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  1. The thing is though, Hugo Talks could also be part of the “controlled opposition”.
    I find it impossible to believe in or trust anyone these days.

    • No, you have to use some level of intuition
      Nothing suggests that Hugo is controlled, not to me anyway
      It wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever
      I trust him 💯

      • I trust Hugo as well 99 percent it’s always good to keep that 1 percent you need an open mind in this day and age x

      • Who is Hugo? Does anyone know anything about him?
        Has anyone ever seen him?

    • Every ‘truther’ who refuse to talk about international Jewish power and their wicked behaviour for centuries and their evil agendas is not to be trusted in my opinion.

    • Anyone who doesn’t name the Jew as our eternal enemy, and the cause of nearly all our problems today, could be classified as controlled opposition, but in Hugo’s case, who doesn’t name the Jew, I think is still sincere in what he does, even though, for me, he falls short on the JQ.

      • What a horrible bigoted comment. Do you not think there are good as well as bad people in all categories. Do you know now fragmented Jewish and even Israeli people are. Some Jews support Israel and some don’t. Some are religious and some aren’t. Even the religious ones are split into different factions. Do you think they all unite in secret to rule the world ? Don’t you know that Israelis have to get vaccinated and use the Covid pass. How can they all be responsible for the problems of the world. Being bigoted against all Jews is the same bigotry as treating the unvaccinated as second class citizens. You need to learn about how that kind of bigoted attitude led to Hitler and the Holocaust. Or are you a Nazi ?

      • @ Brian, “Do you not think there are good as well as bad people in all categories.” Oh yes, there are a very tiny minority of ‘good’ Jews and here’s a short list of them:

        “Jewish power is the power to silence opposition to Jewish power.” — Gilad Atzmon

        “The HO-LIE-CAUST is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War.” — The Jew, Gerard Menuchin

        “The Holocaust is a successful historical fiction.” — Chief Rabbi Arye Friedmann, (Suddeutsche Zeitung, December 12, 2006 p.7)

        “Hitler killed six million Jews who never existed, in gas chambers which nobody ever saw.” — Jewish scholar Prof. Roger Dommergue

        “The Holocaust never happened, it’s totally made up. The Jews are damned liars. There is not a shred of Truth to this holocaust.” — The Jew, Bobby Fischer, 11th world chess champion.

        “Do you know now fragmented Jewish and even Israeli people are.”,/b>

        The Jews are ALWAYS one nation, one people and the bloodline is all that matters – any arguments between them are only on the surface as this gentleman will verify:

        “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force, one knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”

        – Marcus Tullius Cicero – 106 BC – 43 BC, Governor of the Roman province of Cilicia in the Roman Empire.

        “Don’t you know that Israelis have to get vaccinated and use the Covid pass.”

        Can you verify that with impartial proof and evidence?

        “How can they all be responsible for the problems of the world.”

        Oh they openly admit it:

        “We have corrupted the blood of all the races of Europe — perhaps we have infected them today. Everything is Jewified. Our thinking is in everything living, our spirit rules the world. We are the masters, for everything that has power today is the child of our spirit. One may hate us, one may drive us away, our enemies may triumph over our physical weakness, but we are no longer to be gotten rid of. We have conquered peoples, conquered the races, defiled them, broken their strength, made everything rotten, lazy and corrupt with our stale culture, our spirit can no longer be exterminated.”

        — Dr. Kurt Munzer, Jewish novelist, “The Way To Zion”

        Now what were you saying about my being a bigot?

      • Looks like we have at least 6 ignorant morons that liked Brian’s brainwashed, indoctrinated diatribe. When are you stupid people going to do some meaningful research on the true history of WW2, instead of just parroting the media whore OFFICIAL NARRATIVE ad nauseam like so many unthinking lemmings? Until you do you will remain an insult to the Truther Movement.

    • So.if you don’t trust Hugo WTF are you doing on here , coz if I did not trust him I would not be here ,I see a lot of Hugos posts and in fairness to him when he shows footage or an opiion where he is still sat on the fence or has not had enough info always says
      ” I’m not sure check it for yourself and let me know ”
      In this mad world you can’t get more balanced than that !
      I mean when was the last time a politician asked what you thought ? …eh like never .
      This Hugo bloke whoever he is must be stressed to fuck ,I have the priveledge of going to bed and work and forgetting about all this shite.He doesn’t
      Without people like Hugo we would
      be in a lot worse state .

    • Impossible to buy on Amazon or bookshops The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Junior – I wonder why (not) ISBN 10-1510766804

    • You are right of course. We must look at all the evidence, plus observe what we see day by day in the street, maintain a healthy scepticism, use common sense. then come to our own conclusions. Question everything.

      • Absolutely correct, my like minded friend. Believe your own eyes and ears. I have never seen funeral cars causing tail- backs during this Plandemic, despite the BBC’s efforts to make you believe that ‘death was every corner’ and you would die if you hugged your granny! I have also obtained some FOI information that proves that the hospitals were caring for 20-25% LESS patients in the year of being ‘overwhelmed’ n ‘tik tok dance routines’ ! for Freedom of Information requests. 😉

      • You’ve been fed a crock of the smelly stuff, hospitals in 2020 were 50-70% empty, with car parks completely empty. People stayed at home and lived longer. LOL

    • Na, I’d beg to differ on that one dude!
      I’ve watched Hugo Talks from almost the beginning and I’ve never seen or heard anything to make me think Hugo is controlled opposition?! If he is, then he’s doing a pretty bad job of it if you ask me 🤔😂
      Maybe you could let your intuition guide you on who to trust as sometimes the mind works overtime and can result in cloudy judgement…been there myself.

  2. Check out Andrew Neil, Pamela Bordes and Epstein’s little black book. JHB is besties with Pratt Wankcock. All ACTORS.

  3. hey guys,make sure to check out the P.I.N.A.C. (Photography Is Not A Crime) Media on youtube,and see how obnoxious,corrupt,and PIG headed the British police are,these guys are Warriors,standing up for our rights; check out : Koleeberks,live free,auditing britain,to plod or not to plod,nobody poor,dj audits,mat12128,news now yorkshire,yardley ski,marti blagborough

  4. An icing of truth on a cake of lies
    Follow no one worship no one keep both eyes on controlled Opposition
    Keep your friends close & your enemies even closer
    Controlled Opposition is there to pacify and lead the non thinkers on wild goose chases

    If you’re a follower/fawning worshiper it doesn’t matter who you follow or worship your slave mind is the problem

  5. Love you wildlife film at the end. Animals are my light and salvation as is God.

  6. I noticed these are Shills a long time ago, in the beginning i thought lets listen to these and they didn’t sound right whatsoever and watched them to see what they are all about and yeah you could see just after a few videos that they are set up placed there for the other sheeple that will follow and believe them, I have called them out a couple of times and pointed things out to the followers, yet they can’t answer me lol total SHILLS

  7. We have an illusion of freedom, free speech a matrix to fool the people time and time again..

    Farage is the same controlled opposition….
    He can jet off to where he wants do an interview no worries… The powers that be, who are in control in the shadows allow it.. All fake!!

    “There is no true man of the people!! Who can stir the masses ”
    As soon as a real hero comes along the screaming banshees are all over him. Attacked from every angle, vilified his whole life will be turned into a nightmare..

    Remember they have the power of all media!! Will destroy you in a day!! Or suicide you!

    The common man women in the street, who knows what’s going on..
    Gets snookered at every turn,
    Unless a real (william Wallace) should arise.. That’s the truth of it! They took our guns in we are sitting ducks!

    God bless! Christ is king!!

    • I believe in Jesus! Not afraid of any man nor beast!! You misunderstand what I’m saying! this has been going on for decades.they have gotten control of all our institutions police,

      judiciary, councillors, etc, etc!
      While they fed us bread and circuses, we need to get to the powers that control all the above.
      Sure we can fight in the streets where will that get us??
      Always will always have stood my ground with any man.
      Will die on my feet, not on my knees for no one, but “Jesus”
      Glory be to God!

  8. hey Guy,YES I AM,LOUD AND PROUD!!,I WILL NEVER BE A BOOT-LICKER,FUCK THE CORRUPT SYSTEM!!,if you disagree just be a good boy for boris and dont forget,comb your hair-brush your teeth-tie your shoelaces;stay safe lmao

    • Will stand in truth come what may!! Will never take the poison.
      The cultural Marxists along with their useful idiots have infiltrated all our institutions…
      Westmonster, media puppets are slaves to the jew(satanic) bankers,
      They all sing from the same hymn sheet….evil is all around us! Turn off the brainwashing box!! Lies, lies they peddle for the dumb sheep!

      Everything that is written in the bible is coming to pass.
      They are using (pharmakia) Greek defines it as sorcery, witchcraft..
      Think” Jab”
      “Where all nations will be deceived by their sorcery”i trust in” Jesus”.
      In these times, you can believe or not?

      God bless! Christ is king!

  9. GB News is doing a lot better without Andrew Neil, that’s for sure.

  10. I never watch or listen any of these fake shows, I only see clips etc on YT and the net. You can see what is going on.

  11. Hi Hugo, have followed your post for the last year or more and a warm thank you. In away I stay silent as I see and yes find its like hitting a brick wall.I have friends and contacts that have turned their back on me for my views on Covid. Keep doing what you do Hugo, but sadly I feel we have a very long way yet to go.

    • There must be loads of we Thinkers who have been vilified and called names by our own family and friends. At least I am not afraid of dying of the Con-or-a-virus bug and I’m not afraid of dying coz of the vaxtermination jabs either. So I really should be happy…. But I’m not. I’m watching the sheep leading us to God knows where….. 😳

    • Bill@ await to choose wisely when to speak up and never give up. Just one comment can plant seeds & interrupt patterns but yes sometimes its a waste of energy. BTW they were not friends so good that they are gone. No one claims it is easy. True friend will come back to you and you need not do anything accept to stand in your truth. All the best!

  12. Corporate media / Deep state control……. Deep state control of the corporate media is increasingly clear in the 21st century, as the internet has facilitated widespread dissemination of primary documents and eyewitness testimony that would seem to contradict its long held claims.
    …………………….. “In reality, in times of crisis, mainstream media organizations will always report the news in a way that is beneficial to the ruling elite.”
    John Simkin [1]
    Corporate media,, Corporate/commercially controlled media (CCM), also termed big media, legacy media,[1][2] old media[3] or (misleadingly)[4] mainstream media

    (MSM) is a set of corporations whose main output will be familiar to most, i.e. ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times etc. Their censorship, mendacity, control by the deep state (state-corporate media) and refusal to go near third rail topics are primary reasons that this website was set up.[5]
    As an extension of the establishment, the corporate media is infiltrated with spooks[2] who can, within their normal job remit, push certain narratives while quietly removing or modifying others.
    The hierarchical system of editorial control might have been designed to facilitate this, but overt censorship is rarely needed, since the language, culture and the broader traditions all work together to form a more subtle and flexible matrix of control.
    Staff,,, The hierarchical system of corporate employment means that owners and editors are the most important staff in exerting control over corporate media output. Most of the leaders popular media outlets have secret affiliations, such as being members of the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CFR or or other deep state milieux.
    Others can be bought off, are compromised through blackmail of one kind or another.

    One group through which the UK Deep state has influenced corporate media control is the Integrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft[4]
    Euan Grant wrote that the (UK government-funded) IfS has “particular links with the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and BBC TV and radio” but says that it needs to “strengthen” its relationship with the Mail.
    File:UC CCM Deep state control.png ….. – THE AMERICAN EMPIRE and IT’S MEDIA –

    George Orwell had a long association with the BBC and was familiar with its editorial loyalties, oversight and methods
    Interest of
    • Project Censored
    • Swiss Propaganda Research

    On important topics, control of the corporate media by the deep state is the rule, not the exception.


  13. Any comment on Neil Oliver? He’s the only one I will watch these days.

  14. Todays, news is the next pandemic will be much worse being spammed everywhere, that’ll be priming us for the jab deaths to come and making out it’s a new pandemic then.

    Did B Gates say he was releasing his next virus in 2022 or 2023 ??

    Bill, lots going on, the push back has started but taking longer than we all want, especially with Australia jabbing 5+ year olds and that’ll be here aswell soon 🙁

    • I believe the this scamdemic runs until 2025 and will be superseded by Spars in the same year

  15. As always thank you Hugo

    I have never listen to this stuff
    never did before i always found the news so depressing

    Take care Everyone

  16. Russel brand is doing a good job however he battles with the censorship on YouTube an I feel we need to make new platforms for the uncensored an grow our own following. We need new platforms to show the numbers! Where is all the clever people who see what’s going on not rising up? I mention anything to my family an there simply not interested.. they rather watch Saturday night tv like robots.. an the funny thing is.: there normal people.. normal jobs.. not dumb yet I feel they must be as there so out of touch on what’s happening around the world? pure ignorance or simply don’t care..They don’t even question anything an I’m the complete opposite.. I feel I’m singled out but I’m good with that as I feel I’m more awake than all them put together. Frustrating at most times but I can’t go back an live in this fake world.. I can’t go back to sleep even though people want me to.. sorry I just can’t ha! I’ll never be silenced. I’ll die a free man standing before I kneel to these elite rats. I follow David Icke as they see what’s going on.. an see the full picture to how the game works.

    • Can’t stand Russell Brand, if ever there was a shill he’s it. No matter how I try I cannot find a way to like a guy who tossed off another guy in a public toilet for a tv show – he is destroying society and all that is sacred, to follow him is to follow the devil.

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite Well he is Serpent Seed so you should really expect nothing else – study up on what (((they))) did to Berlin in the 1920s.

    • There was video out there of Brand at a red carpet event with a young boy doing interviews. Every other celebrity came and took a nice picture with the kid, smiled and left. Brand came along picked the kid up pretending to kidnap him then “pretended” to kiss him passionately his long greasy hair was in the way so couldnt see what was going on really. Proper creep. Plus he has 33 inside a triangle tattooed on his wrist, which he says symbolises Jesus’ age when he was crucified, I say bullshit.

    • Max there are loads of platforms like brandnewtube, Odysee, telegram, Bitchute, MeWe and a whole host of others, Mike Adams on Brighteon, the list is growing all the time.

    • I’m just like you my like-minded friend. Ostracised by family and friends. Vilified and called names for NOT believing what the sheep believe, despite the fact that I actually dig-deep to find out if what I hear is truthful, UNLIKE the ones ‘who dont want to know the truth’ and just let the word of the BBC be their guide. It is VERY frustrating at times for how they do not want to know what is happening in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria and Germany. They will continue to sleep until it is too late for them, if it isn’t too late already.I will die in my boots and not on my knees. Be Strong my friend!

      • Videoman, stay strong!
        They are the very same people who have no clue to adverse reactions and deaths as it’s swept under the carpet. Plus the media have that question covered so people don’t have to think about it for themselves.

        When are they going to realise they are being taken for mugs?
        When the perfectly healthy are told they need a booster every other month?

        Balls to that!!

      • ‘Balls to that’… spot on!!! 👍👍👍😷😂😂😂. True pureblood here and proud of it too. The Vaxxed are on serious bother! 🤭

  17. Alex Bedfield is another bitter ex BBC Royal living freemason shilll.

    • Belfield is bellend – if you ever watch his videos of his phone ins, he cannot stand allowing the caller a chance to speak, he wants them to say something then it’s Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex and all Alex and his opinions – if the caller tries to speak he cuts them off by talking over them. He is all about himself, he’s just found a pony to hitch his ego-show onto.

      • Of course. He wouldn’t want anyone venturing in to dark waters. I believe he is actually obsessed with the the people he calls out. An absolute narcissistic bell end.

    • Robert Kay@ yes you got it AB is a freemason along with his good pal Jim Davidson. Another one is AB ex BBC friend Anna Brees is another con-op.

  18. Today I thought about how they wait and step on us if you look at the history. Spanish flu, World War I, World War II .etc…. and every time they lost. every time! they didn’t succeed. they sit and wait. they have always been among us. but they begin to want more and more…😵‍💫. Im scared from the blindness of people and their complete obedience🤥

    • Did they really lose though, or did they just set the whole scenario up that way? Were they in fact the creaters of the beginning, middle and end of all these scenarios? Are they actually playing both roles on both sides? They’ve certainly been very helpful events to aid in and push further agendas. Everything needs reevaluated, the whole world’s built on lies. Start looking outside the box and things will all start to make so much more sense.

  19. BNT all there video’s are awaiting approval, is this normal ??

    WHO are saying NO to boosters and also oddly saying, there is no pandemic, there distancing themselves from what’s the come, no doubt blame the boosters they didn’t sign off on.

    And the rats are starting to desert this sinking ship called Convid, finally 🙂

    If there is a Graphene Oxide + 5G kill switch, then I think it’s getting polished ready for use soon, they have the means to do it almost definately, are they really this evil ??

  20. The name Hugo is primarily a male name of German origin that means Bright In Mind And Spirit.

    the guy was murdered hours after spilling the beans …he was one of the worlds top graphene experts.. it seems its graphene hydroxide in the vaccines .. not graphene oxide , and is even more dangerous..theyre basically injecting nano razorblades into people .. the sportsmen are dying because theyre blood is pumping round their bodies so fast it rips them to shreds from the inside, download and share as its likely to disappear before long..

    • Kelly, most people have seen this already and yes you are correct, he specialised in carbon, he was doing a live stream when the police burst in and arrested him at gunpoint, a few hours later his girlfriend released a video to say he was dead 😪 all of these criminals will pay for shedding innocent blood 🙏🏻

      • I don’t remember her saying it was police that burst in? We have to remain factual and honest on here, otherwise we lose credibility.

      • the police did burst in during a previous talk he was giving..its in the video.. so thats a fact

  22. I don’t care! I will live in a cave and grow my own veg. Repent! Repent!

    • It’s impossible to grow veg in a cave! Plants need sunlight!

  23. Is that a distant thud of Jackboot I keep hearing in the comments…or is it just me…

  24. How do you call yourself Freethinker and then come out with an indoctrinated, brainwashed, moronic, dumbed down statement like that? Classic!! LOL

  25. What is the establishment Hugo?
    Why don’t you do as you did with
    Ursula von der lyn? What are the connections between these people? What are their educational
    backgrounds? Does this connect them? Family networks etc? It might make a lot more sense if you were to do this. If you put each time you talk about someone, these details.Maybe all of us can put the pieces together easier. Might be more productive than calling them shills etc. Just an idea. Thank you Hugo. 🤗

    • Not Hugo’s job. There’s a number of other researchers who spend their time connecting the people dots and suggest you start with David Icke. From there you will learn about the connection of all those in power. It will (to some extent) give you a closer understanding of truthnotdoctrine’s stand on the Jew.

    • Miss, DC is correct about other places to connect dots.
      Start with central banking and the federal reserve. See who’s behind that?

      Then how pharma makes billions, their influence on government and politics in general.

  26. They insult my intelligence. They believe I view alternative news BECAUSE it is alternative, and give credence to it because it’s alternative. Don’t they see that I can sort out the deception WHATEVER the news platforms? I agree with Hugo, these news outlets are set up to try and capture those of us who have dumped the mainstream because of their lies. Well, I already Dumped Talk Radio, GB News, and others like Nigel Farage, because they are obviously part of the deception.

    • Well, why don’t you name and shame? Or is it like that simple solution of yours to stop all this? There is a word for people like you.

    • Here’s a good start and some food for thought on the great shill that is David icke

      Some rules of thumb:

      If they seem to have gone from zero to hero in no time, safe to say they’re a shill.

      If they’ve ever been touched by Hollywood, TV, music industry, the celeb world, most likely a shill.

      If they seem to get away with more on their social media channels than most and have channels shut down, shill. That goes for the supposedly alternative social media channels also. They’re owned by the shill payers too, believe it or not.

      I keep telling people learn about gematria (especially), numerology, astrology, myths and legends, the Greeks, Egyptians, ancient gods, ruines, etc and you’ll see through all their shite. You don’t have to do extensive research just know some basics. You’ll start to see over and over how things keep popping up, you’ll learn about special dates and see that things keep happening then.

  27. Hi Hugo, I want to comment on this as you have put a picture of Andrew Neil with This Morning Therapist Emma Kelly. Firstly it’s not Emma Kelly it’s Emma Kenny. Secondly she is really not a shrill. I have known Emma since my teenage when we were best pals. I can absolutely guarantee she is 100% genuine or she has been pretending to be someone else since she was 14yrs old. I follow you religiously but now I have to question even you because I know this information is simply not correct

  28. Ian Collins is another Covid zealot spewing lies.
    I love the sanctimonious positions they take while simultaneously refusing to countenance alternative opinions backed by highly credible doctors and scientists

  29. Spot on Hugo! I have a fully awake friend who listens to talk radio, particularly one presenter who she thinks is great. Although she’s awake, she does very little to fight against what’s going on. I tell her about protests and get togethers but she doesn’t want to know. This is up to us. Noone has our back!

    • Christine, sounds like your friend is there to find out a controlled version of the alternative. She can’t be fully awake and listen to talk radio without knowing who owns it and their ulterior motive

  30. John Miles death ‘after a short illness’ was BBC’s original post on the annoucement!

  31. Stopped listening to these stations last year after that cunt Hartley Brewer did a complete U turn over night and went to get jabbed to go on holiday. Trust fucking nobody!!!!

  32. New video out, Milton Keynes Undertaker, had it sent can’t like it, go find it, expect to feel sick after.


    Masses of heart attacks, all time high, more last month than his last 14years.

    He’s started to see jabbed people, with no immunity dying quickly from the common cold.

    This was my fear and what I’ve expected all along, was hoping I was wrong, this will get worse, much worse very quickly. First Jabbed so 80+ group hit first and hardest, hard to make out it’s a convid variant, hopefully, if they pull that off, us unjabbed are in the firing line big time.

    Guess no kill switch required, maybe when we start rising against them ??

    • Just seen that video turveyd
      ……so the die off is big time starting already !
      I wonder how many deaths b4 the whole infrastructure will start collapsing…
      I’m going to cherish these next few months because that could be literally all we have b4 chaos.

  33. It is hard to know what to believe with a world full of illusion…..
    My life is starting to feel like the bloody Trueman show…
    Juat need to use your own judgement I suppose and not be swayed by other people’s opinions.

  34. Thank you Hugo fore the awesome work. It became obvious (at least for us) the magnitude of the lies..from history we were taught to politics and their agenda.
    Every movie I watch has the same narrative..seeing through the mark Twain said ‘it’s easier to fool people than convinced them they have been fooled’…🏴‍☠️

  35. “Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance.

    Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and REAL HISTORY

    Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level.

    Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.”

    ― Milton William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

  36. I am so grateful for your videos Hugo. Spreading the truth and making the awake, fully awake. I felt so guided from the start of all the covid and jabs rubbish by the Holy spirit, my heart and mind are protected and guarded, I am so relieved to have been given this intuition from the start. Before this time I just went along with politics and the government. Eyes are well and truly opened now. Thanks for playing your part Hugo, the help your videos bring and the comfort to be with like minded people and exposing the fake stream media for the evil that it is. Bless you always 🙏 ❤

  37. I use to work for the media but left years ago. The media are toxic and is not an environment I ever want to work in again.

  38. The scale of the lies coming from the global corporate media has intensified but has never waivered from representing the views of those who own them and want to control the narrative. In Ireland with a stated vaccine rate of 94% our equivalent of the BCC, RTE, also funded by the public coffers, had that quisling taoiseach Martin come out (06/Dec) and blame the unvaccinated for the recent surge in deaths and hospitalisations. But they seem to be getting desperate making such an obviously vacuous statement. Given the majority of us unpoisoned are excluded from all but working and shopping, it is not even a glimmer of a possibility. They want to roll out the boosters, and as usual the compliant majority will queue up. But now even to the most dimwitted it is becoming clear that there is no end to the restrictions, rt pcr brain scaping and general annihilation of every day norms. The question is whether they have any spine at all, to raise even the mildest of protests. I have to say I’m sceptical but it has neveer required more that 10/20% of the public to be actively involved to roll back their agenda, just as the Irish people beat their fascist dictates when they stopped the introduction of water charges. Keep up the good work Hugo, much respect for all you do from your neighbours’ across the water.

    • @Micheál from Cork city

      “Cabalist Jews believe that perception is reality. They are reality inventors. Thus, they have taken control of the mass media and movies to shape perception. That’s why politicians and media today lie unabashedly.”

      — The Jew, Henry Makow PhD

      • Rich zionist’s manipulate the media, but it’s not all zionists they wouldn’t make up one cheek of the arse, and are you aware some of the most organised and vocal opponents of this vaxx genocide are orthodox jews? Why are you causing division, isn’t there enough already? I come from a very left political background, but agree with those who say they are on the right more lately. I haven’t changed my politics but I now must agree the right are more reliable when pushing back on this enslavement. It’s something we need to align on, even if they support israel and I support Palestine, more fundamental freedoms are being erased and if we don’t beat them we will all be living in Gaza.

      • “Rich zionist’s manipulate the media, but it’s not all zionists they wouldn’t make up one cheek of the arse.”

        Zionism is a smokescreen – all there is, is Jews, and before the late 19th century and Herzl there was no Zionism. In truth all there is, is rich Jews and poor Jews, but they’re still one nation and one bloodline.

        “Theodor Herzl (1860 – 1904) the author of political Zionism who is regarded by Jews and Israelis as Zionism’s forefather, didn’t pull his punches in his attitude to Diaspora Jewry. ‘The wealthy Jews’ Herzl wrote, ‘control the world, in their hands lies the fate of governments and nations. They set governments one against the other. When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance. One way or the other, they get rich.’ – Theodor Herzl”

        “and are you aware some of the most organised and vocal opponents of this vaxx genocide are orthodox jews?

        Meaningless window dressing – Jewish noise.

        “I come from a very left political background.

        Then you should know that Bolshevism and Cultural Marxism are both Jewish, and it’s time you gave up on your satanic left wing politics.

  39. What do corrupt media presenters do at the weekends? Nothing, just shill out. ha ha ha ha

  40. This is spot on! Talk Radio is MSM and when the farce of GB News first aired, it was obviously controlled opposition. It’s important to do your own research. Watch or listen to trusted alternative commentaries, news or interviews that are independent – the truth is out there.
    I have found getting together with local like minded people, talking and sharing information and ideas is really the best way.

  41. The thing is there are to many people that believe they are genuine and are actually trying to help people can be very foolish as we have established over the last 2 years

      • Thetruth, how come?
        I’ve not been on there for a while but thought they gave factual evidence around their discussions.
        They seemed to be a voice for people seeking alternative media opinions.

      • Gerrish (whom I have met personally) when confronted with the Freeman doctrine and/or Common Law plus Commercial Law, that is, that citizens are treadmill slaves of the UK Corporation, his eyes glazed over in a heartbeat. Gerrish is a ‘retired’ Royal Navy Commander with a fat government pension. Take from that what you will.

      • I suspect that you yourself are a ‘retired’ civil servant. A very fat man sat in a study sat on a leather chair wearing a SS uniform and jackboots surrounded by books on Hitler, multiple copies of Mein Kampt and Nazi memorabilia. At least that is how I imagine you. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong

      • @Senga If you’re wrong!!!!???? ROTFLMAO! You have never been right in the whole of your useless life – some Commie mfkr ALWAYS doing your thinking for you.

  42. The world population is being held hostage by big pharma and governments hell bent on a surveillance state. Take our mystery juice for the latest varient omicron,, we do not know much if anything about it, but trust the science our mystery juice will protect you!!! Sure IL trust the science, the science of the 6 people I know of now dead all under 48 with blood related problems youngest being 28 year old single mother leaving her kids with no parents… and the hundreds / thousands of pro athletes dropping like flies that the mainstream media point blank refuse to report on, well until a few weeks when they start blaming it on the new varient as they are priming the public right now with bullshit side effects.. stay strong people this is WW3 make no mistake.. I mean look at what happened to kids n NHS staff forced into the pandemrix swine flu jab n 2009 ( massive increase in narcolepsy) now they want to jab the planet or force us out of society!

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