BEWARE The Christmas Tree 🎄🤦‍♀️🤡 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The fact is they haven’t completed their goal. Christians have been the most genocided group in all history. Keeping us fearing Christian assembly of any kind and trying to demoralize Christian traditions is their goal. God Bless the World.

    • @Bob Ulicki Yes and the genocide began here: John 18:36 (KJV) Jesus answered, My Kingdom is not of this world: if my Kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, THAT I SHOULD NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE JEWS: but now is my Kingdom not from hence.

  2. its the new religion don’t tell anyone, stay single, hide in the woods till its over, im glad i work alone, i cart be doing with peoples bad energy and mental health for hours on end

  3. A woman I work with suffers from epilepsy. On Tuesday she got her second experimental vaccine. During the shift she collapsed. An ambulance came to our branch. She is currently in hospital. I think she was pressured by other coworkers to get it. I’ve had some nasty comments and lost some friends, but I will never get the jab.

    • Hi
      That must been a upsetting thing for you
      And good on yourself not giving in
      Unfortunately yes peer pressure is RIFE!!

      She may think before doing anymore hopefully

      Take care

  4. roll on 2 weeks when this years over i cart wait, the fear thermometer is through the roof horrible evil energy, living day to day, what they going to say today, tomorrow. stress on top off stress there feeding of our fear, i just want to hide under a rock and come out in January, this ain’t christmas coming up this is a nightmare, roll on spring, they seem to trap us this time off year where cold and vulnerable, summer time they ease off and cart control us, as the sunshine brings happiness roll on summer, i knew they cancelled christmas last week in November, they made sure of that. i called it on here, also the christmas advert is coming true, these conspiracy are coming true, stay safe people, protect your energy

  5. Winter vagina ROFL I do have to admit mine is a bit frosty at 63 I guess it would be OMG WINTER VAGINA

  6. Everyone please listen to this warning and be prepared for a powercut this winter lasting months. It’s already happening different parts of US after the tornado, and UK due to the storms – weather manipulation.The military surveillance have been very active even though air travel to other countries has been restricted Stock up on tinned food and water. There will be a nuclear war soon and martial law – Russia, China. Do NOT take any of these new Pills. Please be careful outside in large gatherings – they are planning to release another plague. They think it will be like Ebola.
    Please put your faith in Jesus Christ now before it’s too late.
    Events to come 2021/2022.

  7. Hugo don’t you think this would be 5he perfect timing for releasing the real deadly virus? Lengthening the school term, allowing Christmas to go ahead, people giving up on the on the rules??? …. Me thinks so.

    • There is no deadly, virus needed, what they’ve done, is give all HIV, then rebranded HIV Drugs 1 tablet a day from Pfizer as a anti convid drug tablet, with the tablet you keep your immune system, you can live with HIV for ever, without the tablets especially if they’ve modified the HIV then dead pretty quickly, from a common cold.

      Game OVER, we’ve lost this War, there is no way the sheep will or can rise against, even after millions of them die they’ll just be more scared and want more drugs to keep them safe, so it’ll be please mr government give us more, yes I’ll lick the shit from your ass.

      I thought they’d be ahead and we’d lose, but still worth a fight but I assure you!!!


      Research Pfizer Convid pill and HIV pill you have to take with USA spending 1.6Billion on just, research HIV increasing, look at the MSM normalising HIV, join the dots!!

  8. 100% serious about HIV in jab 3, as leaked from german whistle blower, watch Dr Coleman update, new Pfizer 1 a day pill to keep Convid away has to be taken with a HIV pill, why because HIV destroys your immunity like PHE data that got deleted, if jabbed 6xs as likely to die from any virus.

    Pills didn’t make sense as you could just flush them, but you have to take to live, you have to behave to get them, CONTROL!

    America’s just ordered billions of the damn pills, after booster role out they’ll announce here to, you don’t take after jab 3, well Aids is a nasty way to go 🙁

    France not allowed in because of moronic, whuch is moronic, bet there in full blown civil war, wait to they crack HIV links boom!

    This world is getting too sick and the idiot sheep are clueless and allowing it to happen.

    China hasn’t done this to it’s people, they’ll wait for population reduction then spread out there huge population over the entire world.

    The NWO will be chinese!

  9. **At that point the heart-line on the monitor stopped and doctors explained to Margaret that she had passed away but they weren’t sure why and how this could have happened to a healthy 38 year old.

  10. The BBC are telling us that pregnant women are ‘angry’ that they haven’t received their ‘booster’ yet. A few days ago the self-same BBC were telling us that 3/4 of patients in ICU with Convid were ‘unvaccinated pregnant women’.

  11. Fit and healthy mum of five, 38, collapsed and died on school run two weeks before Christmas

    A fit and healthy mum of five died after collapsing whilst going to pick her two children up from school.

    Margaret Mugema, 38, died last Wednesday after being rushed to Lewisham hospital where doctors were unable to save her.

    The Sunday school teacher was with two of her children at the time and her tragic death has sent shockwaves around the community.

    When Winnie arrived at the hospital she had to get pushed through security at the ambulance entrance as they weren’t letting patients through due to covid restrictions.

    Eventually she made it to her sister’s bedside.

    “She was hooked up to every sort of device you could imagine and was completely unconscious.

    The doctors explained to Winnie that her sister’s brain had been left with oxygen for too long and they were giving her 24 hours to come around.

    “They asked me if she had any underlying health conditions and I told them she had nothing at all, she was fit, healthy, really active and didn’t have so much as a scratch on her.

    “My brother made it to the hospital but he ran out to call Margaret’s husband and I was told I only had a couple of minutes before she would be gone.

    “I was holding her hand trying to talk to her and trying to get her to wake up thinking if she heard my voice she’d come through.”

    At that point the heart-line on the monitor stopped and doctors explained to Margaret that she had passed away but the

    • I refuse to listen to cries of ‘selfish’ over being unjabbed. I was offered one early, back in Feb, due to a congenital heart defect. I’d heard rumours of blood clots and myocarditis and gave it a miss. You see I’ve got two children who depend on me and I need to stick around. ‘Selfish’, they’re having a laugh.

      • ‘Selfish’ masks the need for others to jump off the cliff edge with them.

    • I`ve given a lot of thought over the past six months as to how `they` are going to fabricate the truth, the truth behind the miilions of deaths that we know are coming for all those poor, innocently trusting souls that have taken the needle.
      I believe that now, with so many refusing the jabs completely, combined with those who have had the first one, felt the effects and decided on having no more (These amount to over 40% of the UK public) that pushing the `blame` onto those 25 million people is not going to work, particularly as we are the only ones not getting sick from the deliberately released Gates/Fauci/Wuhan created Pathogen but a multitude of other ailments that they`re ever more compromised / destroyed immune systems are making them susceptible to.. And this my friends.. IS IT!
      Ironically, they are wasting their time since the only people who will pay attention to this garbage are those who regretably have already thrown their lives away..

      Pay attention to how utterly desperate these measures are.. They are afraid, and they should be..

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