GERMAN Family Of 5 DEAD Suicide OVER GREEN PASS & Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. My heart breaks … what this poor man must have gone through. Absolutely tragic, I pray they are all now safe with Jesus.

  2. BrandNewTube is GONE!! Bitchute looks like it’s been Jab purged aswell.

    Censorship ramping up, as expected, got to keep the ADE Deaths from the jabs SECRET for as long as possible.

  3. &……………………………………….. AMONGST ALL THIS DEATH & DESTRUCTION EVERYWHERE….. We Have This Going on: Klouse Schwankabb
    AT IT AGAIN: Hold Fast Earthlings! The Elites Have Reissued the “Great Narrative” 26.11.2021
    The “Great Narrative” is at hand! The author of the “Great Reset”, Klaus Schwab just launched another initiative at his World Economic Forum (WEF) in the UAE. And the world should be dully impressed, I am sure, but most people of earth will not be. WEF and most other institutions are walking a credibility tightrope these days. And how many resets is this now?

    With half the world wondering if their COVID-19 shots will protect them, and the other half convinced world health institutions want to control us like robots with vaccines, the big money is talking about reglobalizing the globalized community they sold us on over thirty years ago. Now, according to the WEF, the Great Narrative initiative is defined as:

    “A collaborative effort of the world’s leading thinkers to fashion longer-term perspectives and co-create a narrative that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future.”

    But wait a minute Houston, there’s a problem. What were our leaders doing, exactly, for the last three decades? Did they pull the wool over our eyes and rake in the trillions while the rest of us just played the blind mice? Was there ever any real effort to collaborate to help humanity? Let’s consult Google, and use a custom search, just to see.

    Hmm. Interesting. Back in February of 1999 UN Secretary General Kofi Annan spoke of the WEF, Davos, and the UN partnering with business in order to – “initiate a global compact of shared values and principles, which will give a human face to the global market.” It turns out, Annan’s words were prophetic with regard to how business and the elites ended up seizing on the opportunities globalization presented. The former Secretary General had this to say on the fragility of that Great Reset:

    “Globalization is a fact of life. But I believe we have underestimated its fragility. The problem is this. The spread of markets outpaces the ability of societies and their political systems to adjust to them, let alone to guide the course they take. History teaches us that such an imbalance between the economic, social and political realms can never be sustained for very long.”

    Now, I could claim that COVID-19 is the straw that finally broke the globalization movement’s back. But this would not be accurate. You see, the cooperation never did extend to society. We were just the worker bees and consumers who powered the big rip off. And Kofi Annan’s words prove conclusively, that the elites who run this shit show we are in now knew all along what they were doing. And now, decades of misery and manipulation later – and the Davos geniuses want a “do over.”

    In 1996, Klaus Schwab was on his soapbox pushing globalization forward as fast as he and his associates could make it go. Interestingly, the “narrative” back then was exactly the same as we hear, see, and read today. Also interesting, his how the attempted pirating of Russia was key in the strategies being developed. In an article for the International Herald Tribune, the WEF founder and few of his henchmen fanned the proverbial civic flames of outcry, just so:

    “Public opinion in the industrial democracies will no longer be satisfied with articles of faith about the virtues and future benefits of the global economy. It is pressing for action.”

    The Davos Pact, who in Russia can forget that? In an heroic surge to prevent those pesky Communists in Russia from usurping free enterprise, the boys from west of the Siverskyi Donets River got Boris Yeltsin reelected so the mafiosos and western pirates could carve up Russia for good. Don’t take my word, read what the WEF said about it here. 1996 was also the year the WEF went online in what became known as the information superhighway. The breadth and depth of these people’s bullshit can only be fathomed by researching each-and-ever-single initiative or “narrative” they preach.

    Take 1997, for instance. This was the year Klaus Schwab and his benefactors sought to reinvent the term “Davos Man” into some kind of wise Solomon superhero bent on helping humanity. They wanted to shed the brand Harvard University political scientist Samuel P. Huntington burned into the global elites when he inssited the Davos Man, “…has little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”

    The new Davos Man became, as Schwab so tenderly put it, “a Davos Man or Davos Woman should be a blend of global, national and local identity.” This new breed of economic superhero was to be a kinder, gentler, Wizard of Oz, something straight out of a J. R. R. Tolkien story. The World Economic Forum story of greed and elitism is told well via the organization’s various websites. As the liberal elite have sopped up unbelievable fortunes from the globalization charade, so has the WEF expanded its headquarters, put into the mix unscrupulous people like Hillary Clinton, and made alleged global compact each and every year since.

    So, if Klaus Schwab is the creator of the so-called “Great Reset”, and the genius behind the “Great Narrative’, somebody should stick a sock in his mouth and tie him to a chair in Somalia or some other destitute corner of Earth. Any truly “Great Narrative” must involve transparency and a genuine creed of truth and justice. And, any such proclamation or doctrine can absolutely not include any facet of the World Economic Forum. What this organization has proven is utter failure for human kind. I challenge them to argue their point.

    Finally, a story about Schwab’s latest bullshit narrative ran on RT recently. Here is a short excerpt that reveals the strange mindset of these Davos elites:

    [The WEF has always believed] “in the battle for hearts and minds of human beings, narrative will consistently outperform data in its ability to influence human thinking and motivate human action.”

    Or, in other words, powerful bullshit will always outweigh facts and figures in the war for the minds of the willing masses. Nothing the WEF has done since its inception proves anything to the likewise.

    Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

  4. I smell nudge unit at work pushing this story and its details into the headlines. For years, psychologists and behavioural experts recommended downplaying suicide stories to prevent encouraging others. Yet they are happily using this one to push their agenda:
    1) It makes vax / vax passport avoiders look mentally unstable and potential monsters to the rest of the public
    2) It gives a strong psychological nudge to anyone considering forging vax passports by subtly linking the idea that you’ll have your children taken away from you, something I’ve never heard discussed before.

    And can we even know if the details of this story are completely true?

  5. CONVID boosters will probably be needed for ‘years to come’, says Pfizer

    People will probably need coronavirus booster jabs “for a number of years to come”, a Pfizer boss has said.

    Ben Osborn, country manager for the pharmaceutical firm in the UK, said it is still unknown whether they will be required every six months or annually.

  6. Pfizer vaccine horror: Jab 40 times less effective against Omicron than first Covid strain

    Sky Snooze presenter Anna Botox today tweeted said: “Antibodies from the Pfizer vaccine were up to 40 times less effective at neutralising Omicron, than against the original Covid strain. This is from a briefing from Alex Segal, South African scientist at the Africa Health Institute. These are initial results we’re from lab tests on the live Omicron variant on plasma samples of people vaccinated twice with Pfizer.

    • BS nobody has symptoms, so it’ll pretend go around the planet without symptoms but the sheep will buy it, then that’ll explain the rise in headt attacks and the sheep will buy that aswell.

      P.s. trial for just dead worked at Austin Concert, jebuses birthday would be the perfect day for a faked rapture, send the survivors into shock, Ne2 World Order installed, population reduced, still jabbing so if not, not ruling out Easter, weird shit goimg on prepare for anything.

      Why did my 18yeqr old daughters, 3 rats die same night shortly after she had pfizer, they where only 1 year old 🙁

      • No, you said Christmas Day for the 5G switch-on and the graphene oxide (or is is now graphene hydroxide?) induced heart attacks. You have had your chance. I am drawing a line under your nonsense. You are not getting away with shifting the goalposts further forwards. You are as bad, if not worse than the fake stream media for spreading fear and panic. You also come across as if you are smoking something. As if you are suffering from paranoia. Either that or you are a government agent.

  7. What an incredibly sad story
    Thank you Hugo for your continued hard work.

  8. All these bloody boosters….
    So where does this transhumanism fit it ?? Elon musk, hydro gel, graphene ? …..Hmmm 🤔 maybe they need as much graphene in us as possible to control us via 5g and also have a viable kill switch!? ….Anyway..enough speculation..time for my training…which is really just therapy for my mind 🙂 ttfn 😉

  9. Some people seem to freak out when people give there opinion…but that’s the only way we can try to work out what the fuk is going on…cuz they are certainly not going to just tell us !! We have to bounce the ideas off each other….people can’t deny they are dead set on giving people these jabs making it impossible to avoid !! And why ?? They don’t even work!! …and all the time people are dropping down like flies ..this is completely unprecedented.! So people who think that these aren’t death jabs a bloody stupid.

    • @Hobbit “Some people seem to freak out when people give there opinion.” That’s because some people here are troll agents or spooks and will do their damnedest to try and silence those with The Truth.

  10. Unvaccinated fans banned from attending Adele’s Vegas shows

    Fans wanting to see Adele live in Vegas will need to be double-vaccinated and test negative for COVID-19.

    With tickets now on sale, fans have been met with a notice on the Ticketmaster website detailing the COVID-19 rules they would need to follow.

    The British songstress sent the internet into a frenzy when she announced her residency at Caesars Palace, dubbed Weekends With Adele, would begin in January.

    What are the rules?

    “Both proof of vaccination AND proof of a negative test within 48-hours of the event is required to enter the event,” according to the website.

    It must have been at least 14 days since their second vaccine dose, and the negative test result must have been received within 48 hours of the event.

    The booking site adds: “Proof of vaccination and negative test result must be issued from the healthcare provider performing the vaccination or test.

    “Both documents are required for entry and can be displayed on your smartphone or as physical copies. Tests administered via an at-home kit will not be permitted.”

    • We ‘ vaccine-free’ folks really need a lawyer to stand up and be counted at this point and advise Ms Adele that discrimination due to medical reasons is against the Equalities Act. Unfortunately, I see that the shows are in USA, but dont they have a similar law?

  11. Tom…..what do you mean get my head back out the sand?? Lol …..I know whats going down !
    I might be called hobbit but don’t treat me like a c#nt fella … not scared to get bloodied.

  12. This is most likely fake. There have been similar incidents in Germany before, and those were used to push for even tougher regulations on guns. Always with shotguns, as other guns are so heavy regulated and really hard to come by (we had a school shooting that lead to this).
    Why would he leave a suicide note with all the talking points of the government?
    Plus, according to an article on a German alternative website, you can easily get your name as a jabbed person into the system. And once you are in, there is no way to tell it isn’t real. Unless, of course, you brag about it.

    • Well let’s hope you are right and it is fake. But the CSA (child support agency now CMS) in the UK has been associated with over 80 suicides of men over the years. Never publicised.

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