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  1. This is divine intervention. He ripped up a publicity leaflet encouraging people to become aware of the Government Yellow Card Reporting Scheme which enables people to report adverse reactions to any medication, but this ripping up and rubbishing of a perfectly legitimate and informative leaflet was done in the context of Covid ‘vaccines’ and that mountebank TV ‘doctor’ Hillary Jones’ totally untrue and unwarranted rubbishing of a necessary reporting system which people should be made very much aware of.
    Madeley is a paid shill and a liar and he’s paying the price like they all will eventually.

    • The only people I know that have died have died after having the injection! Wouldn’t it be awful if the 1 2 3 bottles got mixed up or mislabelled and the politicians got the ones containing the Oncogene, I’m sure no one would mess with the bottles, everyone loves politicians.

      • I find it funny that these celebs and politicians think they are going to the brave new world…4th booster coming as new variant will be deadly … they will defo be bottle 3 …and the new variant can be blamed …rinse and repeat …

    • There is a story on Canadian Cardiologists Dr Sohrab Lutchmedial who died after having all 3 shots. I refuse to call them vaccines, because by now we know they are not. But what is interesting about this particular story is the fact that this Dr (!!!) allowed himself to state that ‘he would not cry at the funeral of people who refuse to get vaccinate’ and that he would ‘punch those advising others against the vaccine, in the face’. (There are articles documenting tweets and FB shares) Now, his cause of death at just over 50 is classified as ‘sudden and unexplained’. Sure..

      • Hi Saaaaa
        What a way to conduct yourself self at a funeral no matter how they died.

        It’s disgusting isn’t how when they drop it’s always ‘not related to vacation issues’
        People are seriously ill out side because of this BS
        it’s Awful.

        Thank you for comment

        Have great day

      • It seems to me that there is a definite pattern here with all these mouthy pro-jab morons who die soon after their stupid outbursts. It’s almost as if The Father God is teaching them a very powerful lesson.

    • Divine intervention would be Dan Andrews being struck dead by lightning and Bill Gates dying in his sleep tonight.

    • Hi
      A cardiologist was talking about this on GB News at about 4.55 yesterday afternoon with UK study showing the same + reports of young people being admitted with heart disease

    • Please mark your calendars:

      On December 4th, there will be global rallies outside of many Australian Consulates in response to this horrific abuse.

      • Morning Lisa

        Good luck for helping spread the word for Australia
        good on you Lisa!!

        Stay Strong Everyone, Stand Together!

        Take care Lisa

  2. Who cares hes a fucking jerk anyway,him and Dr shillery deserve all they get.

    • Don’t Diss him just yet
      He’s not allowed to say the truth
      He’s wide awake
      Hillary is a prick
      But my guess is he’s trying to get the public to see the vax is not safe
      His way

      • Morning Donna
        I would like to believe you but I can’t believe he trying to help.
        He been in that business to long to have our interests at heart Donna

        They are All full of shite unfortunately

        Have good day now take care

      • Think you may be right Donna-Marie. “They” may have got to him.

    • He must have pissed the doctor off – so the doctor switched it and gave him the real one instead of his usual saline spike.

  3. A friend of mine got his booster last Wednesday……. He’s been in bed unable to work for eight days. Another neighbour went blind for two days after his second jab and caught covid a week later. Another neighbour had to go into hospital because she kept fainting after her jab. Another neighbour’s arm and hand were almost paralysed and swollen to twice the size of his unjabbed arm. A physio I know had a healthy 45 y.o. Client Die after her second jab. Another friend of mine had his best friends wife die after a jab. She was in her 40s and healthy. Don’t you ever tell me these jabs are safe Hillary Jones.

    • I know of 2 males in their 50’s both died in same week in same firm following the vaxinations. Coincidence? My fneighbout=r a healthy 50 yr old without any previous healh=th concerns had massive stroke following his vainations . My niece and nephew both contracted covid a few months after vaccines. My sister and husband have gone down with one infection after another ever since their 2 nd dose in May, even during the summer sick with cods and coughs!

    • Red@ sorry to hear about neighbour…just to say he did not catch covid after jab but got the symptoms of what they call covid via the injection.

      • My uncle had a mini stroke and was hospitalised after his 1st jab. Never been right since, chest pains, lethargy, etc. Doc says it’s long covid – from THE JAB!

  4. Great seeing these people dropping like flies.
    Karma’s a bitch and it comes in a syringe..

  5. lets pray for a quick demise of this dangerous government puppet mouthpiece..twat

  6. Didn’t Jessy J or what ever her name is just have a miscarriage as well , I wander if she has been jabbed

    • Yes Jessie J has recently suffered a miscarriage. She was also diagnosed with Ménière’s disease late last year – a condition that might end her singing career. She probably has been jabbed, but I would like to point out that she is not one of these idiot celebs who have been going round telling people to get the vaccine.

  7. Let the celebrities who have been so happy to push the jab and call all of us crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorists start dropping dead. If it takes peoples favourite celebs to start dying to wake some of them up then so be it

  8. Well those bastards killed my dad in March and now my mum is in hospital with a stroke. I hope madeley got a cockroach stuck up his arse. .And lets hope that nurse in Slovenia does a little bit of jiggery pokery with the vials next time those feckers pose having a shot for the cameras. Would love to see a few of them hick the deck.

  9. It must be true if msm haven’t mentioned it!just as we were saying all along!they probably give some people it too start with!too get a false sense of security!then hit them ,with the real McCoy!

    • That must be true because FB are claiming its “partly false” (I shared it on my wall). They’re getting desperate…..

    • This looks like Chris Whitty`s Irish counterpart.
      No entry , no problem. I shall use my universal key at 3am.

      • @Tanya – haha, yes, I’m sure you could find a few fellow hungry unjabbed to help.

      • @GinaW Everyone stand in line , ready , set , whack !!! Let`s play , supermarket sweep lol.

    • If anyone sees this bastard attack him on the spot and make sure he’s damaged beyond repair. I’m on a war footing with creatures like this.

      • Just had a look myself
        OMG WTF

        I have to agree with you blue light this man is Out of control
        Thank you to the person who shared (sorry I didn’t get time catch you name before I replied) but cheers

  10. Twats! Hilary and RM are imbeciles, no sympathy. All they’re doing is kissing a**e to secure their jobs 🤮

  11. The truth will out and justice will prevail, it just has to!

  12. Alan Partridge…..ooops!! I mean Richard Madeley was saying earlier this year or late last year, I can’t remember which, that he was against lockdowns and other NPI’s and thought the Govt was being dishonest. Now that ITV have accepted him back into the fold he’s suddenly become Mr. Compliant. There’s a surprise…. NOT!!

  13. had rotten fish guts tipped over him during the trial and that’s why he was ‘rushed in;; but who cares. this nobhead made mockery of the yellow card reporting system.!

  14. When you make a pact with the Devil…….it’s never a good outcome.

  15. The main politicians definitely receive the placebo. That is 100% certain. Both Hancock and Boris famously had pictures of them posted on line showing them being given the placebo. Interestingly there was no live footage and for Hancock it was Van Tam that administered the jab. Obviously he wouldnt have been given Astra Zeneca or Pfizer!

  16. So glad I never watch these breakfast tv programmes. I didn’t know about the tearing up of the yellow paperwork. It really is outrageous the way these people behave. These are supposed to be news programmes but they just show so much propaganda.
    No showing the poor Aboriginal people in Australia pleading for help from the rest of the world saying their government are trying to jab them all and take their land. Someone sent me the video of their pleas but it is to big for me to send on an e Mail.
    No showing all these deaths. As my son said about 10 years or so ago Fabrice Muamba collapsed playing for Spurs and people were so shocked it was on the news for weeks and shock that he had a heart condition but now it’s ‘normal’. People just believe what they see on tv.

    A dentist I know ( not nhs) has been told no jab, no job and yet we are told we have a shortage of dentists.

    Thanks to you Hugo being on the ball so to speak, we can see what is happening. Really appreciate you keeping us up to date not just here but around the world as we all need support. 👍

    • Yes I remember Muamba collapsing on the pitch. It was so rare at that time, it was followed by the media on and off for weeks after, his recovery etc. Now we have footballers cardiac events up 4000% in the last 4 months, they turn a blind eye! New normal?

    • Depending on how big the file size of the original video was, it’s highly likely that you can make it small enough to send via Email using the open source video converter HandBrake.

  17. I don’t understand why you are all still watching main stream TV
    Put it off

    • We stopped our licence 18 months ago. It’s a lovely feeling to know we are not supporting the BBC. No TV, no radio and no newspapers. I last read a newspaper 2 years ago. Life goes on, but without the brainwashing.

  18. Not too sure how Madeley qualified to go on the show in the first place. He is hardly a celebrity – just a crap presenter. The likelihood is that his trip to hospital was a consequence of having been jabbed (the report refers to a sudden illness – say no more) and was probably just deserts for his antics on ITV ripping up the yellow card scheme paper.

  19. Always fancied Geri Halliwell. Sexy English bird. I’m showing my age 😀

    I figure 80 -90% of the jabs are placebos. Only 10 to 20% of the people are actually being experimented on. That way it keeps injuries and deaths to a manageable level. Or does it? When enough people know of others who have been injured by the jab the game will be over. Our great deceivers will fall fast. Mark my words.

  20. Fucking pair of CUNTS…love to watch these two bastards hit the deck

  21. ADE what killed all the animals in recent trial and people in the 70s is starting to kick in as aswell as heart attacks getting worse, might not need kill switch deaths next 6 months aweful milllions no doubt.

    And they’ve approved Pfizer for 5 year olds, this is getting sick and people just don’t care, something is very very wrong in this world.

    Say goodbye to your jabbed loved 1s, they haven’t got long left!

  22. Invest in rope manufacturing companies. There will be a big increase in sales in the near future. On another note, we are now officially living in “Hypernormalisation” territory.

  23. We need to talk about them making the jab mandatory for all.. They’re saying they have no plans but the amount it’s being discussed is worrying. What do we do at that point? We need to get ahead of this. I guess the super prisons will be for anyone that refuses. Are there any networks set up to organize resistance or somewhere to go to?!

    • I have said for weeks that we need ex-military leaders to organise we Thinkers into groups who can protect ourselves and others for when the time comes, like it is in Australia with the Aborigines. They are just a testing ground…..

    • Yes on telegram there are like minded people. Also if you go to one of the stand in the parks that are all over the country you’ll meet others

  24. I did see Richard Madely do his trial but I forgot about him ripping up the yellow card leaflet. As for shillary there’s a clip on Instagram of a guy having a go at him on stage (I think shillary was talking about a book) the guy basically says about kids being jabbed and Shillary doesn’t really have an answer. He appears different to how he is on Gmb. He almost walked off like piers Morgan did earlier in the year.

  25. Just noticing the stuttering as the man says it’s just misinformation……never once asked where the information came from…..

    • Shameful isn’t it. From a supposed “doctor” too. It’s the official government reporting site, MHRA, used by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, not just people self-reporting. Medical professionals have a duty to report side effects from the jabs when found in their patient or reported by a patient to them! It is being ignored at people’s peril!

  26. The 2x are dieing at 2x the rate of 0x of non Covid related deaths in the over 60s, Lancet reports.

  27. Everything on tv is DRAMATICS Hugo
    They all full of lies n shite!

    And as we know the elite are receiving the placebo
    as mentioned above by Pete ‘We Are Awake AF’ on here

    Have brilliant day Every one

  28. Good morning everyone. How are you all today? I do hope you’re all ok. Just wanted to tell you that last night I put up a post. on my Facebook wall telling everyone about the wonderful cod liver oil I’ve started taking, in order to promote it and try and show people how dangerous the jab is and that they can take something simple every day and avoid those deadly jabs. I went to great lengths to warn people about the dangers of the jab and that they should take cod liver oil instead to boost their immune systems. So far I have had a positive response. If I can do something to wake people up and save a life then that is a good thing. Of course there will be many people who will ignore my post as they’re too far gone in la la land, but I had to try! Anyway my cod liver oil will protect me and keep my immune system strong. No nasty taste of fish and easy to swallow so go get some everyone to keep you well this winter!!! I have mine with my breakfast, that way it’s a daily thing that I always do. Go for it you all! Have a great day. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  29. Oh dear Richard Madeley what a shame never mind, serves you right!!!

  30. This is Richards opportunity to put the record straight. Let’s hope he takes it. Come on Richard take courage and set the record straight.

  31. I think it’s just because he’s a wet wipe tbh … can’t handle the show he’s on .

    He’s a maggot of a man with a cocky gob but the grit of a bowl of jelly.

  32. Younger relative (30s) of mine just got back from travelling to Eastern Europe, double pricked before they went & now sick in bed with the old Kung Flu, it’s a coincidence they’ll tell you.

  33. I saw this story way back when and I always thought where did she get thousands of saline shots in a ‘vaccination centre’? adds some support to the theory nurses have a choice of injections depending on a choice of; live, cancer or die.

    ‘Anti-vax nurse injects 8,600 with saline instead of COVID vaccine: police August 11, 2021’

    ‘A German nurse is being investigated for allegedly injecting thousands of people with a placebo instead of the coronavirus vaccine.’

    ‘Based on witness testimony, police investigator Peter Beer said there was “a reasonable suspicion” that the rogue medical professional had administered shots of saline solution to up to 8,600 patients who were slated to receive the COVID jab, Reuters reported.’

    • They could be a cover for the fact the jabs don’t so what they say on the tin.

      • ‘According to Slovenia media sources, the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana has come out to claim that you have a one in three chance of receiving a “death” jab that will give you cancer, if you take the covid-19 vaccine in that country.’

        ‘The vials she showed had codes on the labels, each containing 1, 2, or 3 digits in the code. She then explained the meaning of those numbers. Number 1 is placebo, saline. Number 2 is classical RNA. The number 3 is an RNA stick that contains the oncogene associated with the adenovirus, which contributes to the development of cancer. For these vials, number 3 says that people who receive it within 2 years will have soft tissue cancer.’

        ‘She said she has personally witnessed the vaccination of many elites with the liquid number 1 jab.’

      • I don’t believe this. It doesn’t make sense. This is more clickbait rubbish. Why do you keep posting this rubbish? Is this one of your sites? More clicks, more money.

      • It is true when the say that you should NEVER read the comments (because they will drive you insane) and your post if proof of this pudding. The comments on here are like an online lunatic asylum.

    • Senga

      What don’t you believe? What makes sense to you? Tell me what you know?, I can only tell you what I think and know.

      First off TPTB have been convinced by satan to kill everyone apart from 500 million who they believe they will rule over for eternity with satan ‘in perpetual harmony with nature’. Their boss satan knows his times up and wants us ALL dead before his time comes to an end. I know as long as we can stay close to God and follow The Commandments and repent we will be saved. God has warned us over and over but still we ignore him, looking here and there for answer but refusing his help and advice. It seems people were happy enough to ignore the misery and distress of others until it crept into their lives, well oh dear. God has had enough and you will defiantly see his anger spewed out on those refusing to listen. I am sure satans brainwashed will put tart comments of ‘What a caring God’ etc etc but we were warned over and over and we still have our chance, but it is hard to give up satans pleasures for a promise of a better life isn’t it?

      I will tell you a true story, not to boast just to show you how stupid people are, I went to my barber at the start of all this and as I know him well enough I explained everything to him. I told him what their plans were and how they would try to inject him, ‘NO!’ he says ‘I will NEVER have an injection, They will NEVER give it to me’ I said to him well I can tell you how they will try to persuade you, they will say you can’t go to the pub, or football or holiday’ ‘oh no, they will never force me to get injected’ Well of course a few months later he got injected to go on holiday and you know what he said to me with wild eyes? ‘I don’t care about myself!, I did it to keep others safe!’ So he had gone from NEVER wanting an injection to ‘sacrificing’ himself for others safety.

      a person often already condemned to death (useless eater) sacrificed in ancient Greece as a means of purification or atonement for a city or community

      I will tell you why they would not give everyone a lethal injection that acted instantly, if everyone that got injected died instantly NO ONE COULD IGNORE IT and the BODY DISPOSAL SYSTEM would collapse, Slowly, slowly catchy monkey. The problem they will have is evil can not live with evil, they fight amongst themselves and when satans plan starts to pinch there will be war between the European army, The Saudis in cooperation with several of their neighbours, China and Russia. I can even tell you what happens before, satan defiles the temple mount causing The Abomination and Desolation.

      No Senga I don’t own The New York Post or any website neither do I work for 77th brigade or 13th signals or any of satans agents, you?

      • There is a video further up ‘PROJECT FEAR’ accusing the BBC of fear-mongering. The BBC isn’t the only fear-monger, they are hiding in our midst. That is why I do not watch the BBC and neither do I read silly fear-mongering comments or watch stupid fear-mongering videos. I won’t make any difference any, you can comment, watch videos but que sera sera (what will be, will be). It is not good for the health. Turn off the crap. Get out, get some fresh air, explore nature. And to hell with the fear-mongering.

  34. Same has happened to California’s governor Gavin Newsom. Barely visible since he took his booster.

    • I do not believe that Newsom would have actually taken any of the experimental injections.
      I believe his absence from the limelight is due to other circumstances.

  35. Maybe they got shoplifter Madeley‘s placebo mixed up with the real jab eh? Let’s hope so! Ain’t karma a bitch!

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