WE SEE YOU SAJID! Public Waking Up! / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Chris, I too find trees a shield from this nonsense. Hugo thank you for all your hard work and to all who comment.

  2. you are right when you understand that this is a lie from the first day (growing up in the Soviet Union, Boris’s first speech about a terrible virus, told me something was wrong inside) and you understand all this deception, it’s very hard sometimes, but you understand and try to be strong!😉 there was not a single mask (this is humiliating to wear it🤢) in 2 years. I got the exemption card straight away…thank u ,Hugo.we are strong🙂

    • “In our country (the Soviet Union) the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.”

      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      The same in the UKSSR!

  3. well just been 4 supermarkets 2 of which were on my banned list …tesco and morrisons … no mask … no one asked me to wear one .. no one approcached me… but then they rarely did before … will keep pushing till i get a reaction .. i love a confrontation with a sheeple

  4. @2 minutes in. They want you to CHOOSE to do it because once you have CHOSEN YOU have then entered into a CONTRACT WITH THEM and by default you’re now obligated to follow their directives or YOU will automatically BE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT and liable to obey their future draconian measures so don’t contract with them.

  5. Went up town. Not one shop asked me where my muzzle was! Lots of people going in without one on, heres hoping people are finally seeing the truth and bigger picture

  6. Cheers Hugo

    You are a bit of a ‘life line’ for many people at present Hugo
    it’s not a bad thing
    but can be very tiring so I admire what your doing & I am sure many do.

    Take care Every one
    Keep strong & aware
    And happy as you can
    I may say it a lot & many may not feel happy
    I don’t always
    but we must keep strong
    we have come this far together.

    All the best Hugo & All

    • Yes if it wasn’t for Hugo and those like him I wdnt know what was going on as I’ve not read watched or listened to the propaganda and lies for quite a few years…thanks Hugo.. we all owe you so much..

  7. Everything you mention is so on the money.
    In the area of the UK I’m in I’m one of only two or three families that are awake.
    We get victimised by the sheeple but continue to fight on.
    Sadly I think it’s really hopeless.
    How much more obvious does it have to be?
    My own father told me go shut the fuck up and do what the government tells me. Of course I have never complied.
    Even withy father now having heart problems after his jabs and my mother having having a rare blood condition after the jab they still don’t see it. Even with the cemetery filling up they still think its a virus.
    We are doomed by ignorance of the sheeple gladly walking us all to the abyss.

    • My mother is 80 she told me I’m selfish and thinks I’m stupid..that everything I say is fake news..I didn’t speak to her for 3 months…she’s now very ill..with multiple health problems..I’d like to say I told u ..but of course I can’t

    • @mad22 I feel for you, for I know if my father was still alive he would most likely have been the same as your father = 100% in the box and the lid stuck down with sticky tape and with no desire to escape.

    • Have you seen the film ‘Await further Instructions?’ It’s a must see for the Christmas season.

  8. I am almost 72 and will not have an experimental jab or wear a mask especially as many doctors say masks cause more harm than good.
    I went into a small local co-op this morning without my mask and was quite pleased to see another lady not wearing one. No one said anything and as I left another man came in not wearing one so that gave me some hope. If anyone queries why you are not wearing one you just say you are exempt, end of story, as they are not allowed to ask your medical history.
    TCXX your wife/partner who is a nurse has done well to stick to her guns and not get the jab. At least she has not caved in like so many have to keep their job.
    This is going to be a big problem for people. My son in New Zealand had been told no jab, no job and he has been working from home and does office work, he has heard today they are sacking him as he refuses the jab. He has two young children and a mortgage so it is very worrying.
    We all know why all these countries are working on the same agenda. This has never happened before.
    Everyone I met at my local stand in the park have agreed not to wear masks.
    We must all stick together for our human rights.
    Best wishes to everyone on this site and thank you Hugo.❤️

  9. The government are really taking the piss now… ill be not wearing any silly face nappy…. and I was born to this beautiful planet…to be free….. as God intended… not by government lunitics trying to control me…. they can go fuck themselves….

  10. I am not takjnv part on this nonsense. The moronic variant doesn’t really exist. This is all about getting the sheeple back under control. Where I work the nappies are back though not universally.

  11. Everyone is scared, 8 out of 12 on a course gf on refused to leave there house, incase they get a very mild virus with no symptoms, falling for common cold renamed dumb enough, but no symptoms who would care ffs!

    The sooner these jabbed moronic losers die the better.

    Trafford centre maybe 5% walking around like me no mask or as a chin diper.

    Really thought they’d of learnt 🙁

    • Sounds bad but I agree…the sooner the jabbed die the better…
      dont fancy living off grid and ramaining under the radar with this many people about …maybe take just a third population death rate for the infrastructure to start collapsing ….:)

  12. It seems strange to me that people who, not so long ago, were complaining about AI facial recognition systems being tested now have the reasonable opportunity to subvert those systems and are complaining about it? Funny old world?

  13. Christmas is cancelled already they have made sure of that already. i go work and think what’s the point, i must be mad, i feel my days are numbered, getting my last few pay checks to purchase survival gear. brought some more camping equipment today. this concrete jungle is finished in my eyes. fucking wankers.

    • Hi Chris I’m just the same ,I’m planning to live off grid ,tent ,survival gear etc,yes it will be very tough and if I die doing this at least it was on my terms ,not a complete stranger jabbing me with a poison that will eventually kill me

  14. They fell to a new low on MSM today. By saying not to cancel children’s nativity plays they were putting doubt in the minds of those who don’t know the truth. They seem to be targeting parents lately. The latest cr*p about maternity claimed more un-jabbed pregnancies end up in ITU. Sadly totally omitted that mothers who have lost a baby, (high numbers since the jab) normally don’t need ITU.
    Come on girls I thought we were brighter than the people pushing this nonsense.

  15. Reading these comments makes me very sad.Im a child of the sixties and seventies and feel those days were never great but you were very free.I really cannot see an exit from this situation without pain and suffering.I speak to very few about my views because many are and will always be asleep.Take Care friends.

  16. Hear hear dear Janie darling, you’ve hit nail on head with what you have said today! We all have to stay strong and find good ways of coping through this insanity, and I’m pleased to say that as I have felt a little better physically the last couple of days that I’ve been doing some piano and flute playing which has really cheered me up no end! We have an Alexa in our kitchen so I was playing my flute along with that, choosing the songs I wanted to play with, and it was lovely! I hadn’t played for 2 years so thought it would sound horrible, but thankfully it didn’t, and I really enjoyed myself loads!! The happiest I felt in years!! I’m staying home pretty much all the time at the moment, only occasionally going out to our co-op up the road so I can get a walk in the fresh air. Of course I desperately miss my family and friends, so hard only communicating with them via phone and FaceTime which feels very weird. We certainly live in very strange times, and I had been going to bed at night feeling absolute despair. Anyway as we approach December tomorrow, I’m proud to say that I’ve had absolutely no jabs whatsoever, no flu jab, absolutely zilch, no PCR tests absolutely ignored this whole garbage, and I steadfastly refuse to be drawn in, no matter what my friends or family do! I’m supposedly having surgery in the New Year, but that’s not definite as I have no date, so I’m just staying at home doing housework, keeping going as best as possible and focusing on looking after my hubby and cat and doing some good music to keep my spirits up despite all the madness everywhere!! Please take good care everyone and as Janie quite rightly says stay strong and resilient, hang in there folks cos we are all doing the right thing. This shitty government can all take a massive jump off a cliff! Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Good morning Carolyn

      Glad to hear your finding ways to take your mind off the Craziness
      I think the flute is a Beautiful instrument
      I taught myself guitar so I appreciate relaxing with an instrument it can be very relaxing .

      Stay strong & happy Carolyn hopefully your hubby healing well.
      And I pray u finally get the help Your requiring good luck
      Have great day now. x

  17. Hugo, I love your videos – they are brilliant and enlightening. You totally talk common sense. But one question…why do you struggle to pronounce names? You must know how to pronounce Sajid Javid’s name – it’s mentioned 1000 times a day on in the media. But it sounds like you’re trying to say something you’ve never heard before?

  18. Went to Sainsbury’s today and only 1 other person without a mask on.
    Very depressing the compliant sheep

  19. I never wear a mask ever, and I rarely go out. Thankfully when hubby and I have been to the supermarket together, which is rare as he normally does the shopping, we go to Waitrose and they’ve been absolutely fine about neither of us wearing a mask. Hate those filthy things, and I really detest seeing people wearing them, so unhygienic anyway!! The crazy thing is that there is nowhere to incinerate them, masks are just dropped on the pavement, yuk! A dead giveaway that there is no pandemic if ever there was one! Take care everyone. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  20. Some tw…….s still wear masks while walking down the lonely road. Get a life morons.

  21. Mid carriages are on the up too. Off course they have had the vaccine.

  22. When asked, I politely tell them Im exempt because I don’t have a tv licence and that it was announced in parliament only this morning. The confusion gives me just enough time to body swerve my arse out of there.

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