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    • The whole thing is a fake. The pandemic is fake, virus yes. However where is the 250, 000 dead that the gov scientists were predicting.They are criminals and should be incarcerated for life.

    • Hugo, you are brilliant! Thank you and the canny Supported who took the day after photo. I had no idea! My 86yo neighbour queued for hours in the rain for her 2nd last time and nearly fainted standing so long. No arrangements to help the elderly or disabled! We are in the hands of sadists.
      Thanks so much for all your Talks. They keep me very informed and better still make me feel I’m not alone.

      • Hi
        That’s because the elderly & disabled are irrelevant to the people causing this distress & destruction to Us.
        They don’t care – they just want theses poor souls to suffer.

        Your not alone
        Everyone one here is great & informative
        And Hugo is a great help to us all I totally agree

        Have great day to you

  1. It’s a funny old world,is anything we see real,makes you wonder.

    • The next time anyone sees a queue like this, pop on a hi-vis vest, grab a clipboard and walk along the line asking the people which agency they’re from! Most of them are probably hired actors and even those that are ‘t might start getting a bit twitchy if they think everyone around them is an actor! Mess with their tiny minds!

      • The whole of the UK is now a modern day concentration camp. Inforced injections, told where you can go. what does that remind me of? “o” I remember, Germany, Nazis, concentration camps and injecting people against there will!

      • @philliphawkins99gmailcom ““o” I remember, Germany, Nazis, concentration camps and injecting people against there will!”

        Nah, what you remember is all the victor’s history lying bullshit propaganda that you were indoctrinated with from off the Tel-a-lie-vision and of course the mainstream media whores.

        “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.”

        — Victor Cavendish-Bentick, Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), in a handwritten note, written on Aug 27th, 1943. Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, “Inside the South African Reserve Bank”.

      • This is what makes me doubt Hugo’s claims. In Portsmouth there obviously was a queue there the day before and in all likelihood they were real people. Maybe they managed to process all those people in a single day and could shut up shop on the same day, so obviously no-one’s going to queue for a vaccination station that no longer exists. Looking at the queue it was about 200 metres long which equates to about 100 people. If we assume there were 3 nurses giving vaccinations and each one takes 10 minutes that’s 330 minutes or five and a half hours. So even if there were 150 people, it’s possible to clear them in a single day. However, I agree that this strategy of hit and run was deliberately followed in order to get scenes of long queues on the first day of operation. In my opinion the most newsworthy aspect of those scenes is the visual proof of just how many people have been brainwashed by the relentless propaganda and it really makes my heart sink

  2. more people will wake up over the next 3 months, although around 30% of the population are in a deep deep sleep.
    believe in Jesus christ our Lord and you will be saved, love to you all.

    • 30% are hard core non-believers, 40% go with the flow as its easier, 30% are hardcore believers – we need to change the 40%

      • HOW do we get the message over,many people I speak to about the glaring truth of all the fakeness won’t evev listen or entertain the possibility let alone probability.I am not optimistic, sad.

      • Even if those people were queuing up 4 booster. In the grand scheme of things and taking into account the stupid now u see it now u don’t social distance crap, its still not a lot of people. I was really upset last night . Watching that bollocks go down in Parliament. When u look at it can anyone really tell me what has changed ? We all no lockdowns are next. Stop the world I want to get of now.

  3. Likewise Hugo …you are spot on my man.

    You should be running the country.

    Frankly I despair though, friends that I would have classified as intellectual just don’t get it!

    Very very troubling.

    • You never truly know anybody until the shit hits the fan and it’s time to fight, only then their true colours are shown.

    • If Hugo gets to run the country I want to be in his cabinet 🙂

      • @Tanya Louise, Actually countries run themselves and parliaments are just an encumbrance and evil liability that drag us into unnecessary wars for The Rothschilds, only for them to make extra large profits.

      • So do i, but it must be at least 5ft 10 inches high and 2ft deep + 2ft wide, or possibly a little larger as there might be quite a few people in there! Hee, hee or should that be here, here!

    • .’ . friends that I would have classified as intellectual just don’t get it!’ Have they shown themselves to be more sensible? Why do you expect better of them ? If I pay a plumber to fix the sink I am not concerned which college he went to. When I or anybody need to use our common sense it doesn’t matter if we are classified as intellectual. Is this a misplaced idea of how a person’s judgement can be arrived at ?

      • @ Deke Well God has always thought so:

        1 Corinthians 1:26-28 (MCV) For you see your CALLING, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are CALLED: 27 But God hath CHOSEN the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath CHOSEN the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God CHOSEN, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought (zero) things that are:

  4. I have to say Hugo I actually posted on this today so I fell for it and if I fell for it then the Narrative Followers will sure as Hell fall for it. Very very clever Pyschology developed by the
    Human Behaviourial insights team at😂😂😂😂

  5. Thank you Hugo

    Today I saw people without masks in my local!!
    I was so pleased
    I have prayed my butt of for people to wake up!

    Have great evening All
    You to Hugo

    • am so glad to read your comment. I prayed today before going to the shops to meet someone that wanted to chat. Everyone was masked and some noticeably ticked off that I wasn’t. I was very discouraged so it’s great to read your experience. I too pray that more wake up but I do wonder if they haven’t by now then when. Maybe after the next great event which may be the rapture and the ‘sudden distruction’.

      • Thank you for your comment
        for me..
        It’s all about Positive thinking..
        I pray for Everyone every morning & every evening for this madness to stop.

        You continue to pray – do what ever helps you
        Stay strong
        All the best

      • I was in a very busy card shop on Sunday, I was the only person without a mask on, I was getting some looks and people leaping out of my way. Then an older gentleman came in without a mask someone must have said something to him because heard him say “I am too old to worry about that nonsense”.
        Then every shop I went In after that there were a the odd one or two fellow maskless.
        Each one gave me a little glimmer of hope.

    • I too went into a store without a mask and no one stopped me. I think you just have to be brazen about it and stand your ground. Who cares what the sheep think?

      • I went into a hospital today for an appointment without a mask. A couple others in the waiting room were also maskless. I expected a comment from the receptionists but nothing. One of them asked me how I was coping with the ‘covid thing’ once we were in a room. Once I said it was the least of my worries, he just took his off. Pleasantly surprised. If you do it with confidence, nobody asks.

      • Exactly !!!
        Well said

        Thank you for comment
        Have great day Diana

      • Hi janelaramblahhotmailcom

        I really pleased to hear it
        People do need to be more assertive
        And take the things off their faces.

        Have great day now

  6. Hugo you are one mean critical thinker, just as well we have you around, there are not many of you.

  7. A few weeks ago sturgeon was bragging that over 90% of Scottish population had taken their chemotherapy “we’re best in the world after Israel” it proclaimed.
    Now it’s saying we must get every person jagged before end of December.
    Which is it sturgeon – everyone has had it, or everyone has got to get it?
    Pathetic lying scum.
    The media presentations of massive queues was such an obvious lie – everyone knew they would do this. They never did have good ideas but they’re fast running out – even the sheep are beginning to question things.
    Now we’ve got a pretence of “democracy” coming up – Conservative party rebels to try and defeat their PM.
    We’ll see

    • That pretence has been ongoing for decades if not at least 3 centuries thanks to the british-NOT the English…we’ve not had a parliament since 1706!

    • All just a show to pretend there is some sort of opposition that “listens” to the people. In the end it won’t matter, Boris gets the numbers thanks to Labour MPs.
      If this doesn’t work I’m sure a false flag attack, done by an “un-vaxxed” might happen.Was afraid of that when the MP got stabbed. Strange how quickly that story disappeared…

    • Well, most people in Scotland above a certain age will have had the jab. I’m sure she only forgot to mention that age bracket. If it’s the over 65s it’s probably true.
      She must surround herself with human scum, otherwise someone would have taken care of her a long time ago.

    • Probably all from the Job center, 50 quid for an hour or two’s modelling! It is Pysch ops.

  8. Nice one Hugo that’s boosted my spirits as I did see something earlier about this and my heart sank a little.

    Simply incredible though how the fakestream press as you call them are all lying through their teeth to the British public with their front page headlines. Never has journalism sunk so low

  9. I was in Bradford yesterday and no one was queing for the “vaccine”. Most of Centenury Square was filled with a massive tent. They used for testing previously and no one was queing then either.

    My 3 three year old nephew doesn’t like Bojo. When he came onTV he ‘said. ‘Make it go away I don’t like him, he’s stupid’. Managed to put something else on before full blown tantrum. Well blow me if it wasn’t Pepa Pig.

    Thank you Hugo and everyone.

  10. Here in France if over 65’s don’t get their booster shot before tonight their Covid pass will be cancelled (even after 2 jabs and negative test) and will only be re-activated after the booster – The highly dangerous Omicron is spreading ! Take cover and don’t dare go out anywhere! I know many people who believe this. When will this madness stop ? I am more afraid of bad reactions to the jab. SA is assuring us that this is very mild and that people should be allowed to catch it to get natural immunity.

    • Pay attention to the truth from the horse’s mouth-go to South Africa’s people as they hate the british liars…but don’t get this confused with the English…ALL the british are the world’s enemy-the british IN POWER that is! Have a good evening mate!

    • That shows that is nothing to do with health all to do with control government controls you and actually amazed at the French that is standby in take all this crap.

  11. I posted these were crisis actors on Mad mix telegram page yesterday, he filmed hundreds lining up across London the morning after booster bullshit was aired on tv. It’s all smoke and mirrors bullshit!

  12. those crisis actors are so busy nowadays ..was thinking of joining the omicron army ..thought it would be interesting ….ive already done an audit of the test centre ..they werent happy with me ..

  13. A little letter inside a card from an old school friend, not seen family for ages, worrying about getting together and at the bottom “this omicron is so scary!” Er, nope. Not responded. Trying to be tactful but I can’t even think of anything apart from stop worrying and join me with the tin hat and you’ll be totally immune and enjoy the family get together while you can. Second thoughts I’ll just avoid it. So sad – and she was the clever one.

    • I guess some of us are just born with better bullshit detectors than others. People have forgotten they will never get this time back.

      • Thank you Ginger, I find it so strange that nobody in my family or friends will accept that this is a load of tosh. That’s the scary bit – not a convid scamdemic. It also makes me sad. Determined to live my life as I can while I can. Should be interesting when they come knocking at the door. I had another letter to claim my free first stabbing session. I feel anything that alters your humanity is not free at all, but comes at a very high price.

      • This is what happens, two years of propaganda put out by the corrupt media. People have forgotten how to think for themselves. Thank the Good Lord for sites like this one. Alex Belfield and Tommy Robinson to name a few.

      • My husband has announced he is busy on Friday. Why? He’s getting his booster! I just went pfffft and walked away. There was a snarky comment but I didn’t hear and I couldn’t be arsed. The only reason he had the first was because he wanted to travel. Well that went well – he’s been nowhere! Hahahaha! Such betrayal but I can do no more than I already tried. He’d best steer clear of me because I’ve already been subjected to harm by leaky thirders. Who knows I may even have been unknowingly stabbed by contact without the needle. I hope not, but I won’t give in without a fight.
        I agree, Phillip, I’m loving the UK Column and the symposium by Doctors for Covid Ethics last week was terrific. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi . . . well he was in tears at the end. Just made me want to give him a hug. These people, and Hugo and others, are fighting for us and yet people like my husband – it is wasted breath on them. Yet so many people are saying stuff the third which gives me hope. Not for my stupid lot, but for a lot of other people waking up. My husband was initially a no person yet he got suckered and is on the fast track down into the black hole. I gave up a while ago.

      • @philliphawkins99gmailcom TWO YEARS!!!???? Where have you been Phillip? The propaganda has been going on for approximately 4,500 years and certainly at its most intense for the last 380 years.

        Oh and as to the controlled opposition shills Belfield and 5 names Tommy Robinson, oh dear, what are we going to do with you?

      • Hello my dear. I saw a video with a guy explaining it all – I fear the worst but there’s always hope. I’ll have to try and find it again. Will watch your link later as usual. I’m going to get a cattle prodder to keep my husband at a distance on Friday. Keep away from my food matey – can you imagine if guests eat his cakes – fortunately we sleep separately now. I’m going to have to wear a mask in my own house (hah!!! just seeing if you are awake! My bad!) and wear plastic gloves – or get a hazmat suit, after all that is the only covering where we can be sure of being protected – unless you work in a Wuhan bio weapon factory and they leak apparently – perhaps if they did the zipper up! Perhaps a bin liner! I’m being very cynical and sound flippant, but it is just my way of using my strange sense of humour to lighten the darkness a bit.

      • @Kelly I understand, and I know that you’re in a most unenviable situation, hence I said to research it thoroughly, as it may just be fear porn.

      • That poor girl – as if she isn’t suffering enough already! Good that her doctor is in agreement – he should stand up and be counted! Thank you for that link. Certainly more food for thought.

  14. I have said this before and I will say it again. There is a scene in the film `Swordfish` where John Travolta is explaining about how he pulls off his deception for his character. He cites the magician Harry Houdini who he says “he could make an elephant disappear in front of live audience. How ? Misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes”.

    • The queues are actors or old photos from the first roll-out, fine. But everyone around me is getting boosters!!! At work, my extended family etc…in real life I feel like a minority well and truly…
      I just hope overall the country is waking up and falling back into the “unvaccinated” category.

      • @GinaW Unfortunately all your hopes will be in vain, Gina, for the country will not wake up and they will rather curse God than do that.

        The Holy Scriptures in Revelation 7 tell us that only 144,000 Israelites (not Jews) will remain, plus a great multitude of non-Israelite mankind, which I guess will amount to a further 2 or 3,000,000 people, that’s not many people out of 7 billion.

      • Morning Gina

        You hang in there
        If they don’t want to see sense that’s down to them for now
        you remember You are giving it your all
        that’s very hard when you have small children to – so I admire you Gina
        Try just live as you did enjoy your days with your children ect
        It will be harder for people like yourself as you having to mix with the School runs.. believe me I know about the moody woman & moody men that do school runs!!
        It’s moody central most the time out there my dear lol
        just show your not unhappy
        Because they want you to break
        Don’t give in me darling
        Keep smiling at them
        They will get it in the end Gina
        because more people are aware now

        Have great day
        Keep strong

        And you to Tanya in fact…
        Have great day to All the lady’s & gents on here

      • Thanks Truthnotdoctrine and Janie. I am quiet, shy, and introverted anyway so keep myself to myself (no social media etc) which does help. It serves me well, especially when the long lockdown hit! I always smile though, I think if anyone had a go at me I’d just say, “All the best to you” and get on with my business. Sums it up really. Nobody knows my life and I don’t know what they’re going through in theirs. I don’t wish ill on anyone. Lots of the young workmen types don’t mask up in shops/bakery outlets here so I don’t feel so alone when I pop in somewhere unmuzzled. We’re in North Yorkshire for goodness sake, I thought there’d be more “It’ll be right” and “What a load of shite” mentality but most have fallen for it all. Social pressure gets to a lot I think.
        thanks and have a good week all.

  15. I know of people taking boosters – 2 dropped out of my sport event today 1st one feeling “weird” – the 2nd one “groggy”.

    Had to buy /replace a spare part today at power tool shop – suddenly only hatch service & they got my name/address by “surprise”

    The Crucible (about McCarthyite witch trials) shows the power of auto suggest to create any reality required !

    • @peetah, Only McCarthy was right, he just mishandled the task – deliberately? Who knows.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, sodomite and a quarter Jewish

  16. Pointed out on another forum that these queues were from broadcasts from January. Its all a magic show, yet the sheep keep buying it.

  17. hey guys,check out the P.I.N.A.C. (Photography Is Not A Crime) Media on youtube,these guys audit police stations,prisons,jab centers etc,and you will see how obnoxious,corrupt,and PIG headed these so called authorities truly are!;the cops often try abusing section 43 of the terrorism act for a man with a dangerous camera!!,and all these lazy pricks working as security at jabby centers havent got a clue about Photography laws,trespass etc;they put on their hi-viz jackets and think they are all powerful,lol!;here is some PINAC Auditors to watch,TO PLOD OR NOT TO PLOD,DJ AUDITS,YARDLEY SKI,LIVE FREE,KOLEEBERKS,AUDITING BRITAIN,MARTI BLAGBOROUGH,MAT12128,NEWSNOW YORKSHIRE

    • Morning

      Yes I see a Father Christmas being arrested yesterday in another country on YT by Carl Vernon channel,

      He had Four cops on him SMH
      He was dragging his legs it was awful to see.. But..
      But fair play to Santa not going lightly!!! LOL

      Take care

  18. There is no pandemic..there never was a are being fooled, these scaremongers will be dealt with because there time is nearly up and there will be no hiding place for these collaborators in this genocide murder

    • I agree, these wankers are no better than the Nazis! This is now a fight for freedom and democracy.

      • @philliphawkins99gmailcom So Phillip Hawkins tell us what you KNOW about the German National Socialists? You can start by telling us what life was like for the German people under the Jew controlled Weimar Republic in the 1920’s and early 1930s!

      • Don’t forget Soviet Russia or communist China (and a lot of other communist countries in that region).
        Not to mention that imprisonment camps were an invention of the British.
        The Jewish owned media outlets have spread false information about Germany ever since the British Empire fell behind and it couldn’t compete with Germany on an industrial-economic level. “Made in England” was invented to push english products, but was soon forgotten, when “Made in Germany” appeared.
        And it doesn’t surprise me. Back in Germany I lived in (big) house (several flats), that was rebuilt after it was bombed during WWII, using basically spit and sand and what was left, and that house was better built than a lot of buildings I’ve seen in the UK.

  19. Well, when they constantly repeated the Omicron bullcrap since yesterday, it was obviously a desperate attempt to cause a panic.
    And lets be fair, any government and/ or NHS website crashes when there are more than 10 people using it at a time.
    What worries me is what might come next if people don’t do what the shadow rulers want them to do. And I’m not talking lockdown, but things like power cuts and food shortages. I’ve seen people fight during sales over cheap t-shirts.

  20. When the BBC pushes the panic it is most definitely fake.
    What worries me is the inability of many people to see through this.
    Vaccines don’t work, because the “virus” is still around. Same goes for lockdowns, masks and social distancing.
    But then the people behind this know how to manipulate the masses. And they control all the means…

  21. Most people I have talked too including family, believe what they see.I am now 64 ,am tired of explaining anything any more.I have had no jabs and see right through these clowns but what is the point keep isolating yourself.There are NO leaders to save the day and perhaps better to succumb to the now enevertable.

    • What has happened throughout history is when that before a real leader gets into gear, a false leader emerges first, it is the moral grit that makes a true leader, one who is also lead himself, not by another man but by a set of principals. Those false leaders who present themselves as our beacon of hope often speak from the top, while the man at the bottom tries to figure out the show. The psychology involved in this operation is most likely classified. The best game we can play is to not play the game, but it’s difficult, how do we “not play the game” of consumer or worker or mortgage customer or taxpayer or citizen. All these things are not bad, in an honest system, but we are not in an honest system. The system is under new management friends.

      • There is an Italian comedy, where members of a cavemen and -women tribe live happily together.
        Then someone shows up and introduces money (actually just some stones). He pays them for building some huts and then charges them rent.
        It causes a great divide within the community!

      • @Ham Sandwich Oh yes and A GREAT LEADER is on His way: Matthew 24:30 (KJV) And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    • Don’t sell out , better to lose your life in this world and keep it in the next, these people so ready to roll their sleeves up without questioning or researching, they do not know what ingredients are in those vials, it could be arsenic for all they know.
      They will be easy picking when the true Mar k of the Bea st is rolled out.

      • The very act of rolling up your sleeve is that of trust, we all don’t have time for a phd in bio chemistry, that’s what our “leaders” are for, they distribute the trust. The average person hasn’t the faintest about bio chemistry or history for that matter. Their decision is not down to knowledge but trust and that’s what makes their predicament difficult, they tell themselves they are rational, well adjusted human beings who would never be so crazy to believe any alternative. They are afraid deep down, afraid to be ousted, afraid to be different intellectually, and afraid of a reality they don’t care to think about.

      • @Ham Sandwich, Never mind bio-chemistry, what these morons have never learned is the answer to this very basic question: How do you know when a politician is lying? Answer: as soon as its lips move and it opens its scabby mouth to say something.

    • Please don’t succumb. There are so few of us, so we have to stay true to ourselves.

    • There is no need to succumb yet. We all need you to stay on board because even if they do go the whole way its still better for us all for more to know what is really going on

  22. St Peter’s church is the vax centre where I live. Half a dozen outside when I passed it today. (I said a prayer for those waiting, all deceived, so sad.)
    The pope has reportedly declared that no one gets to heaven without the injection. It’s a satanic cult, God help us.
    Across the board, the church, with a few notable exceptions, has been so disappointing. They just look the other way, as if nothing is going on across the world. They will have to explain themselves on judgement day.

  23. Bullshit baffles brains, as an ex police officer this was always the response to new pointless rules and regulations. I don’t know what is driving this along but it’s not Public health. Money and Control spring to mind and also saving the skin of a prime minister who is an incompetent, corrupt compulsive hypocritical liar. God save us from this bullshit, take care my friends.

  24. It’ll be McDonald’s voutchers next week and pictures of rows of coffins people wailing,, ect ect ect!

  25. Was surprised today at daughters dance show. In Scotland where the mask mandate was never stopped. At least 400 people there and more that 50% not wearing one.

    So many of my jabbed friends saying not taking a booster.

    Glad to hear and see all this, the tide may be turning 🙂

    • I sincerely hope people are waking up.There are a lot more of US than them. Resist!!!

    • @John, Yes I believe there are pockets of resistance springing up here and there, but I don’t think it’s universal across the board, as yet. All the stores I have been in recently have 100% masked zombies in them – staff and customers. In fact I would say it’s worse than at the beginning.

  26. Interesting they chose to pack up the clinic once the fake media event was over, rather than wait to take in more people.
    I guess they realized social media would quickly show photos of empty queues which would contradict the message. Now they can say there are no queues because the popup clinic had moved on.

  27. This kind of illusion & deception is what one of the follow-on books to the Da Vinci Code is all about, Inferno I think, later made into a Hollywood film starring Tom Wanks. I know it’s a fiction novel, but still these Psycho’s are able to deceive the masses or a single individual in the same way, where literally everything you think is real is in fact staged. I’ve seen it all for myself, street theatre, funerals in which someone is still alive, people wearing specially-made masks to appear like someone else so they can play a part in something weird.. We are living in an age of total deception! Just turn it off

  28. Has anyone heard a beep out of the famous Bristol Mentalist “Derren Brown”? Because surely he must recognise this PsyOp as straight out of one of his long term cons

  29. Thing is even if we do as we are told and get the 3rd jab, the media will still go on about rising cases and deaths, it was just the same when we were in the first stupid Lockdown. Well obviously I won’t be having the 3rd jab and if the NHS do manage to contact me I will just block them again.

    • I certainly have NO intention of having “a jab” mandated or not.The sinisterness is Obvious isn’t it

  30. if & when this is all over those Sage so called scientists need putting in the dock to answer what they have done to this one great country with their false forecasts all along..

    • Man I don’t thinks this is ever going away. If you read their plan along with the COVID Legislation, there are a whole raft of invented catastrophe’s on the way. As the Ministry of defence guys have put it “A constant state of war and emergency” straight out of Orwell’s book. Don’t forget he and Huxley were one of them

      • @Jock Ross, It will only “go away” when you switch off your LED screen and chuck it in a skip along with your ‘smart’ phone – oh and stop paying the criminal licence extortion.

    • Morning Simon

      It’s all bollox lol ain’t it

      Have great day now

  31. Chubby brown died of Convid, omg it’s real all over face arse, it’s really good fun pointing out triple jabbed lol

    Local care homes, few saying no to booster, health suffered from first 2, be 1 every 3 months not worth there health.

    End of Jan area, all the unboosted become anti vaxers like us, more for our army 🙂

    Also saying your off to get or had your booster is the thing to say, many are lying, don’t want to anti vax back lash, but they aren’t risking more jabs that aren’t working either.

    In manchester and bored, might try to cruise a few death jab centres 🙂

  32. All those idiots getting boosters, don’t they realise that we’re going back into lockdown again, imminently???? So glad I never got sucked into this garbage! All around hubby and I everyone getting boosters. So very sad, they’ve made the worst mistake of their entire lives, and there’s nothing we can do. What makes me really scared is everything I’m hearing about what’s happening to the NHS right now with operations cancelled, who knows how many. I was supposed to be having a major operation in the New Year, no date just on the waiting list. I’ve already had to wait more than 2 years, but hey ho, it’ll be cancelled yet again when we go back into lockdown! May be just as well, as there’s such a chronic shortage of nurses, particularly in the London hospitals, where I would have been going, and due to no jab, no job, the NHS will lose even more!! It got me thinking that it would be dangerous to go ahead anyway because of that, particularly if I suffered complications after surgery. Also thinking about all those cancer patients waiting for and urgently needing treatment and being denied it because of this scam makes me SO angry!! Feeling really low and despairing here today. I was supposed to be doing my shift at the local food bank today, but couldn’t as ill again, so hubby had to take my place. Thank goodness he was able to! Hope you’re all ok here today. Lots of love and prayers from Carolyn XXX

    • Mega hugs for you Carolyn. It isn’t easy seeing all this happen before us and not feeling well adds to the low spirit. I’ve not been well, but recovering now and feeling stronger. I hate what is going on, but we must do our best to rise above it all and make ourselves find something that lifts our mood, even if it is hunting for snowdrops. Or drawing – I quilt. I’ve been very apathetic (pathetic even) towards that lately – yet I know it makes me happy. When I get back to it I wonder why I stopped and it is this damned feeling of oppression. I just hope I live long enough to see them dangle on the jibbets over the Thames. I hope you manage to get seen for your op – and I hope you aren’t forced into doing something you don’t want to do – they seem to like that power over us. I can understand your fears about that too. Chin up and always have hope. Much kind regards to you and your husband – at least you are standing together. xxx

      • Kelly that’s a beautiful comment for Carolyn

        Blessings lady’s
        Keep strong now

        Hugs to you All

      • Big hugs to you too Janie. Heck, let’s just have one giant mega hug for everyone. We all need cuddles aplenty.

      • EXACTLY!!!

        Your funny Kelly I was reading your comment to someone else earlier
        I love it when I read a persons emotions & you were so right but so funny me darling
        Keep it real Kelly
        Your brilliant
        Take care – keep smiling

      • LOL – that’s me, clowning to the end! Or trying to without looking like one – ugh, shudder at the thought of clowns! We all need our spirits lifted and laughter is the best medicine. Take care Janie and thank you xxx

  33. Fake stuff is something they have used for years, even when it came to war videos The love to use fake stuff to fool people. They even have paid trolls out wandering around. Fake people. One of those can have a lot of profiles.

    Anyway Not sure if you have seen this yet. The FDA document the doctor is talking about, is one of the files the FDA wanted hidden for 55 years It is also a must read document. the last 8 pages the doctor did not talk about. He covered the rest very well. There are also Testimonies of victims of the vax.
    UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

  34. Lovely girls thank you dear Kelly and Janie for your support tonight, so hugely appreciated! Yes life is seriously challenging for my hubby and I at present, but we are both trying to be strong and brave. What has really cheered me up today though is that lovely cat Izzy has been giving me loads of cuddles on my lap, and she’s hardly left my side all day! Such a little sweetheart!! She’s on my lap again now as I type this! Methinks she’s hungry and wants her supper!! Anyway my dears you’re so absolutely right, and I will do some music if well enough at the weekend. I love playing my piano, flute and alto sax, really love jazzing around and playing along to our Alexa in the kitchen!! Thankfully our neighbours are very kind and don’t mind me playing at all, regardless of the bum notes!! There’s a gorgeous piece by Dave Brubeck and his band called “Take Five!” Does anyone here know it? So gorgeous to play too when I feel well enough. Anyway music and my cat is my comfort in this totally mad world we’ve living in, and when I’m playing my piano, it is great therapy, very relaxing and calming. Helps for a while to take my mind off that evil git Boris!! Hope you’re all ok here everyone. Have a good evening. Lots of love and heartfelt thanks from Carolyn XXX

    • That’s it Carolyn
      Music makes you happy
      It’s so creative
      So yes do things to take your mind of this madness
      Your get your Op, it may take longer but keep believing & it will come my dear
      Lots of hugs Carolyn
      The flute is a beautiful instrument
      Play that it will hopefully chill you out x
      It has that calming sound effect I feel
      Blessings now
      Take care

    • Yes & jazz is my uncle’s fav
      Very clever stuff
      Have fun me darling

    • Rock it girlie! Or should I say jazz it up. That’s the spirit! Your post has made me feel happier too. Nothing quite like a furbaby whether big or small to help you relax. We have two, but one I am the pet of and he slept on me twice today. I get hair up my nose, but a calming feeling. Funny how animals feel your moods. When one of my chickens died after a fox attack, the cat next door came and jumped on my lap and put his front paws around my neck and snuggled up. Now he is an extremely friendly animal (my two tend to avoid him and vice versa), but that cuddle has never been repeated. He knew!
      So enjoy your music. That is super.

  35. Bless you darling Janie and Kelly, you dear girls have lifted my spirits with your lovely comments tonight too!! So lovely hearing about your cats too dear Kelly. Aww you girls are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful cheering me up! I also had a really good catch up with my dear adopted Dad, Terry tonight too, so feeling much more chirpy now!! God bless you all here my dears, thank you darling girls for your loving support and encouragement to me today, hugely appreciated indeed! Sleep well everyone, and hope to catch up again tomorrow. Lots of love, God bless you all, big hugs from Carolyn XXX

  36. Yes you are correct about the photos being fake and I am NOT fooled. The photo of the queue in London with Big Ben in the background was used by the beeb who we all know are a reputable organisation (NOT). If you look at the photo, to the left of where the people are is a tree. The alleged queue is along Westminster Bridge. But to the left of that bridge is a river (the Thames). It must be the first time I have heard of trees growing in the middle of a river! And if that wasn’t enough there are a row of posts to the right (which would be very dangerous for any cars and buses wanting to drive along Westminster Bridge Road in the middle of London lol) Clearly the photo is fake and is probably a combination of two photos that have been photoshopped (one of Westminster Bridge and Big Ben and superimposed on it one of a queue of people a tree and a row of posts)

  37. Don’t worry people,it’s just more propaganda by the MSM. By the way just a reminder, there is no pandemic. Next year get ready for a new imaginary variant more deadly then the fake one we have now.

  38. Please can we stop using the word ‘Booster’ and call it what it really is – Jab number 3. Then there will be jab number 4, 5 6……

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