, Jab 3 would contain HIV didn’t it 🙁

        This world is going to be 2 sick to want to live in, and my 13 and 18year old recently had jabs, so if same jab for all, like I suspect then FFS 🙁

        Also HIV Spreads to the unjabbed via sexual contact!

        Adapt and overcome!!

      • Sorry to hear about your kids, turveyd! All you can do is pray the batches were placebo. Also, let’s hope we don’t ever need a blood transfusion. Is there going to be any pure blood available that’s not riddled with clots/spike proteins/rouleaux/damaged blood cells/HIV?

  29. Lockdown, after Xmas, likely before new year expected, theory being depressed when xmas gone, then cancel new year to further depress all. Going for suicides here lots of them,

    World is about to get 100x’s more nutty.

    Stay strong, unless you want HIV, then behave or die are your options.

    • Goodness exactly
      Can it get anymore Nutty!!

      They are insane Period!

      Take care

  30. Increase in people testing HIV+ it’s in the damn booster isn’t it 🙁 EVIL!!

  31. In Canada, all our trees are safe. Maybe nothing else., but the trees are good. Get out there and hug one. It’s right up next to your heart. Feels so good!

    • Morning barb
      Enjoy life
      Hug tress do anything we have always done
      I am not changing Nothing for these ‘out of control’ people

      Take care
      Have great day

  32. Lie after lie after lie. The MSM think we are suckers, we know crap when we see it.

  33. If the Have named everything that can make you sick over Christmas… cannot blame the Vaccines.
    So if you feel sick it is not the Vaccine Booster you had a few days ago it was your Christmas tree!

  34. Now The Great ex Man City forward and until recently Barcelona striker has retired due to a heart condition ….Bet he has been foolish enough to take the jab .

  35. Get close to Jesus Christ and PRAY. Become strong in Christ our Lord. The hard times have yet to begin

  36. 🤣🤣🤡🌏 I’ve heard everything now. Let’s see if the brainwashed throwout there Christmas trees lol. With u all the way Hugo I’m standing my ground I dont watch it listen to the shiny box otherwise known as TELL LIE VISION or read or listen to mainstream. Too many still do and are lost forever. Leave em to it I say. Have a good day folks.

    • Hi

      You to have great day
      World is officially nuts lol

      Take care
      Keep strong

  37. These embedded stories are done for two reasons. When the families of people who have died from the jabs want answers, they can say, xmas trees, e cigarettes, winter vagina or whatever total bs they’re coming up with. Anything but a lethal cocktail they’re sticking in you.
    Secondly, heat pumps, as recommended by our glorious, corrupt gov, are totally useless, inefficient and expensive but let’s get you used to sitting in cold homes. Your electric bill will soar as it will once we all get electric cars for no reason and the overload will cause power outages. Get used to it people.

    • O u spot on because my energy bills have gone up Ridiculously!

      And they don’t reply to emails for weeks getting you into debt?!!

      My mail has been delivered late by a month on two occasions ?
      Causing a debt collection at my door because there was four letters in late post! Asking me to contact which due to late mail I never saw theses letters
      And the complaints i have made have fallen on deaf ears

  38. One thing they’re right on is the scented candles, they cause nothing but problems for people with serious lung conditions. The rest of it is just plain old bollix.

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