UK Govt To Announce PASSPORTS and PLAN B JUST AS PREDICTED / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • It’s all advice as that’s all this load of commis can do…advise. Soviet britain continues as they try to tell us English what to do…well they can foxtrot Oscar as fast as they like…

      • Sorry whats the soviets got to do with this? They thought hard against the Nazi Germany:

      • @Moira Richards Speaking of Hitler after the war, Churchill begrudgingly said: “We butchered the wrong pig”.

        “We’ve defeated the wrong enemy.” — US General Patton

      • @moira
        My god are you retarded?
        The (((Bolshevik communists))) murdered 60 million of their own people and was one of the most draconian regimes in world history.

      • Boris Jonestown is a crap filled Dalek
        Vaccine roll out
        Vaccine roll out
        Vaccine roll out

        Fu Divros

    • You are correct and it’s advice as that’s all they can do… advise…not an English government anyway so I’ll ignore it.

      • Alexander Boris de Pfellel Johnson is American. He was born in the posh upper east side of Manhattan , New York.

        Nadhim Zahawi was born in Baghdad

        Sajid Javid was born in the UK. But his wife Laura Javid ( maiden name Laura King ) is estimated to be worth $3.2 M dollars as of 2021
        Priti Patel was born in the UK but was involved in the `Sunrise Program` scandal several years ago. Which was to do with the tobacco industry I believe. She was sacked by Prime Minister Teresa May in 2017 due to her illegal financial activities with Israelis whilst working abroad in her role as International Developement Secretary. Officially she resigned , but she was actually sacked. She is also the co-author of the book `Britannica Unchained` , where she expresses her views that UK workers should adopt the Chinese work and social ethic.

        Nguyen-Van-Tam ( otherwise known as Prof Johnathan Stafford ) was born in Boston , Lincs. He attended Hawthorn Tree Corner Primary School and the Boston Grammar School of Medicine. In 2010 he published a journal titled `An Introduction to Pandemic Influenza`.

        What a nice bunch of people we have there. And That is just scratching the surface.

      • @Bill

        I have read lots of your posts. I am Scottish and I completely agree with you. Everything from the setting up of the Act of Union to the devolution of Scotland, Wales and NI (deliberately leaving out England) has been maliciously managed to maintain control for TPTB – and to keep all of us divided and at each other’s throats.

        I believe that the Act of Union was the East India Company’s (or should I say British Government’s because they were/are one and the same) first blooding on the way to Empire. None of us wanted it (there were riots on both sides of the border) – but the so-called, ‘Nobility’, and merchants became very rich…at our expense.

      • Tanya, good point!
        Looks like Bojo is surrounding himself with people who will just say yes… Or have they been strategically picked by someone above him such as pharma companies for the best possible outcome?

      • @kerenibus I thank you for your reply and am happy that someone has read and understood the real truth that we, the English and our fellow nations are up against. If you wish to learn more about our non-britshit party please feel free to look at Rumble (subscribe) and follow The Full English Mon-Fri 8pm. This site is run by a real English Constitutionalist of 30+yrs and is mainly interested in England but we at also will be looking for candidates to stand in Scotland and Wales and if you look through Graham H. Moore’s list of videos you will see that with our party we have NO POLITICIANS REQUIRED as these are the people that put us in this mess in the first place. We want to again have the common people in parliament, a small parliament as it was before 1706 and the acts of union. The hope is that by explaining to people that WE give the people BACK THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS that the britshits have purposely removed unlawfully…a lot of people don’t understand this or even believe it-this is how bad these soviet british have dulled people down by poisoning our food and water…unfortunately for the britshits in power they didn’t do enough as you can see they are now running around like headless chickens and, I feel, their time IS COMING VERY SOON!! Thanks again for your comment-much appreciated. ANYONE THAT THINKS REFORM ARE ANYTHING DIFFERENT TO WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY ARE DELUSSIONAL AND ARE BEING RIPPED OFF BY FARAGE AGAIN TO HELP THE BRITSHIT ESTABLISHMENT KEEP POWER AS ARE ALL THE OTHER PARTIES NO MATTER HOW SMALL-BRITISH-DIVIDE AND CONQUER-WAKE UP NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

    • Agree..they may as well stick a star on us..l’m totally disgusted, because l have made a decision not to be part of an experimental trial ! The government are a bunch of criminals…🤬🤬

      • Good for you, but! Call yourself ‘vaccine free’ from now on and not Unvaxxed as the prefix ‘un’ is always associated with derogatory terms and UNpleasant things. It’s all psychological, and it feels better too. 👍😷👍.

      • @videoman1959 – I’m stealing that one, matey! “Pureblood” is a little too full-on for the jabbed to hear, and I don’t like to rub in what they’ve subjected themselves to as they can’t take it back out! If I must divulge my status to someone I will use “vaccine free” in future. To be fair the jabbed are vaccine free too! Experimental serum / gene therapy rather than a vaccination!

      • Gina! You can borrow the term ‘ vaccine free’… Just like I’ve borrowed it from another like minded soul 😊. And you’re quite right even those who’ve had the jungle juice are actually’ vaccine free’ too!! Nice one!! 😁👍😁

  1. I’m absolutely sick of this government. They are twisted deceivers. Omricom, my back foot!!!!
    They are laughing at us and we are giving them reasons to do so. STOP bowing down to their pathetic rules. I can see them there picking them out of a hat.
    ‘Oooo, Oooo let’s try this one’
    They sickened me.

    • i’ll just use a friends passport app .. they’ll have to microchip everyone to make it work

      • That’s not really a solution. And anyway, these passport apps are tied to your ID. I will be buying a fake passport on the dark web black market.

      • How can you do that can you advise me please 😁

      • I don’t think so. That would make your friend ‘Complicit’ and make your friend subject to a punishment they may not like or want.
        Some friend, you would appear to be!

      • Borrowing or faking a passport is still compliciity. Please work on convincing business owners not to enforce this – through conversations, or boycotts, or picketing or whatever.
        And be open about your opposition! I’ve been wearing my *tested positive for refusing to live in fear’ hoodie constantly for the past few months. Maybe it hasn’t changed anyone’s mind, but it lets other sane folk know they aren’t alone.

      • If you use a passport in any way, whether it be a friend’s or a fake, you are bowing down to their rules and tyranny. We need to stand together and just say NO! If you’re trying to wingle the rules, it means that you accept them as rules.

  2. ive been telling people for months .. of course no one thought it was gonna happen ..

    • I was out bowling last night. They’ve ALL followed the rules ! 😂. They were moaning about how ridiculous it all is, all the new rules etc. They didn’t include me in their conversation though! 😂😂😂. They now realise that we, the Thinkers, may have had a point, but they’ll never accept that they have been bullied, deceived and lied to all this time and that those people that they thought were crazy, we Thinkers, did actually have a point. The sheep will STILL continue to bend over though, IMO, Stay Sane! .👍👍👍

  3. I also think that some people are placed in comments sections to make those who are opposed to being coerced into experimental ‘vaccines’ stupid and paranoid lunatics. As well as being Nazis.

    • @Senga Still bitch sniping I see! When you’re ready, feel free to tell us all about German National Socialism including what brought it into being.

      • Seems to me that you may well be ‘bitch sniping’ yourself. The way i read it SENGA isn’t arguing for the proponents of the jab or for the Nazi’s.
        He is suggesting that there may well be Commentating ‘Plants’ i.e. agents of and for the ‘Agenda’ !

        Just the way I read it!

      • @polycarpust I am the one who tells the Truth about the German National Socialists, having done many years of research, unlike the bitch sniping Senga who has done zero research, hence he calls them ‘Nazis’ like all shabbos goys and Jews do. How about you?

    • Otherwise known as the 77th brigade, the intelligence corp. used as professional shills. All controlled by the Tavistock Institute, and Chatham House. the members of SAGE are from there and they are a group of psychological Warfare experts who come out with all this shit and they make up most of SAGE there are no doctors on there apart from twatty and co.

      • It is YOU that is a Government employee. ‘Retired’ civil servant. Anyone casually glancing at this site will think we are a bunch of paranoid Nazis. YOU are poisoning this site. This is why you are here. YOU are a plant, a government agent.

      • @Senga “Anyone casually glancing at this site will think we are a bunch of paranoid Nazis.”

        Interesting how in your blatant arrogance and conceit you think you can speak for anyone. Sure sign of an ego driven narcissist.

        And you continually paint the German National Socialists in a negative light thereby proving that it is YOU that is the agent – an agent of the Jews – Talpiot or Mossad?

      • You are an aggressive bully who just will not accept that others are entitled to form and hold their own opinions. A sure sign of an ego-driven narcissist. .I, and everyone else, for that matter are entitled to our own opinions. No-one wants to have your ‘doctrine’ forced down their throat. You are an obsessive, unpleasant and extremely dangerous individual/group or what ever you are.

      • Nonsense, and opinions are like arseholes, not worth a dime unless backed up by a good argument

        I am a man on a mission to educate ignorant people like you and I stand my ground and if you interpret that as bullying then there must be something seriously wrong with your powers of reasoning, I would call it immaturity.

        Plus I force nothing on anyone. I tell people The Truth, please or offend, and they either check out what I say to see if it’s true, or they flap and protest like you without any argument.

        Oh and if you want to continue hanging on to the mainstream narrative on our ‘history’ then carry on being a dupe and see if I care – you can lead a horse to water…..

  4. Sadly now is the time to wreak havoc , anyone asking me fir a passport to go about my daily buisness is going to get punched …..Meanwhile in Dover people apparently do not need a passport.

  5. Moronic, Zero symptoms and they’ve admitted PCR doesn’t go positive for it, errrr because it’s all made up and there pushing this BS onto us.

    We’d gotten of lightly upto today, be happy about that, but it’s fighting time!!

    That video undertaker, won’t play for anyone today, blocked, they don’t want that out, that’s why you don’t give in, cause 12 – 18months after you give in, a common cold could very easily kill you. ( or as late as possible, live longer than the first to get atleast )

    I think the people won’t take it, and they’ll put Martial law into place to enforce it 🙁

  6. Covid – o – is for Oral……………. Coz them all at it ( each other ) ……..We need a boycott site somwhere ~ we can name them for people to avoid….
    Word spreads,, them wont likke that !

  7. Can we riot now please or assassinate them? I don’t mind which.

    • @Dkayyy66 If you do that (((they’ll))) only replace them with worse people. You have to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM like King Edward I in 1290:

      “I think that there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. Every journey begins with a first step we must end the so called white race. What is the white race, define it for me. It’s an 18th century social construct designed by privileged aristocrats.”

      – The Jewess, Barbara Lerner Spectre

      • Great comment,most people don’t realise who the enemy is,but they are there in plain sight and have been open about their plans for us indigenous European’s for a very long time.

  8. As they say in the good old US of A `Let`s play ball !`.
    Tanya is on the winning team and up to bat. She has a bazooka and will hit that ball where the grass don`t grow and score a home run.

    • Love ur comments, right on the nail – everyone in the country should have a copy of Robert F Kennedy’s book – which is hard to obtain (wonder why?!) ‘The real Anthony Fauci’
      ISBN 10 – 1510766804 or
      ISBN 13 – 978-1510766808
      Waterstones “it’s not available” YEAH! Darn right – don’t want truth to come out!

      • Mary, thanks I’ll check it out!
        Now we need on Gates…

      • Thank you Mary. Yeah that book is very scarce indeed.

      • You can download the Kindle version of the book off amazon for £2-95.

  9. As predicted. Baton down the hatches. War has been declared on us.

  10. Im Fucked off with the compliant fucking sheep cunts.. i wanna lash out at every fucker that’s wearing a mask.. did you know on Amazon a book went on sale the same day as the new CONVID variant Omicron bollocks ….entitled omicron and the variants ….this was planned fucking yrs ago fucking braindead cunts walking the earth..

    • The damn has burst on the mask-wearing. I was in a major retailer yesterday beginning with a T and hardly anyone was wearing a mask, not even the security goons or the ‘Afghan ex-interpreters for the British Army’.

      • I’m beginning to see a shift in the tide. Colleagues at work who are double jabbed now saying that things aren’t right and they’re not willing to take the booster. Even my compliant family are beginning to smell a rat.
        Let’s hope these small seeds are the start of a giant oak tree!!

    • I can’t find it but if it ever did exist it is probably some nonsense ‘Dr’ Vernon Coleman has knocked out off an evening.

      • Dr Vernon Coleman is an honest, well educated man. Show some respect.

        And if you buy a “passport” you are betraying those of us with the courage not to comply.

      • @Truth Seeker Unfortunately Coleman is a half-truth teller and claims that cov-yid 1984 is real – that alone makes him a disso and/or controlled.

  11. People need to not fear and realise that the only control they have over you is if you consent. For people to understand how to go about this. A good place to start is watch this vid. It will point you in the direction you need to be going. The more that wake up to this truth the better we all will be.

  12. Is this why the fat traitor was pleading for forgiveness the other day? Had he just been given his orders? Was he having a wee wobbly?

    That they work for us is just another illusion. To whom and what do they all swear an oath – all of them – of every political party? It is not us.

    • You are Totally right!
      Remember Boris Johnson saying he dreamed of becoming Prime Minister well, he did not dream it he was told he would be the Prime Minister……but only in name though.

    • Three ‘forgive me’s’ and thirty pieces of silver rings a bell.

      • Quandts are the owners of Entrust who won the contact for the vax id passport.

      • Her son Harald would inherit Quandt family business.

      • @Violet It was war time and the ‘papers’ were to prove that they were Germans and not Communist subversives. There no papers prior to the war. Had we not been an island we would have had a similar war time arrangement. Next!

      • I still don’t see what Cov-Yid passports have to do with Goebbel’s son inheriting something. The German National Socialists were not Communists = you will own nothing and be happy.

      • As Quandt was a member of the German National Socialist party, and Goebbels Reich minister of propaganda. Quandt owners of Entrust who have the contract for UK covid passports, i would say we have a strong link to the German National Socialist party, you have been asking for a link up and down this forum, and i have kindly shared my knowledge.

      • Are you suggesting that this Quandt outfit are German National Socialists? Are you suggesting that Krups are German National Socialists? LOL If they are do you think the Commie Stasi apparatchik Merkel would have allowed that? You’re a fantasist!

      • I have suggested nothing, just posted the link, which you have been asking for.

      • That is no link. If Germany were still a National Socialist country it would be a link but German National Socialism died in 1945. Being indoctrinated with Communism perhaps you were not aware.

      • A link is connection, as Gunther Quandt Had a connection with German National Socialist Party (a member) we have a link, can’t any clearer than that.

      • If German National Socialism ceased to exist in 1945 (and it did) where is the link today? Krups also were operating in Germany at that time, do Krups today have a link – do their coffee machines have Swastikas as a logo? ROTFL! You’re clutching at straws.

      • My Grandad died in 1954, i still have a link to him, as i do any of my dead family members.

      • As they don’t exist anymore, that would be no.

      • @lavender1972 That’s nothing to do with it – the same question stands: If he was a National Socialist would that make you a National Socialist?

      • Explain Thats nothing to do with it? As i have answered your question.

      • I did i said no, but the link would still be their, in this case the company history, slave labour ect.

      • Ok, if you believe no link, fair enough, i respect your view, however many do, hence they are pissed this company have the contract. Me, personally i don’t care who deals with the passports, as the passports are unethical therefore the company dealing with them would also have to be, in my eyes anyway.

      • @lavender1972 Well let’s look at this another way, IBM (an American corporation) were involved in producing and facilitating the generation and tabulation of punch cards for overseeing national census data, military logistics, ghetto statistics, train traffic management, and labour camp administration. Would you therefore state that IBM still have a link to the German National Socialists?

      • If they have a history of working together, then yes the connection and link is there.

      • i believe if they want to, they should be allowed, however not forced.

      • @lavender1972 Well they’re not likely to do that whilst 99% of the world’s population remains brainwashed by lying Jew propaganda about the German National Socialists, are they?

      • If it was down to me though, which it is not, they would have the choice.

      • @lavender1972 Well they do have the choice, but if they did, it would be the kiss of death to their businesses, and for the reasons I stated in my previous comment.

      • Yes, right, always got the choice, but its illegal still in many parts of the world, especially Europe to make use of the symbol, uk and usa though not included.

      • @lavender1972 Well of course it’s illegal – Europe is run by Communists, as is Britain and the USA, but they are both Common Law jurisdictions, not Napoleonic (Civil Code) like Europe.

    • You managed to say something I actually agree with for a change.

      • @Geraint If you did your research like a responsible adult, and stop following the mainstream narrative, you would then agree with a whole lot more of what I say.

  13. Well done boris you utter piece of shit,we now know you are a fully paid up cabal member i wonder who’s pulling your should be hanging from a rope..

  14. and read what they say. I think I see an Agnes. The Factorial of 95 is…

  15. Exactly nightclubs that only jabbed are allowed into! New law getting pushed through in irelandc! Health gestapo dicks! They can arrest you and detain you if they say yr a spreader of covid 45! Without a trial and keep you as long as they see fit! 99999999% here shitting themselves

    • Fight against it or are they scared
      Klaus Schwab’s forth industrial average. Nottingham

      • More people from Nottigham need to meet and arrange resistance

  16. When Boris announced the increase in booster jabbing it included 400 soldiers. And there is a new army regiment being formed. As is already happening in Australia these soldiers will become the vaccine enforcers and they will start with those of us who watch Hugo and similar information sources.

    • According to a recent video an expert reckons there are around 20 million completely unjabbed, natural humans with pure 100% pure blood and immune system remaining in the UK. They won’t be able to stand against us. Still vastly outnumbered I’d say.

      • Those 20 million need to get f’king organised pretty DSM quickly!! We need ex military leaders to guide us all through channels like this.

  17. Ignore the tyrants. They will be seen dangling at the end of a rope soon. Thanks Hugo. You’re always spot on.

  18. They can take a run and jump of some peer and take there passport with em!

  19. Boris must wait until he is told when to announce the Health Passports.

    Passports in Spain …Unvaxed not allowed into Interiors e.g…Restaurants, Hotels, Cinema, Hospital’s Ect…
    Unvaxed … Are ALLOWED on Terraces of Bar’s and Restaurants, and to go to Supermarkets but not to Shopping Centre’s

    Owners of these businesses will be fined €3,000 if found to have allowed unvaxed to entre their premises.

    Hello Australian restrictions coming Europe.

    • Gillian, didn’t I see something a while ago about the Spanish court ruling?

      Proving there was no isolated virus so why can’t people use that to their advantage??

  20. 6pm lets see what BS to come, if it’s just Nightclubs not an issue, 51 too old, pubs errrr rarely go to, know 1 that’ll let me in anyway, gym’s and the gym’s enforce it, then time to go on the rampage.

    Obviously Nightclubs will turn into not allowed in Tesco’s eventually.

  21. Recently Sir Desmond Swayne made Sajid Javid look a fool in parliament when he asked how many people in the uk are ill who have tested positive? After a lot of splutting Javid said how many cases there were which was over 300 but he said no one was in hospital. That says it all,..why all this panic when no one is in hospital with Omicron. Even the health experts in Africa have said Omricon is not that bad.We knew this was planned just before Xmas.
    No, No, vaccine passports creating a two tier society. Medical apartheid.
    Thank you Hugo.

    • Shirley, all full of it!
      Swine has had the jab and promoted it.
      Just creating a bit of theatre to show people he’s on their side.

      For anyone to believe it’s real… There needs to isolation of convid then clear evidence of a variant side by side.

      Till then it’s complete and utter bollox!

  22. Sh.t is going to hit the fan soon.
    Don’t know which side will win but going to be significant casualties on both sides.
    Time to unite against the tyrants

    • A ‘RX reloading cross bow’…. That is the solution to keeping you safe! No licence required ( as if THAT would matter if you needed to protect yourself! ) .

  23. Work from Home tick!!!

    Masks, extended to everywhere, no fuck you!!

    Passport, night clubs and large venues, nothing that’ll bother me as yet.

    Could and will be worse, but light compared to Canada and Australia so far.

    Jabs, Jabs, Jabs, Jabs!!! FUCK NO and FUCK YOU!!!

  24. So long as people keep recognising them as “leaders” and as the “authority”, they will keep acting as such will keep taking your freedoms away. It’s not a magic formula, it’s simplicity itself. You ignore their existence, they will cease to exist.
    A government is a fictitious entity, the minute the people decide it doesn’t exist, it will no longer exist.
    The choice is in the hands of the people and this formula can and will change the course of history.

    • @ TheMadHouse, Good comment, but I’m afraid that it will fall upon many blind eyes and deaf ears on this forum – they believe 100% anything the MSM told them prior to March 2020 LOL This means that, to them, the media whores and their government only started lying to them in March 2020.

  25. The change is inevitable now, you have two choices, either we make the change to our world, or we let them make it, where most of us won’t live to see it.

  26. I haven’t been to a pub since March 4th 2020. Haven’t had a haircut since December 12th 2019. Next week I’m going to try and get on a train. Haven’t been on one of them since March 4th 2020 either. I’ve pretty much been in lockdown since March 23rd 2020.

    • Geraint, why have you done that to yourself??
      Surely you’re complying more than the sheep.

      Get your freedom back!

      • @Unvaxxed Not really a case of doing anything to myself, more a case of dealing with this situation in my own way. I’m not complying more than the sheep because I have refused the covid jabs and the flu jabs as well.
        Because of my age (64) I’ve been subjected to multiple attempts to get me jabbed for nearly a year now – including phone calls from the NHS Immunization Service. I’ve told them I wouldn’t even consider having any sort of “vaccine” until the clinical study period is completed and it has then been given a marketing license. But that hasn’t stopped them checking up on me subsequently to see if I’m still sure I don’t want “my vaccine”. Also, I won’t download any of their apps on to my phone – couldn’t anyway, because it’s a good old dumb phone not a “smart” phone. Never had a PCR test either. Obviously I’m fortunate that I haven’t been compelled to for work reasons.

    • Geraint, get out there, maskless and breathe in the fresh air!! 💪👍💪. I’ve JUST had 2x texts from my doctor’s surgery, reminding me that I can now have my vaxtermination jabs. Goody Goody…. No thank you! Unfortunately, these texts do not allow replies!!! 🤬🤬🤬

      • @videoman1959 I go out maskless and breathe the fresh air nearly everyday mate. And I don’t don a mask when I go shopping for essentials either. Being in lockdown and being self-isolated indoors are not the same thing. I read all the government guidance you know – the sheep clearly don’t.

  27. They were introduced here in Northern Ireland two weeks ago and our hospitality industry said that it’ll soon be on its knees because no-one’s going anywhere. We went to our local restaurant last weekend (they’re not being enforced here until 13th December, which is why we went) and normally it’s difficult to get a table but this time it was virtually empty. Also, on Friday we’re taking our grandchildren to an outdoor Christmas event for the first time in two years and even though people had booked their tickets before the rules were changed, they say that from next week, they’ll be enforcing them and won’t be providing refunds to anyone who cancels. Everyone on their FB page was up in arms about this. We all need to stand together and oppose this tyranny, for our sakes and for our children’s!

  28. Boris Johnson has toughened coronavirus measures in England amid concern over the increasing spread of the Omicron variant.
    Speaking at a Downing Street news conference on Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister announced the measures in the government’s “Plan B”.
    Most of the measures will come into force in a week.

    These include :

    • CONVID passports in “certain settings” like nightclubs
    • People should work from home, if they can, for a “limited period”
    • Face masks a legal requirement in “certain settings” including theatres and cinemas – but not bars and restaurants – from Friday

  29. …have heart, dear people…check out Viviane Fischer and Dr.Reiner Fuellmich on Medical Kidknap…

  30. They are litterally taking the piss, all of them…more so-call variants/ more boosters until the agenda is completed – global depopulation – Guys we need to arrange some sort of resistance groups

    • Yep, that’s there only interest, know they can’t push us to far, targeted younger group via nightclubs as low jab uptake, it’s pretty high 30+ group, only know of 4 others 30+ not jabbed.

      As we know from 10months area people have !ost there immunity to everything, it’s only logical to assume as we go on more and more will sadly die until it’s common knowledge then the jabs will stop and we can live on ::)

      1 week it’ll include pubs, 2 weeks gyms no doubt.

  31. Watching the stoodgies on the now. 1835 08/11/21. Planet of the apes original film springs to mind. Anyone else see the similarities in looks n character?? Lol!

  32. Of course these are not just Health Passports they will also be for the Digital Wallet when you own nothing and you will be HAPPY

    • Renamed health passes I think, less push back.

      We’ll have to wear yellow stars soon enough I’m sure.

      • Oh yes yellow stars – gotta keep that Holohoax myth going when any opportunity arises. What will those 6 gorillian survivors say if they don’t? LOL

  33. @Truthnotdoctrine you are correct I believe but people understand the tyranny of a fascist system because of 80 plus years of brainwashing. This is totalitarian and no mistake. Whether right or left the same people are creating the narrative and always have, we are in trouble unless the masses start to realise what is happening and fast. This is the biggest breach of human rights ever, understanding this is what is critical at this stage no matter how you view the ‘politics’. I do agreed that realising we have been lied to on a huge scale for decades in every area of our lives is vital to seeing the whole picture but now we must all stand together for freedom and the right to personal sovereignty.

    • @jfpadd This is why I am here attempting to educate people, but their infantile emotions rule their thinking abilities blocking any reasoning path to their brains. What I am experiencing on this forum is very strange, for most of them mistrust the government and the media over cov-yid and have done so since March 2020, but confront them with older history and the mainstream narrative MUST be adhered to without question.

      So here’s a task for you: find out when they think the media and government started lying to them? Was it March 2020? Was it July 7 2007 (7/7)? September 11 2001 (9/11)? 1972 Joining the EEC was not a first step to a political union? September 1939 we had to go to war in order to defend Poland. See what you can discover.

  34. Another winter of work from home unless you cannot work from home, don’t go out unless you need to go out, don’t go to the shops unless you need to go to the shops, don’t meet up with family unless you need to meet up with family. I feel like I’m sitting on the side lines watching the the worst killer pandemic football match ever, these cunts are so incompetent they are now completely fucking up their own pandemic that they themselves planned from the beginning, that’s how dumb these people are, they couldn’t organise a piss up in a socially distanced brewery. It’s going to collapse any day now.

    • Ginger, do as we say because we do something completely different to the plebs.
      The party bollox shows they didn’t give a shite when everyone else was trying to be good.
      Then there was Hancock and his bit on the side.

      There’s loads more that doesn’t get reported.

      • They 100% know it’s a hoax and no way are they getting there jabs lol

  35. Clever stuff these variants aren’t they, they know how to stay hidden until thousands attend COP26 (maskless to party the nights away for 2 weeks) as they don’t want to infect the upper tiers now do they ! And then they make sure to pop out again like the Bogey Man, just before Christmas (definitely NOT before Diwali or other eastern celebration of course, wouldn’t do at all ).
    Just give it up Doris and don’t insult our intelligence with your obvious passports scheme, we sussed that out eons ago. Anyone with a brain the size of a pea could see that coming and anyone who complies with your dictactes has a similar sized thinking machine….

    • But f’king MILLIONS will hang on his every word. The sheep are so confused now, that they will do anything in the hope that it will get us back to normal. They can’t think for themselves now ( that’s, IF they ever have thought for themselves!) they are lost! Stay Sane everybody 💪.

  36. Depopulation Jab

    Covid 1984 is just the Flu re-branded so that the Evil Luciferian FreeMasons New World Order can murder the masses for the Depopulation Agenda!

    Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
    “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
    Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
    We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
    Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
    We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
    We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
    The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

    [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
    Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.

    • I’ve been calling it the vaxtermination jab for months and months….and I have taken some abuse and ridicule from the sheep, I can tell you! 😂😂😂😂😷😂😂😂😂. Never mind, eh? 👍. Stay Sane everybody 💪

  37. I really liked his costume and sign, we need some humour in our lives right now 🤣
    Maybe I’m just nuts though?

  38. *To the tune of the Coca Cola Christmas ad* “Omicron is coming, Omicron is coming, Omicron is coming… ’tis the season, it’s not even a real thing.”
    Thanks, I’m here all week.

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