Twitter RAMPING UP Censorship / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I thought I was whatching you on Hugo talks . Com I will have a word with my son to get me on the right Chanel I am very dumb with technology lol

  2. ‘ “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ’ George Orwell

    • They will only shoot themselves in the foot on this I bet cave men were talking the piss out of each about the size of their club.

  3. As you said only for the peekaboo club! Not on any twitter, meta nor other pretendy apps

  4. So Twatter is now both iconic and despotic for giving people the bird.

  5. Not on any of these fake platforms anway Fakebook ,Twatter or Tikcok etc so I’m not arsed, rip social media up and throw it all in the bin.

  6. Thank you Hugo. You are one form of media I actually trust. Thank you.

  7. So if I heard you correctly, it doesn’t apply to people in the public eye? If that’s correct it shouldn’t really affect us? After all they’re the ones we expose as liars not private citizens. Also, I suspected Jack was resisting the orders of the NWO (not sure if that was deliberate or because he’s always off his face 😂😂😂) so I’m not surprised he’s been ‘resigned’

  8. All social media is pointless, but out of that sorry sack of shit twatter has got to be the most pointless of the lot. I have never and will never get the point of it, it is completely and totally unnecessary and so lets hope they’ve just signed their own death warrant.

    • twitter is actually about as much use to anybody as Hancock was to the country! Chocolate teapot springs to mind!

  9. I guess that means the beeb is going to be given a permanent ban from twitter in that case. Will not be a moment too soon! They have no qualms about showing clearly identifiable people without asking their permission. The beeb do not consider data protection law applies to them. They are also one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations and are known to be super-spreaders of misinformation.

    • Just watched the link video, very encouraging news, Europe is clearly in a right mess with all this but again it’s not been shown on MSM no surprise.

    • At last some people are waking up to what is happening worldwide. Share this with everyone!

    • 1984 wasn’t a warning, it’s another example of them trying to escape karma by telling us what they have planned, George Orwell was in on it.

      • Correct. “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World” were (((their))) hand guides and laid out (((their))) planned objectives.

      • Wrong! Orwell became disillusioned with the agenda when he fought in the Spanish Ciliv War. “Homage to Catalonia” was an account of his disillusionment! He knew what the agenda was but,he wanted to warn people with Animal Farm and 1984.Huxley,on the other hand,was a different kettle of fish…..He was,like HG Wells and Bertrand Russell, one of the architects of our present day system! You both need to study more! Get busy,your life depends on it!

      • It’s Communism! 1984 was a work of imagination.Soviet Russia and the East Bloc countries,and N Korea,were and are the Real Thing. Orwell wanted to raise the alarm about how utterly bleak and inhuman the future would be if we let our social engineers (FabianSocialists) have their way! Not enough people took what Orwell was saying seriously enough. Brave New World was a vanity piece in a humorous tone,written by one of the major insiders who were the architects of the Plan.Huxley belonged to the scientific elite!

  10. got 110,000 signatures and just before the close got taken down by the host after a secret complaint.
    Sites like Hugo’s are left to capture all the people who will not be lied to and swallow the propaganda. When they are ready* Hugo talks and the others will be taken down and soon there will be a knock at your door and you will be taken to an isolation camp.
    *ready for the final solution.

  11. People need to leave these platforms.. I was only using YouTube but now with the dislike button removed it’s terrible they are silencing us so I’m not going back on that. We need new big platforms like an what ever else. I new this was going to happen. People think this war is turning.. wait till the blackouts happen. I believe this is just getting started. Ditch YouTube Twitter Facebook Amazon. Get right off them all!!!!

  12. sounds like these companies are chucking their toys out of their prams 🙂

  13. Someone said to me months ago that the biggest mistake ‘they’ have made is leave the internet free for too many years before this nonsense. Cancelling and censoring just reinforces peoples belief in their lies now. Their tool to entrap has become a weapon for those who look for truth. They are scrabbling to put this right. I am praying that their greed and arrogance will contribute to their downfall.

    • That “someone” was Jay Rockefeller in a speech to the CFR in 2010.From that moment on,controls started to be put in place.His speech is on YT “Jay Rockerfeller says internet was a Great Mistake”

  14. I can’t add any more to your analysis Hugo, it is spot on.
    I am not on twitter but people will delete their account because of all this. Next year Trump’s social media platform is up and running, this will be bad news for fakebook and twitter as many will shift over.

  15. To ‘protect’ their users from disinformation, Facebook has apparently threatened to remove any accounts who:
    1) Deny covid-19 is real
    2) Promote non social distancing
    3) Promote non mask wearing

  16. Ditch Twitter and use GAB or VK or other similar platforms! Don’t feed the beast!

  17. Best if the internet went altogether, we would have a far better connection. hope it does go. we would have far better stronger relationships, worst invention ever made, bring back 80s 90s people got on better i wonder why?

    • Yeah, but it was the internet that woke me, and many others, up about 10 years ago. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have seen through this shit going on now, because it’s so transparent that only a fool can’t see it, but communication and videos on the internet awakened me in many ways.

    • You might as well say the same thing about books or radio or the mail service or telephones! It’s all about how and why you use these things.Not the thing in itself!

  18. Yeah but then they will not be social media platforms. They will be numpty platforms of ignorance and oppression! Many better platforms will take their place… like MySpace! In the MySpace terms you had to agree to allowing them to share photos of your children. Seriously. Look at MySpace now lol. It was the number platform 15 years ago.

  19. Funny how this censorship happens just as the Giselle Maxwell Trial starts up. Can’t have the elites in one of the largest pedophile busts in history being exposed and allow be to talk about that now. Not to mention that Biden just rush appointed a favorable judge to oversee the trial, so justice will absolutely not be served. They don’t want the masses uniting under this cause and further waking up to the rest of it.

    This also seems like it will specifically target independent journalists, like Project Veritas here in America who regularly exposes a lot of things the mainstream media and elites would like hidden. Twitter is how Project Veritas has been able to stay spreading the information so well while being deplatformed and silenced regularly. Distribution by proxy they call it.

  20. Twitter is fantastic,
    I met my wife on Twitter

    She’s plastic and blow up.

    Thanks Twitter.

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