3 x FOOTBALLERS COLLAPSE x In 3 DAYS / Hugo Talks #lockdown


118 Comments on “3 x FOOTBALLERS COLLAPSE x In 3 DAYS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. The way the Sheffield United player convulsed, reminded me of the videos from astro World.

    • Absolutely ! Spot On! But its only a coincidence, isnt it???? 🤬

      • I think anaphylactic shock reaction is pretty quick (like minutes usually) it’s a severe allergic reaction which can close the airways and so wouldn’t occur days after a vax; but I agree this is similar to Astro world and to me it looks similar to a combination of a fit and heart attack, as if there is an electrical effect on both the heart and brain.

      • In the cases I have seen online the shakes keep coming back, they subside and then return. All medications administered only give temporary respite.

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