UK Govt To Announce PASSPORTS and PLAN B JUST AS PREDICTED / Hugo Talks #lockdown

179 Comments on “UK Govt To Announce PASSPORTS and PLAN B JUST AS PREDICTED / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • It would be easier if you told us this important information about that slimy Maajid Naawaz, instead of just making a nonsensical statement.
      If it’s important you share it with us, that’s the whole point of us being here, right? If you’re going to send us over to Twitter to find out, no thanks, I don’t use Twitter, and therefore your information is pointless and of no use to me. Sorry.

  1. Yes they are bringing in new restrictions. But I very much doubt many people will stick to their new ‘rules’. Especially as the timing coincides with all the news over the Christmas party that Boris had at no10 last year. Surely even the idiots who thought the virus existed will realize that it is all about control by now.

  2. All this Christmas party nonsense is exactly that. Nothings gonna happen there it’s just a smokescreen while Johnson puts restrictions on and talks about mandating jabs under the radar while everyone spouts about a fucking Christmas party. Stop looking at the left hand while the right hand is knifing your kidneys.

  3. Smoke and mirrors! Control is all they are bothered about not a naff cheese and wine party, watch them sneek in vax passports for all events not just a few. If we sit back and do nothing we are doomed to totalitarianism. I for one will not comply.

    • I’m with you, Teresa….. But, what do we actually DO, apart from not complying, to stop this segregation/discrimination/war on the ‘ vaccine free’, population? Physically, what do we do? 😟

      • We all have to come together videoman1959, vaxed and unvaxed have to unite… Speak out when you can, email or write to everyone you can think of… While it seems we are fighting a losing battle, we have to have faith that the “warriors” are out there and that they will fight for what is right… by speaking up and emailing/writing your governments (on all levels) and by sharing our thoughts and stories, it is hoped that people will come to the realization that what is going on is very wrong, and they will also come on board with us.. for those who are already opposed to what is going can feel stronger knowing that they aren’t alone, there are many of us speaking up and out.

      • You just don’t comply with any request, no jabs, no testing, no apps on your phone. It’s what you physically DON’T do that matters. It only takes a small percentage to bring the system down.

  4. This madness has to end… In Canada they have mandated the vax for workers and for universities and collages… πŸ™ many are now without jobs, but that doesn’t seem to bother our “leaders” who just keep saying get the vaccine… Boosters are now being advised and they are trying to scare people regarding the Omicron variant. Hubby and I recently came back from 32 days in Mexico, where, for the most part life goes on as normal… upon our return to Toronto airport, people were massed together in the customs area for over an hour, no social distancing, vaxed and unvaxed all together… Hubby and I have had a total of 3 Covid19 tests in order to come home and be released from our “house arrest” every test came back NEGATIVE, which tells us there is no pandemic and no health concerns for the majority of people. We are being lied to and it’s 100% pure evil.. People have to take a stand, be brave and speak out…

    • It’s because people don’t understand the meaning of the jargon used by these psychopaths, mandatory does not mean obligatory although that’s what they want the ignorant majority to think it means. Mandatory is a contract, you have to consent to it.
      Second, An employee cannot mandate an employer and this case, you are the employer not the government.

  5. @thetruthnotdoctrine Truly, you are like the proverbial broken clock that ticks but doesn’t turn.

  6. Santa never looks stupid, so I don’t have a problem with the photo. The photo even succeeded to get the message across, and that’s what counts.

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