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  1. Brilliant woman, I work in a pharmacy and the technicians wear masks which they constantly adjust then touch peoples tablets.Disgusting .I never wore one whilst working in a big supermarket and never got sick once.
    She is right to say that radio is there to depress us all day.
    Masks protect nobody just create fear.If people are that scared stay home

    • This lady is spot on. Silly radio Cnut!
      She knows what’s really going on but the BBC will never let the truth out.

      • Also his arguments are so inconsistent. First he makes the “protecting others” argument and then swings desperately over to the “because it’s the law” argument

      • This seems like a set up to make out to the masses that anti maskers and anti vaxxers don’t care about other people and are selfish,if she had brought up the plenty of studies proving masks and jabs are useless, I might have believed that it wasn’t set up.when have the BBC ever not cut off someone who goes against the narrative,they let her spout with passion,but to the covid sheep she will sound like a selfish anti vaxxer. By the way I’m anti mask,anti vaccine and anti gene therapy .

    • Exactly, the mask is off – so to speak – about the function of radio & tv – which is simply to install fear & hysteria in the masses & play it’s key role in herding us all into overt enslavement.

  2. Wear a mask to “protect” others🤣😂🤣. “Because it is the law”. What a total idiot without any consciousness! A psycho on the mic!

    • Ha ha ha , I was at the hospital yesterday and this clinically obese nurse , asked me if I had taken the vaccine , I said I will take the vaccine when you go on a diet !

    • I think they only allowed her on because they knew she would rant instead of having anything interesting to say, thereby fueling the sheeple’s poor opinion of those of us who can see the truth. Good on her for standing proud , but she’s been used.

  3. Morbidly obese BBC script reader telling people how to stay healthy.
    The caller was terrible to be honest.
    Why are these things filmed?

    • Love the irony he is in the fridge 10 times a day and goes on about health.

      • I do, all the time. And tell them that infectious disease does not exist while I’m at it.

  4. She’s so right, and he’s such a brainwashed zombie spouting nothing but lies and misinformation. He’s well qualified to working for the BBC it seems. All you need is to parrot the official lies and take your pay cheque. He’s a disgrace to his species.

  5. Oh these people, we don’t do our research! I bet this fool has never looked into the Polio outbreak that was caused by vaccines in Africa by the same no mark gates. How about the HIV issue and AZT. How about they don’t work, How about Corona virus vaccines have never worked in over 10 years of testing? How about the vaccine killing your T cells? How about big pharma make their money from ill people

    • Nifts, that’s exactly how they make they’re money by getting you hooked.
      Why would they need to do research when someone in his ear is telling him everything they want the listeners to hear?

      • I know, starting to boil my piss. Big pharma, biggest drug dealers

      • An economy is not needed when drugs can be pushed endlessly, legally and without redress for big profits.

  6. He has never knew what he is talking about good for her she told him he runs atfer people asking them why they don’t have a mask on the stupid shite doesn’t even know he breaking the law he said it was law it’s not he doesn’t know that either he has know clue he’s on his way out nobody listening to him anymore complete asshole

  7. If she’s healthy how can she pass it on to others it’s a absolute joke he needs to get real

  8. He said that blood clots affected more CONVID sufferers than jabbed people! The f’king blood clots were NEVER mentioned as a side effect of Convid until the vaxtermination jabs started being used!!! He talked utter bollocks, but I would suspect that he kept her on air so that his flock of sheep (listeners) could believe his words of wisdom over this ‘ weird woman’ who managed to get through. … horrible video to listen to and watch due to the misinformation from the f’king BBC!! Please excuse my bad language, but I get so 🤬🤬🤬!!

    • Yes, It one of the listed side effects of the Vaccine not the so called fake virus

  9. I’m getting tired of old or overweight unhealthy people lecturing me that I should protect them by having a vaccine I don’t need, how selfish and entitled are they?

  10. I love how dicks like Nolan use the overwhelming evidence from around the world show that vaccination stops death and going to hospital, when that’s an out right lie. The evidence states otherwise the prick

  11. I’m with you. How the feck can the ‘ experts’ ( 🤭) come up with this notion???? What evidence would they use to actually know IF one person ‘would have been ‘ in hospital if they hadn’t been jabbed? How would they come to that conclusion??? Try asking the sheep and they just shrug their shoulders and put their face nappy on! What a load of bollocks it all is!

  12. She is absolutely right, God gave us a date to be born and a date to die! She’s also right that there are so called experts who advise Govts that are anything but experts, yet the real experts aren’t allowed to be heard because they know this is an absolutely evil agenda against humanity by the uber psychopathic rich trying to rid the world of almost 7 billion people, leaving just 500 million to be their slaves! Read WEF Klaus Schwab’ 4th industrial revolution and covid books. Read New World Order. Look at the Georgia Guidestones!

    The reason those who survive won’t complain is because they’ll be transhumans! Computer generated thoughts. We are unarmed therefore without the intervention of the Divine Creator we cannot stop this. God cannot intervene without us asking Him to, sadly there’s not enough of us willing to do that to let Him know we need His intervention a few million out of 7.5 million won’t cut it!. We are our own worst enemy! Still ill keep praying for us!

    • There is no limit to what God can do. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresient.

      No matter what the servants of the great deceiver believe, at the end of the day God’s Will will be done. Praise be to God.

    • How do we know that this great culling isn’t God’s will? The stupid and the selfish have been the targets of all of this.

      The smart, thoughtful and spiritual people have never worn a mask, never locked down, never had things shoved up their nose and we are all still here.

      If the population size was out of control and was becoming a danger to ALL life on the planet then how would YOU fix the problem if you were the planet’s creator?

      Starting with the stupid and the selfish seems like a good way to go.

      I mean look at the state of these creatures walking around in masks, no longer in possession of their own mind, unwilling to listen to their fellow man, hate in their hearts for those who don’t conform. They are barely human anymore. They treat the Earth like their personal toilet and have no respect for the beautiful, amazing body God furnished them with so they could be here.

      The case for Eugenics has never been stronger I’m sad to say. I certainly don’t want to live out my days on this planet shackled by the will and whims of an unthinking mass of barely human creatures. Something needs to be done and I guess what we are seeing is that which needs to be done.

      It might seem heartless and cruel from one perspective but from many others, (including the perspective of all the animals and oceans who have suffered because we didn’t think it was the right thing to do to control our own population growth) I’m sure it’s more than acceptable.

      If you can’t get on-board with that perspective, then how would YOU do it differently? If you alert the giant mass of stupid selfish people as to what you are doing then they are likely to become an unruly, aggressive, angry mass of stupid, selfish people which would be very bad for EVERYONE (and EVERYTHING) on the planet.

      They’ve left enough escape doors open for those with discernment to escape through if they don’t want to get caught up in what’s coming for the rest. That’s how I see it anyway.

      • @A. You have raised some very interesting points and I will endeavour to answer some of them.

        “How do we know that this great culling isn’t God’s will?”

        Because God is love and He’s not the Destroyer. Satan and his offspring are the destroyers, which they openly admit:

        “When Germany, England and America will long have lost their present identity or purpose we shall still be strong in ours. WE JEWS, WE, THE DESTROYERS, WILL REMAIN THE DESTROYERS FOREVER. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a (satanic) god-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Brackets mine)

        – The Jew, Maurice Samuel, Taken from his book: “You Gentiles” Page 155.

        “If the population size was out of control and was becoming a danger to ALL life on the planet then how would YOU fix the problem if you were the planet’s creator?

        This idea that the worldwide population is out of control is total bollocks. There is more than enough fertile land to support the present population and an even larger population. The real problem is mismanagement of the world’s land resources. If we take Africa as an example the white man has been driven from the land in Africa and Africa now produces a tiny fraction of the food that it used to produce, when under white rule = millions and millions of acres wasted and non-productive.

        Gadaffi in Libya was in the process of making Libya a Garden of Eden in terms of fertility with multi-million dollar irrigation schemes, which the Rothschild criminal bastards here in Britain, Israel and France bombed back into the dark ages – satanic wanton savagery.

        I mean look at the state of these creatures walking around in masks, no longer in possession of their own mind, unwilling to listen to their fellow man, hate in their hearts for those who don’t conform.

        Well the simple reason for that is 80+ years of TELEVISION – they are 100% indoctrinated with Communism = Satan’s conformist political system, so you cannot expect anything else.

        I think that just about covers it.

  13. Whilst I agree with the caller’s stance and understand her frustration with the presenter’s history on the topic, she did not ‘school’ the presenter.

    To anyone listening who was ‘undecided’, I don’t think this caller would have appeared persuasive.

    The presenter came out with a few ‘claims’, that many of us could calmly tear to shreds. But this caller didn’t really counter those claims at all.

    For example:

    i) Masks
    There is not one peer reviewed medical paper that supports the use of mask as they’re completely ineffective. All they do is help limit ventilation of the lungs and increase CO2 levels above and beyond health and safety limits.

    ii) Blood clots
    There is no quantitative study or even investigation to evidence there’s any increased chance of acquiring blood clots from the virus than there is from these gene therapy drugs. Indeed the blood clots are formed as a consequence of the virus’ spike proteins or, the gene therapy drug’s inspired spike proteins effect on the blood’s platelets – in this regard both types of spike proteins are themselves physically toxic to the body. However there’s a big difference. Covid spike proteins to all intents and purposes, remain in the respiratory tract. The gene therapy drug spike proteins are endemic within the blood circulation which apart from creating microscopic blood clots in virtually every person it’s injected, previous tests with animals evidenced they also cross the blood-brain barrier, hence the neurological disorders occurring and reported additionally as a consequence.

    • I must admit that your comments are far more ‘ focused’ than the lady caller and she was probably able to get on air due to her ‘ average Joe’ vocals. She would therefore be easier to be disregarded by the shill presenter with a more gentle approach..they saw an opportunity for just more propaganda from the BBC and took it.

      • Yesterday lunchtime I suffered part of Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine programme. I was driving at the time so was unable to call in.

        These wretch’s. At one point Vine throws in another ‘headline’ or soundbyte, “The NHS has advised that the majority of hospital Covid patients are unvaccinated.”

        But behind that headline/soundbyte lays the devil in the detail these shills never divulge. In this particular example single and double jabbed Covid patients are now considered ‘unvaccinated’ and remain so until 21 days after a 3rd jab. Of course an essential piece of information wholly omitted from Vine’s headline grabber. The dick-head probably doesn’t even realise himself. The reality remains that at most, just 1 in 10 of Covid patients are wholly unvaccinated and probably a lot less than 10% of the total.

      • Bang on, JeryBear! Similar thing with the “in hospital with convid” figures. If someone’s in there with a broken leg (or other non convid related issue), yet tests positive on a cv test not fit for purpose, they become “in hospital with convid/convid patient”! Bullsh!t figures used on the news to scare people with.

      • Same with “vaccines” – since when did we have to take them for anyone’s health other than our own?

  14. She was winning the argument and the only reason she didn’t get cut off was because she didn’t follow the BBC agenda rules. Bye Bye CCC 😉

  15. I almost smashed my smartphone watching this! Look how smug that fat man is (not being fattist, just differentiating between the speakers). Using his BBC skills to shut her down and using all manner of assertions and calling them facts! That stuff about the chances of blood clots from vaccine v covid! And using “the experts” as his ammo! Since when was covid supposed to cause blood clots: it’s a respiratory disease!!!! I love that lady! He is talking out of his arse without any possession of relevant facts.

  16. Jerybear, good points.

    Previously, blood clots were rare and only mentioned now and again.
    Since the jab rollout cases have gone up massively and now side effects are common but still people take a risk with their own and their families health.
    All because the marketing and brainwashing is so powerful.

    The healthy have become scared of each other, which is so sad to see.

    When are people going to wake up to this complete BS!!

    As the lady said: I’ve not changed anything…. And yet here I am!

    • Didn’t he steal what is know as Koch Koch postulate? I cant remember of top my head but sure someone else came up with them. Wasn’t he involved of causing KAOS at some point of history by working for the government?

  17. Nothing but a fat script reader, a walking heart attack. Knows absolutely nothing. Just likes to read his script and talk really slooooooow.

  18. Havnt watched however I havnt changed anything and never had convid. Kinda weird eh I’ve never took a test. But never been I’ll and if something Is so deadly I wouldn’t need a test to tell me I have it would I. F the British biased corporation !!!

  19. What is up with everyone on here, that is the fakest call I have ever heard she never mentioned the yellow card system or anything like that, she just rambled on. Come on people.

    • I’ve made a comment similar to yourself,as it’s plain as day that they let this clearly passionate lady ramble on without any facts or science to back up what she was saying,to make her look like a selfish anti vaxxer,more propaganda by the British bullshit corporation

    • Wouldn’t say she is fake I have meet many people that have their hearts in the right place but just don’t have the knowledge to back it, like many on here have already stated, that’s the reason she was allowed on air. So in that respect your right it is fake

    • @Howard Well spotted, I did wonder if it was faked, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. However, I did make it plain how she was a disaster and was made to look like an idiot by the fat slob media whore.

  20. Nolan reminds me of that other egotistical radio prick on LBC Ferrari…. both failed to look after their own health… .just have to look at them both to know that!! Now they want other healthy people who have looked after themselves to think about the real selfish people in society that don’t/won’t/haven’t/never will!! He suits the Pedo Protecting Biased Broadcasting Corporation so will…

  21. This zombie bbc shill is just the kind of chump that we all look forward to seeing ‘Dance the dead man’s jig’ after the trials, the bbc really have proven themselves to be enemies of humanity, a disgusting set-up, my poor old gran used to love the bbc, she’d be turning in her grave now.

    • If you’re in a lift with other mask wearers and you sniff a fart….then they don’t work. 👍

  22. Did you noticed that he specifically talks to her as if she is abnormal, 🤥🙄🙄😁calmly and with such a soothing voice. she is great. bravo! I was glad to notice that at work most people today from midnight (when you need to put on masks) did it something like with a laugh.and lots of exempt cards as well.ppl are sick and tired of this 👍🏻💪🏻

  23. HE’S the one talking rubbish! The statistics show thar MORE people who are jabbed are in hospital that unjabbed, the only studies into mask wearing (done years before this as NONE have been done during it) showed that mask wearing is ineffective and potentially dangerous for general use and even threw doubt on the usefulness of them in clinical settings!
    Project fear is being pumped out from every direction!!

  24. Oh the irony of being given advice on health by someone clearly overweight and totally out of shape, looking at the state of him he needs to be educated on healthy living and putting more fruit and veg in his body to keep out of hospital. Oh but you can’t say that to people can you as it may hurt their feelings😭

  25. Not worn a mask since I realised Ivermectin was a thing and they were refusing to prescribe it.
    Won’t start now.
    Top lady good call, fear mongering fatty, looks concerned about his health!

    • Ivermectin is only a thing if the covid hoax is real. It’s not, it’s completely made up to justify all the changes and restrictions being imposed on our lives. The ivermectin story is just a backdoor way of implying the pandemic is real.

  26. People I know who haven’t had a vaccine and who recently caught covid have recovered and then took a blood test. They had anti bodies. Their friends with two jabs who gave them covid HAD NO COVID ANTIBODIES AT ALL in the same tests. what does that say…..?
    Word from some fire services is that they’re being called out to crashed cars or motorbikes, where the driver was found dead at the wheel. One biker had his second shot a few days before. Hmmm…

    • Condescending lump of lard. More and more are waking up to this nonsense.

  27. Why doesn’t somebody tell this Twat that obesity is the real pandemic ❗️He needs to look in the mirror & stop eating shite 😡😡😡 Makes my piss boil these righteous jabbed twats Tnucs who’ll have the jab then go to Macdonalds to celebrate ❗️Have you seen the queues around those Shit Holes ❓Rant Over God Bless All 🙏🏻

  28. This shill – Steven Nolan – is the reason I switched off the radio over a year ago. He is an awful creature. A morbidly obese man who feels he is qualified to give health advice. He pedals fear & loathing & gets highly paid by the BBC for it.
    Beam me up, Scotty!

  29. 2020 – The year morbidly obese people decided they were fit to give medical advice.

  30. I 🙏 that ignorant influencers like this individual are held to account for the part role they play in the psychological war we find ourselves in. 😤

  31. What a condescending piece of work!! Trying to pile guilt on her. Shes so right. People are living in so much fear It’s the fear (and the poison prick) making them Ill.
    Pleased that this woman stood her ground.

  32. I am sorry guys, this woman is either in it, or she has no real arguments, and this is why they kept her online, because she didn’t debunk or refute him, everything he asks her, she comes across as a selfish ranter, And she doesn’t know anything, she is angry etc… I don’t think she actually schooled him.
    Because to be honest, the average person now, knows how to easily answer those stupid rhetoric of his.
    First and foremost it is NOT a law that he kept referring to.
    Second the vaccines don’t protect you, and don’t prevent the spread by their own “admission”
    Third A Mask will not protect you or others even if the stupid pandemic were real.
    So this lady either she was an actress or the most clueless person I have seen in a long time.
    I am sorry none of it sits well with me, and it’s funny that most BBC radio presenter are fat and unhealthy twats.

  33. If people stop listening, tuning in to these so called mainstream fake media, they wouldn’t have anybody listening to them except for the happy imbeciles.

  34. Mandatory isn’t Law. I wonder if people would still wear these blue disposable ones, which end up all over the place, if they knew in what conditions they’re put together in???!!!

  35. I agree with her totally, and I would like everyone to think like her, but the only reason they let her speak for so long was that she came across as not listening and shouting across the smug shill presenter. Hence they can portray themselves as caring, concerned and honest and her as irrational and selfish. If she’d been calmer and able to counter his so-called “facts” with proper facts, she’d have been cut off.

  36. Poor script reader. Blood clot from a fake virus that was never isolated….he should get his facts right. You get blood clot after vaccine….sodding lazy ugly dj. Nxxxxxx

  37. It’s a shame the caller was uninformed about the stats and the law. It is not the law to wear a mask or to get the jab. Nolan is feeding untruths. Mandates and guidelines are not the law. The corrupt statistics are defining deaths after the jab (up to 14 days) as unjabbed deaths. This is simply laughable and we should all take control to learn the real facts.

  38. Now THAT’S the Irish spirit I know and love!! Well done lady, I take my hat off to you and what a complete arse that Nolan creature is. He is a complete and utter shill if ever there was. I am a Scots woman pensioner and will fight my corner to the death against this tyranical communist totalitarian regime. People forget that our loved parents and grandparents fought 2 bloody world wars for our freedom! Please stay strong folks and lets all take a lesson from the Irish woman’s book.

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