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  1. Got back from Guantánamo Bay ( tesco ) a while ago &…..
    48% had muzzles on – reminded me of Walthamstow dog track back in the 70s / 80s heydays……,.
    48% had baby diapers on – straight from Mothercare back in the 70s propper diapers with stain in middle….. not huggies or pampers, them comming out for the 3 layerd obstuction on your mush …..
    Carry on……………………….

      • The sheep love the drama. One reason that they wear a mask is to feel ‘a part of the gang’ . Their mundane lives are so boring that to ‘do the right thing’ and feel ‘in the team’ makes their lives worth living…… for now!

      • @ thetruthnotdoctrine,, Was it another Guantánamo Bay located somewhere else in England ?
        If So,, Sounds bout right mate

      • Thetruth, firstly you have to get past the person standing at the front saying ‘Do you need a mask?’… Nope… But you do need to do some alternative research and find out how bad it wearing one all day!

        Then you have to put up with shop staff giving you the eye.
        Lastly the programmed sheep also look at you as if you’re going to infect someone or more likely in envy as they do as the announcement tells them.

      • Me too! On the first day of bringing them bag, I was the only one. Not one ally!

      • @Unvaxxed: Not been asked if I need a mask lately, but we did enter a branch of Dunelm recently and were confronted with a large rotund lady just inside the door who acted as a welcoming committee and greeted us in what I would call a rather pointed way without saying what she would have liked to. “Oh I notice that you’re not wearing a mask, but here’s my hello anyway as we still want your dosh”.

      • What do you mean by ‘research’? Watching worldbsvideos and reading a load of nonsense on silly clickbait websites run by thebsdoctrine?

      • @Senga What I mean by research is something that you have never done, hence you’re here defending the indefensible, that is, the media whore and ‘educational’ mainstream narrative on 1930’s Germany and WW2.

        “In our time political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible.”

        — George Orwell (Eric Blair)

    • Off Topic….. Walthamstow dog track was a super place for greyhound racing! Glad to bump into a greyhound fan on here! I used to go ‘dogging’ in the 70’s-80’s without any sniggering from my mates! lol

      • I was in Central London today and I would say 95% had face nappies on, sad sight.
        Had a few good nights out at Walthamstow dogs over the years it had a great atmosphere.

      • Dogging ?? where High Beach ? Was well known for that ….
        Used to go up there on me bike back in 80s ( & no not for that it was before that all started ),, 3 in morning dark n quiet,, rumor was a closed down nut house round there,,, ghost stories fun times
        Cant do smileys on a pc

  2. Neil Oliver is absolutely not controlled opposition. His speeches are impassioned, and speak directly to people like us. I have no doubt at all he has woken people up. Ex BBC or not, that’s irrelevant! He is an ally with a tremendous reach.

    Russell Brand too, anyone criticising him here clearly hasn’t been watching him endlessly expose corruption. He has woken up a hell of a lot of people. We can’t win this fight divided…that’s what they want!

    There can be a tad too much unwarranted suspicion from this community at times, judge each person on their own merits and not who they once were or worked for. Ultimately in time we will see if their mask slips or not.

    It’s only love that will unify people, never hate.

    • Some people think Russel Brand is a 33 degree mason. Something to do with a 33 tattoo on his arm, and the fact that there is suprious footage of him when he was with Katy Perry. And his videos dont get taken off youtube.

      Neil Oliver has been saying the right things, but personally im a little suspicious because of it being aired on GB News and not getting taken off youtube also.

      Lets hope this shit show ends soon.

    • I have just checked out Russel Brands 2022 tour and the venue I looked at in Stoke where he was playing was vaccine passport only – that alone speaks volumes.

  3. Their relentless push for people to get the vaccine and the way they cut people off who come out with facts about it that oppose the roll out should say it all to everyone- they are a wolves in sheeps clothing

  4. Yes I would like thoughts on Russel Brand who has currently rebranded himself as the peoples popular guru. He is always promoting his gigs in his vids. I don’t dislike him ( I found The messiah complex very amusing and clever) but….does anyone really change? I can never finish watching him these days , something grates.

  5. It’s very hard to take any of them seriously when they sound like they are on our side, They use this tactic to soften your mental thinking state, so you will cave in to accept the “Norm” as they call it. The only person that is on a same level of thinking is (LBC – maajid nawaz ) other than him they are all paid puppets of the system. Stay strong my PB’s (PureBloods)

  6. Before YT banned my arse because they said I was a horrible person (translation, I spoke my truth to deceit) I would suffer watching talkradio and really gave it to them. LOTS of links, and calling out when I saw their antics. Like for example, that Julia double-barrel-name (ALWAYS watch out for them!!). Matt Handjob was on and she was all over him fawning, and I really let her know this LOL but these people are shameless and hard as nails. They will do anything to keep their money, as we know. Without any morality. In fact I hate this type more than the full on ones, because these DO pretend to know things are bad but they just stop at a certain point and gatekeep/shill.

    • @Julian She’s a Godless atheist, so questionable as to whether she has a conscience, many atheists do not. Therefore gatekeeping and shilling would come naturally to her.

  7. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    ― Lenin

  8. Hey Hugo,

    As a Sweden, I’d be interested in your take on Sweden’s policies and strategy in this circus.

    From my perspective, the fact that Sweden did not implement lockdowns and only minor restrictions does not mean they are not controlled by those pulling the NWO strings. In fact, they have recently announced they will be introducing the passport soon for events with 200+ people.

    I think that Sweden has simply been given another strategy, characterised by a much slower gradual increase in freedom infringements, but as with the other countries, Sweden will also eventually arrive at a point where forced vaccination gets pushed.

    This is likely because Swedes generally have a very high trust in their government representing the people’s best interest and preserving individual freedoms and human rights, and so had the government implemented an immediate lock down back in March 2020, they would have risked waking up more people than theyve done with their current strategy. It would have been such a massive shift in how our government behaves towards us that people would have reacted strongly.

    • @Aton “This is likely because Swedes generally have a very high trust in their government representing the people’s best interest and preserving individual freedoms and human rights,”

      Does this: “best interest and preserving individual freedoms and human rights,” also include the swamping of your once beautiful white country with hundreds of thousands of rapist rapine n****rs and Muzzies.

      • Sweden is now the most dangerous country in the world. I was there a few years ago and there was not a n***** or Muzzie in sight. I would think twice now about revisiting. At least Poland fought back. I was also there before they entered the EU, still behind the Iron Curtain. Not a n***** or Muzzie in sight. Only the occasional German visitor. It is a crying shame when countries have their cultures destroyed. I have just read about an ex- Afghan ‘interpreter for the British Army being resettled and having the cheek to say that there is no local halal meat shop (something that should be outlawed) and no Mosque for half a mile. A lunatic MP is also wanting to give ‘asylum seekers’ free public transport making the ludicrous argument that the buy an all day bus ticket every day and it uses most of their allowance. One had to walk half a mile to the shops. Haven’t these people not got legs. Anyway, you are supposed to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, 5 miles. The cheek of these people. I am sick of them.

  9. Hey Hugo,

    I think a lot of people are struggling with figuring out what they can do to change this situation we’re all in.

    I have found that the best way I can contribute is to simply talk to people. This makes them realise that there is another side of the argument. Many have yet to talk to a person who expresses the opposite view of what they’re being told by the government and the MSM.

    Often, the first step to waking up is to meet a “normal” person expressing these opinions/facts so that they disassociate from the idea that all people questioning the vaccine etc are crazy conspiracy theorists. When that spell gets broken, they are much more likely to actually listen to what you have to say, and you’re planting a seed in their mind that there IS another side to this story they’ve been told and then they’re more likely to do their own research and find the truth.

    Thanks a million for all your hard work! I watch your videos and share them with family and friends, and they really help.

    • I know where u are coming from however people do not want to think they have been foolish and duped, like the children’s story of the Emperor’s New Suit

  10. You’re always an interesting voices to listen to on this and cause me to think regularly; which I believe is still a good thing. You’ve one or two times shared things that my analysis show to be fake; but I think your take and intentions are legitimate. You’re barely scratching the surface on the shill element in media though imho.
    I respect that could be an editorial choice and your prolific videos are short. It would be interesting to see you go deeper and take the gloves off though.

  11. I truly believe that no one can make it in the mainstream unless they are controlled, and are selected for controllability. If they step out of line or speak up their careers or lives or both are destroyed.
    There is a huge list of stars that have been destroyed by the press or met untimely deaths.
    You can see how the media can turn on a celebrity look at
    Ant McPartlin (can’t stand the prat) he went from being the media darling to public enemy number one with an alleged drink driving incident. Then back to media darling again did he step out of line and was taught a lesson.

    • @Maverick Mongoose Correct, ALL media people are vetted by MI5/MI6 before they’re allowed anywhere near a broadcasting studio, whatever the channel, and the Rothschild Jews control MI5/MI6.

  12. But they also have us talking about the wearing of stars. That is also put there to make us pity the Js when we all know the story is fake and they are really the ones behind all this

  13. My mother in law is slowly starting to awaken and has turned to GB news for her alternative platform. Just like you say these platforms have been strategically set up to make you think that a reputable news source is saying the right things so you can continue to bury your head in the sand and hope all this blows over. Just look at the ratings for GB news it’s abysmal. The Farage – Trump interview on You tube had a measly 79K views.
    I’m under no illusion that we are under attack by our governments all over the world. Humanity itself is in grave danger.
    I’d love to hear you do a video some time on Russia and Putin as he is portrayed as this dictitorial monster but if you dig deep and do your own research he seems like a very level headed genuine leader that wants the best for his people and country. It is my thinking that he has absolutely not signed up the globalists great reset agenda and they see him as a major threat to their plan. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  14. I agree you can’t write people off just because of their past jobs. The only way we can move forward is by having more people on our side. If some of these people are genuine then this is the way to win the fight. I also think that Neil Oliver comes across as genuine and speaks honesty

    • I agree Neil Oliver does come across as genuine as do a small handful of mainstream celebs. But just because he is honest and genuine doesn’t mean he is not controlled. He is only being allowed his say, because it fits their agenda in someway.

  15. I posted on twitter the following “Hi Andrew, maybe you can help explain something. Why, after 20 months, do both yourself and Nick Ferrari within a week display what most would regard an uncharacteristic shift to authoritarianism on Covid? It is very odd.” No response, do you think there may be some external instruction to these two individuals to ramp up the PSYOP, are they being controlled?

      • Are bears Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods? You tell me.

      • No, we are all agreed that you are the troll. It is so obvious. Don’t think you can’t deflect by accusing others what you are guilty of yourself. Oh look, a squirrel. And you have the unmistakable stench of being a Nazi, or National Socialist if you prefer.

      • “And you have the unmistakable stench of being a Nazi, or National Socialist if you prefer.

        That would be impressive if you actually knew anything about Germany under National Socialism, or you knew anything about Herr Hitler, but as I have already stated and revealed, you’re a mainstream narrative, victor’s history, brainwashed moron of top notch calibre, just like a parrot in a cage, pretty polly; pretty polly; pretty polly. LOL

        All your comments amount to is emotional, infantile protesting (no informed argument), which makes me wonder if you’re not only a troll, but also a Jew as well.

        “I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.”

        — the Jew, Nahum Goldmann

  16. Thanks for all you do, Hugo.

    This is a comment which I made on a telegram group and I thought the response I got from someone was interesting.

    My message:

    ‘GB News is controlled opposition.

    it must be, as If they were an independent media outlet, they would not be continuing the pandemic narrative, albeit from a different angle.

    If they were independent I doubt any politician, scientific celebrity or journalist would agree to be interviewed by them.

    The fact that each interview does not begin with “so why do you think there is a pandemic when the governments own figures show there is not” is enough for me.’

    The response:

    ‘All media get a licence from ofcom a government controlled committee.
    All media at the start of the pandemic were sent a set of guidelines which were approx 200 pages of what they could and could not broadcast/print. To cut the guidelines short, the bottom line was follow the narrative or we will fine you and take away your licence. That is why you will not find any mainstream media pushing against the narrative.’

    • This is why they put an end to the pirate radio stations in the North Sea in the 1960s – broadcasting has always been 100% controlled. Britain has been a Communist State since the late 19th century.

  17. This is like those videos and articles about the freedom protests that appear to come from a pro-freedom perspective but then sow subtle seeds of doubt to confuse and manipulate. This is next level brainwashing!

    • @Heidi Good observations. There are very few real Truthers out there.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  18. right hugo theyre all fake and all in it together. what makes me sick as well is the SILENCE from all the thousands of well known ppl like celebs etc etc! they say nothing! theyre as complient to just sit this thing out in comfort in their nice houses letting us rot, die or just get miserable.. i think they know not to speak up! they must be in a pact together! what about all the artists and comedians theyre not saying anything! theyre supposed to be rebels! on our side! for liberation! we need a whole new set of ‘cool’ ppl. and leaders not these misleaders! this lot let us down. theyre fake all of them. behold Guadeloupe theyre fighting back and standing for whats right as they should. they know how to manifest in the street its the only way these tyrants listen. we have to put real fear into them. otherwise they will grind us down. a total revolution is whats needed.

  19. TURN all your mainstream news channels OFF, delete all your apps youtube facebook etc, just listen to RADIO CAROLINE, just music, not a mention of this utter nonsense on there, no ads no news just bloody great tunes, I have been doing this for a few weeks and I’m already feeling better in my soul, stay safe everyone, Love you all…….

  20. I agree Hugo. And this morning good morning Britain put up a poll on their Twitter asking if jabs should be made mandatory. Fortunately 89% said no, then they took the tweet down apparently. It’s all about normalising these tyrannical ideas and dividing the population. The whole world is a stage.

  21. Providing everyone with a text box here into which you can put the links to every article you read would do yourself a massive favour. People who don’t already instantly agree with everything you say will then be able to read the articles themselves since you don’t seem to want to put anything other than the headline on screen.

  22. I must say that all commercial news stations are controlled to some extent. However the start up GB News does give its presenters much more freedom to give coverage that you would NEVER see on the other lame stream fake stream channels like the BBC. Of course they are not here to save us or represent us in the revolution, they are commercial stations, and yes, owned by the corporations, BUT in order to cut through to the “normies” glued to the other fearmongering propaganda channels, they are important, so I’m not going to knock them. Yes, ultimately it’s up to each of us to resist and defy, in our own sovereignty but we need MASS NON COMPLIANCE as HugoTalks has so often said, and for too long it’s been MICRO NON COMPLIANCE which is why we need to get as many souls on board as possible. So that’s why stations like GB News are important for poaching viewers from the audiences of the other fakestream channels and rousing those who are still asleep. Hopefully some of them will then wake up and act against the system in their new found sovereignty

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