3 x FOOTBALLERS COLLAPSE x In 3 DAYS / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Scared egotistical arrogance and blatant ignorance is rife amongst the jabbed!!

    • It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince him he has been fooled. Mark Twain I think.

    • It is quite clear one foot baller clasping his Chest and the other collapses Jerking all over.
      Airline Pilots being made to take the Ja bs ….how dangerous is that …just imagine they collapse at the moment of take off or landing.
      Globalist will be cheering and singing “Another One Bites the Dust!”

    • I tested positive the other day nut had a head cold and runny nose..
      Didnt stay indoors and felt fine a day after and was told i must have the booster jab to stop it happening again…
      I said “i had a head cold thats all and dont need some experimental concoction to help me when i have a immune system”

      • Well said….more people saying no to ‘testing’…absolutely…lf really really u well/hospitalisation well maybe…

      • Best not to get tested, nobody is shoving that stick up my nose into close proximity of the brain. What if they’ve been jabbed and have a seizure whilst your having the procedure!!!

  2. A crime against ‘humanity’….what are the ‘Clubs policies’?….

  3. They can run but they can’t hide and as the covid narrative is clearly falling apart in front of our eyes things are going to go bad for the globalist elites pushing this demonic experimental vaccine agenda on ordinary folks. Shame on them.

    • Exactly….their faces are known….they will NOT be able to hide….l have worried about the ‘Internet’ and it’s intrusion….but, funny old thing the day will come when all will be revealed…names faces…they will hide behind a mask…but they will not be able to escape….HOLD THE LINE FOLKS….a bumpy winter…

  4. Why cut him off on Air ??
    Coincidence, Conspiracy Theory??
    Your Call .👍👍🥰

    • That was hilarious (or it would be if it assent such horrific circumstrances). If the speculation and “conspiracy theories” are so ridiculous then why are they so scared to let people say things?

  5. At what point are people going to WAKE UP !! I saw a video today of that psychopath gunner talking about international conspiracy people’s. I think he may be talking about you. You are ruffling a few feathers Hugo . Keep up the good work.

    • The person “ruffling a few feathers” as you put it is an English constitutionalist named Graham Moore and the british know he, with the help of his English Constitution Party have enormous things planned to remove the power from the british who have sought to destroy England and the USA as we both have the same constitution as do a lot of countries around the world…the british have started wars, disputes and everything that has happened throughout the world in order to remove ALL borders and to DIVIDE as many people as possible…it’s never been the English…we’ve not been allowed a parliament since 1706 but by voiding the acts of union we, ENGLAND, will have our country back as it is these acts that give the tories (NOT conservatives) their power…if you want change the ONLY party to vote for is:
      http://www.theenglishconstitutionparty.com…NO POLITICIANS REQUIRED as it says on the tin…the house of COMMONS-not barristers, lawyers and judges ffs. The ECP are standing in Southend West the constituency of Sir David Amess and on Sunday 28th November, you can go to Chalkwell Park, Chalkwell Avenue, Westcliff-on-sea at 10am and hear Graham Moore speak in person about the English Constitution and explain in more detail how we, The English, can work together to take back England from the globalist british-the cause of ALL our problems. Check out Rumble, subscribe to The Full English and find out that the constitution IS the solution as this is the ONLY PLACE you will see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Also there are gold star letters for no jab, no job and no education from schools without the masks or jab…ALL these things are UNLAWFUL and against our English constitution…please get on board NOW people as we have very little time left now. Thanks for reading and BE POSITIVE!!
      THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY the only party NOT PART OF THE DEEP STATE-Farage-controlled opposition-reform-controlled opposition-britain first-not even English and controlled opposition-it’s in the name.

      • The ordinary English people need to get rid of both the major parties or nothing will change. They have to pick one of the new parties and everyone needs to ditch the Labour/Liberals and join that party.

        Australia is having huge success with this method. The United Australia Party, led by Craig Kelly MP(the man is a legend) now has 85,000 members. Most of the members only joined in the last twelve months. That’s more than either of the two major parties. Kelly was ejected from the governing party because he spoke out against the vaccines in favour of Ivermectin. He introduced a Bill banning vaccine passports and only one other MP supported him which shows that the major parties are really just one party with two faces. He basically took a lone stand, joined a small party which was sponsored by a multi-milionaire and it has snowballed from there. Make no mistake, if you are taking on the big parties you will need money and lots of it.

        What really helped the United Australia Party was teaming up with a website(Reignite Democracy Australia) which exposed the governments failures and promoted protests and disobedience. Crucially it is a great advertisement for the United Australia Party and brings more members to the party.

  6. Share the hell out of this !! I keep
    Posting about this on my IG stories . I have lost some followers but sod em .. if it reaches just one person and makes them think then it may save a life !

  7. Funny how mouthpiece Twitter zealot virtue signalling Gary Lineker seems to have lost his opinions…

  8. no doubt the ones that survive will reappear telling us to get jabbed ..these fuckwits should have listened to us ..ive no sympathy for any of them

  9. Nothing to see here….move along move along. If you have been dumb enough to be black mailed into getting jabbed your dumb enough to pretend this is not happening.

    • “It’s fine, I survived! My career is likely over but I have a nice new cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implanted! Get your jabs people! ”
      – Christian Eriksen

  10. Also, there is – apparently – a huge upsurge in newborn baby deaths in a hospital in Leicester. This is only something I have heard from someone whos wife is a nurse in the hospital, and has been for 20 years. She has had to take timne off, because it has affected her so badly. She says she has never seen anything like it before. Add this to the upsurge in Glasgow. This narrative cannot last. The more what we are being told diverges from what we are seeing and hearing with our own eyes, the more people will get wise.

    • All these adverse deaths will be labelled as ‘ unusual circumstances’ , ‘previous unknown problem’ or just ‘ a short illness’. None will have ‘ Convid vaccine’ as the cause of death…. You know that and I know that but the sheep will continue to believe the BS. There is no hope for them.

    • Alex of Wrath – that’s horrific! We need people speaking out who have seen it with their own eyes! Media just cover it up and true cause of death will be buried along with the poor babies.

      • I can’t confirm the veracity of the story, but I have been in touch with a few notable freelance journalists who are, shall we say, skeptical about the narrative, and asked them to use their connections and platforms to at least investigate.

    • There are huge numbers of miscarriages all around the “jabbed world”. More and more medical professionals are blowing the whistle.

  11. I turned away from allopathic medicine years ago and my health has increased dramatically, I spent half my bed ridden in pain and unable to sleep to the point of chronic sleep deprivation but now I sleep well, I walk miles every day and can concentrate and am back working for myself yet people still tell me these things don’t work…and of course that’s without the bio-weapon being added to the equation, earlier today I had someone trying to say that all the deaths are normal, that it saves lives, that millions have died from COVID but of course could produce no evidence for their claims because there is none but I could and did provide facts yet they still would not accept anything I sais

  12. This clinical injection trials should be stopped immediately it’s not just sports it’s people from all around the world they’re having a lot of adverse reactions to it it has to stop.

    • You must be right! It’s only the sports or celebrity people that are noticed by the general population. But there are 100,000 x more Normies than celebs, so how many are really suffering? If you included the Normies it could run into a million worldwide, without doubt!

  13. I hadn’t heard about that in Leicester Shows how quiet they keep things unless people are in the know. All I’ve heard here in the media is that they’re encouraging school kids to start wearing masks in schools in Leicestershire because of rising cases. Although I haven’t heard of many being off with Covid

  14. Crazy and sad🥺😳 sure it’s from jab…..and we have to remember-when 2 years is only lie, how can we believe in their numbers and statistics?!?! the majority are not vaccinated !!! I’m 100% sure about that!in all countries. and 80% and 70% is the same psychological attack so that we believe that there are fewer of us….

  15. My missus was told today her and her work colleagues have in the hospital have to show proof of jab poison or RISK disciplinary action and contract termination. Proof has to be shown by April. Already some of her colleagues are falling at the first fence and saying they will get jabbed. What they fail to understand is your Blackmailer won’t stop just because you give in. The next time they will be told to take more and more jabs with the same threat eventually they will refuse but their heath will be ruined. I’ve told my missus let them sack her in the meantime we will draw a contract up for the others so the NHS is responsible for any jab injuries caused by their mandate. The NHS has also got a system in place that if you get Covid in hospital after an 8 day stay it has to be reported. This paperwork is being used to blame the un jabbed Personel. My missus will be going on the sick before she is put on unpaid leave 😉 while we work on alternative employment.

    • Yeah it sucks !! Don’t resign let them sack her Eventually this will be challenged in court and massive payouts . People mustn’t give in because as you say a blackmailer always comes back for more . Jump through one hoop and the next one appears . Not easy to say no when your job is at risk but we have to keep resisting in numbers , wishing you both well !!

      • Yup! A bully will punch you once on a Monday morning….and if you don’t fight back, you’ll be getting 5 punches by Friday!!

    • Give this to your missus Blue Light and she will NOT lose her job but her NHS trust will back down-trust me it’s the letter or one letter that the corporations hate as it is the truth and they will be taken to court under English TORT LAW…
      https://pjhlaw.co.uk/no-jab-no-job-employment-tribunal-claims/ These are genuine solicitors who have written this up with English constitutionalists and it works. Also, get your missus to leave the no help service union and join the Workers of England union-they work for YOU NOT THE GOVERNMENT Anyone else need this link please DO.
      Anyone wearing a mask is aiding and abetting these crimes, evil serious crimes against humanity.

      • Thank you Bill and everyone else. We won’t be backing down we all know we are in for rough waters but we need to hold the line. Thanks everyone.

    • The pro jab people in the healthcare sector think because they didn’t have many side effects they won’t with subsequent jabs and it will never happen to them. I did see a university guy on our local news tonight who appears to have moved slightly in the right direction when comparing waning “vaccination” immunity with old fashioned natural immunity.

  16. Remember guys nothing to do with the vaccine its 100% safe, even though we are having millions of adverse reactions and 10’s of thousands of deaths. These were all a coincidence and not linked to the vaccine. So remember guys jump out of that plane with your parachute with holes in it and NEVER ask any questions.

  17. I could cry but men were slaughtered at Bosnia whilst the world stood by and watched.

  18. If Trevor was cut off like this (has this clip been edited?) that should be a red flag to the sheep. No doubt they will think they were being protected from fake news.

  19. I dont go to our local town to often but have made two trips in this month (2 weeks apart) and twice I’ve seen people being attended too by ambulance on the sidewalk. Safe and effective … very rare side effects huh !?

  20. Hi
    I not a football follower myself
    but this is tragic absolutely tragic
    very upsetting

    ‘O’ It’s ’s the nasty jab ..for sure Hugo!

    Thank you

  21. You’d think they give all the top sports people the same VIP saline placebo version of the “vaccine” that the top politicians and their families get to stop this sort of thing happening so openly on TV – but they’re obviously not that well organized.

    • Whether these heart problems are caused by the ( not a ) vaccine or bad health, lack of exercise, mental depression or poor diet during the Lockdowns, the scamDemic is the f’king cause!!! Hang those bastards!!!!

  22. This is very heartbreaking 💔 😢 and disturbing especially seeing people queuing for boosters😰😭😰😭. Thank you very much Hugo. You have no idea of how you have saved lives. I was a carer in a care home and outrightly refused the jab. They tried to coerce me but I stood my ground. I was put on deployment list. The only job I applied for was successful and was offered the job 2 days before their stupid dead. Now I am working in the highest office of Council. Can’t disclose details but Hugo you encouraged me. I signed the contract and there is nowhere I need to be jabbed.

    • jfpadd this is the link you really need and it works mate
      Also if you need to know more truths…
      click on the rumble link-the only one in use due to him telling the truth:( and once you’ve clicked subscribe and you’ll get ALL the updates…he’s on 8pm Monday-Friday…he’s a true English constitutionalist and he still has problems with the 77th brigade(our enemy!! the britshits) and his local telephone exchange keeps cutting his internet connection as they know WE are winning!!! TEAR – the English are Rising

    • This is a really good video, thanks. I think gov are hoping most people panic about their job and succumb because the legal world and legal terms can be baffling – it’s actually quite simple when you know how to interpret wording…and assert your rights.

  23. Evening everyone. Just thought I ought to share with you something very important I saw on you tube last night. Russell Brand was saying that an ex employee of Pfizer has become a whistle blower. They were so disgusted at how chaotic the trials were for the convid jab that they spoke out and then got fired for doing so. This lady had 20 years experience in her work, so she knows her stuff, and she was absolutely horrified at what was going on at these trials. Volunteers who had adverse reactions were totally ignored, and it was absolutely awful! Well done to Russell for sharing this news. This whole thing stinks to high heaven!!!! Anyway on a brighter note, my hubby is recovering well from his operation last week, and we were able to go supermarket shopping yesterday afternoon together for the first time in absolutely ages! While we were there we bumped into a friend who we hadn’t seen for ages, and got chatting to him. He asked if we had been jabbed and I said in a huge loud voice “No!” so everyone could hear me!! Then I said that in 2 years I had not even had a sore throat! He was very surprised, very supportive to us both though. Then as we were shopping, I saw cod liver oil capsules with multi vitamins so we added them to our trolley to my delight! I’ve now got enough for 3 months, and started taking some this morning, and this will be part of my routine for breakfast every morning. It sure is good stuff!! I would definitely recommend taking these capsules as you can’t taste the cod liver oil at all and they are very easy to swallow!! One a day every day with all the benefits of natural immune system getting stronger!!! What could be better than that! Absolutely unbelievable that people get these toxic jabs when all they need is a vitamin supplement every day!!!!!!!!!! Take care all. Lots of love from Carolyn XXX

    • Hi Carolyn, I’m so pleased your hubby’s operation went well and you’re both doing well. Take care of yourself, as you are doing. We have to keep a positive attitude – that’s half the battle at the moment. X

    • Hi Carolyn
      It’s so good to hear your sicking to your strength & saying No!!
      good for you me darling

      And I wish your husband a speedy recovery it’s good to hear you Upbeat about this as you were so worried bless you x
      I take vitamins daily to so cheers for advice it’s & the first part of your comment thank you for update Carolyn it’s good, we all looking out for One another.
      Take care my best wishes & good luck me darling & to your hubby

      Have great day now x

  24. An old friend of mine who I’ve known for sixty years told me about his wife who suffers from epileptic fits had her booster and immediately collapsed with a seizure, the first one she’d suffered for two years.

    • Morning Albert
      That’s very sad
      It so hard to take in isn’t it
      because I am now hearing of elderly people becoming ill like this
      It’s hard for us
      because we have All already been divided so it’s difficult for us to hear theses sad things

      Take care Albert
      Best wishes

  25. Well done Blue Light, you and your missus are doing exactly the right thing. Stay strong and keep fighting for what you both know is right. God bless you both. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  26. That’s bloody awful Albert. So tragic and totally avoidable too. I will pray for your friend’s wife. What is her name please? Lots of love from Carolyn XXX

  27. I’ve just checked the fake stream media bbc news and guess what?? Absolutely nothing about this, not a bloody sausage! Now that doesn’t surprise me one bit.
    But how are we supposed to break through with this information? Especially if the dumb f*%king sheep don’t ever watch anything other than main bloody stream media?
    I’ve posted and re posted clips and videos, I’ve complied dvds and sent them to my family members full of facts! I’ve printed off reams and reams of information fact after fact! And they just won’t watch or read any of it, any of it!!
    I’ve had so many arguments I’ve lost count! None of them want anything to do with me anymore…….. My whole family are so far removed from the true reality we are living in! I’m ashamed of all my 💉ed family I really am, I’m so ashamed that they can be so selfish, to turn away from even hearing a single word spoken against the precious government and so call scientists!
    Its “I’m alright jack, I’m 💉ed” well you won’t be in a minute! Not after 💉3 or 💉4 not when you all die and it’s muggins here that has to carry on!
    I’m the one left fighting for my freedoms because they were to bloody selfish to see past their own bloody lives!…………sorry about that I got carried away……I feel much better now though🙂

    • Your life sounds like mine, mate! I have done the same, sending and passing on sheets of paper with FOI request results ( despite our NHS being overwhelmed the vast majority of hospitals served LESS patients, for any reason, during 2020, the ‘Pandemic year’ than any of the previous 5 yrs! ) but still they continue to bend over and take it! Me and the wife ( she’s just returned from a 3 week Caribbean Cruise with friends but without me because i wasnt jabbed) had another heated discussion when I tried to tell her about these fit youngsters and she said ” I dont want to know and neither do our friends, just forget it, we DON’T WANT TO KNOW”. The sheep are frit scared that they’ve made the wrong choice and they are hoping that they will be ok. We Thinkers are putting a BIG doubt in their minds, and they know that things do not make sense, but they are not called ‘sheep’ for nothing, they are following the others, who are following the others. who are following the …… It’s hard work, I know!

      • For the vast majority, they really DON’T want to know do they?! I prefer to know what I’m putting into my body but some people find it easier to put their hands over their ears and shout, “Laa laa laaaa!”
        I do know of a couple of people who were jabbed into it by their spouses/family and regret it, wish they hadn’t, but most people don’t want to let go of the belief that they did the right thing, gov wants to protect them, it’ll be fine lol. If they start to believe us, their whole world in their head comes crashing down?

      • A question I think you have probably asked yourself is would your wife stand by you, if it came down to informing on the unjabbed,lots of sejfish people out there ,got the jab to travel , without checking if it could harm or not ,I’m I the same situation with my family.

      • Chris, that’s right, she had the vaxtermination jabs so she , and our friends, could go cruising around the Caribbean for 3 week. I was discriminated against and had to stay at home. TWO AND A HALF GRAND out of pocket, but I’m sorting out credit card for that money! Anyway, would she DOB me in for being Unvaxxed???? I think if the propaganda was strong enough and our cruising friends said that she should, then I think she would! I’m getting an R X reloading cross bow 😉. No licence required 👍👍👍

  28. I know of a lady her child has been ill for a week or so and then her dog suddenly died. I know she got the booster just before, no idea if it is connected but seems odd

  29. As others have said here before, I think sub consciously the compliant are running on a deep fear or just plain lazy, the options are to wake up to the truth, the whole truth by investigating for themselves, or relinquish their own thoughts in favour of mental security, when mental security starts to wane for the jabbed, the truth will eventually start to seem less insane.

    I seen the video for Ed Shearans song Bad Habits and it really gave me pause with what’s going on lately, take a look and notice all the zombies…”bad habits lead yo you..” (the jabbed?) He is a vampire (The elite parasite)

    Would be great if you took a look at this Hugo.

  30. Oh look… well looks like the sheep might just be starting to catch on. We can hope anyway. https://youtu.be/gJ8t0qQ5R4I GB news talking about the jab causing heart problems. Taken them long enough 🤦‍♀️

    • Beware of GB news controlled opposition paid for by the britshit establishment-I kid you not Claudia.

      • Thank you, I know that but was shocked to see negative things about the jab on there, which we know to be true. But no, don’t worry I don’t watch it ever, this just popped up on my YouTube feed.

      • Neil Oliver does a monologue every week and speaks the truth. He mentions Klaus Schwaab and everything. The Australian guy lets rip too. They would never allow these comments on Beeb, ITV or Sky news. But yes, always be aware they are just a channel to mop up watchers like us. Still paid for by the usual suspects.

  31. It’s becoming quite comical watching the jabbed trying to justify their error in taking the gene therapy.
    I wonder when they will have to admit they messed up.
    Good viewing…

    • When the gap between what they are being told, and what they are seeing with their own eyes becomes too big. High up politicians are losing the plot, their narrative is starting to unravel, and they are becoming increasingly erratic and bizarre in their actions, speech and explanations. People notice stuff like this, and start questioning. The narrative will eventually collapse under the weight of it’s own lies. The “bots” on social media are becoming more and more transparent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they outnumber real people who post “pro” stuff. I go on Quora, and the disinfo being spewed out on there by “bots” is out of control. Keep pushing.

      • 5 collapses, 2 dead!!!
        Charlie Wyke 22.11.
        John Fleck 23.11.
        Riuler Faustino ✝23.11.
        Adama Traore 24.11.
        Leon Taylor ✝25.11.

      • I’ve started a list but it’s probably tip of the iceberg : Avi Barot, 29, pro cricketer, cardiac arrest, dies. Christian Eriksen, 29, footballer, collapses on pitch, now has implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted. Abou Ali, 22, pro footballer collapses on pitch. Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch. Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, dies of heart attack.Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer – heart attack. Frederic Lartillot, pro footballer dies of heart attack after game. Benjamin Taft, 31, pro footballer dies of heart attack. Rune Coghe, 18, pro footballer – cardiac arrest on pitch. Helen Edwards, referee, heart issues World Cup qualifier. Dimitri Lienard, 33, midfielder collapses during game. Sergio Aguero, 33, pro footballer cardiac exam after match. Emil Palsson, 28, midfielder, cardiac arrest during game. Antoine Mchin, 31, triathlete, pulmonary embolism following Moderna. Luis Ojeda, 20, football player unexpectedly passes away. Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career – heart issues. Pedro Obiang, 29, ex-West Ham star – myocarditis post vaccine. Cienna Knowles, 19, equestrian star, blood clots. Charlie Wyke, 28,footballer collapses in training. John Fleck, 30, Sheffield Utd footballer has a fit mid-game. Adama Traore, 26, Spanish footballer collapses clutching chest mid-game. Shonan Bellmare midfielder Oliveira dies suddenly at 23. Jamie Hamilton, 19, footballer, collapsed with chest pains during game.

      • Hey! It’s just a coincidence! Surely you know that??? I’m being sarcastic! 😬

      • * Riuler de Oliveira Faustino, not Shonan Bellmare. And Leon Taylor too, I literally can’t add them fast enough!

      • Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game. Kjeld Nuis, 32, Dutch speed skater, pericarditis following Pfizer. Yusuke Kinoshita, 27, Professional Baseball Player Died 5 Weeks After COVID-19 Vaccination. Brandon Goodwin, 26, NBA Player Suffered Blood Clots Shortly After His COVID-19 Vaccination. Greg Van Avermaet, 36, Former Olympic Road Cycling Champion Quits Cycling World Cup Due To Vaccine Side-Effects. Francesca Marcon, 38, Volleyball Player Developed Pericarditis After Her Second Pfizer Vaccine. Kyle Warner, 29, Proffesional Mounain Biker, pericarditis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and arthritis following his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Jeremy Chardy, 34, Former World No. 25 Tennis Player Ends Season After ‘Violent, Near Paralyzing Pain’ From Vaccine Injury. Florian Dagoury, World Record Holder In Static Breath-Hold Freediving Developed Myocarditis, Pericarditis and Trivial Mitral regurgitation after Pfizer Vaccine, Possible End Of Career. Haziq Kamaruddin, 27, Two-Time Olympic Archer Died 10 Days After Pfizer Vaccine. Boris Sádecký, 24, Bratislava Capitals ICE Hockey League player, died after collapsing during a game. Layla da Costa, 24, Miss World contestant found dead from heart attack.

      • Blimey! If you put that list on fakebook, the ‘ fact checkers’ would have deleted it. If it wasn’t so so sad, it would be laughable…. Should I 😁 or 😩?

  32. “A lie can travel halfway around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”—Mark Twain.

    • Thanks for this! Combined with the clip we saw of his supposed “rant” it shows how media lie to us, good to show them both to sheepy people. Since when is calmly asking a question spreading “dangerous misinformation” ???

  33. Doing our own long term trials…they are not going too well are they?

  34. The way John fleck was fitting reminds me of the astroworld victims.

    • Absolutely mate!! I was only thinking about that as I woke up this morning!! This BS Plandemic eats into your soul that it on our minds ALL the time! Yes! The one clip on Hugotalks showed the legs of an unfortunate victim and he was making those same uncontrollable movements. Sad, so sad. BUT!! They were fking warned, and warned and warned …. but we Thinkers were vilified and abused. Keep the Faith and stay strong, if you can.

    • I wonder how long it will be before football clubs will STOP being government puppets and using their costly players in this experiment? Some chairman will say NO MORE jabbed players in my team……. but will msm ever tell us??

  35. I see they did report on GBNews with a cardio thoracic surgeon being interviewed and the journalist didn’t interrupt the heart specialist at all, which also was strange, he said that there was a paper/Abstract by an eminent heart specialist that concluded that the jabs raised all the different inflammatory process significantly after the jab, and that this increased the risk of heart attack by 25% and that this could be anything between now five years, that’ pretty damning, he also said for that reason the jabs should not be made mandatory, and the JCVI should be investigating these findings. Dr John Campbell also covered the paper and said the same, that the JCVI should now be involved, and that 25% was a phenomenal percentage. Maybe they’re waking up. I’m suffering with Covid at the moment, feeling shit tbh, but hopefully it will sort itself out.

  36. get well soon Teresa,you must be the first person in the world with covid are you?,how do you know you have covid?,Christine Massey and her team in Canada would love to hear from you,they have sent more than 40 FOIA requests worldwide and still no evidence the INVISIBLE ENEMY exists…….and that so called Dr ??? john Campbell cannot be much of a doctor if he has never realised SARS-COV2 has never been isolated……Feckin Prick!

    • That’s right. He also follows the govt rules and has that 3-rules think behind him always. The keep say home, keep 2 metres, wear a mask crap!!

  37. Another player by the way, Hamilton Accies kid ironically called Hamilton. Youth player, local to the club, broke into the 1st team last season and much expected of him. Went down clutching his chest 3 weeks ago and hasn’t played or been on the bench. I’m not sure that any of these players will ever play again. Please tell me if you know of one who has so far.

  38. I read somewhere that between 1906 & 2020 there were 200 sudden deaths of footballers on the field during matches, there’s been at least 120 in the last 6 months.

    • Sportspeople collapsing with cardiac problems could be up as much as a 4000% in last 4 months! Apparently that’s not news-worthy on MSM!

  39. There is an article on the TCW website today entitled “Vaccine ‘dramatically’ increases heart risk, says new study.” It says:
    “Commenting on the findings, medical blogger Dr Jesse Santiano points out that rupture of unstable coronary plaques, leading to a heart attack, is the most likely reason vaccinated athletes drop dead in the middle of a game. “

  40. More “variants” now year after year…
    More jabs every year…
    People wont last long after 2025 keep having them things…
    Shame but the world is going into a very dark age now

    • That ‘dark age’ must come if Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) is to return: Matthew 24:21-22 (KJV) For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (alive): but for The Elect’s (The Saint’s) sake those days shall be shortened.

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