LOUDSPEAKERS Appearing All Over Towns / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I live in Eindhoven, many of us have filed complaints. I called the local government, that this is tiranny, this is so horrible, we are not slaves, do this in a prison instead. In a month or 2 I am leaving, I’m no longer proud of my country, I am so ashamed of my country. We are leaving and we will never ever come back to this tortoring hell country.

    • Hi

      i don’t live there, but your right what do we have to be proud of anymore
      they treating us with insanity
      & unfortunately so much fear being pushed that still many are so still to heavily going along
      with this madness.

      It sad to hear you need to move, your town should be ashamed of putting you people through this.

      take care
      Stay Strong, for your sanity.

  2. 1984 has arrived.

    I appreciate the relaxing music at the end of your videos, with which to heal from the impact of the unavoidably dark news content

  3. same sht in Tesco whch has been doing my head in every week since this all began where you get these announcements first from a man, then a woman, telling you to keep your distance and wear mask etc. it must frive the workers mad. the only good thing is that the music station is not your usual muzac. it is hope. really soulful tracks!! but as for that sht out there. they need VANDALS. totally destry them, again and again till the truly freaky sick scum who devise this get the message.

  4. It’s Becoming obvious the city’s are becoming open prisons. Blasting out orders to everyone to conform, consentration camps coming ffs, its a toucher mechanism that the C. I. A and the rest of the cult use. To get you to submit. It won’t end till we boycott the city’s. History is repeating itself, we need to go off grid ditch everything. I’m practicing everyday, I’m actually eating on the land now, had some blackberrys today in december loads of wild food out there, you could never starve, the animals are alright watch what they eat. There’s nothing to fear. Even if the net go’s down for good, the animals manage and I will join the white ibex, pure and real even if I get shot. I’ve lived a original authentic life. Get out in nature as much as possible it really helps I do about 4 hrs a day most days nice to sit on a oak tree for a hour go to the lake and stuff, it’s the only place I feel real in this madness.

    • I should be practicing more off grid (like you) just puts me off a bit where its so cold lol….I have things ready for hunting like rabbit traps, fish traps, fishing equipment, crab traps, cray fish traps….Iv tried eating sea weed…it was lovely deep fried- but don’t think that will be an option…but you’re right, always plenty of food and water in the UK.
      My future home will be by the sea…I love the sea:)
      Just will take a little adjustment and I think life could be better….got a book reader the other day…untrackable (unlike smart phones) …I like reading.
      Take care …keep strong 💪

  5. We’ve had Covid public announcements in Burnley town centre throughout the who plandemic – very disturbing :/

  6. You articulated in the video my same thought; how are these things still functioning.
    Dutch brothers with balls still functioning, seems like a legitimate target to me.

  7. Hello have already seen this clip. Live in the Netherlands, fortunately not in Eindhoven. This gentleman says that all day long he hears nothing but these texts. Both in Dutch and in English. He has to do his job at home at the moment. The sound is so loud, he says you can hear it through the windows.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

    • Hi
      Thank you for sharing it’s very kind.
      This poor man living so near
      They complain to us if we cause noise pollution…
      My goodness living with this is the same .. it’s disgusting they are getting away with it.

      Take care
      Stay strong

  8. No. 6 , you will put on your mask………….. I am not a number I am a man.

  9. Just seen on fake stream media that they are now describing Omicron as an independent disease ! And not a strain of covid.
    Because they know everyone is fed up with covid.
    I interesting change of Narrative that, look out for it and see if it appears to be the case on other fake stream.

    • I hadn’t heard yet they were officially saying Omicron was a separate disease but I could tell they were setting it up that way from the start. They know alot of people have stopped playing the covid game and many others wrongly believe they are protected by their covid vaccines and not living in fear anymore so how convenient to have a separate novel virus that nobody will have protection from. It’s going to be a complete restart of the covid hoax. Lockdowns will be needed, masks, social distancing, remote learning etc until they can develop a new emergency use vaccine that protects everyone against Omicron and we can get back to ‘normal. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m so done!

    • @tommy1471, Well they had to do something because NO ONE is dying of Cov-Yid (respiratory illnesses) they are all dying from something completely unrelated, that is, cardiac problems, heart attacks and strokes. The amazing thing is that even this gaping factual evidence and proof has still not awakened the morons.

  10. I thought I heard a siren going off the other day, like the old air raid sound, could that be what their for??? Testing for the future ij case an unjabbed excapes!

  11. So UK law states that an Ice Cream van can only play his tune for a maximum of 20 seconds .?? The Scam rolls on.

  12. Hi guys need help a lady of 55 years old not jabbed has fallen unwell ambulance called shes been taken to stoke university hospital put on a ventilator and given Midazolam this is not her wishes this is not right they are going to kill her please email the hospital guys Thankyou this is a sos to save lifes god bless and thankyou

  13. Are the Juice serving you? Perhaps a low level public servant yes but the Governments are owned by the Juicy Elite and their objective is to facilitate the elite’s objectives first.
    No other international clique is capable of orchestrating this globally but Rothschild, Gates, Rockefeller, peerage including Queen – all Juice.
    They know they own you because even if you are a “landlord” they can harass you with the local councils they also own because they all depend on their money power.
    The times when things where paid by the taxpayer is long over.
    The Juice print money and make up numbers at their banks.

  14. Exactly with all the vandalism!😂 youd think they would get taken down! If that was outside my window it would be down ghat night

      • @janie, now you’re talking, even frameless is good.

      • Mmmm some them deadly lol
        Years ago the
        kids around me learned to make them growing up from branch ect then rolled tin foil lol for practice

  15. Time to play the buzz wire game methinks with a very large metal rod. Remember that game where you have to guide a metal hook on a pole around a wire circuit without touching it or it goes buzz ? Same thing. I wonder what would happen if you got a very long metal rod with a hook at one end and insulated at the other with an electrical wire on it attached to a car battery. Would it short it out I wonder ?

    • That is an atrocious account of her experience. Cross this yellow line. This is totally insane. Basically she has been a POW for 14 days. It is like the line of death in the film The Great Escape when Hilts crosses over it to get his baseball. I know people are going to say I would just walk over it. But seriously try and put me in there I dare them. I really will waltz straight over it and garrote them with the rope I made from the husk of the coconut shell or corn cob. People need to realise this is war.

      • Hi

        once again u had me in fits …
        corn on the cob!!!
        you have a funny sense humour, i love the little one liners
        you are intelligent of course but also very funny, thanks for that
        hope u well

      • it is serious what you said but sorry corn on the cob just had me laughing
        i don’t know why .. Age concern lol for me

      • @Janie Just think you could shout “How`s that me old cobber” as you whack em with the corn cob husk or corn cob 🙂

      • That’s why it made me laugh cause I see myself launching hard corn on the cobs with a catapult!
        My imagination gets better of me lol

  16. Someone give these people some wire cutters or air rifles.
    No one should have to put up with that. Brainwashing!
    Changing the subject Tesco have got away with that terrible advert. I got a reply yesterday from the Advertising Standards Authority saying they had not broken any rules even though they had the most complaints about any advert so far this year.
    Boycott a Tesco.

    • It doesn`t surprise me Shirley. But thank you for trying.

  17. They been doing it in the supermarkets for last 2 years so they been obviously getting ready to go next step
    As video shows.

    I drove past small parade of shops yesterday
    I nearly crashed trying look back as I saw long cue on my right?
    I eventually noticed it was for the.. u know what centre.

    It was mainly younger people I see, which as I drove away made me cry
    as my own are round the same ages
    I can only assume the brainwashing is causing them to think life will return to normal
    Which as we know won’t.

    The younger age groups are struggling it seems
    as when you that age
    fun is on every waking day isn’t let’s face it,
    I heard today that the main company who pushes this wants the ‘hit in the arm’ every year ect
    The more people taking this stuff
    the more they don’t realise
    it will Never end .

    It is dark times
    I got upset yesterday
    I don’t even know the people I saw
    but I know they are not going to have the freedom they think they hear the MSM or Social media pushes at them.

    The dividing is what I have most trouble with I think the world was a hefty Hostile place before…
    Now it’s all reality & the people in power are seriously ill !!
    As human suffering on a scale this kind is insane
    They are cruel & the hatred for Us is massive.

    Mr Johnson has party’s when we not supposed to, the other bloke drove to Scotland & stopped off sight seeing why in the LD!

    Keep strong
    Thank you Hugo as always

    • @Janie When you look at these political and media criminals just remember that you’re literally looking straight at Satan the Devil, for they are his eager and willing servants. Doing this keeps EVERYTHING in perspective, for their is no reasoning with it, or with them.

      • Hi
        I know
        i just lost it a tad yesterday it was sad you know.
        But cheers for the kind words your right 100%

      • Lol
        I know
        I make loads mistakes don’t I it’s that
        I not great at this tech lark or writing & reading

      • It’s ok it helps me just take a second look before I submit
        Which I trying do more so i make sense.
        It’s difficult typing when I so want get something out, so my mind goes quicker than my hand.
        It’s been good on here as I learning as I go
        It’s cool
        Have a pleasant weekend

    • I too weep, but more for what harm these jabs are doing to people.

    • I had a wobble too Janie, watching that other video showing the toxic batches of jabs mapped out in charts. It was like seeing an evil callous plan mapped out in front of your eyes. Thinking about kids becoming orphaned if their parents die from the poison like young sportspeople are. We’ve just got to do what we can to stay sane and spread the message of truth with as much love as we can muster to those who have become brainwashed. Hope you are ok x

      • Hi Gina
        Yes 100% agree
        It’s so crazy isn’t it & knowing the kids are suffering & giving in is destroying ..bless them
        I ok thank you & I hope you & your beautiful children are to.

        Take care
        Stay strong

  18. I’m on a train to the West country. It’s gutting to see how many people are in masks again 😔 I know a percentage are just going along ‘for an easy life’. Perhaps people have to feel the opression directly before making a stand. I’m not always brave so I’m not judging

  19. Just like I did with the signs put up near my home last year and on the kids skate park in my area, rip them all down!

  20. Like a Firefly in the night…
    SaYFG2jxFGZFLJKiz75c0NnxzhcTcN cSAQMGWBht7!8YtZR6ueVLen8fYk91Y g8k25eQBQNPqS8V2C2vsuM6O1MGwRt!!4

  21. It’s not in Dutch Hugo. It’s in English. Nearly everyone in Holland, well over 90% of the population, can speak English in the Netherlands.

  22. We had loud speakers in Barnsley town Center UK in the last lock down booming out social distance orders and mask wearing mandate

  23. Reminds me of Blur’s ”The Universal’. I remember feeling uneasy watching that video but I am sure they are not controlled🤔. Damon OBE?

  24. You are pathetic. Someone says something you don’t like and you stop them from commenting. All the videos you’ve made about and against censorship and you are doing it yourself.

    • Jon WTF are you on about ? I find on this platform yiu can say whatever you like , look at your WordPress account or settings etc.
      I’ve posted some near the bone comments on here and can honestly say nothing has ever been rejected.

      • Hi
        since i been coming on here its taken me a while to work how
        wordpress do it?
        i have posted comments & they not shown, or i comment, it don’t show
        then i have wrote it again & seen it twice.

    • They allow a Nazi fanboy to poison these comments, so I can’t think what you could write that would get censored.

      • So MR LIBTARD ignoramus, Nazi fanboy eh??? Tell me what you know about German National Socialism – all you will need is the back of a postage stamp. LOL.

  25. Everyone – wear headphones when you’re out and about and you won’t hear the brainwashing.

  26. That’s true Hugo. It is an attack on our minds and sense of peace.
    In Liverpool there are loud speakers on the buses, since recently, which is quite annoying as there is a voice coming out of it, in the driver place!
    At the moment seems to make the driver aware of his driving but why do we have to hear that too, and so loudly?
    It’s this going to alert us too of something 🤔.

  27. The Dutch guy is saying; 4 speakers are placed on the left, 5 speakers are placed on the other side. You can hear the messages every 15 minutes, even with the windows closed. The messages are belted out in Dutch and English. The messages in English are stone coal English (like Louis van Gaal, or the dutch prime minister🤣)
    It is driving the guy mad, it feels like being in a re-education camp, forced fed propaganda.

  28. Look where we have ended up
    100 years on from the rise of the Nazis , frightening times.

  29. I imagine many of these speakers ultimately rely upon a supporting pole. After cutting down the pole/s, save it/them – they can later be used as barricades.

  30. Just the Same As Anglia / virgin / thameslink & other Trains / stations ~ Tfl tubes / bus stations & busses …. All the ?? supermarkets & shops like sports direct ,, jd sports,, currys & poxy shopping centers can F’kin guess everywhere else……… Now This Shit ….
    Question,, Why are the speakers still there ????

  31. Some people round my way have a way of dealing with this type of thing, there used to be a speed camera not far from me, that was incinerated 6 times before the council got the message & disabled it permanently.

    • This is government by consent. If we consent to tyranny then we deserve it. If we tear down their notices and other visible signs of tyranny then we are showing our non-consent. I’ve been tearing down any notices about divoc since last year. If these notices stay up then the sheeple who are unawake just go along with it. White Rose do stickers on instagram, Make your own stickers. We need to be more visible. Get together with other awake people in your community. We have to fight this evil for the sake of humanity.

  32. Cut the wires – simple and keep doing it until they take them down. It’s brainwashing – reminds you of the Germans barking orders in the ghettos and occupied towns, disgusting.

  33. And yet so many of the masked, enslaved masses will think this is a totally acceptable extension of things. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 ‘Moronic’ to say the least!

  34. So true Hugo !paying for our own demise! I’m retired last year,.at 72 !but payed into the system, for over 50 years!I didn’t think I would be living, in a Dictatorship!

  35. They’re trying it for size, see if people accept. Do what it takes to fight back. The other day, in the local shopping centre, an announcement went out in a patronising, childish voice telling people how to blow their nose and dispose of their snot-rag. Mind you, the way I’ve seen people coughing, sneezing and spluttering into their face naps, and then STILL leave them clamped to their faces like the incontinent people they’ve become, it doesn’t surprise me.

  36. Take them down. This is a public nuisance and a breach of the peace. If you leave those things up there you are complying with the beast and you get what you deserve.

    • Best point yet (breach of the peace) nice one from Paul in Bonnie Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 lol

  37. Don’t understand this – the guy living in the flat in Eindhoven is speaking Dutch (as you’d expect) but the speaker announcement is in English 🤔🤔

    • Apparently it plays in Ditch then repeats in English every 15 minutes

    • They probably repeat the same message in Dutch – English is for the tourists, if there are any. If I was that bloke I would buy a shot gun and blast that speaker to pieces.

      • Have you guys never been to Holland? Nearly everyone can speak English there. In the city’s everyone can.

      • I live in Eindhoven, yeah they do it in Dutch too. In a month or 2 we are leaving this horrible country because of this tirrany. We will never come back. I am so ashamed of my country. I cannot stay here anymore, what a horrible life, what a torture. I also keep my kid at home now, since they introduced tiranny now for little kids in schools. That is why I need to go, because it is illegal to keep your kid from school. They force us to torture our kids AND I SIMPLY REFUSE !!!!!!!

      • Good for you. You are standing up to tyranny from psychopaths and bullies. I used to think the Dutch were more libertarian especially after the last World War, but it looks like the fascists have never gone away. You have to look at the history – Prince Bernhard was a n a z i. I pray for you and your family, we need to pray for each other, we are going through the worst of times. Blessings.

      • @baglady21 Prince Berhnard’s political views died with Adolf Hitler in 1945. Today there are no Fascists and there are no National Socialists, just Communists and Cultural Jew Marxists and anyone who says otherwise is either a duped moron, or one of ’em = ANTIFA.

      • The fascists have never left – you are a troll. Bilderbergers, headed by Prince Bernhard, and now the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, are directed by those who espouse fascist and eugenicist ideologies. Thank you for your comment, you have exposed yourself.

      • Show me a nation in the west ruled by a sole dictator, as in the examples of Franco, Mussolini, Pinochet, which is essential for a Fascist State to exist!! You need an education, and it starts here:

        “Dealing with The Jews requires a Jewish primer on how the Jews talk and how they use certain words:

        1) “Fascist.” Jews call someone a fascist when that person prevents the Jews from taking control of the politics of a particular nation.

        2) “Fascism.” The political status of a particular nation that keeps the Jews in their place and out of power.

        “There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors….We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we [Jews] are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of men.”

        — Samuel Roth, Jewish writer, Jews Must Live (NY,NY: The Golden Hind Press Inc., 1934) pp. 64-65

      • Get over the jewish question- Jews have been played and betrayed by ashkenazi globalist “jews” themselves – see Arthur Koestler and “the Thirteenth Tribe”. It’s got nothing to do with Jews. Fascism is about collusion between state and corporations – See Mussolini for definition of fascism. You have a mountain to climb regarding history and comprehension. Best of Luck to you. It’s taken me 3 decades. You really need to take a pill.

      • Ashkenaz was a descendant of the Patriarch Japheth who was the forefather of all oriental yellow skinned people, so nothing to do with the Jews. Lay off the internet disso Kool Aid.

        I will therefore repeat that without a solitary dictator ruling a nation you have no Fascism. Fascism is also Nationalism and you cannot point to a Nationalist State in the west today = ALL ARE INTERNATIONALIST AND INTERNATIONALISM (GLOBALISM) IS JEWISH – PERIOD!

        Can You Handle The Facts About Jews?

      • Mussolini defined fascism AS COLLUSION BETWEEN STATE AND CORPORATIONS – you have ignored this. Bill Gates has bought most media outlets, Fauci as head of a government organisation with 6 billion dollars budget has bought Big Pharma. I think you are an agent wishing to divide people according to ethnicity. SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE NOT THE TRUTH – you are an ideologue wishing to protect fellow eugenicists and globalists , I pray for your soul. Blessings on you.

      • The shame is all yours through your willing ignorance:

        “The war wasn’t only about abolishing Fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so prevented this war from breaking out without firing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”

        — Winston Churchill to President Truman 1946.

        “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war,” Churchill said,” was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny (Jew) world finance its opportunity to profit.”

        – Winston Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War 2001, orig. 1938.

        “Fascism is an economic system in which a nation’s government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labour activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding and advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation as a whole and the people of the nation – this is the axiom which determines everything under Fascism.”

        — Nimblehorse at WTV

      • Thank you for your reply. Churchill was a profligate and an alcoholic. He married a jewess and was therefore allowed to get financial help for his gambling addiction from various jewish owned banks. Churchill was on the edge of losing his entire inheritance until the war loomed and there was a way for him to retain Blenheim Palace and his inheritance. Please can you confirm that you are a student of history. At the moment i feel that you are a change agent. As I said before, this isn’t about jews, The Jewish question is a distraction from the a-nationalistic/globalist elite and their agenda for global control. I’m still praying for you, but obviously we are all subject to free will and my prayers will be for nought. You are a child off the divine, you need to reconnect to source. xx

      • @baglady21 Both Churchill and Roosevelt were Jews through their mothers and Stalin was a half-Jew with a Jewish wife.

        Here is what WW2 was ALL ABOUT:

        “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”

        – Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

        “The Second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

        — Rabbi Felix Mendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942

        Now tell me it’s nothing to do with Jews!

      • I’m a bit tired of saying the same thing. Jews are nothing to with it. You have to look at Ashkenazi jews – the jews who are not jews – in order to see what is happening. It’s got nothing to do with jews, christians, buddhists, jainists, hindus, or moslems. You are really hung up on labels. You have to look to sociopaths, psychopaths, malignant narcissists, and general ignorant human beings of which you are a member. Ashkenazis – ie turko mongol khazars – decided in the 7th century to adopt judaism – these khazars had no genetic or historic links with israel btw. Have you read the Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler. I think you are an ignorant twunt. Now go and lie down, take a spliff or whatever calms you down and then look at history. Now FO.

      • The Jews: Who Are The Jews?

        1) We are Satan’s Serpent Seed from The Garden = Hamitic Canaanites, not Semitic Israelites
        2) We are the lying scam that is anti-Semitism
        3) We are Bolshevik Marxism (Judaism or Communism)
        4) We are the lying money making scam and Industry that is The Holocaust
        5) We were behind The Subversive Frankfurt School
        6) We are behind Cultural Marxism = Critical Theory = Political Correctness
        7) We are behind White Genocide
        8) We are behind the LGBT agenda
        9) We are behind Radical Feminism
        10) We are behind Multiculturalism except in Israel!
        11) We are anti-Christianity – the Christ killers
        12) We are behind a One World Government
        13) We are behind “Divide and Conquer”
        14) We are behind The Greater Israel Project and Balkanisation of Arab nation states
        15) We are the race baiter and slave trader
        16) We are censorship of Free Speech = Anti-First Amendment in the USA
        17) We are Internationalism (globalism) and hate YOUR nation
        18) We are a Dual Citizen with no loyalty to your nation
        19) We are the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore.
        20) We are the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
        21) We are Usury, Fractional Reserve Banking, World Currency and Fiat DEBT Money = CREDIT.
        22) We are AIPAC, NareBLA, ACLU, The ADL, NAACP, The SPLC
        23) We are the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, tabloid journalism, and pornography
        24) We are the Corrupt Judicial System that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
        25) We will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
        26) We are your last, your current and your next war
        27) We are anti-gun = Anti 2nd Amendment in The USA
        28) We are open borders, except in Israel!
        29) We are Eminent Domain = the theft of your land and property via the thieving mortgage scam and foreclosures.
        30) We are the Military Industrial Complex
        31) We are an Unregulated Nuclear State
        32) We are International Terrorism (The Destroyers) = Hamas, The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and White Helmets
        33) We are the re-writer of history to our advantage
        34) We are “war by way of deception”
        35) We are the Aggressor yet ALWAYS the Victim
        36) We are the Eternal Radical.
        37) We are anti-Monarchy and destroy Monarchies.
        38) We are The Unlawful Rogue State of Israel
        39) We are born liars and are insulted by The Truth.

        Who are we? “The Jews, you silly duped goy slaves!!!

        — My enhanced edition from an original on the Jewish Henry Makow Website.

        You were saying?

    • So many people in Netherlands speak English it has become generic outside the home. Locals sometimes jokingly call Dutch the ‘kitchen language’ as it is often only spoken at home

    • Thought that was odd too but perhaps there are a number of English residences there and I hear a lot of the people in these countries speaks English well.

      • Yes the Dutch do speak English, it is taught in schools from the age of six. It is actually their common language because there are so many different dialects that at one time they couldn’t understand people in the next street to them.

    • I worked in Amsterdam for several months, everyone spoke English. I was living in a hotel in the UK owed by a Dutchman – he spoke English perfectly. I don’t think you know enough about the world to judge the world. Be more humble and ask for guidance.

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