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  1. Sot on Hugo , I knew is wasn’t real and coincidently a Protest was outside of Parliament last night from what I have seen, staged ?
    Clearly the end game is Martial law and has been from the outset.

    • Oi!! Rees-Mogg!! No!! Stick your martial law where the sun don’t shine you plummy voiced ponce!! United non-compliance!!

    • This game is not over by a long way..The govt. is panicking and throwing everything it can at the public – who are becoming less intimidated. The decider – in my view – is what President Trump will do within the next few days and weeks about the deep state and the would be globalists. He is their sworn enemy – strengthened by family ties with the UK, He has U.S. Military clout on his side and seems to be using it to deal decisively with threats to the American Constitution and breaches of human rights including people trafficking and worse. Bojo and his mates must be quaking in their boots and booking an early Christmas in Davos.

  2. Yeah more smoke and mirrors .. like Wancksock snogging Gina all over again .. find a distraction for the public to focus on whilst slipping in more rules and winding people up

    • This is something that’s been puzzling me since yesterday…why would the MSM report so heavily on this…even the BBC have been showing people in the street saying they’ve lost faith in the government and they’re going ahead with Xmas regardless of what they say… people on my newsfeed, who have been asleep, are now saying the same thing…this seems great on the face of it…But if the MSM are pushing it then something isn’t right!

      • Boris’s government is destined to fail: it is all part of the plan… any other puppet show that takes their place will be worse still. Ultimately “they” do not want national governments, “they” want one world governance…

      • @Al And it’s been going on since 1890 if not before, that is, COMMUNISM. Britain, (and for Bill that includes England) has been a Communist State for over one hundred years:

        Britain and The USA are Bolshevik Jew Cultural Marxist states in all but name.

        Here are the top five Planks of The Communist Manifesto:

        1) A Private Central Bank
        2) A Graduated Income Tax
        3) A State Conditioning (Education) System
        4) A State Health Care (Disease Management) System
        5) A State Welfare System

        Democrats, Labourites and Liberals are outright Communists and Republicans, Conservatives and Tories are NeoCons = Globalist Corporate Communists as in China.

  3. Okay – that’s the first I’ve heard of “violent reaction from small minority resulting in military takeover”.
    This is just as bad as the fsm drip feeding scare stories imo.
    Anyone dense enough who can’t see through the crap on the news Jeremy vine etc deserves everything they get.
    There’s no need for martial law – the weak minded people in this country will walk willingly to the vaccine death centre anyway.

    • They will, they want martial law and dragging us to the depopulation centres I mean vaccine centres.

      FEAR makes people do stupid things, but 2years in, a lot of the FEAR is wearing off and being replaced with confused as it’s starting to not make sense finally.

      • President Truman said ‘ if you can’t convince them, then confuse them’…. 😟

    • Once people start to realise that it is the jabs that are killing people, not some made up variant, they will be angry: Martial law will ensue and they will start to drag the non compliant off to their concentration camps for forced vaccination, or worse…

  4. They want us to lose confidence in them ignore them and not follow the guidance, which doesn’t make any logical sense anyway, but they’ll gloss over that.

    Then when the deaths start mounting up from immune systems being destroyed, they’ll label as Convid and blame us for not following the guidance. Not there fault, when 1000s start dying soon, which they most likely will.

    Martial Law and Jabs forced on all, will come unless we can get out why there really dying.

    Putin ( love him ), saying Moronic, is a live vaccine, this will go against them LOL

    Rats are deserting the sinking ship for sure, mission accomplished ?? most likely!!

    Martial Law, is allowed under plan B, tiny little snip bit in there, search for Martial, you’ll miss it, but wasn’t challenged, so legally they can put it in.

  5. love your updates Hugo, no messing straight to the point

  6. I completely agree. All to fit their narrative and agenda. Always ask…. What’s really going on? What’s hiding behind this smokescreen.

  7. Thanks Hugo, all part of the plan with leaks.

    There must be ways of getting the brainwashed to snap out of it without violence?

  8. The timing is too evident, too bold, the process of a martial law will be the ultimate push for the end-game.Once the population is locked and the rebels incarcerated, the forced inoculation will start…and you know what does this mean…!

    • We all get the bad/poor parts in the Hunger Games Universe and I hated those films.

    • Why you even give to the phrase “forced” what do you mean? someone is going to round us up pin us down a forcibly inject us? Bull S*** this would cause too much collateral .. Think this looks as though your advertising that your sort of accepting this , when you are not ever going to accept this. None of us know all the possible outcomes even the planners of this whole situation could only ever use assertions and best guesses due to toe dipping.

  9. I think the sheep will do what ever they say at this point, I’ve been trying to educate my mates since this crap first started but they still think I’m a conspiracy nut, some people are just too thick to educate, keep up the good work hugo.

  10. @HugoTalks – This is what they call,
    > Bottom UP;
    >Top DOWN;
    > Inside OUT
    What this means is they are forcing the bottom to rise UP – so they can bring the top DOWN on us; and everything will be INSIDE OUT!
    Once again, on point. Love the ‘cool down’ parts of your videos. Godspeed my brother

  11. The sheep are being led to the slaughter and frog is at boiling point..
    Humanity…what a disappointment.

  12. I don’t think they want to wind up even a minority as they won’t be able to beat even that. 3% needed for a revolution. We have way more than that. They wouldn’t dare.

  13. Id imigine the only people who are upset by this are the same people who’ve been tripled speared, not seen their families for 2 years and wear at least 2 face masks! Personally I don’t give a flying fuck what they get up to and i’d be an hypocrite to complain about others partying when me and my family had such a great party last crimbo.

    • Difference is they preach to us about following the rules then don’t do it themselves. It’s the hypocrisy that grates. Correct, you and I wouldn’t tell others what to do, but these pricks have been doing for the whole scam, yet can’t even be arsed to be seen following their own rules.

  14. We need to keep an eye on references made to Brexit. NI is still tied to the EU under the NI protocol as part of the withdrawal agreement. That is the wedge in the door that they are going to use. The UK Gov and EU will say that the UK has to honour its commitments. Martial law may be implemented when people rise up against it. I think what we need to look at from a legal point of view is a document called `The Vienna Convention On The Law Of Treaties`. I think the way to remove that wedge may well be found in its pages.

    • Interesting, it’s like the “Terms & Conditions” of which some loophole (I’m sure) can and will? be implemented, within international affairs.

      But even if Martial Law is implemented, could it stand?

      • Yes it can David. There is a section in there about force and threats. The VCLOT is extremely comprehensive. During Martial Law though only national law is suspended , not international. In fact that is when international law becomes paramount because there are no internal checks and balances. A case in point is the Geneva Convention and the protection of prisoners of war , detainees in general and the like. This is the beauty of it and also the trap for the NWO. The NI protocol and withdrawal agreement whether fully enacted or not comes under the VCLOT. So as soon as the UK and EU use it to usher in illegal mandates that is when a decent solicitor practiced in international law can justifiably use the VCOLT to not only stop it , but hopefully it might also be the NWO`s downfall. Commit to one part of it and you will be judged on the rest of it. Checkmate. At least that is the way I see it.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Thank you. There are two parts in particular which jump out at me.

        Article 52 `Coercion of a state by the threat or use of force`. A treaty is void if its conclusion has been procured by the threat or use of force in violation of the principles of international law embodied in the Charter of the United Nations.

        Article 53 `Treaties conflicting with a peremptory norm of general international law “jus cogens”` A treaty is void if, at the time of its conclusion, it conflicts with a peremptory norm of general international law. For the purposes of the present Convention, a peremptory norm of general international law is a norm accepted and recognized by the international community of States as a whole as a norm from which no derogation is permitted and which can be modified only by a subsequent norm of general in international law having the same character.

        I was looking through the VCLOT a couple of years ago when Theresa May was trying to get the UK into the backstop.

      • The whole Brexit debate was a nightmare that never seemed to end. I thought we would end up with BRINO as well. Wading through legal documents and treaties though is probably not something most people would even think they should ever have to do including me. I am not a legal eagle it is not my field. But as is clear now 99% of the powers that be cannot be trusted and have to be kept in check.

      • It was all treachery going into it (Heath), and it’s been all treachery coming out of it (May & Johnson) – a lose, lose affair from start to finish and in between our manufacturing industrial base totally destroyed.

    • IMartial Law is unknown to the laws of England. Charles I. issued Commissions for trial by martial law; but when the King afterwards summoned a Parliament the first thing they did was to vindicate the rights and liberties of Englishmen by the Petition of Right, to which the King was in the end compelled to assent. The Stuart Kings attempted to revive the claims of his predcessor which ended up with James II fleeing to France and the start of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, culminating in a Declaration of Rights that was drawn up and presented to Wiliam of Orange and Mary II and agreed to BEFORE they were being sworn in and Crowned King and Queen. The text of the Declaration was enbodied into a Bill of Rights 1688. (Its full title is “An act declaring the rights and liberties of the subjects and settling the succession of the Crown Act”.

      Just over 20 years later, in 1710, the following judgment was delivered in the House of Lords. We not only have the right but we also have an indispensable obligation to resist. The original contract (Coronation Oath) between the Crown and the people is now broke, as the executive “endeavours the subversion and total destruction of the government.” It is the Executive, the Privy Council that are in control, not your duly elected lawmakers in Parliament.

      Impeachment of Sacheverell (1710)
      “Your lordships on this occasion will again consider the ancient legal constitution of the government of this kingdom; from which it will evidently appear to your lordships that the subjects of this realm had not only a power and right in themselves to make that resistance, but lay under an indispensable obligation to do it. The nature of our constitution is that of a limited monarchy, wherein the supreme power is communicated and divided between queen, lords, and commons, though the executive power and administration be wholly in the crown. The terms of such a constitution ….. express an original contract between the crown and the people…. The consequences of such a frame of government are obvious…. If the executive part endeavours the subversion and total destruction of the government, the original contract is thereby broke, and the right of allegiance ceases. That part of the government thus fundamentally injured hath a right to save or recover that constitution in which it had an original interest…….”

      This is supported in Chapter seven of Blackstones Commentaries of the laws of England entitled OF THE KING’S PREROGATIVE
      ….. “we may now be allowed to lay down the law of redress against public oppression. If therefore any future prince should endeavor to subvert the constitution by breaking the original contract between king and people, should violate the fundamental laws, and should withdraw himself out of the kingdom; we are now
      authorized to declare that this conjunction of circumstance would amount to an abdication, and the throne would be thereby vacant. But it is not for us to say, that any one, or two, of these ingredients would amount to such a situation; for other circumstances which a fertile imagination may furnish, since both law and history are silent, it becomes us to be silent too; leaving to future generations, whenever necessity and the safety of the whole shall require it, the exertion of those inherent (though latent) powers of society, which no climate, no time, no constitution, no contract, can ever destroy or diminish.”

      The duty of vindicating the law, when thus abandoned by the Government, is cast, by the principles of the English constitution, on private citizens; if private citizens declined it, there would be no check on the illegal conduct of officers of the Crown.

      • @Mike Burke, Four things I’ll pick up on here:

        1) Liberties are NOT freedoms – liberties are a benefit privilege granted to slaves.

        2) The Declaration of Rights is LAW, The BILL of Rights is an ‘Act’ (legal) so is NOT law.

        3) The term ‘Private Citizens’ is an oxymoron, for ‘citizens’ are always slaves and only exist in the ‘PUBLIC’ – commercial corporate entities – fictions.

        4) A Constitutor according to Black’s Law Dictionary = Definition of CONSTITUTOR: “In the civil law. One who, by a simple agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt.”

        In this case it means someone who signs (agrees to) and takes responsibility for THE NATIONAL DEBT which became an issue when the Jews in the Netherlands financed the setting up of the Bank of England in 1694. Prior to this England was debt free as The Stuarts were always short term borrowers. After the bank was set up The Jews lent £1.2 million pounds LONG TERM plus INTEREST. England has been a debt slave to the Jews ever since.

  15. totally agree. It’s not a real video! Just like the Matt Hancock video

  16. If ITV released this, they were told to. Was it the powers that be threatening Bojo? Go to plan B or we end your time as PM.
    Is it a PM challenge revving up? Knock out Mogg and get rid of Bojo. Remember the speech that was given to Bo in the wrong order?
    If they get rid of Bo, it’s to replace him with someone that’s worse for us

    • Behave Boris, just go along with what ever we say, or your elite status goes and your jabs are no longer placebo and we’ll replace you with a Economic Forum Member, if we don’t assassinate you like in Africa ofcourse.

      • Even if one was to do such a thing as that, it really wouldn’t make much difference. Sure, it’d cause a stir in global news, but after the dust had settled, the same cabalist confederacy that unites the 1gov narrative would still persist. And would only usher in even harsher polices to subjugate people with.

        You gotta be a bit smarter.

        We’re not actually dealing with people, we’re dealing with principalities and powers in higher places. Why do you think “Hearts and Minds” operations is the first phase of any ground-based military campaign?

        If / When SHTF, then I suppose all out warfare will be the last port of call. But depending on what you believe, there’s a lot more to this time than anyone person can account for.

  17. If (((they))) want an excuse to bring in Martial Law, all (((they))) have to do is fake some terrorist attack (a psyop or false flag) and then blame it on the unjabbed.

    • Allegra went to the Wuhancock school of tiers.
      The property she was standing outside proves she doesn’t care really.

  18. Spot on again Hugo. There is talk all over the net of Boris deliberately provoking this situation.

  19. Apologies guys I have not read all comments yet so may be saying same as others. Hugo I believe is correct I am sure I read in Lockstep or somewhere that Marshall law would be last Qtr 2021. They do not appear able to deviate from their plan maybe their weakness do not give them what they want just mass non compliance in our daily lives.

  20. Very good. Yes they’re goading us to violence; but it’s starting to look so lame people are shrugging it off.
    Imho and from a place of support make sure you check the validity of emotionally charged pieces as it crumbles.
    If a child dies we should be rightly outraged. We all know that’s a risk, it’s why we’re here; but let it not be a false flag that sparks that outrage at a time they predict and are playing us towards.
    Great work as always

  21. My law says I do not need to give you a reason for sticking a screwdriver through your riot shield ,come for me I will die but so will someone else and of that I guarantee.

  22. We are expected to believe all these “leaks” are genuine and not supposed to have happened, all these “leaks” are planned by government and executed with military precision.

  23. It’s wartime. More and more people are waking up, even among those who seem asleep. You can’t ignore consciousness for ever, but if one does, it’s by sheer force of brain deadness.

  24. There is a video of Jacob Reese-Mogg, along with Nigel Farage, discussing Brexit, where he laments that the City of London has to trade under EU rules.
    Conflict of interest much?
    But the government “mishaps” are not really the problem. It’s the likes of Jeremy Vine in particular (and the BBC/ MSM in general) doing everything in their power to either upset people or (for over 2 years now, ever since the “virus” appeared) push the NWO agenda.
    During the Flop 26 they had a guy on the JV shows complaing that there was no world government to tackle climate change.
    Latest atm is practically demanding the lockdown for the non-vaccinated. They always have some Karens or other nutjobs phoning or writing in to demand whatever the MSM are pushing at that moment in time,
    I’m not so sure about the people waking up thing! Many of them are mostly selfish and get the jabs to do the things they’ve done before the “pandemic”!
    They watch or listen to or read the MSM and have no clue what is going on in the shadows.

  25. 100% agree Hugo. Although I do believe that they’ve leaked the info on the party on purpose. Knowing people will refuse boosters etc. To then also be able to push through mandatory vaccines and more rules with the passports.

  26. Spot on. Good spot with the refurbed stage. As soon as I saw that it was leaked by ITN, I knew it didn’t make sense.

  27. Actually they already have martial law in place already. In London the police are armed with sub machine guns in all the underground stations when I was there, presumably watching for people disobeying the ‘covid rules’.

  28. If push comes to shove, everyone will hear the Rabbit’s thump and it will be loud and reverberating.

  29. The significant thing about this Downing St Christmas party is ‘why did it take the mirror and itv a year to publish details about this?’ The media never work like this normally. It would have been in the press the next day if not before. That is how the media operate. There is a race to print a scoop. Incidently, I was telling people about Boris’ Christmas party last December!

  30. They’re plan B is war with Russia. Look at how they are preparing the public for a war with Russia. The people they hoped to become aggressive and start rioting to give them the excuse to become tyrannical just don’t exist (at leat not in the numbers they want). People, in UK and Europe, are, generally (or at least not on a mass scale, to give them the pretext for martial law), protesting peacefully because they know the BS the governments stand for. Just look at Holland how they tried to say an isolated violent group of protesters is what the protesters are in general. People didn’t believe them
    So if they do not have the internal pretext for martial law they are going to create it: war with Russia. A so called Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  31. ive been thinking about this and your comment about the modern backdrop for the ‘xmas bashgate’ leak with Stratton. I think you are absolutely right. Something is definitely off. Have you seen the latest video of Gary Neville who has just brought out a video asking people to join him on the 18 December for a protest at Downing Street? The man works for Sky sports for goodness sake and out of nowhere he’s suddenly decides to mount a protest.! Im probably wrong, but I smell a rat there too.

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