BBC Shill Presenter SCHOOLED BY Caller


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  1. Well done to this lady. Stand up to the corrupt media. This obese twat lecturing others about health issues. What a mug.

    • He was just ‘parroting’..what he has been taught to say….no hope for some…

  2. What an absolute twat!
    Quoting the bollox narrative like all the sad brainless idiots on the planet.
    It’s really starting to piss me off now to the point where I’m going to end up smacking the next sheep that dares question my choices. I’ve found I’m getting increasingly more angered by seeing people wearing face nappies and abiding by these ridiculous rules that I have to limit my time around them for my own sanity.

    • Yes Rob! I can’t stand watching the sheep struggle to put an a useless face nappy whilst they hold their walking stick and their specs keep getting in the way!! Serves the silly buggers right!! My wife went into Wilko with me today ( I NEVER wear a mask) . She’d forgotten to put hers on until 15 mins had passed by……then she remembered and put one on!!! FFS! If it wasn’t so f’king tragic I’d have pissed myself laughing at her! She’d ‘ avoided death’ (๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) for 15mins, so why the mask wearing after that??? No sense ….just stupidity!! Divide and Conquer…’s working, sadly. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  3. People forget their clot figures compare 1 shot against 1 hit of SarCov2. Every time you get a jab the odds decrease. So its not as straight forward as you have less chance. Notice they never give out figures on who caught sarcov2 with natural immunity as its extremely rare. No clots from this group!

  4. I propose we vote her in for our new prime minister!! Just what we need a passionate NORMAL human

    • It makes no difference who is “leading” this country. No difference at all. They are all puppet shills. Back in the day Boris’ head would have been on London Bridge by now. They’ve learnt that all they need to do is keep us fed, warm and distracted, and they’re safe to do what they want.

    • Does this presenter know that the so called coronavirus droplets are one thousand times smaller than the holes in the marsk

  5. An unhealthy slob!advising other people about being healthy!words fail me!

      • LOL That’s because they have no science – all they have is Germ Theory based quack pseudo-science and, Noddy and Big Ears in Toy Town, computer models.

  6. Nolan has a certain look about him. You know that kind of look I’m talking about. I wouldn’t want him watching my kids for me, put it that way.

    Also re the Plan B to distract away from the Christmas party at number 10 narrative, what a load of crap. That’s what they want us to think – that plan B came about solely as a means to distract us from this little insignificant party.

    Plan B was always going to be implemented from the moment MSM started talking about it weeks ago. Like Hugo says, they ‘mention’ what might happen weeks before it does happen. Just to prep us all for when it inevitably comes to be.

    • Just like in New Brunswick, Canada they have recently rolled out a ‘measure’ stating that grocery stores could refuse entrance to non vaxxed people…but then they re-worded (in order to retract) that statement. But it’s a comin’!! No doubt about it!

    • Re your first paragraph. Nolan works for the BBC. The BBC actively encourage child abuse. They employed Savile. Re your last paragraph The BBC should be stripped of their licence to broadcast as they are one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations and are super-spreaders of misinformation

  7. Unhealthy f*ck schooling people about health!!! The lady said she is healthy,so what disease can she possibly pass on to anyone by not wearing a mask?!?! Seriously!!!

  8. Hi all, hope everyone’s ok here. Just wanted to share that this morning I saw a most disgusting article in the Daily Mail by Andrew Neil in which he said that all unvaccinated people should now be punished for their personal choice, that they deserve to have their freedom taking away!! Disgusting scumbag makes me sick! So unbelievably arrogant and totally brainwashed! I haven’t read the article because I felt that it wasn’t worth the stress and upset, but I caught the headline in the paper. I’m still unjabbed and totally proud of myself for taking a stand for what I know is totally right. The stupid turd fails to understand that everybody is different, with entirely different health issues and needs. We’re not robots, but human beings, and we are all perfectly entitled to make a personal choice to do what is best for ourselves regarding our own health. So many people have allergies so their bodies can’t tolerate these drugs, so they’re perfectly within their rights to refuse them. It’s called being a responsible adult, taking personal responsibility for your own health!! It’s absolutely NOT selfish to refuse these jabs!! Besides the whole thing is experimental as we all know here, and it is a drugs trial which doesn’t end until 2023! Stay safe and stand strong people. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Carolyn, I will simply add , you are totally correct and thought you truly hit it on the nail.

    • Carolyn I obviously donโ€™t know you but know you are a genuine loving soul & at least thanks to Hugo, Sheep Farm, Mark Devlin, Richard D Hall, David & Gareth Icke etc. etc. We Rise Above ( & those boys as well ) We move forward with Truth, Honesty & Love so God Bless & we hold the line ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’›

    • Thank you Caroline…you are correct in say…”this is just a trial….lt finishes May 2023…lab rats…and as for jabbing children
      ..l am shocked parents would consent….truly shocked….

  9. She is absolutely right and he is talking rubbish – he does not know what he is exposing is correct. Wearing a mask does not protect anyone from a virus and the majority of people have immunity – those who do not should take the precautions not expect everyone else to shut down. It is a known fact that there is a side effect of myocarditis and blood clots in some people if not all with varying degrees. What is phenomenal degree is it 100% or 5% where does he get such information. Does he know that it is experimental and will be for many years to come. Can he say why it needs two shots and a booster to work even as good as natural immunity.

  10. He seems to forget that a healthy person cannot pass on an illness they don’t have. Yes, the sceintists are telling us this is all rubbish, the pandemic is only in the media. He is lying about the blood clot, in fact he probably lied about everything.

  11. Good woman He sits and reads a script that leaves him incapable of having dialogue so resorts to insulting the caller.

  12. “Play your part” the goon says. Yes, because this is NOTHING but theatre! Using words as spells, to “nudge” people into compliance.

    • โ€œOut, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.โ€

      โ€• William Shakespeare, Macbeth

  13. Not sure the caller came over that well unfortunately. Passionate yes but you need to calmly refute all the claims which is never easy to do when you’re live on air I guess and they can always shout over you anyway. Having a few points scribbled down in front of her might have helped. It’s no wonder though that the bbc and others won’t accept any real debate because their non-sensical arguments would be shredded one by one and more people would see them for what they are, lying charlatans.

    • I agree, she was just not equipped with good information and a solid arguments to his lying bullshit claims. In reality she was just a duck in the shooting gallery.

    • The thing is, that if they had believed she was “coming across well” they would have just shut her off – “Oops, we seem to have lost that caller”. They only let have her say because they thought people would dismiss her as an idiot. Doubtless some listeners did do that but many would have agreed with her. The whole charade is becoming increasingly absurd after all. Another thing is that she is clearly working class and the BBC hold the British working class in total contempt most of the time.

      • @Geraint Only those awake would have agreed with her, anyone on middle ground and undecided would have sided with the media whore slob, such was the failure of her emotional rant. She meant well but they ruthlessly used her and she therefore failed and made anti-jabbers look stupid, unfortunately.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine How well do you know the people of Ulster?

      • @Geraint, What has my knowledge of Northern Irish people got to do with this woman’s unpreparedness and failure in defeating this media whore slob?

  14. On the subject of those ghastly face masks, I never wear one, and I wear a lanyard which clearly says that I’m exempt, so thankfully other people leave me alone. Seems to work at the moment, so I will carry on. I take cod liver oil capsules with my porridge and fresh fruit for brekkie every morning to boost my immune system, and in the last 2 years I’ve not even had a sore throat!! I would strongly recommend people here try this too, cos it clearly works! Extra Vitamin D and Omega 3’s, all the other vitamins and a balanced diet, and absolutely NO junk is what we all need peoples! No booze, fags or junk food, just live a healthy lifestyle and do everything you can to boost up your natural immune system, as we all need it to be as strong as possible at this time of year. Avoid those toxic jabs everyone, stand strong and don’t be bullied!!! Have a good day all. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  15. On the subject of these ghastly face masks, I have to share something else here folks! On Wednesday evening our church had a special service for our new Vicar, and some people were wearing masks, others were not. What really infuriated me was the way those up front were constantly putting them on, fiddling with them and them taking them off again throughout the whole service!! So incredibly distracting, and of course I realised that it was all theatre! I stayed at home and watched the service by live stream on my laptop, as I didn’t want to go out in the cold and dark. Everything about this is so ridiculous, I say come on sheep please just wake up NOW!!!!! I don’t wear a mask ever, cos they’re so stupid, and I have to say that it’s so sad that people’s faces are hidden by them. Life’s too short folks, and I want to see your smiley face, not a stupid face nappy! Don’t be a robot, show me your beautiful face so I can see your smile! Have a good day all. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Hi Carolyn

      That’s what I think. What a shame that people are hiding their lovely smiles. Ironic that not too long ago the tabloids were lambasting women for wearing the hijab, stating it was wrong that fulll facial expressions could not be seen when teaching or giving evidrnce in court. At that time they were also banging on about the obesity crisis. Now they’re show casing a lot of size plus people in adverts and rewarding people with fattening foods for going to the gym and want everyone to wear masks. Complete lunancy or what?

      You stay true and carry on being you because you’re a loving light in this darkness.

      Love Sue

  16. Unfortunately, she didn’t handle this well, and just gave the pro-Cov-Yid, pro-jabbers more fuel for their satanic obsessions. People MUST do their research FIRST if they’re going to stick their heads above the parapets.

    • At least the Woman had the balls to have a go at him, and not like those who just sit there and say nothing. If she had given out statistics as many on his show do he runs rough over them and puts them down with emotional argument. This woman is a star, she didn’t give in to him and dished out common sense that many of the local people in N.Ireland can relate to,, statistics often go over there head!

      • @Ray Statistics be damned. She needed a factual argument with some written notes to assist her which she did not have, and unfortunately gave anti-jabbers a bad name with all her emotional ranting. He ruthlessly made a monkey out of her – and it was painful to listen to.

  17. the only reason the presenter let her carry on was because she could not provide any facts or articulate very well. If Hugo, Richie Allen or one of the many doctors or scientists who know the truth was to get some air time then this farce would be blown out of the water. Just mentioning the yellow card data would have shut him up for a while or he would have cut her off like the rest of the cowards in the media.

  18. Well, Stephan Nolan is so bright and well-educated that he doesn’t even seem to know what the word facile means.

  19. Im guessing the majority of the planet could offer some form of expert advice when it comes to dealing with viruses, its called common sense.
    I have no personal experience of an ongoing plague, only the ongoing attack on my way of life. I think that used to be called terrorism.

  20. fat slob is a picture of ill health.. looking for brownie points

  21. he’s playing the fake reason card. if i talk slowly and calmly, despite the fact that he’s defending narcs who tell the public to self abuse while the same people enact the divide and conquer tactic, i can look like the reasonable person. she has whats called righteous anger. its a self defence behaviour against covert psychological and physical abuse.

  22. So he genuinely believes that a respiratory virus can give you blood clots?….yeah, he’s not brainwashed at all

  23. This is day and daily. I live in NI and can confirm that he never stops. If you don’t agree with him he shouts over the top of you or cuts you off. He has his same regulars who agree with him. Stopped listening to him a while ago. Loves to have the Chief Medical and Scientific Officers and our Health Minister on his show threatening and scaring people. Simply put, he’s a disgrace.

  24. She may not have been totally articulate but she had common sense in spades. Probably brought up several kids and looked after them well. She knows how to keep herself healthy and that means fresh air, good food, no masks, no vaccines, lots of love, lots of hugs and lots of fun and laughter. No wonder the shrills are so frightened of her

  25. Hardly schooled neither them talking with any sense she had the perfect chance to give the stats but she didnโ€™t

  26. That fat shit Nolan takes over ยฃ400.000 a year to misinform people for the propaganda wing of government (BBC)

  27. What a fat sad face…….”Because it’s the LAW”… These corrupt govs. pass anything that suits them for a law nowadays….People are free. Although I keep on bumping into this QR code more and more…It’s everywhere

  28. This man is an abusive gas lighting worm-tongued bully. How on earth do people like this sleep at night? Absolute psychopath.

  29. Not really on this thread but thought to share. As I’m in Italy for now, its well obvious this super green pass is real BS. Its been found that if you have the green pass and later tested positive for Covid, you still have a green pass.It has nothing to do with your health and just total BS.

  30. Thank you my dears for your lovely response to my comments today, hugely appreciated. It sure is so good to be able to come here to this forum and join in with like minded folk. Thank you too so very much dear Hugo for everything you’re doing here. I think you’re absolutely wonderful my dear!!! It takes real courage to do what you are doing, and I applaud you! I certainly felt so completely alone before, it has been really terrible! I can’t talk to any of my family or friends about any of this as they are all sadly hopelessly brainwashed. So thank you all very much. I really value your friendship here enormously! God bless you all. Have a good weekend everyone, keep fighting the good fight as the hymn says. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  31. Go For It JUNE!!!!
    You Tell Him!!
    What an amazing lady

    He should learn to have manners !!
    June has a right to being saying No

    Fair play to this lady
    Blessings to her

  32. Where is the evidence that you have more chance of getting a blood clot from Covid?

  33. we need more of these people. I don’t know you my dear, but you are a real human being.

  34. Somehow I canโ€™t believe that nobody mentioned that wearing a mask when you are healthy โ€˜ to protect others โ€˜ is totally nonsensical. Protect โ€˜othersโ€™ from what? Bad breath? If people are so worried about getting protected, they should wear one themselves and get jabbed 100 times a year..๐Ÿ˜น
    The presenter should be giving himself a lecture about ingnorance,โ€ฆ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ

  35. When masks were introduced last year I was asked to wear one by anemplyee at Tesco. I told her I was excempt due to asthma. She said that didn’t count. Not wanting to cause trouble I obliged. Up shot was I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t able to complete my very small shop. I had to get out ripping the thing off so hard I broke the strings. I was hyperventilating, tears in my eyes. Fortunately I managed to calm myself down, thus preventing a full blown asthma attack. I felt like I’d committed self abuse. NEVER EVER again. I refuse to wear an excempt badge and now stand my ground. I’ve also persuaded a fair few people to ditch theirs. For health reasons my arse.

    Also if they really cared about the environment why produce these vile things and make people so scared they daren’t use public transport. At the moment there are hardly any people using the bus I usually catch and road traffic is horrendous. Hypocritical nonces people like lard boy won’t acknowlede this I bet. Lockdown has also created a baby boom from what I am seeing in my little northen town. People on the whole are still friendly though with masked and unmasked mingling quite happily by and large.

    The ones who really need taking to task imo are big corporatons and the so called elites, who consume more than 50% of the earth’s resources. I’m sure we’d get on jolly well without them because it’s always the rank and who make things work. That’s why they have spent so much time and effort on brainwashing the masses.

    Love and peace everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. For those of you not in Northern Ireland, Stephen is our rather pathetic Jeremy Kyle wannabe. He has been trying to make it in the mainstreem for years with his lack of talent and obnocious personality. He has a BBC radio show and (I think still) a local BBC TV show (stopped watching so can’t be sure) He thrived on being contreversial and claiming he could ‘get to the bottom of things’. Of course he never did and in the rather fractious forum of NI usually just polarized people and made things worse – much to the BBC’s delight. ยฃ400k salary well spent. Some here have criticised June for not being in possession of enough facts but the truth is she would not have got on the show if she had been. Brave Stephen wanted someone they thought would be a pushover. So actually she did prety well in showing him up to be the patronizing bully he is. June is I believe a typical older, down to earth, no nonsense Belfast lady who calls a spade a spade. So I say well done! Give the ยฃ400k a year to her and let her do Nolan’s shows – I’d tune in.

  37. This Bell-End happily quotes the odds of getting a blood clot from the vaccine as opposed to a vaccine free getting a blood clot from Covid, how in God’s name are we supposed to believe that when literally no one in the MSM is mentioning or analysing the results of the Yellow Card scheme? What a bag of useless wind this presenter is.

  38. A mandate is not law that is it’s a request that is why it’s called a mandate and not a law a mandate is not a legal requirement

  39. If you’re wearing your mask for your own protection why do I need to wear mine you are protected by your mask and masks cause cancer I’m telling you that so you can make an informed choice but if you don’t believe me do your own research

  40. If masks really do protect you so long as you have your mask on you are in no danger if the vaccine really works and you are protected it doesn’t matter if I am not vaccinated wake the fuck up

  41. Oh my god I am so angry now there are people around me that think I am an idiot how can they not see how idiotic this whole thing is

  42. He,s a prick! How come smallpox vaccines etc people got it werent afraid of those who werent jabbed! Strange how blood clotts are mentioned as a side affect of covid now! It was an adverse reaction

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