Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

195 Comments on “Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I feel like saying to him ” me and you mate outside now” and I’m a very old woman.

  2. they are afraid of their master👌😁enjoyment to watch this desperation in his eyes😉

  3. It is interesting how more and more we see the Australian flag showing Jewish stars instead of the correct 7 – (and one 5) – pointed stars.

  4. The size of that cock on his head got some rite fuckin girth anyone else see it 😂🐓

  5. That ladies and gentlemen is the cold stare of fear and desperation knowing that the 30 pieces of silver that you sold for your soul for, shall never be spent.

  6. He looks unhinged, eyes are the windows to the Soul, and it’s clear he doesn’t have one. Must be a Devils Advocate.

  7. I hope that Australians invite him to a “necktie party” in his “honor”

    • Is it me or does he look as though he’s reading that from a screen…and acting this little socks off.

  8. If you ask me they all have the same beedy eyes, I think all of them are possessed! Evil to the core…..

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  10. This is a sure sign that this man is a puppet. He is either paid or he is afraid.

  11. I say this guy is best dead….if he’s THAT scared he ‘ll probably be better off dead. Why live like this….making a hell of the lives of people around you?

  12. Reminds me of an old Army drill instructor I had in Surrey. Flecks of spittle would hit your nose as he shouted madly at you. He never blinked either…😆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  13. Forced vaccination of indigenous people? “Contaminated” people taken away in Army trucks? Is this Australia or Germany in the 1930s?

  14. God only hope he dies soon very slowly and painfully disgusting piece of trash I won’t use human because he is not human

  15. Honestly ? He needs help !! Anyone who advokates compulsory experimentation on other human beings without their consent is the monster. He is obviously being told a fairy story where the jab is a good, wholesome, safe and necessary for the future wellbeing od mankind . . . . . He’s wrong

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