Desperate BORIS ‘Omicron TIDAL WAVE’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I am not defending Bojo but he might look tired because he has just had a small baby born. It’s normal.

  2. We all knew this was coming over Xmas. Just putting more fear into people to get more jabbed. Last week Javid said in parliament there were no deaths and no one in hospital with Moronic so how come it’s suddenly an emergency.
    If Boris goes we do not have anyone else decent enough to take his place.
    Does anyone know much about Laurence Fox and the constitution party as I did hear him speaking out about jabs should be a choice and not mandatory. I really wouldn’t know who we can trust anymore.
    Why are no governments speaking out against and condemning these countries who are treating their people so awful, like Austria, Germany , New Zealand and Australia. Probably because they will be following the same procedures soon.
    What happened to those poor Aboriginal people who were rounded up and taken away who were begging for help from the World.
    Last week I went into Waitrose, Sainsbury and Tesco without a mask and no one said anything.
    Stay strong everyone and stick to your principals.
    Lastly “ thank you Hugo” I didn’t know about Boris’s speech until I saw your message as I don’t watch the news anymore.

  3. This is the ‘gogetthebooster’ Variant. The convenient scariant.

  4. There have been over 100 studies on Infection-acquired immunity has been the “gold standard” of immunity for decades why is it ignored/down played now?
    Read these few pieces from validated sources:

    a summary of 30 of them:

  5. I suggest that ordinary people should start moving to end all this covid narrative already. The situation is NOT as dramatic as they present it, they just use the media to manipulate large masses of population into the ” great reset” which we all know about. The public doesn’t need to live in this mass psychosis anymore.

  6. This all one big con job because people were call5for the Prime Minister Johnson to resign after it was revealed the Conservative government had big Christmas Parties last year ahile the Brexit government made everyone stay home some died alone in care homes. Plus the large amount of money spenr3on refurbishing the Prime minister Boris and wifes flat in expensive designer wallpaper and furniture this is all Bullshit.
    The new verint is like the common cold.

  7. BBC spouting nonsense about long queues at vaccination centres and NHS websites crashing because of demand.
    Sounds all a bit desperate to me…
    We have a one day a week mobile test centre show up in a local car park. Totally deserted at the moment. So I hope people got wise(r)!

  8. He’s doing his best to scare the crap out of the public. Notice the specific words of fear, tidal wave. All politicians speech’s are specifically written nothing is by accident. He’s trying his best to scare you. This is because we the people are not doing what these puppet tyrants want us to do.

    Keep up the great work people this proves that we are winning this battle. All they have done is change the name of the flu. Did you notice, no one has the flu anymore. There is no pandemic.

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