GMB Shillfest Delete Poll Results DID NOT FIT THEIR AGENDA / Hugo Talks #lockdown

49 Comments on “GMB Shillfest Delete Poll Results DID NOT FIT THEIR AGENDA / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Sick to death of these shills . They only preach to the converted ( ie sheep) anyway . When they get the answer they don’t want they pull it . The mainstream media is corrupt and toxic we all know this . OmiCON is a made up variant to scare the weak into getting their jibby jabby booster to “save Christmas” . F*** off !! It’s not the government’s right to take it off us . Do not comply and don’t fall for the distractions snd false flags 😡😡

    • Omicron is vaccine injury disguised as a new variant, to cover up the wave of winter deaths that’s coming due to immunity dated caused by the state injectable.

    • Totally in agreement, they are relentless with their BS! Sick and tired of the lies. I will remain non compliant. God help us all 🙏

      • 100% agree, just like the delta variant was used last year to cover vax injuries

    • A National Debate on mandatory vaccinations, as Boris has proposed, is not about vaccinations but whether we will allow our government, our servants, remember, to denounce international conventions on human rights and we all know where that will lead. Chine-style democracy!

  2. Amazing….😁they deleted it,scared👌 now we can see how all these numbers how many are vaccinated are pure deception !!!!!lies.never believed in this numbers

    • Yea right ! ….So its likely they lied about the amount of people that took up the jab as a way of coercion !
      I thought their figures seemed unrealistic….
      I bet there are millions of us pure bloods !!!! A third !? 🙂

      • Hi Hobbit

        I agree with end bit my dear,
        There are lots more waking the Feck up than the shite media reports!

        Have good day

      • Hi janie…
        Congrats on ur new phone x
        I like you…you always seem really upbeat …lovely girl (lady) x ttfn

      • O cheers Hobbit
        I really appreciate that thank you
        I am a upbeat person u spot on there
        I also take no shite lol
        so hence I on here with you lovely people
        Keep strong Hobbit
        & have a great day

      • Yeah on the phone ..
        I well pleased it’s bright pink lol
        I couldn’t help myself
        It’s cheery lol
        Take care x

      • Just to say…when I said “yea right” means I agree 🙂

  3. A glimmer in the touch box indeed. One begins to suspect that the grand world plan is being cocked up by our hapless politicians.

  4. Nice, news channel or morning show?

    News, mainly us there trying to sucker in, but still good result.

    Show, sheep site very good result. 🙂

    If this would of went the other way, high odds on jans for all forced announced today.

    Every covid related news post on facebook gets 1000s of people saying no, times are changing slowly, a bit longer before total tyranny is upon us.

  5. We are winning this Corrupt Political War against the People of the World.
    let’s keep at it and keep the Faith .
    LA To All 👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰

  6. I detest these people honesty an I can’t what’s coming to them all!!! Every last one of them.. they all will have to answer for everything one day.. taking part in fooling the public how can they sleep at night. Well when this is all done.. no1 will touch any of them with a barge poll that’s for sure! MSM is dead an they know it. I’ll laugh waking past hearing them struggle. They need to keep going because they can’t turn back because they work for the machine that keeps people from knowing the truth. Shame on the lot of them.. there empire is crumbling an it’s fun to watch.. an the funniest thing is.. Jon have the guts to turn ship an stand up to it all because they know when they do such a act they would have to leave there cult so there royally F”@Jed an I love it.

    • Come the revolution the Government and their shills need to be eradicated or there is a chance they will return. I don’t want to have to walk past them as I want them gone for good.

    • Hi Max, courts are slowly starting to regain control and side with human rights and freedoms again, which is good news. But the bad news, according to Reiner Fullemich, is that the courts are not going to win this for us. He’s predicting that we are heading towards a parallel society whereas as it’s us and them (jabbed and unjabbed). Though he didn’t elaborate much on how it would work, I’m not sure I like the sound of it. He also says the biggest weapon is non compliance which I do agree with. However, it’s near impossible to get the jabbed on side, of which are unfortunate ly the majority.

  7. Yep.. shills to the maximum. Glad it back fired on them GMB Droogs. Hold the line people! Keep the faith!!

  8. Let’s hope the 89% against vax mandates show this on the streets and don’t just comply with the tyranny for a quiet life. They don’t care whether you believe their bulls**t or not just that you comply!!

  9. Brilliant poll result.
    By the way, this one eye crap is getting boring now. Don’t they know we can all see they are owned.
    Sold their souls to the evil one for a bit of fame and some shiny trinkets.

  10. A revolution? A revolution allways ends up in the same place that it started… A rebellion is something quite different. I am also wondering if you are aware of the signification of the covering of one eye is??

  11. We have to come together people , we are stronger than they think !

  12. …huge thankyous to Reiner Fuelmich and Viviane Fischer for all their many months of hard work…Medicle Kidnap today…

  13. Most celebs just point in the direction the wind is blowing. I have less respect for celebrity now and almost contempt until they prove otherwise. The censorship is getting so obvious, you have to be really dumb not to be aware it. You mentioned how youtube disabled the dislike button. Comments are filtered on there it seems by the A! too. I left a comment on a video that never appeared whereas another one missing certain words did. It’s becoming a joke now.

  14. Why the hell did they ever think that the majority would be all for this.

    • Because the majority of these shills live in an echo chamber

  15. Those who are aware of law know well that they cannot make any medical procedure mandatory, one has autonomy over ones own body, and any force is Assault and Battery, two separate crimes against the person.

    • Yes I have to agree
      They have gone to far now.
      Mr Johnson is looking to stand down it seems?
      But before he leaves his ‘people’ to whom he vowed to protect & honour as the leader of gb,
      Is going to introduce the passport so people can be treated like their dogs!
      Who had to be chipped to travel or it was ‘lock up’ in the kennel if you say no!

      Cheers for your comment Ray
      Have good day

      • I was thinking about my dog having a chip when he was a puppy. Imagine people having to have them. This would be no surprise to me . I was wondering what is on my dogs chip lol. My name and address? Dogs name and address lol 😆 sorry its something I thought about myself . It actually isn’t funny . X

      • I hated having it put in me dog!
        I refused to begin with but after while they turned the screw & got away with it because Public did as was told!
        I wasn’t going be allowed get medical help from vets if i didn’t do it for my dogs
        Same as smoking ban.. given no choice
        They want us to just be miserable the sad Gits!!

        But you made me laugh,
        yes it’s not good I agree 100%
        but we will all be hanging our selves if we don’t find some humour
        This is total insanity going on in world simple as that
        I had to collect something from a retail park store today
        There were quite few others waiting to collect & to my surprise I saw some Brave people …at last Mask-less!!!

        Get in!
        It was a buzz seeing other willing people being strong & being normal

  16. This is a must watch especially for any one trying to see how all of this fits in with Biblical prophesy.

    Have a look at what ‘Ol Billy Boy’ has been up to even though he tried to deny it.

    This is well put together and lots of evidence regarding the plans to micro chip people

  17. My goodness me as well as being airbrushed the trio are full of their own hot air 😂😂😂

  18. Cheers Hugo

    Purchased my ‘no nonsense’
    mobile yesterday
    I be glad see the back of the smart phone !!!!!!!

    It’s pink one I ordered – very girly lol & I can’t wait
    It’s call & text only n that’s it!

    Have great day Every one

    • When you think about it that’s all you need. Pink as well 💗

      • Exactly
        What a phone should do !

        And pink because I adore pink
        it’s such a calming colour

  19. We know that these new variants are vaccine injuries but that aside even more have seen through this over the last day.
    Last year we could not visit dying relatives (we know why now – medazolam etc) or go to funerals whilst the Government were partying at the same time. Cocaine was found in the bogs at the HOP, just to make things worse.
    Only the most stupid of stupid cannot see what is going on now.

  20. Perhaps GMTV think, that the propaganda campaign had worked enough for them to be able to be confident enough to risk a poll…. Thankfully no! They very much have egg on their face in regards to this . Ego and arrogance, as they have shown, has blinded them to the fact that many are waking up now, and since they’re obviously having their noses put out of joint, all those cowards can do is pull the survey!!

  21. This could be a good thing.

    I hope some of the normies who consume these fakestream programmes now realise they’re being had and they start to wake up – more importantly, start to act in their own sovereignty if they don’t want a “national conversation” about jab mandates.We need mass non compliance, as HugoTalks so often says.

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