LOUDSPEAKERS Appearing All Over Towns / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. There is a book ”The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa&Keith Priest, An exploration of human galactic heritage. And there is a sentence in the book: ”The way out will never be fighting. It lies in the integration of polarity.”
    So I absolutely agree with you, Hugo. We all need to unite.

  2. Hi Hugo,

    The silent war on a sleeping humanity continues … although … more are awakening … and more medical data/FDA evidence is coming out to prove that we are being deliberately harmed.

    This new intrusion is deeply concerning. I wished to share some insights, in the hope it may help?

    From my perspective, this is ‘frequency/thought/mind control’, through ELF/EMF wave/ Radio transmissions, which harm us by altering our human brain/heart waves into snake waves. The agenda is to block rational thought and prepare the brain for subconscious re-programming.

    Our hearts emit ‘circle energy’. This circle energy is like a stream of ‘bubbles’ that are being constantly broken up by the ELF waves, mobile phone waves and other technologies, turning the bubbles into snake energy, which can pierce our energy fields to harvest our life force energy. A drop in our unique vibration ensues which creates a block in our ability to connect to heart where truth is found.

    Being disconnected from heart can cause soul shock, soul fragmentation, or soul disconnection. This can affect us in the physical and cause heart-ache, chest pain, poor sleep, depression, irritability, violent or aggressive behaviour, etc.

    This energetic onslaught of attack will prevent others reaching inner truth guidance. The attack on the spirit and consciousness will be devastating for those who value heart/prayer connection.

    There will be noiseless messaging transmitting at night while people sleep. This has to be halted by the local communities. It is a noise nuisance at best and mind control/thought control at worst.

    People need to take peaceful action and stand up for themselves otherwise they will become used to it and tolerate it.

    It will also be stealing their life force energy from their energy fields because low frequencies create a drop of energy in the human energy fields…more DNA codes are then stolen.

    Sorry to say, but this is ET technology, masked as an annoying public health warning system.

    It reminds me of the advert, “connecting the disconnected”… looks like the ‘little robot’ creatures climbing through your window and blowing bubbles in your face. I described our heart energy as circle energy and like a string of bubbles that are being constantly burst by the snake energy. Surely, this is more than coincidence?

    Subconscious programming? Do you think they have already boasted through the advert what their plans are? Is their audience sufficiently softened up, now, for applying this mind control agenda in situ?

    This appears to be another ‘harvesting of energy’ agenda. They are getting desperate.

    It will be harming all life, including children, the vulnerable and pets. All will be losing life force energy and DNA codes.

    We can easily override any dark agenda.

    We are not the weaker side.

    This dark energy needs our energy to exist. Don’t give your energy away.

    We can turn our spiritual backs on it, and turn our attention inwards, by simply making a sincere request from our heart, by calling for help from our True Self, Infinite Love/Source and The Cosmic Laws to send all harmful energies aimed at humanity back to the creators, senders, perpetrators and purveyors of this attack on our energy fields.

    The Cosmic Laws are very powerfully available for all of us to call upon – to shield us from all harm.

    The more people who ask for help and the more who do this on a regular basis – throughout the day – the more help and protection humanity will receive.

    Remember all the technologies are harming us at some level, each day, all day, every day. Each time we send a text/email, read a text/email we are sending a viral load of ELF/EMF wave ‘bad stuff’ to all who read them, who then pass on the viral load of ELF/EMF waves to others. ‘Bad stuff’ accidentally goes ‘viral’ all day long.

    If we can learn how we accidentally pass on bad energy to each other, we can identify where a firewall of goodness is required to stop the bad energy from going further. We can ask for it to be made safe and harmless. A simple request for help is all that is needed. LOVE…it is the most powerful technology in existence. LOVE disarms and will clear away toxic energy.

    It is also worth mentioning that asking your True Self, Infinite Love and The Cosmic Laws to bless your food, drink, and medicine is a beneficial way to raise the frequencies. Having gratitude for food, drink, and medicine also has the same effect.

    Calling on the frequencies of Compassion and Wisdom would also be beneficial for this situation to help people engage in finding peaceful solutions through heart to all the agendas and chaos being thrown at us. There still needs to be an outcry and demand to have these things removed, however, use of the energetic protection is equally important.

    Feel the energy of Compassion come around you as you call on it for help…it is very uplifting and calming. If we see suffering anywhere we can call on Compassion to help them. It is a frequency that is needed right now, because many have lost the ability to have empathy due to loss of these vital light codes.

    I am hoping this might empower others to feel better about the situations we are all facing.

    We all have the ability to draw strength from within, to help protect each other, especially the children and vulnerable, and to see that we are the stronger side when we unite to help all.

    Thank you for sharing your recent videos…very enlightening and thought provoking. I learn so much each time and truly value all your hard work.

    Very Best Wishes



  3. They did the same thing in Victoria Park, London last year. It was so so bizarre! One of the messages was ‘keep moving at all times and no dawdling’

  4. When, oh When are people going to start holding the “business owners” accountable for what they are doing?
    whatever you are buying, “Smart” anything, clothing, food etc, It is no secret which businesses are supporting the NWO.
    After 2 years of this they have no excuse, they are the ones making all this nonsense possible, mask mandates, jab mandates,
    social distancing, none of this would be possible without their full cooperation. Vultures, one and all!!

  5. I have photos of loudspeakers that have appeared strapped high up on lamp posts, so they cannot be “got at” in Eastbourne.

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