GERMAN Family Of 5 DEAD Suicide OVER GREEN PASS & Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Blackmail with menaces is a crime. especially in the name of forced health procedures and passports.
      Their are breaking severely their own laws.

    • People stand firm with every last breath in your body.dont fall for their intimidation. Adopt to changes,sure tyranny was here before.may that family rest 8n peace

  1. Listen this despicable, weak man gets no sympathy from me. I don’t care what the reason is. There will be no mercy for him. God will take care of the beautiful souls his weakness took from this Earth.

    We are all facing exclusion, ostracism, hunger, poverty because we are standing up for what’s right.

    When going through Hell, keep going.

    • But he was scared they would take his children away and jab them – and was he wrong to be scared of that?

      • I actually feel sorry for him and his family. Despite man. Worried about his kids being taken away. I’m lucky my kids are adults now. He must of felt pretty alone. Please show him some understanding. It takes a lot to take your own life let alone all your family. These people no all about the NAZIS. I hate people are so quick to judge. It’s even crossing my mind. My phone cleared all my telegram stuff all my family pics everything. Even my banking apps. Woke up gone everything. This is just the start. Been finding it hard to sleep and not only are the street lights turned of now but there fucking about with the Internet. I was watching it . It went down about 3 in the morning. It came back on about an hour later. Why ?

      • Absolutely with you, may they all RIP

    • I think that is an unnecessary comment. Many people have been ground down and could empathise with this. I am someone who wants to keep going but there are times when it almost feels like too much. I get through that but I can see why many would chose their own way of being ‘free’. We need to show empathy. That is what separates us from ‘them’. Being human.

    • Christians are full of shit and you are a great sample.
      P.S. every single church supported Hitler. Every single one.

      • @Asa That is just not true. For a start the Nazis imprisoned around 10,000 German Jehovah’s Witnesses and executed many of them for refusing to join the Nazi Party.

      • Christianity is the only valid religion out there. That’s why they try to destroy it.

      • all religions are problematic/helpful. it depends. spirituality is the thing.

      • i disagree and am not remotely happy with the way that people push this ”one true religion” thing as a response to the totalitarian agenda.
        that”one true religion” has done similar things in the past btw.

      • carnal mind? and if god has no religion how can you claim that 1 religion is the right one.

      • Religion has nothing to do with one’s relationship with God (or whatever one chooses to call it) I wouldnt judge someone by an institution but by their own deeds personally. In other words “the content of their own character” I think that is the only fair way.

      • @Geraint No one was executed for refusing membership of the NASDP. JW’s were put into labour camps because they were a Freemasonic religious cult and Hitler knew that Russell Taze their founder was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Hitler abolished Freemasonry in The Reich.

      • Don’t fall into fascist another Joowish creation – Hitler who was J*wish like Napoleon was Joowish and both were somehow unable to invade Britain and both were defeated in deep Russia. The same script used every century same like COVID-19 a 100 years anniversary of Spanish Flu plandemic.
        Read Miles W. Mathis and don’t fall for these fascists who were and are a fake alternative (like Trump in US) to attract a lot of opposition into an obvious trap.
        You have to think small. If you wish large gatherings and protests these will most likely be and are under control of the police and secret service.

        LARGE NUMBER OF SMALL DISPERSED GUERILLA GROUPS WORKING 247 is what they fear not 1 million or 2 million protests in London once in a while for people to take out their anger.
        Protests are good anyway but they won’t solve the problem it is just an opportunity to see the crowd and assess how many guerilla groups can be created out of it.

      • Not true.
        Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a theologian who joined an underground movement to get rid of Hitler.
        There were many many more against him.

      • are people now trying to fight present day fascism by denying the nazi holocaust and lauding those das/people? i ‘ve come across a few such comments.

      • sabelmouse
        1) Feel free to point out any western nation today that is ruled by a sole Fascist dictator with no democracy?
        2) What Holocaust? Or did you mean the Holodomor when 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Bolshevik Jews? It’s easy to mix up the two words but crucial in terms of truth and reality – the Holodomor being a real event, and the Holocaust being a complete lie as confirmed by this Jew:

        “The HO-LIE-CAUST is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War.”

        — The Jew, Gerard Menuchin

    • He did the right thing. Otherwise his children would have been in the hands of the satanic pedo government. If he was saved, he will be forgiven.

    • Don’t dare you judge! Shame on you! Millions of people are desperately seeking a way out of these Deliberate Jab Killings! It’s worse than Nazism, it’s Depopulation for a virus 99.7% recovers. Many Millions now will die, due to these Unneccesarry killing Genetherapy Jabs that damaged their immunesystems! You have No Clue how this man felt…Killing his family for him was an act of ultimate love, to save them from the killing jabs! You can agree on that act or not, it’s not your place to judge! Judge the real Killers!!

      • Any piece of shit that murders children because of his own fear and paranoia isn’t someone to feel sympathy for.

        Any of you lot who are justifying this man’s actions, if you ever think it’s right to murder children and you are parents, do them a favour and put them up for adoption to people who don’t think it’s right to murder kids because you are scared of something that may or may not happen.

        Absolute disgrace the lot of you.

      • @A. You’re not thinking, this event has all the hallmarks of a false flag or psyop event. Ask yourself who benefits from this?

      • @Truth – whether or not the event was real or a false flag is up for debate, likely we will never know the truth. However people’s reactions to it ARE real and I’m absolutely shocked and disgusted at how many people are trying to blame the government for the murders and not the actual murderer, the Father whose fear and paranoia caused him to act in this way.

        He forged a certificate so his wife could keep her shitty job and because he was afraid of getting caught he killed his family?? And people think this is the government’s fault??

        The correct course of action would have been for the Father to grow a pair of balls and tell his wife to stay strong until they fired her then sued them.

        However he showed cowardice all the way through and then killed innocent people who didn’t deserve to die because of HIS lack of courage.

        I can’t imagine the terror those kids must have felt in their final moments, their own father murdering them in cold blood.

        However if it was a false flag then as a thought experiment alone it shows how far we have fallen as a society that people would have sympathy for such a weak man.

        There’s no wonder they’ve decided to thin the herd when the herd is so thin on substance and morality.

      • @A. “He forged a certificate so his wife could keep her shitty job and because he was afraid of getting caught he killed his family?? And people think this is the government’s fault??

        This is the very narrative that makes me think that it’s a false flag or pysop event. The whole thing paints the unvaxxed in a VERY NEGATIVE LIGHT and no doubt the vaxxer bastards will make huge capital out of it. We are engaged in a 100% psychological war here and this so-called family murder/genocide/suicide fits their agenda a treat.

        We therefore have three options 1) It is real and he did murder his family (very unlikely imo). 2) Government mafia goons made a call and killed them all and fabricated the murder/suicide story (possible). 3) These people don’t really exist and it never happened at all and the journo whores made it all up – as in Sandy Hook (most likely).

      • @Thruth – yes I think you are correct in your analysis. I can’t fault it. Protecting the children (our future) is my hot button I guess. When I see people trying to justify the murder of children it causes me to lose my self-mastery to a certain extent.

        There is no justification for taking the lives of innocents in my book. Fear is the worst possible excuse for such a thing as it only really exists in the mind of the person who is scared.

        To think that people are so far gone that they would forgive the actions of this man because they feel they are justified in some way by the actions of government shows me how much of a mess we are in.

        If this is how the awakened think they might as well still be asleep for what use they are in this moment.

      • @A. In France they used to have a murder category known as a “Crime of Passion” and if the judge declared it to be so it was then treated and tried as such and not as a case of cold blooded premeditated murder. I believe they no longer have this category within their system.

        I have known of divorce cases here in the UK where the man has killed himself and his children rather than be separated from them, and this in no way could be treated as cold blooded premeditated murder, as the emotions are out of control and the mind totally unbalanced.

      • And who is ultimately responsible for control of the mind if not the person in possession of it? And if you allow another to control the mind you have been given responsibility over, still this does not excuse the actions that are taken by it.

        We are all sovereign, if we choose to allow our mind to be used by others then we are still liable for the consequences of such a choice.

      • great way for men to kill women and children and get away with it.

      • many who see through the fauxdemic also seem to want to return to biblical times.

      • @sabelmouse I KNOW a return to ‘Biblical Times’ (your expression not mine) is coming. I am here to prepare people for it, so that it doesn’t come as too bigger shock to them. LOL.

      • There is a difference between “feeling” something and being controlled by a feeling.

        We don’t need to stop feeling, but we DO need to stop being controlled by our feelings.

        Allowing oneself to get to the point of total loss of mind due to a feeling we overindulged on can lead to consequences we may not have the chance to regret.

        The man in this particular case study was trying to save his wife’s job whilst also maintaining her wishes for body autonomy.

        Yet does any of that stuff even matter anymore if they are all dead?

        If his lack of control led to their death then getting lost in a feeling became his enemy not his friend.

        Why would you let your enemy control your mind?

      • @A. In the example of the ‘red mist’ (severe rage and anger) all feelings are channelled into the imminent violent act. This is a natural reaction given the necessary environment and set of circumstances. The same could be said of man threatened with a divorce and the loss of everything that he holds dear. Theoreticians can theorise until they’re blue in the face, but theories can never appreciate or relate to the reasons for the uncontrolled emotional behaviour of the moment.

      • Are you therefor saying that it’s ok for you, yourself, to be killed in the name of love?
        We are battling against a jab, a “choice” to be or not to be jabbed!
        So my question is this: were the members of this family given a choice to live or die or be jabbed?
        I believe there were options available but unthought of due to stressful circumstances. Options being understanding that all the rules are illegal and simply standing your ground against the tyranny and playing it out. I think it’s very sad indeed and feel sorry for them all… but I don’t agree with the fathers actions.

    • I feel so sorry for all of them can you imagine what he was going through. Everybody deals with stress differently. I reckon he must have been terrified of what would happen to his children. These globalist are evil satanic worshippers. They hate us without cause.. May the Lord God Jesus Christ bless them all

    • I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, I will have compassion on whom I have compassion. ”

      Who are we to judge!!
      ” Do not judge and you will not be judged”
      God have mercy on his soul!
      The torment he must of gone through and finally snapped..

      “These monsters in power are destroying lives..” on a grand scale, but that was their plan all along..
      We must face this evil head on, with the full armour of God..
      We cannot fight this evil without him…
      God bless! Christ is king!

    • you don’t have the right to judge this man , but you should be judging the evil bastards who caused it .

    • This father did not want his girls to be at the mercy of tyrannical people. One thing you find out when entering the rabbit holes is how many paedophiles lurk in jobs where they can gain access to children. God has compassion for his children.To believe less is not to believe in the merciful heart of the Divine.

      • It’s still hard to condone such act but shows the madness.
        But it could also be another psyop by German secret services – time will tell.
        Read Miles W. Mathis.

    • Hes scared of losing his kids totally understandable! I eill fight all the way! Scary and its getting more so! He might have been knock off! Fear as you all know can do some crazy things just look outside your window so many sheep

  2. Murdered / Suicide ? Wonder what job he did, and maybe he’s involvement in awakening society may be linked nothing would put it past what lengths the Govern-ment would do

    • Maybe it wasn’t “murder/suicide” at all..did it actually eben happen? But this “news story” might be some of that “delta/omicron” anagram equalling “media control” BS headlines.. I dont trust gov’t or what the papers say at all anymore. Lies lies and more lies, propagandist control at its best.

    • My own thoughts exactly! It may well have been something else… Apparently it has not been uncommon in Germany for a very long time to be “suicided” or locked away for unpopular principles…

    • A vaccine is not bullet proof against losing your job, you can still get sacked for any number of reasons.

  3. Sending Love and Prayers to the Family and Friends. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. May God have mercy on all of Humanity!!


    • Unfortunately I don’t think it will, I know that sounds like I’m giving up but it’s something that’s making me question things: this is all part of a greater plan, all the protests and the no compliance is what they want, they want as much disruption as possible the government’s are supposed to look bad so we hate them, in a short while the new one world government will come forward and shut down all the individual governments of the world, telling us all how awful it’s been for the citizens of the world and how they are going to make it better and they will for a while just long enough for everyone to buy into the bullshit,
      This organisation will be headed up by a satanic false prophet more than likely Trump? as he’s been behind the scenes running the show anyway taking down the Kabul from the inside (that’s what he wants us to believe) but he’s just as bad as the ones on show! After all he’s pro vaccine!
      Then we will see the Antichrist and he will have complete control over the Earth
      So this won’t end well whatever we do it’s all written and been prophesied in the Bible, it has to play out to the end it’s already been decided.
      We just have to give ourselves fully over to Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah our lord and saviour and if our names are written in the book then we will be raptured before the 7 years of tribulations begin, other wise those left behind will face the full wrath.
      So give up your connections with this Earth pick up your cross and walk with Jesus Christ.

      • See this excellent link for the correct positions on end-times prophecy. Actually, the Antichrist and the False Prophet have already appeared years ago. They concern two antipopes (false claimants) who pretended to be Catholic when they were anything but evil infiltrators into the physical structures of the Church (not the Church itself). The Devil wants to make people believe certain apocalyptic events are yet to happen, when in fact they have already been fulfilled and we are much closer to the Last Judgement than 99.99% of people would imagine:
        Type this into browser:
        endtimes [dot] video [slash] is-the-world-about-to-end-apocalypse/

      • I am so happy you believe in our most amazing Messiah Mikayla, but sadly you’ve listened to those who preach Scofield’s lies, taught to most Evangelists. I did the same when I first came to Jesus a few years ago, the pre trib rapture is a myth.
        If you study Daniel and Revelation properly, and read the War of the Jews by Historian Flavius Josephus, and a couple of others I can’t remember their names now, you will see Jesus did return in the clouds as He promised His Apostles He would.
        Daniel’s 70 weeks was completely fulfilled in Yeshua/Jesus, whom sits on the right hand throne with our merciful heavenly father YHWH.
        We are all sinners, but in walking with Jesus, we are saved from eternal death, whatever way our end comes on this earth, the next world with Christ will be worth it all.
        Transhumanism is what Klaus Schwab from WEF writes about in his books 4th Revolution and Covid books.
        Jesus will come back in order to save humans that did not die as Saints to Him in the Great Tribulation, but sadly everyone alive in the world will go through it.
        I was gutted when I found out the truth but best to know that now, than to keep expecting a myth, please remember churches like Calvary Chapel who keep lying to their congregations are going to have some explaining to do at their Heavenly trial for the lies they’ve told.
        Try Pastor Chuck Baldwin at Liberty Fellowship KT Montana, he was a pre trib Pastor for 30 yrs before God put the truth on his heart. I’m in UK but tune into his service every Sunday. May Holy Spirit let you see the truth of His Word. God bless you!

      • I agree with you 100%.Jesus is watching over us all.He says “Do not be afraid, I go before you always” Soon Lord Please.

  5. Absolutely terrible rest in peace people no more problems the government’s need to stop all this crap but we all know it’s not going to stop until the people come together and wake up

  6. I will never condone death but I condemn cowards. I will rather go to prison or die alone in isolation than to succumb to these psychopaths and and their weak pressure. He was never a man

  7. Ursula von der Layen and Merkel should be forced to commit sepuku.

    • That is a waste of a good sword. Plus some poor bugger has to clean it up afterwards. I say feed em to the sharks. It is cleaner and they get a good meal 🙂

  8. You don’t feel it’s safe to post this video on YouTube Hugo?

  9. The pressure they are putting on everyone is scarry , I am in the process of packing up my house and going to stay with a friend who stepped back from society many years ago. I am so scarred for my son. I removed him from school as so to keep him safe and they are coming after him now. How would we go about a vote of no confidence in this so call government.

  10. People need to wake up from watching the tele ..fucking sheep …so many gullible Cunts walking the earth.

  11. I fear this will happen many more times especially in countries where the tyrants have the upper hand and there are few voices in opposition or they are deliberately muted or censored. I doubt many or any main stream media will report it of course.

  12. I notice there are several comments from brave people calling this man a coward, or saying he should have just stood up to the government. This man and his wife had legitimate fears, and they probably would have come true. He, and possibly his wife would have been convicted and imprisoned as a model case, as a warning to others about non-compliance & forging papers. His children, if no relatives could be found who would take them in, would have been taken into care.
    They may well have lost their home if they had a mortgage etc, so yes this man was scared to death and probably saw this as the only way out for his family, the only way they could be together.
    But above all this just shows how much these mandates are affecting mental health, my wife is the same, she is so scared about what is going on, what the government are going to do next, about her job, and I am the same. But I’m also angry at the obvious lies and unlawful, inhumane laws that are being introduced, and the cupplebale compliance of the sleepwalking sheep who are allowing, and in some instances supporting these massive breaches of human rights.
    How many people have and will take their own lives because of this bogus flu, how many are suffering severe mental stress, and believe me this is going to get more draconian and sinister in the near future if we allow it.

    • family annihilation. and it is the many that drive this. the compliers. i am luck to be old.

    • Two things to say Martin…1 this tory (not conservative) govt CAN’T make laws about this situation we are in…they are only advise and I have it in black and white from this soviet british cabal that advise is what it is-you are obviously listening to MSM or hearing from someone that does because they (MSM) say these are the rules (NOT) the same as local lying councils (after their seat at the top table) but their time is coming. 2 If you want to listen to someone that is standing up for your rights and is pushing back against this british establishment which is the root of ALL the problems around the world especially over the last 300yrs, I suggest you look at: as EVERY OTHER PARTY is just MORE OF THE SAME-reform-tried that with the eu and look how that turned out…britain’s in the name!! and I could go on with ALL the others but, basically if it has british/britain in its title it’s controlled opposition mate…have a good evening and may this family now rest in peace as it tells us what we’re really up against people!!

      • it’s not British establishment nor they are Anglo-Saxon establishment
        These are Joos who infiltrated English peerage as they infiltrated most if not all aristocracy around the world.
        The other maniacs are obviously Joowish banking maniacs who fund this whole theatre.
        Before they were Phoenicians then they infiltrated Egypt, (Hyksos), Babylon and Greece later some moved to Cartage and become Roman and Spanish Elite. In the meantime some branches of the infiltrated mainland Europe, England and Ireland.
        They want people to blame white supremacists, Anglo-Saxons, radical Christians etc. This is the Operation Chaos run by Joowish CIA and now NSA and even FBI! MI5 and MI6 (UK) or BND (Germany) are just equivalents under Rothschild control thanks to communist puppets like Angela Merkel or BoJo who is not a puppet he is actually compromised peerage.
        Read Miles W. Mathis.

  13. It’s getting so fucking hard for people now. A lot has to do with being isolated. I am on my own most of the time. See my son once a day buy I can tell he don’t actually want to talk. They would all rather go drinking then they don’t have to take in what’s truly happened. This is just the start. I said this from the start I could see what was coming. Its crossed my mind to end it all but I’m stronger then that. I have nothing I don’t own my own home it’s council . No savings nothing. Its freezing in my house. Pissing down with rain. I need to ask about this stand in the park can anyone give me a link as I need people on the same page now. Also some social interaction. Its getting harder on my jack Jones.

    • Hi cazcurwen yes if you look on the internet type in local stand in the park-look for your area and it will tell you where. They start at 10am on Sunday mornings and a lot of them do take placards out and stand on specific roundabouts in local areas telling drivers the truth. There is one in Westcliff-on-sea in Chalkwell park (Southend West area) where the late murdered Sir David Amess was the local mp…the chairman of the English constitution party is standing in the by-election and has spent the last couple of Sundays explaining about our very-much-alive English Constitution and has a large following after the british electoral commission put up a fight to actually allow us as a party until we appealed the decision with lawful procedures being proposed if we were not allowed our OWN party as indigenous people of these islands and the same thing happened when the party tried to apply as a company with company house but, again, as our leader is an English Constitutionalist of some 30yrs and knows all the legal routes out of the british cabal-we have a gold standard letter re children mask wearing(unlawful) and we also have another gold standard letter re any care home or nhs workers that are facing the sack…these are NOT LAWS and they can’t sack ANYONE for doing their job…also join the workers of England union…the ONLY union that stands up for the workers’ rights unlike ALL the other govt owned ones…and we have a lot of winners with the WEU and for £9.95 a month it’s money well spent as, like the English Constitution Party, WEU does what it says on the tin…these ARE NOT BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT PARTIES they are ENGLISH for the English and those that respect OUR English culture and want rid of these foreign parasites that are bleeding ENGLAND’S workers dry-because there’s nobody else that is paying for this mob of shite we have now-forget Farage he’s also british controlled opposition!!!

    • Same here Caz, hang in there hun, me and my hubby live in private rental and have his 88 year old mum with us for past 4 years, also have our youngest daughter 26 and her little girl 6 for a month now as she struggles with anxiety and the lockdowns really affected her so she gave up her council flat and we moved her in with us so at least they are not alone when the next lockdown comes, we have a few savings but if we get told to leave we have a tent sleeping bags, stocked tins etc and a bag full of outdoor survival stuff plus a foraging book so we could last a while if we had to but thankfully we have faith in our God to do as he promised in the Bible, very soon he will send his Son to annihilate these evil tyrants, they may think they have the upper hand but they are in for one humongous shock….. Proverbs 2:21,22….
      21 For only the upright will reside in the earth,
      And the blameless* will remain in it.+
      22 As for the wicked, they will be cut off from the earth,+
      And the treacherous will be torn away from it.+

      • Ignore the Lockdowns!! Ignore the silly mask mandate .. live YOUR life!!!

  14. There is also a woman in werribee Victoria Australia whose set her self alight in her car with a sign saying ‘ no one cares mandates are killing us ‘ so sad that people have felt this is there only way

    • Oh my goodness that’s just heartbreaking 💔 may our Great God remember these ones who were driven beyond the brink and keep them in his memory until the resurrection 🙏🏻

  15. I’ve got to be honest, I think this is a false flag. I could be wrong, but… it’s not a murder/suicide because he didn’t want his children growing up in a dystopia, or because they weren’t allowed to buy food, or because it was unbearable. No. It was ‘forged his wife’s certificate’.

    I listen to the over-arching message. Which is: ‘if only his wife had taken her shot, she and her children wouldn’t be dead now. But her decision forced her husband to forge the certificate, and now look.’ I think it’s yet another scare story meant to demonise as selfish those who don’t do what they’re told. She was so selfish she’s dead and her husband and children are dead. Get the damn vaccine!’

    That’s how I read this news story.

    If I’m wrong, then it’s very sad and we know who is to blame. But I suspect a false story put in the media as subtle ‘anti-vaxxer’ propaganda.

    • I concur fully with your suspicions. Either it’s a totally false flag (such as e.g. the so-called “Sandy Hook school shooting” in the US which was not only a hoax in itself (as all or at least almost all of those “shootings” were) but this “Sandy Hook school” didn’t even exist in the first place… (It was a Hollywood stage in the middle of nowhere.) Or this man and his family were “suicided” by the “gov” which is something which apparently is quite common in the “federal republic” of Germany for decades against anybody who dares to go against the mainstream narrative in almost anything of importance.

  16. Just reading the stories on here it shows how scared people are…and its not surprising. Im lucky as its just me…and bro….but I am still scared and I’m a gym freak Lol…and I’m terrified sometimes…the establishment is really making it impossible for people to avoid this….going off grid might be our only chance soon…..
    thanks hugo for trying to help everyone…I always trust your views.
    I have plans to survive this…its empowered me.
    PLEASE keep strong people ❤

    • Well I can tell you this girl is scared of nothing. I am a freedom fighter. I will take anyone on. A very popular YouTuber from Norway called Bjorn Bull-Hanssen said a very profound thing recently “I will not comply , I will not obey and there is nothing you can do to make me”. I am with Bjorn all the way.

      • I’m glad your not s scared Tanya:) ….you sound like a pretty cool girl ….
        and ur beautiful and long legged Mmmmm lol 😆
        I’m not really that scared 😉 I have a plan now x

    • It works perfectly once you accept it was designed to maim, sterilize and kill. And it was designed to bring in the passports, which are designed to control everything you do. And if you live through every shot they will demand, you will no longer be human and your very soul and mind will be controlled by the ai.

  17. Hugo not governments but one world government run by the crypto-Joowish peerage and bankterJoos with few small exceptions like Belarus who do not succumb to wishes of the World Bank.
    Read Miles W. Mathis then it’s easier to identify the enemies who for the last century accelerated the destruction of our culture, art, science, economy, entertainment and now healthcare and freedoms to create another Bolshevik kolkhoz and the recipe for that is in Old Testament.

  18. Unfortunately we will get far more of this. For many it is better to be dead quickly than take the slow kill shot.

  19. I’m shocked, but not surprised to be honest.
    I expect that this could be the first of many incidents like this to come.
    This man must’ve been at his mental limits, and seen no other way out.
    No one has the right to judge him, yes it’s horrific to hear, but no one knows what his mental health was like.
    “Don’t judge me, until you’ve walked in my shoes”!
    Instead, focusing on our own mental and physical health, and our own families, to make sure we don’t end up the same way.

    • but it’s not easy to be mentally fit if the world around you is bonkers.
      Only the Joos involved know the future because they orchestrate these things to better rig the markets, extort money.

      All revolves around the main theme that WE HAVE NO FUTURE only the Jooishj Elites and some masked slaves to serve them.
      Same is to do with your children who waste their best years in this grim world and no prospect no only because the education is rubbish.
      Like millennia ago Joo Joseph of Egypt turned a relatively free Egyptian nation into a bunch of slaves on government welfare now they want to do the same with all people. I think the famine back then same like today’s food shortages were and are staged.

  20. I said to the rest of my family at the beginning of 2020 “It is like musical chairs. It all depends where you are when the music stops”. Well , it has stopped. Gradually over the past 2 years they have taken away the odd chair or two. The longer the game goes on the more people there are without chairs and the more intense it gets for those still playing. Some will stand on the sideline , some will sit on the floor and some will grab a chair and whack it over the heads of the sick and evil tyrants making them play the game. Ultimately no-one knows how they will react when the time comes.

  21. I am ok for a while but this drawn out kill is wearing many down.I would prefer a nuclear bomb to get it done with.

    • It’s the usury same like the vaccines destroy random people. Secret killers where the bailiffs and police pick the victims one by one in dispersed locations so they can run this financial tyranny with little to no opposition because what English or American or whatever would fight to the death to defend his neighbour. Perhaps the Joos themselves or Amish people.
      Imagine all people who invested in some businesses in 2019. They were whacked big time.
      You can see a van or two in front of their house. He must have run some business.
      People kill themselves when they cannot pay their enormous debts or when their house is being seized.
      In normal times we think and say: Who cares? He should know what he was doing by signing the contract with the X bank.
      But these baking fuckers are harvesting fruits of their global and national conspiracies.
      While the government reduces the population and seizes properties of people who died without heirs.

  22. It seems humanity has gone insane.
    Everywhere you can see this insanity, and if it were only a few people who were insane, it would be easy to do something for them, but if the whole humanity is functioning in an insane way, then a tremendous effort is needed to stop this idiotic behavior.
    We have until March 2022 to halt and reverse our insanity, or the complete death of humanity is not far away, at the most five years.
    A painful death is coming for everyone who has had an injectable toxic spike protein, a mass produced bio-weapon that is only designed to kill you, if you are foolish enough to have taken it.
    This eugenics program has only one aim and that is to eliminate one hundred percent of all humanity from our planet in the shortest possible time.
    All of your Politicians have deceived you, MSM has continuously lied, coerced and tricked you, the police, the justice system, your so-called intelligence agencies have all abandoned you, and big pharma/big tech has condemned you to death.
    Yet who is really at the root of it all?
    Just follow the money trails to the virus/vaccine patents of the last twenty five years!
    In the coming months, millions of people will be collapsing and dying until the eugenics agenda becomes undeniably obvious, to even the most retarded.
    Will humanity ever wake up, before it is too late?
    Or will it be only after hundreds of millions, and then billions of deaths have occurred?
    Seeing such criminal pyschopathic behaviour one loses all hope for the future of humanity.
    Today, rather than fighting with each other, we should fight together, against those who have created this eugenics vaccination program.
    We have to immediately stop all so-called vaccinations globally today, no more!
    We have to find an antidote and fast for the mRNA toxicity that is killing the already jabbed people.
    We really have to find out why globalists have triggered this absolute genocide against the whole of humanity?
    Everybody in power has to be individually questioned?
    The Covid hoax has been an utter calamity, a crime against humanity committed on such a vast scale.
    Millions of people have to stand together daily against this fake vaccination program and with one deafening voice shout ‘No More!’ in every major city of the world.
    Scream it out to every non-human entity hiding behind this genocide.
    Somebody has to point out the alien in the room!
    These aliens must have come to this planet from another planet which was dying either because of a natural disaster, or because the beings who lived there destroyed it by creating something like nuclear weapons.
    From where have they come to this planet and in what way?
    The US and Soviet space programs of the 60’s and early 70’s drew unwanted attention to your green and fertile planet, from a highly advanced yet murderous alien species with only one mission – to seize your planet after first exterminating the whole of humanity.
    By the mid 70’s they had come to earth in their millions after first scouting out the planet and then slowly initiating their lethal global genocide program.
    Over the next decade their whole species embedded themselves within humanity and took over all key power positions within multinational organizations, governments, corporations, banking systems, MSM, journalists, entertainment, police, judiciary, the intelligence and army of all countries.
    Their modus operandi was simple for them – atomic transference across spacetime into selected human targets.
    They would then over days slowly suffocate their host from within and swap out the family with their own kind to assume that the murdered lives continued unchanged, unchallenged and more importantly their professional lives appeared as normal.
    They took over all the power positions of the globalist players and all their minions.
    Upgrading to new hosts when needed.
    At present their are just over one hundred and eighty two million Alien counterfeit humans ruining our planet, this is the complete sum of their whole species here-now that controls our lives in every way as they invisibly live amongst us.
    The whole mission of this predator species on earth is implementing the complete annihilation of humanity from this planet.
    At present humanity does not possess the scientific instruments to identify these alien predators apart from humans.
    Yet there are some simple ways to recognize these murdering monsters?
    As they each are slavishly committed to the annihilation of humanity and will not betray their mission for anything.
    Therefore, we have to plan, come out, call out and confront all these human pretenders daily starting from the 31st Dec 2021 and ask each of them to declare their humanity by stating they are not alien, and only then after identifying themselves human, each one has to step aside from their professional control positions and agree to drop their eugenics agenda against humanity.
    If they cannot or will not step aside then they will be treated as aliens with an anti-human agenda.
    They and their families will then have to be incarcerated, interrogated and observed.
    We will be asking each alien individually at their work office in the UN, WHO, EU, CDC, FDA, NATO, SAGE, GCHQ, IMF, World Bank.
    Asking all politicians in all their different parliaments, we will be tracking and seizing all the oligarchs, the bankers, big tech, big pharma CEO’s, the military industrial complex, doctors, scientists, police, judges.
    Each and everyone of you will be asked,
    And then asked to prove it!
    There is also a Kryptonite that creates a major reaction to identify and render these souless aliens fully impotent?
    The mRNA spike protein injected into them as a 10x human dose will force them to evacuate the host body in minutes and the shock will permanently eject them off the planet.
    So go armed with syringes full of their poison to confront them, and if after the 31st Dec 2021 they refuse to vacate their office, their profession and their host bodies, then load them up with a booster!
    Once and for all we have to fight and finish this criminal genocidal conspiracy against humanity.

  23. A tragic story of someone pushed to the limit by this medical fascism. The pressure on people is immense – fear of taking a dangerous experimental vaccine, fear of losing their job and their livelihood, fear of not being able to travel, etc. All for a vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission.

  24. My biggest respect to the father. I can only imagine what he was thinking as my wife and I have been thinking the exact same thing, even planning on first putting our beautiful pets to sleep then holding hands and leaving this world together in love. You see, LOVE IS the ONLY true currency! Love is ALL that you can have a limitless supply of, all you can give freely and never run out of! It’s also all you can take with you! But, in a world where wealth and success is determined by paper, we rather go home. Sadly, love doesn’t pay the bills, and those who resonate with love are now being forced into a position where we are losing everything.

    • Omg …..please just wait longer because things may still change x ❤
      People are waking up !! 🙂

    • Jerry how can others like your despair ?
      It is easy to say pick yourself but there are 100s of thousands that need you to hold the line and not become a statistic of Boris Jonestown Sir.
      Best wishes always for your future from one of them

    • Please don’t, I too feared the future, then I found God.
      I live alone, have seen my family once in almost 2 yrs due to not being allowed to use public services. They live 120 miles away, but for reasons I won’t go in to, it has been made virtually impossible because we’re not partaking of this evil eugenics agenda.

      I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, but please believe me, I found peace in the Bible. If theres two or more of you, Jesus will be with you in your conversations about our most precious living God. Satan is ruling earth now, and yes God allows it because we turned our backs on Him. Jesus died to give us salvation, and everlasting life in His new Kingdom, yet some use His beautiful name as a curse/profanity, but those who ask forgiveness and turn to Him, he will send you His Holy Spirit, you will be the body of Christ, you will be His temple! More than that you will find peace in the Lord.

      How do I know you’re not already believers, I don’t but I do know that those who truly believe in Christ and walk with Him, and read His Word daily, and pray for others, and we don’t fear death. God loves you! In my prayers!

  25. Though I do not support taking the lives of his family I have had two friends in the past who have committed suicide so I can understand the broken mind being the issue if such fear and anxiety drives one to do this, such a situation is so sad it’s beyond words. Where as the taking of innocent lives for the sake of religion is completely unacceptable.

  26. All this should be remembered and the perpetrators dealt with when the time comes

  27. So sad, but not surprising it happened, when the Governments in Europe are working for the Global Predators or the heartless elite. That’s the reason it’s very important for us to form groups of “like minded people” (as you say Hugo), to talk to each other face to face, with no phones around, to develope strategies to fight these criminals. Something wonderful happened in Ireland when some parents came out to defend their children over the Government who wanted to force them to wear face masks in the classrooms.
    “”It’s not right”: Irish parents protest masking of kids” on YouTube
    “Irish parents speak out on masks in primary schools” on YouTube

  28. Oh come on! HT always saying “don’t believe the news, it’s all fake”
    Well what have we got here – vauge photo of a house, pixelated photos of random people. What makes this story any more believeable than FSM garbage?
    This looks more like a warning – do what you’re told or you’ll end up like this German family.
    This is as fake as the “baby Arthur” story in UK – why did that couple have cctv in their living room and child’s bedroom? Anyone?
    Nope, me neither. That story will snowball into something else – most likely a law to force parents to send children to school, after they are vaccinated.

    • I concur fully with your suspicions. Either it’s a totally false flag (such as e.g. the so-called “Sandy Hook school shooting” in the US which was not only a hoax in itself (as all or at least almost all of those “shootings” were) but this “Sandy Hook school” didn’t even exist in the first place… (It was a Hollywood stage in the middle of nowhere.) Or this man and his family were “suicided” by the “gov” which is something which apparently is quite common in the “federal republic” of Germany for decades against anybody who dares to go against the mainstream narrative in almost anything of importance.

      • Interesting take on it. I am usually quick on these fake suicides, but somehow this one didn’t register, but you may have a point. Once we know more about the family we’ll have a better idea.

  29. C’mon, you can’t put all the blame on covid for this. The man must have been battling some serious demons to kill his whole family purely for this reason. Not saying it hasn’t played a part, but let’s not put it purely down to the passports, that would be silly.

  30. This is so sad but this is a result for Governments everywhere, it has saved them the job that is for sure. Next year is going to be hell.

  31. this guy and his family didnt really have much to live for .or much choice …his options for a decent life for his family were non existent ..i will kill myself rather than take their nano razorblades into my body …so i know how he felt .
    .tho im a single 60 year old my kids are grown up .
    .. what this poor guy went through we can only imagine , but i think we all have a pretty good idea..
    pity he didnt take a few of the people doing this with him ..this is a war against the human race ..i look forward to the day when these people reap what they have sown ..and for all the people that have gone along with it start to die off in their millions ..if it wasnt for them ..this wouldnt be happening

    • Jesus tells us! We must endure till the end. We are in the end times.
      These are the beginnings of birth pains..
      “And the whitehorseman went out to conquer and deceive”
      Pharmakia, Greek dictionary defines it witchcraft, sorcery, potions. Revelations
      The great merchants of the earth will deceive with their sorcery
      All nations.
      jab (poison) is the start, we all know the lies the MSM tell 24/7
      Are they bothered? No!!

      We must put our faith in Jesus for he is the truth the way and the life.
      We cannot fight the beast system alone!!

      “Put on the full armour of God!

      “Time to get straight with the creator of creation ” we need Jesus now more than ever!!
      The bible is the” food of life”

      nourishes and keeps me strong!! be prepared..!! Brothers and sisters!! Time. Is short!! .

      God bless! Christ is king!!

    • why didn’t he? at least do something to help the resistance. either this is false, or he was just a weak man killing his ”property”. had a mother done this, oh my!
      there’d be no ”poor woman” responses.

  32. What did the wife and kids think about it? Did they volunteer to end their lives because the father decided that was the best solution? Did they agree with him, and chose, just like him, to end their lives?

    • yup! also if a woman had done this, oh my! there’d not be a shred of sympathy.

    • men annihilating their families is not unheard of. their ”property”. though overall i do think that this case is more likely a false flag/ or taking out opposition.

  33. It’s such a shame , I tell you that if I get to that stage, I’m gonna make sure that the appropriate politicians will be taken out before I go.

  34. Don’t worry Hugo the line has clearly been crossed. The momentum is with us for sure.
    A large number of people from the political class, to MSM & medicine will be doing gravity tests in the future using a rope..

  35. Did Germany not learn anything from the Nazis. Obviously not
    This has to stop.

  36. So BAD DAY HEY!!!

    Sure you’ve all seen the undertaker video, zero immunity starting to show up, dying quickly from the common cold.

    There trying, to remove the neburg ( what ever spelling ) code, so they can’t be tried on that FFS, can’t make this shit up.

    And my 18year old got forced into by her stupid mom and nan FFS!!

    If you’ve decided it’s time to die, then do it, doing something meaningful, don’t waste your life, do it trying to kill the leaders that are pushing this on us.

    They’ll all be going into hiding soon, timed to look like xmas holidays ofcourse.

    There admitting to heart issues, more and more, cracks are showing, still be a period when they blame us and start going after us out of fear I suspect, got to get us all after all.

    • meaningful resistance work indeed. that’s a sacrifice worth making.

  37. This is incredibly sad to hear Hugo but given how completely insane and utterly evil the world has become, I can understand the panic and mental breakdown that would have stemmed from this unfortunate chain of events. May God have mercy on his soul and his family’s; and may God take rightful retribution on Merkel’s.

  38. These Glowballists are all sick.. with media pushing mental illness all the time to tip people over the edge.. If you saw Matt Hancock on this morning today you will see it is these creatures that have problems and obviously take great joy in getting revenge!
    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Shop in Tescos – Buy Shares in Tesco
    Join us at the

  39. Boris saying today more work Is being carried out on the vaccine passports …..Yeah vaccine passports for a vaccine that evidently does not work !
    Are people in this country so fucking thick that they can not see what is happening ?
    Are they just totally blinded by the media fear and Govt pysop ?
    Do they honestly think that by complying and being good little slaves that their lives are going to go back to normal?
    I am honestly at a loss as what to do next !
    Oh fuck it ,I think I will trust my brain seeing as I still have one and carry resisting this total bollocks.
    Come on the UK what the fuck is up with you all
    No to passports
    No to masks
    No to Jabs
    No to Tyranny

    • Post this over and over on mainstream sites, might make a few think. Most of us on here are already awake and resisting.

  40. Matt Wuhancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Valance and Neil Ferguson started this.

  41. Don’t any of you question if the so called facts of ww2 are true?
    If they can play with your life now , why wouldn’t you assume that they have been doing so for many years previous.
    Manipulating a generation into war , sacrificing souls for their agenda.

  42. According to Albert Camus.
    “There is but one truly serious
    philosophical problem and that
    is suicide”. ‘The Myth of Sisyphus.

  43. All I keep thinking lately is wizard of Oz. Fear is being forced on all humanity. Do they really have the power to control this or are we giving them the power through our fear and making their agenda our reality whichever side we stand on? Without fear none of this could have happened. The parasites behind this are enjoying the game and stealing the health and lives of the people with their constant ramping up of fear and its consequences for their own gain. Our collective fear is literally driving this from both sides. All we can do is personally overcome the fear inside ourselves (no easy task) the positive energy created will give us courage and clear thinking to take practical steps and make positive change in our lives. On mass this will ultimately be their downfall maybe this is what is meant by awakening, Its starts inside ourselves. Guess that is what faith is. Sorry I’m rambling as Hugo says. Thank you all for listening to my thoughts. None of us are alone in this, the true Creator is always with us what ever our beliefs. God bless.

    • You’re right, it makes me fume that they (Astrazeneca professor woman, B. Gates etc) are already talking about “the next pandemic” which could be even worse than this one! We are apparently still busy dealing with this one and its variants. Why frighten people with a new one now, that hasn’t even happened yet? Can they predict the future? They are reliant on people’s fear! Why the scaremongering about Omicron, which by all accounts is weaker and milder? I’m not saying I believe all this pandemic rubbish, but they are preying on those that do, it fumes me! I
      I pray more people see the deception and the agenda.

      • Because the Jabs are about to kill BILLIONS world wide, so they’ll need to invent a virus to explain these deaths, in order to get away with killing BILLIONS.

        Mayburg is supposed to magically appear from thin air in Jan, already got a Jab and a PCR test for it, 88% fatality rate, this is times with when people start dying because there immunity to the common cold it erased for ever.

  44. We have German friends (with children) who have fled from there.

    I don’t know the full facts on this but we have adult children and this is WW3 and whilst I think suicide is terrible we should not criticise the dead as we have no idea of the possible threats/extreme options/mental stress these people had faced. (It’s the same with the homeless who are often treated like dirt but unless been there people cannot understand).

    I am not on much antisocial websites but there is too much talk and little action to stop all this nonsense and like in a normal battle until the opposition forces Generals/Commanders have been removed from this world then the real peace cannot return to humans.

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