Desperate BORIS ‘Omicron TIDAL WAVE’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. What a load of bollocks, it’s boring and I’m tired of it why can’t they just give it up.

    • Where are lawyers taking these creeps to Court for Crimes Against Humanity ?

    • Lyn, they haven’t hit their figures for the bonus from SAGE more than likely.
      More boosters = more cash / funding in an untraceable way.

      Let the brainwashed go out and fill their boots.

    • We’re all the same Lyn but as drained as we are now is the time we fight back even harder. Get a QR sheet with links to stuff that will blow the sheep’s minds, make fake accounts on fbook and get them into telegram with the names of good channels to educate them,, people are looking for direction just now and we have to help them. The cult are rattled that things are not going fast enough, there’s in fighting going on,, keep going and we will expose and topple the traitors and we will see them publicly punished!

      • hi
        yep him & his other fleet of nasties are full of plenty of that!!!

        i sooooo glad i don’t watch MSM

        take care

    • Omicron stands for o Greek word for small so in there own words a small tidal wave is comeing 🤥🤡again confusing the facts

  2. More BS because people are shunning the booster . Bully boy tactics , predictable shite . Ignore them and live your life

  3. OMG my masters have told me to kill you lot of plebs with these jabs, but if you don’t take them and die like good plebs, then my head is on the block, so jabs jabs jabs, if you’ve had your jabs then talk someone else into getting there, maybe tie them down and just slap 3 into or 4 into them, infact just jab random strangers in the street, jabs jab jabs jab, yes sure they’ll kill you I mean, the virus they’ll kill you, the virus jabs jabs jabs jabs.

    Desperate indeed, everyone is against him, so YES finally, we’ll be back on lockdown, passports to take a piss and mandatory jabs for all, as there is no way he’ll listen to the plebs.

    • If you’ve had yours talk someone into getting there’s and there flu jabs. As for the lockdown it will be blamed on OMICRON. 😂🤣😂

  4. He forgot the three ‘forgive me’s’ and ‘that’ll be thirty pieces of silver before I go, if you don’t mind’

  5. Boris certainly is looking tired. Perhaps he got the same crap in his booster the other day that he wants us all to take. Mistakes can happen.

  6. Smells like desperation…stand tall, stand free and stand together…it’s our time to shine

  7. He can piss off.. I so tired of this crap… Life is for living.. I’m a living woman and I’m sovereign… God gave me freedom… So I’m FREE

  8. Oh dear. PM has had his orders again…?
    He’s looking as fed up with it as we are these days. All adults in UK to be offered boosters by end of Dec! Massive jab drive in the last 3 weeks of the year…will they call jab adverse events and ADE Omicron symptoms” and deaths in the coming weeks and months?

    • Then the sheep will need to take more boosters to prevent them from dying from the boosters then die, and this circle will repeat endlessly until there is nobody left alive.

      All heart attacks, will also be Moronic, you didn’t know you’d had it, you’d had your 3 boosters, but still it messed up your heart and your dead dead dead!!!

      • I’ve had all my jabs including the booster and do you know what, I have been ill for several years and have no energy, since having the jabs my energy levels have gone up and I been doing things I have not been able to for years. So don’t have the jab if you don’t want to, but I’m glad I’ve had mine and will have any booster that is offered to me

      • @Daphne Horne I am glad that the jabs have had a positive impact on your life and hope it continues to do so for many years to come.
        I don’t know about you, but I find that wearing a mask helps you breathe more easily. and the more masks I put on the easier I find it to breathe.

      • Daphne Horne

        I hear if you can last until after the third booster you can fly.

        Interestingly if anyone dies before 14 days after the jab they are not classed as ‘fully jabbed’ so a jab could never have officially caused their death and their previous ‘positive’ covid test means they died of ‘covid’………… amazing!

    • Lol its getting to be boring now. What does he want people to get the jabs so they can get really ill or worse right on top of Xmas. Looks that way to me. Can’t win really if u don’t its because of lack of boosters if you do we didn’t get them sooner that’s why people are sick and the nhs yet again are over whelmed. It’s bollocks all of it now. How much longer does this go on for. Maybe there expecting a large amount if sickness and worse over Xmas. Maybe the jab looney are going to the hospital with bad symptoms and it’s gonna get worse ? Has to be blamed on something. OMICRON the cold virus.

  9. Need to do drive by’s of these jab centers and see how deserted they are, my guess is VERY!!!

    Heart Attacks for all, just aren’t help selling it, a few still don’t believe that super sheep, but most are fully aware finally.

    Bet the army will be going door to door, ohhh excuse me sir, mind if I just jab you, ohhh okay sir, I’ll shoot you instead then!!

    • Well if like me who suffers from a heart problem why on earth would you go along and have any jab. I didn’t mind the flu jab but not anymore. What’s in it. Not only boosters being pushed but the flu jabs as well last week. Any normal thinking person by now would surely question what’s behind all of this. Even Doris looks like he wants to throw in the towel lol. He nos his winning charms are just not working. He better piss of to pepper pig world. The streets are much safer there. Idiot, how on earth was he ever once compared to Winston Churchill ffs. He’s a 🤡

      • @cazcurwen They were putting Lupus in the flu jabs, amongst other things, so you might want to check that out, as I believe there are natural ways to get that out of your system.

    • You’d be surprised! They may be queuing round the block! I caught up with a friend the other day, very open to all ideas and discussion about convid, but sadly been jabbed and now booked in for booster. He had never even heard of myocarditis! He looked it up on his phone and said, “It’s mostly associated with Pfizer/Moderna, I’ve had the Astrazeneca.” I asked about the booster. ..He realised it’s going to be Pfizer! Hopefully it will make him consider things more. I gave him various facts from ONS that contradict the measures and hysteria, and a copy of the huge list of fit sportspeople having heart problems and many dying. Sewed a few seeds, he can research further if he’s interested. But he literally couldn’t get his head around why someone wouldn’t want the jabs! 😵

  10. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. And yet the massed sheep will still go along and get their poison.

  11. Zero deaths globally from Omicron.
    If you can’t see by now this is a fake pandemic, then you are a lost cause..

    • Spot on. 👏 I mean how much time do you need to open your eyes and ears. Oh unless your waiting to celebrate 100th year of the bullshitting BBC of course.

    • OMICRON is a little known virus commonly called the COMMON COLD. Ffs research it people its not hard to do.

      • Are Covid tests able to differentiate ? Trying to cure the common cold for decades .. good luck with Omicron.

        Quote “The common cold is caused by rhinoviruses. Together they account for up to 75 percent of colds in adults. But scientists quickly ran into an issue that still stymies researchers today, says Peter Barlow, an immunologist at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland who is working on a cure for the cold. “The main challenge with rhinovirus is the number of circulating strains,” he says.

        There’s at least 160 different strains, or serotypes, of rhinovirus, Barlow says. That means cracking the cold isn’t so much looking for one solution to one problem as it is trying to design a master key to open hundreds of different locks at once. “It’s incredibly difficult to create a vaccine or drug that will target all of those 160 [strains],” Barlow says”.

      • @Nemesis – “It’s incredibly difficult to create a vaccine or drug that will target all of those 160 [strains],”

        They’ve apparently found a solution, just give people 160 boosters! 😵

    • Did you not see all the newspaper articles calling for his sacking? he got the message loud and clear. Even though he has been brainwashed and blackmailed still there is some humanity left in him somewhere, not that I would make excuses for the murders already committed that is for God alone to judge.

      Even the ones raised in the misery of satanism can still have pangs of human emotions so they are kept on a short leash. They are given stupid phallic names and blackmail, wealth and power can only sustain courage for so long until the crashing reality of the pressure and misery causes them to break. I read somewhere that the body can only cope with true demonic control for about five years.

  12. Oh so very predictable, I doubt there is a single person on here that didn’tsee this coming!
    . Robert Kennedy Jr through CHD is has sticker templates (you can buy them I’d you like me you don’t have access to a printer) for use worldwide that can be stuck on bus stops, lampposts, benches, well pretty much anywhere as an act of civil disobedience intended to help people get back the ability to critically think. I’ve seen sticker templates and indeed got stickers and put them up but these are by far the best I’ve seen – check them out on Children’s Health Defense- also some good articles and podcasts on there

    • Here’s an idea. Make stickers that say “This lamp post reserved for Boris Johnson,” “This lamp post reserved for Matt Hancock”, “This lamp post reserved for Tony Fauci” ETC. ETC. ETC. And stick them on every lamp post you see.

      We must act more boldly. Holding protests where people chant “Freedom” is embarrassingly futile and the elite just laugh at us.

      We must hold hangings in effigy, as someone did recently. Also guillotines in effigy. We need to stop whining about “Freedom” and show the bastards some muscle.

      And start calling the elitists satanists, pedos, instead of just complaining that they’re taking our freedoms away. Give speeches speculating on how much money they got in bribes in order to do this to us. And how they were likely blackmailed with threats of exposing their massive corruption and depravity if they didn’t go along.

      We have to stop pulling our punches and get more aggressive.

  13. Oh no. The figures don’t match Boris. If theyre gonna pretend a “The Science” they could at least meddle with “The Data” they follow.

  14. He is Dead and Buried !!
    The Game is over Man, give it up, we all know the Scam and the Gallows await you.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Thought this too many times, he won’t listen or care, he’ll blindly follow is orders to the letter.

      Just like in Australia and the EU!!

      • Hey we are not in Australia we are in the UK.

    • I must say he does seem to be some what in a hurry to push the new OMICRON virus/ common cold. It’s all in the jabs covid jabs , flu jabs now booster jabs for OMICRON. Dont for get to pop your musk back on kids . He is treating us like we don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together. Sick of his face now and the lies . He nis his days are number . Needs to resign and take Patel and the rest with you Doris. Anyone that actually listens to the Queen this year , shes also shown her true colours and her sons.

      • She’s head if the tyrannical globolist cabal

  15. There is a tidal wave of vaccine problems arriving on the doorstep and people are starting to get it, government are in panic mode to get more of the slow kill injections into anyone still in doubt.

  16. If only people would just stop watching the news on telly which is full of propaganda and endless lies! I just long for the day that this whole thing would blow up big time in Doris’ face, mega egg on face in disgrace for the whole British public to witness!! Just get on with your lives people and totally ignore everything on tv and in the MSM. I’m so over this BS like everyone else here!! As we know full well, there never has been a pandemic, and what gives the game away is that Boris and chums were partying throughout last year when the rest of us were in lockdown! Apparently Therese Coffey and her staff were boozing, eating take aways and doing karaoke every night until the early hours throughout last year, not just at Christmas! This government have never obeyed the rules. Evil filthy liars and hypocrites the whole lot of them!!!!!!!! What totally sickens me is that how can people tell the pubic such bare faced lies like this, with all the suffering and pain they have caused so many people and they don’t give a damn! The Tory Party are the Nasty Party, and they’re showing their true colours now!! So many people have died because of these evil scumbags, not from Convid but through cancer, heart disease and other life threatening illnesses, and suicide. I despise Boris and his so called government more than ever now!

    • Agree with what you say Carolyn, BUT lets be honest as corrupt as the Tories are Labour have had countless opportunities to stop this in the house but have sided with them all the way?

      • When I used to vote, years ago, I voted Labour, but, to be honest, I think that Labour are even worse than the Tories now.

      • @Astaroth Well that’s because Labour are Stalinists and the Tories are Trotskyists, and we all know what happened to Trotsky. For those who don’t know he ended up with an ice pick buried in his head, courtesy of a Stalin assassin.

        What a nasty satanic handle you have.

      • Les, Videoman has a point. They are all in it together!!
        Just shows you this crap would have been followed whoever was in power.

        Which can only mean…. Orders are coming from above them both.
        Connect the dots!

      • @Unvaxxed, Of course there’s someone above, namely The Rothschild Jews, so stop being afraid to say it. The Beast Power of Revelation is The Rothschild Jew worldwide MONEY EMPIRE – it controls the world.

      • They are all as bad as each other ..But I think Starmer would be much worse ..

    • Tory or labour or any of them, they are ALL in this scam otherwise there would be some real opposition to this tyranny. And you’re quite right, the MSM are flapping on about ‘ not following the rules’ when, just like you say, the REAL story is that THEY f’king know there is NO DANGER FROM A KILLER VIRUS that’s why they part….eeeeed! If there WAS something nasty out there, would they really have indulged in extra marital sex ( Hand-cock) or took a drive to Barnard castle to test his blindness , Chris ( not)Witty or had friends round for tea at No.10? That’s the REAL issue, there has never been a killer virus to be frit of for Mr Average! You’ve got me all wound-up now!!! 😂😷😂😷😂

      • I make you spot on. There’s not 1 party in government that are standing by the people that vote for these tossers. No one is in the people corner. Did you see that lovely Irish lady all alone telling it how it is. Where was everone ? Bless that lady. She has my up most respect. ❤

    • Really Doris nobody is listening any more all your booster’s are going out of date piss off crawl away back under the stone you are a joke

      • Lin, I’m pretty sure the boosters were manufactured way before this new strain was a thing.
        So yes definitely out of date already.

    • I’m surpised some bright computer hackers haven’t bought this lot down of the screens by now.

      • Not sure how true it is, but I saw a story yesterday of the passport records in Brazil being hacked. As Hugo says, think twice before passing stories on. It was either Bitchute or BNT.

      • Where are “Anonymous” in all this? This is the second open goal they’ve missed in a decade. Remember the Westminster paedo scandal? They could have blown that wide open, if they were genuine.

  17. Totally agree with all the comments here from everybody tonight. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are driving this shit for sure, and it’s blatantly obvious that Boris is following their orders!

    • Don’t forget big pharmaceutical companies now. Its there crap they want to put into ever man woman and child all over the world. Bill Gates owns most of this country and the world and so do big pharmaceutical companies. SPONSORED BY PFIZER. Lol 😂

      • @cazcurwen The Rothschilds own most of this world – the Gates, Schwabs, Kissingers and Soroses of this world are just oil rag dip stick wipes.

  18. We were born free! By the grace of God! Each and everyone of us has the light of freedom!
    They only know power and their only goal is to be master of slaves.
    They know not truth, love or freedom.
    God bless! Christ is king!

  19. The broadcast was said to be pre-recorded. Likely to have been at least 5 days ago, as he was reported to have left Downing Street on Tuesday to be with his family. Part of a pre-planned propaganda campaign rather than an emergency broadcast?

    • Under Ground Bunker, / deserted island more like, cause he’s getting scared to many want him dead!! They’ll hide away for xmas being there excuse, for when the shit hits the fan.

      Get Convid, have to self isolate and zoom call it all in, from his safe location. 🙂

      • Probably get on their private jet unmasked, unjabbed and untested fly someone here nice and where we are not allowed to go..Sure showing their true colours magnificently right now

  20. Mass attempted Murder of humanity in progress, time to rise up powerfully and peacefullyi do not play into their plan.

  21. A Moron(ic) emergency… I think they are doing quite well with their Booster Roll over… heard another four talking about how they got theirs yesterday. This will be the ones getting ill in January driving the need for lockdown once they have sucked the last pennies/dimes out of the eCONomy over Christmas! Obviously they will blame the spread on people mixing over Christmas and not following the rules.
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Shop in Tescos – Buy Shares in Tesco
    Join us at the

  22. Boris is clinically psychotic & a pathological liar. Everything he said was a fabrication & fear-inducing nonsense.

    • It reminded me of the propaganda broadcasts they have in the film Starship Troopers. It was so transparent and false. I don’t normally watch Johnson’s address to the nation but I’m absolutely astounded that whole swathes of people have been taken in by this puerile nonsense. It makes me question whether humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

      • @Dave Chippendale “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

        — Charles Mackay, 1841

      • My love bird has more brain then Doris. At least it can string a sentence togther with bumbling on like a billing idiot.

    • They all are. What your missing here is its the ones you don’t see that are behind all this , Doris and the rest are just mouth pieces

      • Absolutely. Klaus, Gates, Fauci & all the globalists. We must bring them to justice.

      • @Jchr12 No chance, (((they))) have the Mark of Cain = the Serpent Seed from The Garden. This is why Blair is known as “Teflon Tony”! VENGEANCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD! Their end and demise is in God’s hands – rest assured, He will repay!

      • Yep for sure, and they’ll regret their evil deeds. But in the meantime, let’s hound them out of office

  23. Bog Brush Boris is still looking like a Bog Brush, but a dead Bog Brush, just look into his eyes – totally lifeless. Is this genocide business taking a toll on this murdering criminal?

    • Blood on his hands and anyone that’s been behind this , either to our faces on screen msm or the very people we don’t see at all that pull the puppet strings. Anyone that had the neck to call me a conspiracy theorist months ago and may of thought better of it can fvck of. They were never my friends. Iv been left alone for over a year . I don’t care if there waking up. I’m so sick of that saying now . Waking up. They were awake they thought all this was normal. I was never a conspiracy theorist and never have been. I could see they were lieing on the goverment press crap. By there eyes and there body language. It also didn’t make any sense.

      • Nothing wrong with being a conspiracy theorist and here’s why:

        “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – a derogatory put-down term dreamt up by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assassination.”

        — Kevin S. Shipp – former CIA agent.

        “‘Conspiracy Theory’ – a ruling class pejorative term for class consciousness.” “Anyone and everyone who deploys the conspiracy theory slur is a reactionary enemy of revolutionary science and truth and/or a juvenile screen damaged imbecile – with absolutely no exceptions”

        — Phil Greaves

        “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ someone who questions the statements of known liars.”

        — Unknown

        “A ‘conspiracy theory’ will remain forever a ‘conspiracy theory’ until it is met with obfuscation, dissembling and outright lies from government(s) at which point the ‘conspiracy theory’ defaults automatically to a CONSPIRACY! E.g. the lying bullshit that is the NIST Report on 9/11.”

        — Brother Charles

  24. When this old controlled muppet wants to talk down to people he ruffles his hair before the cameras roll and when he wants to listen to someone he has brushed and tidy hair, this is a fact just keep your eye on his hair depending on who he is talking to.

  25. Prediction..I’ve read they are expecting many deaths between December and March, they already put out for tender for large warehouses up and down the UK for body storage, and boris stating this about the new variant..which he can provide no proof off whatsoever… but will blame the many deaths caused by the vaccines on this new variant which will then create a panic for people to get boosters creating more deaths… and that ladies and gentlemen is how you depopulate a nation..very clever, but its easy to see when you stand back and look at whats been done.

    • I’ve heard all this, I saw the jabbed dying from having zero immunity to the common cold about 3 weeks ago in the data, then confirmed by the undertaker and also by someone I was chatting to in Germany. Common Cold sniffles to dead in approx 24hours.

      Boosters are a last push to get the death rate up to acceptable levels. Before the masses catch on, obviously they’ll hide the deaths as Moronic for as long as they can, while rolling out more jabs.

      And Passports are required, not for going into a night club that sub 25year olds only so madness, but to label the dying compliant sheep and us rebels.

      UK Depopulation program is going along nicely 🙁

      • I also got pissed of with people stocking up for Xmas buying gifts and boosting our economy when they no what’s coming lockdowns due to deaths and the deadly OMICRON cold virus. I surpose if your immune system is ending up on the floor t
        Due to all these jabs. He will be blaming something?

    • You are 💯💯💯💯 spot on. 👏 the other thing that who will be left to get the blame lol

    • Spot on mate,, Sadly the selfish sheep will be driven into another irrational bout of fear, we can’t save them all but we can increase our numbers by getting as many as we can onto Telegram, cheers

    • Martin Neale@ not disagreeing with your analysis expect for the use of “very clever” phrase. Maybe “Very effective” would be a better phrase to use. Genocide should not be judged to be clever!

    • I called it out from the beginning ..If you see you cannot close your eyes ..Now we have to watch millions of our fellow human beings die

      • julesokxxx@ do not imagine clean bloods will escape the GNC. There is a danger from shedding from the injected and they have other applications including the camps. They can force medicate you there (see cv act 2020) or maybe run 5G at 60GHZ or other applications then report cv outbreak in camp and of course the unjabbed perished. Sorry to bring you down but that is reality.

      • @Mark As far as I know the alleged ‘shedding’ is not proven and infection can only occur through intimate contact via body fluids. As for death in their camps – not a problem, as there is a resurrection of the dead when our enemies will become our footstools – servants and slaves.

  26. Comjooism at it’s worst, enough is enough, time for the people to rise and stop this genocide

  27. Why are all these global fascists using the same crap script – they are all trying to initiate fear with the tsunami. Tidal wave bollocks. Get jab 3 by the new year wtf – haven’t had the 1st one. The best way to preserve our way of life is to get the pitchforks and guillotine out.

    • I no what a loadvof bollocks . Tidal wave of deaths. Probley but not fro the common called. Called OMICRON.

  28. Now then. In recent days I have had cold/flu/Omicron/waddeva & the tickbox of symptoms have all lined up – latterly the loss of smell/taste or at least, a pretty unpleasant ‘burning’ type sensation in place of smell/taste. A few family members have experienced same symptoms (1 jabbed) The symptoms arrived in sequence – feeling cold, then feverish, dry cough a few days in followed by loss of smell/taste for a few more days. Not the usual lousy feeling from such an affliction, more a vague lethargy & detachment.

    Being an absolute ‘Covid’ sceptic & barely having a sniffle for 2 years/during ‘pandemic’ peak this has given me pause for thought.

    The symptoms have barely registered as ‘flu’ but have put me on hold for several days. This occurred very shortly after the announcement of this new ‘mutant’ strain. The smell/taste effect isn’t something I can ever recall experiencing on the rare occasion I have had a bad cold/flu.

    Has anyone else experienced symptoms in recent days? Coincidence? Or are there some shenanigans going on eg the release of some pathogen/toxin or some other means of creating illness? We’ve had the likes of Gates & other ‘experts’ recently forewarning of the ‘next crisis’ (yet again)

    The experience hasn’t got me racing for the nearest jab centre but of course, 1 or 2 people would be delighted that I have finally succumbed to errrrm….’Covid’

    Presumably(?) a similar experience would convince quite a few people to go get jabbed. Handy that..

    • I also have heard about people I know that have had an unusual illness with strange symptoms inc..loss of smell and confusion.
      I have always strongly believed that covid was completely fictional just given life through msm.
      But these symptoms have been occurring ….
      I wouldn’t rule out chemical poisoning(chem trails) in localised areas and have also read about a new technology of 5g attacks via wi-fi (apparently) that can also cause similar symptoms….this is all they need to back up their BS claims of covid and mutations… genuine symptoms instigated in small areas around the UK

      • Yes, this is the irritation. Any ‘symptoms’ and the Covidians are delighted to claim you as one of them….I’ll not be troubling the ‘jabs’ hotline anytime soon of course..

        I figure we’re all in the Petri dish despite best efforts to avoid voluntary euthanasia….we’re being poisoned every which way

      • I agree covid/omicron doesn’t exist but if lots of people getting very unusual and similar symptoms you can’t just dismiss it as a coincidence lol…
        Why couldn’t this be chemical poisoning in localised areas ? ….Its the sort of thing they do….first when convid come out and again now this moronic has been announced…..thats what I think anyway….
        everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • I would have agreed a week ago, however, 4 family members (including me) all experiencing same symptoms currently. Seems very coincidental. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the smell/taste ‘symptom’ from any previous bout of seasonal nonsense..

        The external toxins aspect has me most intrigued I guess.

        Alternatively I have succumbed to the dreaded ‘Omicron’ almost immediately having never really had any kind of ailment for a good few years….the Covidians will be very happy to call me a fool nowzzzzzz

      • @Steve Bullitt Well all that tells you is that you’re all run down, lacking certain nutrients, possibly not enough sleep, possible lack of exercise and carrying too many toxins in your bodies that needed clearing out – this is what colds and flu do – there is no contagion with colds and flu, they proved that in 1918 with the so-called Spanish Flu.

        Omicron, like Covid, doesn’t exist – it’s all lies and BS.

  29. Where are “Anonymous” these days? They were keen to hack into computers to “expose” wrongdoing, but they seem to have missed out on two huge scoops in the last decade. Remember the Westminster paedo scandal in 2012 or whenever it was? Nothing from them about that. Same with this. Absent. If one was cynical, one may conclude that “Anonymous” aren’t the “freedom fighters” and Anarchists” they are portrayed as, and are very selective in what they expose.

      • You must have more money than sense if you can afford to give Benjamin Fulford $19.99 a month! And you need an ‘active subscription’ to read comments.

      • @Senga Your comment just proves that you’re a new boy with very limited knowledge, and which I have proven on numerous occasions – just add this one to the list.

      • I if you want to burn your own money on the Benny Fulford site that’s fine by me. I will just stick with Hugo Talks and save $19.99 a month.

      • @Senga You really are thick aren’t you? What makes you think I would spend money on a disso bastard like Fulford. I sussed out Fulford 12 years ago along with Jones, Icke, Corbett and Igan plus all the other shill scum.

      • I thought as much, very selective in what they expose.

    • They’re just the controlled oppersition that was always obvious

  30. Also in the headlines: Boris seen at the Xmas party last year. He’ll be on his way out soon and there will be another general election with Keir Starmer becoming the new PM. The same Keir Starmer who is a member of the Fabian Society which gladly wants to depopulate the world.
    Or perhaps he looks tired because of his 8th (?) child? His child support payments will be massive once his latest honey-trap wife leaves him…
    In other news: German government made jabs for hospital and care home workers compulsory by March and vaccine free kids will be banned from schools by January.
    Clearly this is all about health…

  31. Is Boris being held in captivity somewhere? Because to me this looks like one of those hostage videos. I half expect to see a sign around his neck: “Covid IS REAL. I am a spy for the CIA. Down with the USA”. Expecting long hair and a beard soon.

    • 😂🤣😂🤣💯💯💯💯💯🤪🤪🤪❤ it did as well. 😂❤💯

  32. Around the world and in england, including most of the people will not go to the third. muzzles are a minority in my opinion as well👍🏻🤡people are not afraid anymore. and these creatures above have nothing to feed themselves-the fear of people fed them. now they are weakening, because that more and more people no longer believe in this “circus”- and they do not like it💪🏻🤥😉😉

  33. NO NO NO…How the fuck is anyone still listening to this bullshit nearly 2 years later, morons everywhere today in there filthy face nappies now just waiting to be told what to do next each day…fucking brain dead fuckwits, I’m beginning to think maybe we deserve to be wiped out?

  34. nevr did I ever think I would experience such a madhatters teaparty in reality which never ends. OH and LOOk at this clown getting the fake shot. I mean it is such a pathetic hoax. words fail me: IF for whatever reason you cannot get link, it shows this total buffoon getting the fake shot by a nurse who isn’t wearing gloves, and the cap is on the needle!

    • Nurse did that intentionally!

      They’ll still get passports as they’ve done a deal with the labour tossers, tories won’t injure themselves or lose there seats, they’ll bribe labour to do it for them, crazy.

      Bet it’ll be tight ie 100% Pre Planned!!!

      We better ignore the passports like we are the masks, is all I can say.

      • I can predict what this years top selling Xmas gifts will be.
        A very large can of petrol
        A large roll of cloth
        A lighter or box of matches

        I would have said an AK47 with lots of ammo but for some reason Amazon only do it in black. I wanted it in pink ;D

      • The passports have always been their goal. Fresh out of the COP 26 which was nothing to do with climate change BS the Barbados government has just sold the country out to meta verse based social credit system. No passports means no job food transport drivers license fuel healthcare,, all the things we need to live and these dumb fkwits that sell us out to watch the Pfizer Chiefs etc are traitors. Never stop the fight against them!!

  35. I’m so glad people are recognising how sinister world Governmenrs are, but we need more people to awaken from this controlled madness. The aim is to kill off the businesses on our High Streets, then when most of us are unemployed (all but the elite), they will come for us. No jab no benefits, no digital ID no benefits, mass hysteria and chaos, life becomes militarised, but they’ll offer us sanctuary if we accept the beast system, and unless you have got Jesus etched in to your heart, and minds, transhumanism is what we have to look forward to! I totally understand where the prophecy of the Book of Revelation comes in now? If you accept your mind being taken over, who knows what these fiends will ask you to do, for their enjoyment. 1984 really doesn’t sound as ridiculous today as it did only a couple of years back. We can’t let this happen.

    • Make and share QR code sheets that take people to good stuff,, get them from Fbook to telegram, tell them it’s not censored,, get them to watch COVIDLAND etc,, the battle for the 40% in the middle is on,, don’t wait for some else to do it,,,, stop take aways for a week buy copies of the light newspaper (10p each) put them round doors in your area,, get involved with UNN., get their vaxx sheets for schoolkids, hand them out at the school gates when the mums are there,, it all helps. No one is coming to save us it’s down to you and me mate.
      Fight globalism at a local level. Cheers.

      • My boss handeded me the Light newspaper, she thought it was funny.
        I showed her the centre pages with all the people that have died, 100 maybe 200 cases. Her comment was: “I can’t read this!” and “Maybe it was their time!”
        I’m sure others react the same. Total denial they have been duped!

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    • don’t forget the very unhealthy food give away’s
      doris is pulling out all the stops for the ‘drop shots’ Tanya…

      he is scruffy & is an embarrassment to this country simple as that.

      On a brighter note,,, i
      hope you are doing well Tanya & have a good day my dear x

      • Yes he sure is Janie. Larry the Downing Street cat would be a better choice than him. Plus all he wants is a saucer of milk and a bit of chicken or fish and he`s as happy as erm , well , Larry lol. Moi , I am doing great love. I am looking forward to a lovely Christmas. I hope you are too. You have a lovely day as well love 🙂

  37. Get everyone you know on the telegram app. Join.
    Mad Mix conspiracies
    Truth pills
    Mark Steele
    London Protests
    No more lockdowns
    Get them to watch COVIDLAND to wake them up etc.

    Good channels to get started.

    The cult have stepped up their attack in us so we fight even harder.
    Get involved

  38. Unfortunately there’s still a large number of people who believe the shit that is spewing out of this tyrants pie sickens me to see sheep in the street still wearing diapers..Its past a fucking joke now it doesn’t seem as though the cunts are going to give up….

  39. What comes next is the Grid Going Down across Europe.
    It is happening in the US already.
    Then food shortages due to the Grid Going Down.
    This is probably why the extra push for the vaccines now.

    We are at War folks they will continue with their Agenda 21!
    Agenda 22 for them is in their sight …….Also remember by 2030 ….You will own Nothing and be Happy.
    We have to get them out of Government to stop them NOW where are the Lawyers come on step up to the
    Plate this will impact on you too you will not be exempt!
    If fact in 2030 you will become redundant as it will be World rule not English or European Law.
    Survalilence will be the Law with credit given or taken from your Digital Wallet.

  40. Look at Johnson’s eyes. That is not a well man. He’s doped up on something. God knows what they have him on.

  41. He knows this how ! How is South Africa doing considering that’s the part of the world where this bullshit narrative stemmed from

  42. I am very disappointed to see the Military involved. They are paid to defend the citizens not attack them which they are effectively doing by helping with this experimental gene therapy which is causing widespread damage.

    • I understand and feel the same. However, I am curious to know what military really think. Is there a way to know ??? (a website, people talking about it etc.). In france they are very angry and I’m not sure they would excecute all the orders they would be received. Perhaps this is the same in other countries…

  43. I’m going to get a new job as a fortune teller. I have been able to tell my friends and neighbours exactly what is going to happen from the beginning of this.

  44. I feel the same Hugo. I feel he knows it’s over. It’s a strange feeling because I don’t really see a change in the msm or neighbours etc, but I feel in their speechs it’s done for them. Particularly since the video you shew where he talks about Peppapig (where he says 3 times THREE times very distinctly “Forgive me” because he was lost with his speech notes) in this video I really felt him asking forgiveness, but not for the journalist in the room, for something/someone else… I went in restaurant yesterday and the staff didn’t wear anything, smiling, perhaps 20/30% of sheep with the M walking, I was gladly surprised… let’s hope the best coming for us. Thanks for your work, force to everyone

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