Dublin IRELAND Waking Up! Anti Vaccine Mandate Passport Protest 27th Nov 2021 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Given that Google and Facebook HQ are in Dublin…they will be ‘hand in glove’ with the mantra….it is always the ordinary people who are tortured somewhat..love Ireland…but they have rather committed with the ‘Fedralisation’ of the EU….

    • Hugo I Love you putting up other videos to watch….especially Walter Veith and Martin they are excellent in explaining History and much much..more about The leaders of the World today.
      Sending Love and Prayers to the Irish people they have had such draconian measures place upon them for many many weeks,
      Pleased they have finally woken up to the Lies coming through the TV.
      Vaccine Passports have been declared necessary to enter all interiors in Spain on the 3rd of December.
      All of Europe soon!

      • he irish people rolled over in march 2020 and have been on their backs ever since. putting masks on, putting masks on young children. they have not had anything put on them, they’ve done it themselves.

      • When you have been brainwashed as a nation for over 1,400 years with the Roman Catholic con-trick, it should come as no surprise that as a nation they have succumbed so easily and thoroughly to the Convid con-trick.

  1. 2 Chronicles 7:14
    New King James Version
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    • Yes, the freedom movement’s budget doesn’t extend that far. 🙂

  2. Why did they all take the stuff and then protest? It’s kind of a reverse psychology…. maybe too late to help their health but it’s good to see some pushback there at last….

    • Some people get gut feelings about things others don’t. Some are just stupid. Additionally for some the psych narrative was so repeatitive that part of the human brain is attuned to that and takes it as truth – mixed with some stupid.

    • Eh we didn’t ALL take the jab… I’d say the 92 % vaccinated is just lies…but then again, ain’t it all so.

  3. Good for them are there still protests in England I haven’t seen any footage lately I am reacantly out of work so now have time to attend

  4. I see some wearing masks?????
    I’m a non vax and I don’t wear a mask, I’m a 64 yo cripple, just not able to attend this sort of thing

    • Yeah protesters wearing masks look like idiots….
      See a lot of that all over the globe now

  5. 150% increase in heart attacks in medically proven, they’ve been told to stop all jabs, info on vernoncoleman.org, MSM not reporting on, but started to admit it’s jabs finally, tad late mind.

    ADE Deaths are confirmed and increasing fast, new variant is BS to call these deaths Convid.

    Lockdown BS coming soon.

    The Question is, shedding is confirmed as real to me, my reaction around some jab people proves this, but short term, or have I also been passed the ADE risk and obviously the rest of us on here?

    Shit will hit the fan, when the jabbed realise it’s just them dying, wake up and realise oh I’ve likely been murdered already, civilisation is about to break down.

    Time to live in the forest is nearing!! 🙁

    • Get some Pine Needle Tea and this will keep you safe if you have to be around injected people. Drink a few cups of
      P n t every day, it is very powerful! A company in Romania has good quality.

    • I really hope shedding is not passed…especially the spike protein from the jab …But i don’t think everyday contact with the jabbed will be an issue as (they) could catch it themselves then !!
      close sexual contact though could be an issue like HIV …Eeeek !
      I’m hoping im okay…it was only the once haha 😄….hopefully my rare RH neg blood group will fight it off haha

      • I was seeing a jabbed gir!ie 2 months back no side effects from her, it’s Mark at a cient and Ian at another which makes ne so tired and hungry it’s unreal.

      • Ope we’re be okay m8….iv been weight training lots and going for full on runs and my heart ❤ feels okay ….im going to stop seeing girls that have been jabbed now….
        too risky lol bud

  6. Why are they protesting about passports when 95% are apparently jabbed.
    Or,, are the figures false.

    • Got to hope there false, or in 6months Ireland will be a ghost country 🙁

    • Kim l think the dawning is fast arriving….double jabbed maybe…but the continuing of ‘completion’ of the AGENDA…boosters 1..2..3… before you can get into Pub…BINGO…got ya!. We have been lied to..coersed…bullied into something quite awful…God help us all…

    • They are likely protesting about passports because they are the un jabbed….are they just supposed to rollover? Brave people standing up even though they are in the minority.

    • Well done Ireland, keep the pressure up with the demonstrations. We are all behind you. 👏
      Who would ever have thought it would come to this.. we are all fighting for our freedom all over the world.
      I mix with jabbed and unjabbed people and that is how it should be. We all have choices and I choose not to be jabbed but anyone wanting it that is their choice. These tyrants are making us into a two tier society but we must all stand together against these evil people.

  7. I thought the Irish had more balls than they have shown until now.
    Perhaps they’re only brave on Saturday nights after 10 pints of Guinness after all!

    • Just like Wizards, Irish People arrive precisely when they mean to!
      Yesterday was a great Day, and today is even brighter for it!

    • I’d love to see you drink 10 pints of Guinness, lol we would probably be picking you up off the floor. But ye as an Irish man myself, I am taken back on how easily most of my fellow men and women got duped… me personally being a writer, for years I always questioned everything and I never trusted any fucking government, bunch of rich scum. And it may have saved my life. As for others, per usual they will cop on when it may be too late. Sadly

    • It’s strange isn’t it, how the country that denied Irish freedom for so long is now, suddenly, so worried about it. There’s a big difference between being too nice and trusting for your own good, and not having any balls. The fighting Irish aren’t done yet mate, I can promise you that.


  9. Im.sick of dolkkeep saying we’re going to run off to the forrest…fuck that..its our planet/flat earthor whater the truth reallyis..if anyones hiding itll be them elites and the cabal..public tflogging and torture chambers for them all..and for the snowflakes outthere..fuck off with the ..cant do thatbollocks..remember theytrti g to cull us u fuck tards

  10. I wonder if the powers that be are emitting secret warfare on these protestors such as radiation waves that cause illness? They might be using cell phone towers, or 5g or even the modern lamp posts…we need to be aware and resist.

  11. Morning
    GO IRELAND!! Whoop!

    I found on YT Hugo & anyone interested

    They showing many places around the world of MASSES of people out against this shite!!
    that MSM Don’t cover- the cowards!(MSM)

    Have great day Every one

  12. No shortage of do as your told potatos in Eire these days.
    It is to late that is why Varadkar types are so poopular.

    • do as your told potato’s .? I always found it weird the way others around the world use potato for either slagging Irish off or as an Irish reference. You are aware that a potato originated from Spain. Right.?

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