This Is Why You Should DITCH Your Smart Phone #Israel / Hugo Talks lockdown

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  1. Some functions on tablets won’t work without an active, “appropriate” cell phone. I just went through this re banking and in order to be able to get into my account, had to have a new “modern” phone.

      • Hard to pay certain bills via cash…Will banks still allow that to be done there?

    • I do on-line banking without a smart phone and have done so for years. You may need a phone for a one-time PIN. Compaies do not do their on-line banking on a smart phone.

    • What sort of bank account is that? Both my banks send me text messages sometimes and one sends voice messages asking me to say something or key a number. You don’t need a smartphone to do those things, a Nokia 100 will do fine, I can even do those things on my landline phone.

    • Smart phones are cheap, you can buy yourself that you use only for banking but you don’t use anything else on it so Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook is not able to harvest metadata.

      Outside of Internet use cash.
      I have moved to cash last year and I don’t see any problems but many people get use to touch their plastic wherever they go (Muppets!).

    • I am an EMF Refugee trapped in Cardiff. I am having increasing issues with keeping a landline access to apps , rather enjoy puitting them through the hoops as they still want your money. I wish I had ditched my flash phone a decade ago as now I am tourtured 254/7 and have been forcefully confined to my property.

  2. People are Addicted to their Smartphones around here , they walk down the streets like Zombies .😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Lol
      Yeah I seen couple people falling out of buses with no remembering they leaving the bus!
      To interested on the newest update that just bleeped..
      i SMH lol
      I wish people would believe how much of a tracking device they are!

      Take care

  3. I have shared this I do think ..the technology is simply ramping up ….big time….my phone is very old!!…like me!!….

  4. Hi Hugo How do you connect with your personal contacts that you’d normally ring or text without your smartphone?

    • You can use a older style phone, you can still phone contacts, text etc but not use many of the modern aps. I use an old blackberry, un trackable good little phone. Its the apps are the killer. You could de google your existing phone, turn off gps, turn off any tracking. Delete facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp etc. Telegram at the moment is ok. But you are still open to be obused by it. Also use a vpn.

    • Hi Gill.
      You need to get a normal phone! Nokia phones will allow you to txt or phone without anyone knowing where the call is made from

    • You do know that there are still old phones available right? Like the ones with the keys and support only like 2G you input a sim into it and manually add your contacts to it for calls and sms’s… Right?

  5. I had a smartphone, never used it for internet, never had any apps on it, got rid of smartphone, now got a basic phone with no internet, only use pc for internet, never worn a mask, never taken a test, never been jabbed, ignore govt nonsense advice along with unnecessary and unenforceable regulations and stragely enough I’m still super healthy, never been ill and certainly won’t ever be tracked or comply to any tyranny. Those who comply are prolonging this nightmare. How will they face their children or grandchildren in future and explain why they caused the dystopian nightmare they will be suffering.

  6. Hi Hugo, they’ve also implemented clause 9 in the nationality and borders bill… No notice needed to throw out those ethnic minorities who don’t have parents that were born here. Doesn’t matter if they were born here themselves…

    There are 3 clauses to trigger it.
    Threat to national security
    Diplomatic relations
    ‘Public interest’

    Freedom and rights being taken away…
    Thoughts on this?

  7. I don’t take my smartphone out anytime with me when I go out I take out an old phone an old Nokia 3310 I do not take out any smartphones it stays in the house.

    • Well said I always leave my old phone at home, with all this track and trace going on now. People are still not getting it yet. 90 % are hooked on it. Hopefully it will grow out of style, and be cool not to have one at all. There useless and ruin relationships. So remove the cause of the problem. Whats wrong with asking for directions instead of asking Google, our convenience will be our down fall, later down the line if the go’s on. There su King us in to this digital trap so we cart get out, these smartphones need to go this weekend before the digi pass comes in on the 16th, be a great time to get rid, and seriously get a old one for now till they cut it off, then it will have to be phoneless. Gmails the best way to go for now.

      • Although I agree with most of your statement, I know Gmail is owned by Google and, I’m pretty sure they record and log every keystroke you make.
        Proton mail or mailfence might be a better choice?
        In Truth, they prolly monitor all of them…

  8. I’m not going any higher then my Motorola v3 from 2004 🙂 they cut that off I’ll be phoneless, which I don’t mind anywhy, nobody rings anyway, as I like to be a mistery, and I never take it out and its stays in the glove box incase of breakdown, that’s all there good for anyway. Any one pulls a smartphone out on me I walk away, as i Value my time and so should everyone else, and value people instead of the smartphone, its so rude, then we will bring a end to it. I’m doing my bit to stay real.

    • Haha, love it Chris! Just walk away lol. You’re right it is rude. It’s sad too, you often see a mum or dad ignoring their young child because they’ve chosen to bury their head in their phone instead. Could be engaging with their child and the “here and now” real world around them, but no! I’ve even seen a little kid nearly get run over cos their mum was more bothered about her phone than her child. No doubt looking at Twatbook or texting about nothing even remotely urgent.

  9. Hugo I know this!! I have a phone but there is no way that they can track me or know who owns the phone or where any calls or texts are made from. The only thing that they can tell is the number is active. I am on pay as you go. I top up by cash only. What was a little concerning was that in Mar 2020 I received a text from Boris telling me I had to stay at home. A bit spooky as I didn’t remember giving my number to Boris. Obviously I realized it must have been a scam so ignored it. Pity more people didn’t do the same thing

    • I got the text as well and my phone is also a pay as you go one. I seem to remember what happened Pete is that all the networks sent everyone with an active sim the same generic text. I also ignored it.

    • I got one too, from the gov last year. I did wonder at the time where they got my number from, but as someone else says it’s been the networks, they’ve been told to send them out.

    • They cannot track you by GPS but they can by cell phone tower triangulation. I would also bet there will be somewhere CCTV of you paying cash for a top-up.. They will also have a record of all the texts/calls you made and to whom. They can probably hack into the smart phones of your contacts and find your name.
      Of course ‘they’ will only do this if you are troublesome, a freedom campaigner or suchlike.
      We are screwed.

  10. Isnt a tablet just a larger version of the smartphone these days?

  11. And then once they send you a text
    telling you your have been in a high
    risk area 🤔…If you dont stay at home like a good slave they will automatically fine you through the the cashless society they are creating.. Again Al through Apps phones techie whatever …TBh I’m that worn down with all this now I just don’t give a fuck , just gonna take a break from here as I do periodically..

  12. Amazing what can be created with LibreOffice, and its open source.

    • I love LibreOffice,,, and Linux OS, best I have ever used.
      It just works efficiently without doing work for others first.
      I will stick with it until a more secure OS comes along.

  13. “You will own nothing and be happy” is what Elites threaten us with.

    Watch this video and see the value of nothing.

  14. I have a smart phone but it is an old smart phone with an obsolete operating system its a blackberry which I purchased second hand. I also purchased a Nokia N95 which is a very early smart phone (have not really used it yet so not sure on it’s limitations) unfortunately I won’t be able to download the passport app as it’s not available on the blackberry os it is almost as if I’ve done this on purpose. The blackberry does have it limitations as apps are not updated but you can certainly watch youtube and bitchute videos so can watch some of hugo’s or other good videos like uk column and computing forever etc. Also you can copy and paste links to send via text message if you want to. I tried just using a dumb mobile phone but its frustrating trying to share videos as you of course need to type the url correctly if you want to share a video via text. I agree throwing smart phones away in general is probably best but purchasing an old smart phones is the next best thing.

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      • So go ogle didn’t find any results! maybe an enigmatic approach is required.

  16. I would chuck my phone out but i’m still legally in contract for 9 months. .. Also a tablet and a pc is basically the same as having a smartphone. You’re still being tracked on them

    • Stephanie, it is all about levels of risk.
      I have a PC, I have no Microsoft products or Apple products on it. I use a Linux based OS, I use Brave Browser, DuckDuckGo as my only search engine. I take the time to refuse all permissions before entering a webpage. I do not use google, I do not even accept incoming e-mail from gmail users (for security reasons) It may seem paranoid to someone like yourself but these are very basic thinks for someone who in aware of the technical abilities and habbits of those companies,
      I was a green as yourself at one time, until I started spending some time with a guy who was a software engineer he specialises in digital security for a large multinational company.
      It is not just OK to assume it will be fine as your being tracked anyway, that is a caution to the wind approach.

  17. Just switch it off / into airplane mode, while out and about that could push a track and trace, leave your location services off aswell, can’t promise still not being tracked mind.

    If I get twat and traced again, once so far, I’ll 100% ignore it, fine me, don’t care, not wasting my life, because I might of been near someone who tested positive but really had a cold.

  18. i have a smartphone but with no sim. my sim is in an old style nokia. so if they start forcing apps like that on to my phone ditching it won’t be a problem.

  19. I have gone out each day and got on as normal with out a Mask, Disinfectant,Vaccine or Test, the only illness I have experianced in the last two years was perhaps a slight temperature in bed one night but nothing else. If I have managed for two years as normal in a “Pandemic” without illness I don’t reckon I need a smart phone to tell me to get a dodgy test or isolate. I would know if I were unwell I don’t need an app to tell me.
    They can shove it where the sun don’t shine!

  20. I have an old Nokia lumia. Has basic Internet but no apps. Does the job fine. Then I have my lap top later in the evening when I’m sat down for banking, email, ebay etc.

  21. We will have to get rid of them soon and find a way of living without them. We’ll 20 years ago we didn’t have them and the world still functioned so I recall

  22. I believe this is the problem of the “mainstream” mobile phone manufacturers. There are many alternatives focused on pivacy such as Librem 5 or PinePhone (which I’ve been thinking about switching to), but it’s true that you pay for your priacy with more money and/or less advanced technology.
    But this is not just a problem of smarphones. There is a very close partnership between the government and Big Tech companies, so the issue of surveillance has been there for quite a while. I believe people should be aware of their privacy in all fields. There are changes you can make and improve your privacy and security dramatically, even without moving to some cave in the mointains.
    You can start by ditching google sevices, such as Chrome or Gmail and use Brave, DuckDuckGo and Protonmail. And leave the social media, or use alternatives instead (Facebook > MeWe, Youtube > FreeTube/Odysee). I can reccomend one channel about this matter that I really like:

  23. Nobody needs a smartphone, they just think they do. We did well for over 2000 years without them. Banking apps are the biggest problem, bank online on your PC if you want but don’t download their apps.

  24. I have no Mobile Phone/no TV/no Radio and live in an area where the closest neighbours are at least 2 miles. I use a vehicle without modern electronics.(simple to be serviced/repaired) I grow much of the vegetables we consume and have animals for meat/milk/cheese/wool/manure. The 20 -30 electronic generation need to WAKE UP before too late. I am a natural freeborn organic human and intended continue as such and would fight with friends to save the children of the world.

  25. Good grief I would NEVER do my online banking on a smartphone, because of security issues. On my laptop PC, which I have connected to my big TV, I do all my work, connect with everybody through my landline and broadband. I do not use mobile data EVER, it is switched off permanently. As soon as I leave my house my mobile disconnects from my router. so no one can track or trace where I am and that is the way I like it. I can still make calls or receive a text. This week so far my mobile has not been switched on ONCE. It is at the bottom of my handbag, if my car breaks down I can switch it on and call for roadside help. I have no need to do anything else with my mobile. or would want to.
    What on earth did people do 20 yrs ago? When I was a kid growing up in Ireland we did not even have TV or a landline phone. You went to the phone box down the road to make a call. We played in the fields, jumped over fences and climbed up trees. We all grew up fit and healthy. Technology is now venturing down a very dark and sinister route. So, yes, Hugo is right, we got to ditch it, turn off mobile data when out and leave the darn thing in your pocket or handbag. Try talking to each other instead.

  26. Buy yourself an anti-skimming “pocket book” or more accurately lined envelope (I bought two from amazon years ago). This will prevent any signal coming from or to your cell phone device. This simple trick will allow for you not being tracked by your phone. Obviously it will not help if “jackboot thugs” demand to see your corona certificate on your phone by directly approaching you in the street, shops etc. Then you can lie and say you not have the phone with you or show the damned thing. At that moment the cellphone will most likely attempt a connection with the nearest base tower. But it is a strategy which is sort of workable. I paid £5 for the thing and I have tested it, and it definently works.

  27. Yes. You can take control of things from your end. Unhook from the chain of command.
    Big sense and it all counts for a lot – because everything counts from hereon in.

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