Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

195 Comments on “Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. antivaxxer lol, realist yes, freedom fighter yes, with the freedoms your trying to destroy, like the rest of the cult.

  2. Notice how many times he blinks. – This is a man scared of what he has been told. It’s not going his/there way. I will say though that this will only mean they will ramp up the fake news and propaganda. All these mandates etc are to get most of us noticed and so we can be identified for the future – remember in Austria – they cannot lock up over a 1M people. So the more they push the more we push back. A lot of the violence will be staged for the BSMSM which needs to be used to undermine the fight for basic human rights. – Hold the line.

    • Absolutely spot on my like minded friend 👍👍👍 Stay Strong💪💪💪. In a way, I’m glad it’s coming to a head as it’s been a long time coming.

  3. He is seriously unwell. His obsession has him by the throat. I do not know what is behind it but all historical tyrants have the look and that intensity. narcissists are right.

  4. He looks like he’s about to burst into tears. People who point their finger with every word are desperate to make a point that nobody is interested in. If he spoke to me like that I would grab his big fucking ear and drag him to the principles office.

  5. Emerging in the news cycle now that children 5-12 to be vaccinated in Ireland, the schools will be soon wrangling between the current regime and constitutional law

  6. I think what he is trying to do here is look serious, by maintaining the stare, he’s trying to be assertive. Apparently blinking a lot is a sign of lying

  7. There’s a lot of people starting a sentence with “I’m not antivax, but…” Well there’s nothing wrong with being antivax..Have you seen the crap they put in them?..If I want to be antivax I’ll be antivax…what do you think about that dickhead?!

    • You are right bro. People should stop apologize themself. Nothing wrong being a antivaxer. Its all about pro choice and self-ownership. As a kid I got all my jabs, but what did I know and as a adult a took, by my own consent and willingly some jabs her and there for international travel. I just don’t trust the covid jab, so I don’t want it. If people don’t want any vaccine, thats fine too. Who cares? Its all about personal freedom and pro choice. Rights of the individual are more important then ‘ the common good’ At he end of the day, everybody is responsible for his own health and keeping up its own imune system.

  8. Yesterday I saw on my Facebook page that the scamdemic information centre had put a post up asking me to take part in their survey to my utter fury and disgust. This wretched thing is on my page and I can’t remove it. Blimey you can’t even go on Facebook and escape this shit! Needless to say I ignored it and carried on with what I was doing!! What a despicable invasion of my privacy, and of course they wanted to know if I’d been jabbed or not! They can bog off!!!!!!!!

  9. remember these bastards when the masses wake up…and then jail the lot for crimes against humanity

  10. deranged evil scumbag! The more he goes off ranting the more I say go to hell tosser!

  11. Should ask this wanker “its not a vaccine so why are people anti vax?”
    Bet hes never had any jabs anyway….
    These bastards will burn for this one day

  12. Within 2 years this will go to shit….
    There is more people now going against them jab passes and businesses will suffer for it….
    Even jabbed folk are going against it and also this unjabbed crap not allowed to do things…

    “No virus ever included”

  13. Children are the least likely to be seriously affected by this virus, so what on Earth is this guy going on about? People usually take vaccines to protect themselves, so if they decide not to, it’s only themselves taking the risk. New studies show that anyone can transmit or become infected with Delta, regardless of vaccine status, so I’m continually stunned by these maniacal politicians and their twisted agenda. Dr Robert Malone, one of the designers of mRNA technology, has said we can’t vaccinate our way out of this pandemic and that only the vulnerable should be taking the shot. His comments about too many boosters potentially compromising people’s immunity is backed up by studies involving people recovering from infection then immediately receiving the jab. This can even elevate the chances of adverse reactions. Lets’s not forget that according to VAERS, the number of adverse reactions/injuries/deaths from Covid vaccines since December 2020 outnumbers those from ALL other vaccines since 1990.

    • Wakey! Wakey! There is no virus other than the poisons that they’re putting in the jabs – VIRUS is Latin for POISON and you cannot catch a poison.

  14. Wow, what a sociopath… He’s evil!! Well, the hunters are going to become the hunted. Funny how when the shoes on the other foot they don’t like it.. Well, you reap what you so, and they are going to get more than they bargained for, thick and fast… Evil evil evul foul excuse of a human being!!!

  15. He’s making 10s of Millions to get people vaxed, just like the others.

    • That’s smacks of desperation to me, they know more and more evidence proves these things aren’t safe and that they knew they weren’t so it’s the same everywhere a massive push to get their poison into as many as possible before it all comes crashing down around them

  16. Those are wild eyes from somebody who might well be possessed. Reminds me of Hitler.

    • You have been tricked into believing in the “Hollywood Hitler” and made no investigations into the man himself! When are you going to wake up? Your life depends on it! These people are Communists.They are bringing in Communism by the back door with Covid because,they have failed to get the people to revolt so many times..Hitler would have Merkel suffer a fate like Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht! She will,eventually! What happened globally last week end is the end of a cycle that begun with the French Revolution.This is a global Nationalist Revolution.The dickhead in the clip above,will suffer a terrible fate.He wants to kill our children so,he should.You cannot negotiate with these manic ideologues so,we have to drag them out to face street justice.We are many,The are few! We are discarding our “mind forg’d manacles”

  17. He basically asked him, do you think you are turning people off taking the vaccine by taking an aggressive stance, he said no. In other words, aggression is now their strategy in the land of Oz. The mask is slipping.

  18. I think it’s time these demons are told at every opportunity they will face Justice that will bring out the poison even quicker and the normies will see it clearly. Hopefully. Keep calling them out.

  19. Oh how I will smile when he’s pulled out of a hole to face the Hangman’s noose.

  20. looks like he is not far off from foaming at the mouth. I was waiting for him to say “the vaxx is harmless, look at me I’m fine”

    • Hi Fred
      lol yes i thought he looked like he just taken crack or something
      very strong

  21. Wow, definitely a couple of crackers short of a biscuit barrel. Interestingly the intuitive Lee Harris said in his recent November update that leaders would start to lose it this month

    • I think actually he didn’t say this, it was someone else. Can’t remember where I saw it. Perhaps on the Inspired channel

  22. I would imagine the consequence of failure in the eye of his master is beyond anything we could do to him. He is terrified. There is an old saying, those that dance must pay the fiddler. They have all taken ‘gifts’ and now must full fill their end of the bargain. Thanks Hugo and to all who comment.

  23. It’s pretty simple, SHOW ME THE VIRUS, no need for all the theatrics and name calling just SHOW ME THE VIRUS and we’re good to go…………….. Prick!

  24. Look at this guy’s eyes…he is like an automaton when you look at his movements, like he is controlled… what do y’all think?

  25. If you are pro persuasion you are anti-vax !
    They can’t win the argument that the jab is safe and effective so have to resort to bullying and coercion.
    I hope he is eventually exposed for what he is.

  26. how is he not in jail for abuse and disprespect of his employers , the people , who pay his salary ? where are the legal eagles of Australia and the UN to put politicians like this back in their tiny boxes ?

  27. Look at his Demonic eyes and downwards pointing mouth. Is he even human?

  28. Wow, for some weird reason this made me more relaxed not worried 🙂

  29. Oh dear , is your plan not working , is that why you are so deranged ha ha ha .

  30. The best form of defence is attack. It looks like he is in a lose lose situation and with his back to the wall he is attacking.

  31. Judging by this guys eyes he looks as though he’s on drugs. Either way he doesn’t appear to be of sound mind.

    • It is my judgement that this ‘idiot’ is terrified of his own shadow! Anti vax is nothing more than a derogatory term, bandied about to such an extent, that it, like ‘racist’, has become impotent.

      I am not antivax. I am anti Closing down to debate, of professional medics, many of whom, are in the ‘Know’, with regard to the nonsense pandemic, called covid.

      97% recovery rate, for goodness sake. Jabs that do not work etc.etc!

  32. Nobody else notice it’s the same deranged look dictator Dan Andrews would get sometimes?

  33. Please give me a locked room with this ‘Evil Entity’ 🙂

    • I suspect there’s a big queue for that privilege. You’ll be waiting a long time for your turn.

      • Thank you for saying so, for what I said is true. Hitler is the most lied about man in history.

        “Germany does not want war. Hitler does not want war. He is a most remarkable personality, one of the greatest I have ever met in the whole of my life, and I have met some very great men.”
        — Lloyd George, Ex-British Prime Minister, after visiting Hitler in Germany in 1936.

    • Very true… So many similarities. Even resembles him in a strange way.
      Fcuking weak minded Tosser😡

      • There are no similarities at all and you fit this prophetic description to a ‘T’

        “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

        — Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.

    • there starting to shout like hitler, these world leaders are trying to command respect 😉 just keep laughing, dorris looked a laughing stock yesturday, bidens lost it. there agenda is seriously in trouble, bet they didn’t think they would get this much resistance. there days are numbered. well i hope so, freedoms around the corner for us all

  34. Hatred and evil all rolled into one. How lovely.
    Sounds like they are getting terrified though i agree.
    Perhaps the blackmailing threats to certain ‘leaders’ have gone up a level as well.

  35. Completely deranged entity!! A clear sign that this man is terrified, desperate and scared coz the narrative is crumbling and falling apart! Keep pushing tho’ coz the crazier and deranged these clowns get, the more people see how desperate they are!!
    🤔Or maybe he’s just found out his nice little tidy covid bonus has been cut! Ahaha🤣

  36. I saw that yesterday and thought who do they think they are talking to the public like that? Hes a total dictator.

    I also wondered what will he do when he’s forcing people to take the jabs and then it becomes clear the jabs don’t work and are killing people – will he blame them for getting it?

    You can be sure he’ll say it wasn’t his fault.

  37. Desperate guy. Looks as if every thing is not going to plan. maybe if the puppets fail all there dirt that there masters have on them are released into public domain.

    • He looks really angry! Every time they go over the top I get more and more convinced that there’s no way they will inject me with their experimental therapies!

    • He was angry but if we were to counter in the same angry tones the would just shut it off in other words’a one sided debate’

  38. Mad Max 4: Beyond Blunderdome… Looks like he’s gonna have a heart attack, let the clot shot do its work… Raggedy Man!!

    • I swear to you people that this is some kind of act Government
      Puppets are pushing around the world. Can no one see that? This fool in this video, BoJo and his peppa pig .. and all the others. Who can even take this seriously anymore? This is idiotism. BUT is it just the way to ‘scrap the government’s’ and introduce someone new? Hmmmm

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