BBC Shill Presenter SCHOOLED BY Caller


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  1. I would love to see June in the same room with that fat shill!
    JUNE for PM

  2. Talking down to her, calling her ignorant and being rude. Making her responsible for others, with no respect for her own breathing
    and suggesting what she’s doing without a vaccine is less effective than what she’s doing already
    Hmm, since when was ‘because it’s a law’ means it’s right? Remember 1944?

    So, wear a mask ‘for others’ protection, but get the poison shot ‘for you’. ?

  3. I know I said give that woman a medal but I’m now wondering if it is fake as it seems strange she didn’t get cut off given that’s what seems to happen if you contact Radio 2 (Jeremy Vine/Vanessa Feltz I’m looking at you) oh apparently Omicron isn’t as bad as first thought. Now I wonder if that’s occured just as apparently a French scariant has been detected and the spotlight is focusing on that.

    • Ur right lol. He’s all cool and she’s ranting. Also what’s he on about ? You have more chance of getting a blood clot with out the vaccine. Look at him . I rest my case.

  4. Classic!
    Mr Nolan YOU are showing your ignorance!
    Not the lady in question!
    Do your research you neanderthal! I can send you loads of stats to back up the research that says VACCINES ARE POISONOUS, THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE!!!
    This is mass manipulation governed by a totalitarian regime! Social credits, cashless society, passports that give power to dictators to reward or punish as they see fit!
    Research it, again and again! Your welcome to come have a chat with me! I shall have all the stats ready for u! No need to bring a mask!

    • The sad part is he actually feels safer . Smug doesn’t come into it. He’s got a very high risk of a blood clot with or with this jab. He could also cause more harm then good covering he’s face cause he needs all the air he can get. Spot on they would normally of cut this caller of. Unless of course its staged. Which now a days who fvcking nos the truth anymore. I’m so done with this stupid crap now. Just wish I could go to sleep and stay a sleep. I’m so done in by all this now.

  5. ..and now Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a time traveller on the line from the fear-free summer of 2018!

    • 😂🤣😂💯💯💯❤ it’s unbelievable it really is. X

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